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Government Programs For High School Students

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Explore High School And Middle School Opportunities

Wayzata Students Propose Solutions to Stop School Shootings

NYUs varied array of high school and middle school programs offer flexibility and options that can be tailored to your individual needs and schedule. We offer 6-week classes, 1-week classes, and everything in between!

Most residential programs are offered during the summer, however there are many opportunities to study at NYU on campus or online during the academic year. Application processes, requirements and deadlines are varied, as are housing and financial aid offerings.

Academic Year Programs

Gain an in-depth knowledge of fundamental aspects of the U.S. legal system. Taught by NYU Law students, this free program introduces 9th-12th graders to concepts in criminal and constitutional law. Through discussion, assignments, and debate, students develop skills in research, writing and critical thinking.

HSLI is conducted throughout the academic year on Saturdays from 10 AM-1 PM. It is a commuter program, open to students within the NYC-metro area.

Terms: Fall & SpringDuration: Nine Months, Saturday morning 10 AM -1 PM Non-credit

Learn more about the High School Law Institute

Enhance your future college applications and your professional portfolio with these non-credit weekend workshops in the fall and spring semesters.

Program Duration: 4-weekGrade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Non-Credit

Learn about High School Academy – Weekend Workshops.

Term: SpringGrade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Non-Credit

Learn more and apply to XR Through Virtual Worlds.

Cooperative Education Program Language

Academic Field:

NSAâs Co-op Programs generally accept applications February ââ¬â March and September ââ¬â October.

Co-op students will operate under a rotational program, alternating semesters of full-time work with full-time study from entry into the program until graduation. We require a minimum of 52 weeks of co-op work experience prior to graduation. During your work tour, you will work a regular 40-hour week. Each work tour is designed to reveal the specific areas you may want to focus on as a career.

Programs are available for students in language-focused majors, including Russian, Korean, Farsi or Chinese. Right from the start, you will be involved in real life projects and will have full use of NSA labs, equipment and advanced technologies.

Language Analysts work directly with the original written or spoken foreign language, determine the relevance of the intelligence collected, research it, analyze it, and put it into context for dissemination to national-level policy makers, military commanders and other customers.

Get Your High School Diploma

Having a high school diploma increases job opportunities and helps you earn more money.

You can choose to study part-time or full-time, during the day or evening, in class or at home, and for as long as you want. Courses are often free or cost very little. Classes may be offered through:

If you choose to get your high school diploma from a school board, check to see if any courses you have taken or any work experience you have can be considered the same as”equivalent”to a high school credit. This could reduce the number of courses you need to get your diploma.

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How Student Governments Are Structured

The structure of student government can vary depending on the school, and the size of the institution and its level of student participation can play heavily into which structure works best. Despite their differences in details, there are a few main structures after which most student governments are modeled.

Its common for student governments, particularly at the college level, to be modeled after the U.S. government. These student governments are made up of three branches: Executive, legislative and judicial. These branches work together to ensure balance of power within the student government.


The executive branch can take many shapes but at minimum consists of the President, Vice President and other directorial positions. Its common for the executive branch to have a Treasurer, Secretary and Chief of Staff, who may act as head of the Presidential Cabinet, if one exists. The Cabinet can be composed of directors or vice presidents of different significant interest groups or factions of the student government, such as Legislative Affairs or Diversity and Inclusion.



At the college level, club presidents may act as part of the student government, representing student interests. In these types of student governments, administrators and other school staff may play a larger supportive role than in larger student governments.

Boost Your Resume While Making A Difference

Plymouth High School Supports #TippyStrong

Student government offers students excellent ways to get involved in the inner workings of their schools, both in high school and in college. Students who participate in their student governments are privy to a range of personal and professional benefits, and they can be exposed to a variety of opportunities in school and beyond. Hearing from students who have gone through it before and gaining a little background information on student government structures, roles, benefits and challenges can help high school and college students decide whether student government is the perfect addition to their personal and academic pursuits.

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Undergraduate Training Assistance Program

Opportunity: Academic Field:

A small number of high-achieving and committed secondary school seniors and/or college freshmen and sophomores interested in a career in public service will be offered tuition assistance to accredited colleges or universities, provided challenging summer work, and guaranteed a position in their field of study upon graduation from this highly competitive program. Minorities, women and the disabled needing financial assistance to complete their undergraduate education are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students will attend classes full-time during the academic year, and work at DIA during the summer in positions related to their course of study. While in school, students must maintain an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.75 for the freshman year and 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for each semester/quarter thereafter.

UTAP students are obligated to work for DIA for a period of time that is one and 1/2 times the amount of time they were in school. For a four-year undergraduate degree, a person is in school 9 months per academic year. Therefore, the work obligation is 9 x 4 x 1.5 or 54 months . If a UTAP student decides to not work for DIA, the student is liable for repaying the amount spent on his or her education . The amount due will be prorated to account for any time worked after graduation.


Eligibility Criteria

Application Procedures

  • If any items listed above are not received, your package will not be considered.
  • How to Apply


    Critical Language Scholarship Program

    Who: U.S. citizen undergraduate and graduate students who have completed one year of coursework at start of program and who are at least 18 years old by May prior to the program.What: Opportunities to study one of 14 critical languages in immersion programs abroad. Languages offered: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Swahili, Turkish and Urdu.When/Where: Summer/Selected countries worldwide.Funding: Program, housing and travel costs are covered.

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    Characteristics Of A Strong Internship

    • Helps students develop and achieve their learning goals
    • Involves more than just clerical and administrative tasks
    • Offers a mentoring program to company interns
    • Gives regular, constructive feedback to the intern
    • Encourages interns to offer fresh ideas that help their business grow
    • Teaches the intern about the organization and its various roles within the company

    What should I expect to gain from a quality internship?

    • Meaningful, real work experience

    Explore Education And Training Needed

    High Frequency Communications Equipment Program Grant Forms Training

    Do you have a career goal in sight? It is time to figure out what education you need to get you there.

    • Get your high-school diploma or GED If you did not finish high school but want to go on to post-secondary education, you can explore adult learning options or see if taking a high school equivalency program can help you reach your goals

    • Get a Prior Learning Assessment Skills you have learned at work might also count for an equivalency in a post-secondary educational training or learning program through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

    • Explore the labour marketJob Bank’s Explore the market by education program tool describes lines of work and what education you need to do them. It also gives you a list of schools across Canada that offers the program or training

    • Explore careers based by education levelSearching this way can tell you what occupations you could apply for with the schooling you have now, or what careers you could strive for if you went back to school. The National Occupational Classification System can lead you to those answers. The NOC is a 4-digit job classification system used by many agencies and employers to classify all jobs in Canada

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    Women & Politics Institute Summer Session For High School Students

    This non-residential summer session for high school students offered by the Women & Politics Institute at American University is centered around the role of women in politics and their representation in American government. The ten-day course combines traditional classroom lectures on women and politics, public policy, campaigning and elections, and political leadership with field trips around the city of Washington, D.C. The course also has several guest speakers. This program carries three college credits upon completion.

    Five Government Aid Programs To Help Schools

    Primary and secondary school districts provide American school children with the education they require to grow up as responsible adults and obtain degrees for their professional careers. Funding for the schools mostly comes from several state and local governments, although the federal government is slowly starting to provide aid for schools to prevent budget-related cuts of important educational classes and programs.

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    Us Department Of The Treasury

    An internship with the U.S. Department of the Treasury can help high school students learn more about this agency, which is responsible for collecting taxes, managing federal debt and printing money. Interns typically handle a variety of responsibilities, such as collecting data, attending legislative hearings, researching news reports and interacting with staff in other U.S. government agencies. Students can choose to work in one of the department’s divisional offices, such as the Office of Domestic Finance. The department offers internships in the fall, spring and summer to students currently enrolled in an accredited high school.

    Computer Science Intern Program

    Cal High Seniors Learn Governance via Students in Government Program ...

    Academic Field:

    Directorâs Summer Program

    The DSP provides a unique opportunity to outstanding undergraduate mathematics majors.

    The DSP is seeking students who have distinguished themselves in undergraduate research or national mathematics competitions. Admission to this program is highly competitive. Applicants should have demonstrated superior mathematical aptitude. One full year of upper-level mathematics is strongly recommended. Some computer programming experience is desirable.

    Cryptanalysis and Signals Analysis Summer Program

    The CASASP gives undergraduate mathematicians and computer scientists a chance to contribute to mission-essential technical operations at NSA. The CASA mission is to transform collected data into a format analysts can readily consume for intelligence purposes by analyzing signals and protocols, and overcoming security measures. Each summer we invite 12 students to learn, use, and further NSAââ¬â¢s tradecraft as they work on operational problems of national importance.

    The CASASP runs from the end of May through the middle of August and is open to students majoring in mathematics, computer science, or a related field. Applicants should have at least one year of mathematics beyond calculus. Some programming experience is expected . If you possess imagination, initiative and intellectual curiosity, apply for the CASASP.

    To be considered for either DSP/CASASP, please email the following documentation to along with your online application:

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    Signals Intelligence Collection Program

    Education: Opportunity: Academic Field:

    NSAââ¬â¢s SICP provides outstanding college students the opportunity to support NSA as a salaried intern during their college summers.

    The SICP selects students pursuing computer science, computer engineering or related STEM degrees who would work on projects involving the development, production and modification of tools, software applications and/or hardware.

    SICP also looks for computer-savvy students who can apply their learning and skills to assist in technical development or operational scenarios but may not be pursuing an overly technical degree or curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to leverage their skills to support the development of collection strategies across a vast architecture, implement mission initiatives in accordance with lawful compliance, manage collection tasks and understand critical mission data flows. Interns are mentored by experienced SIGINT professionals who conduct SIGINT collection operations and/or build and modify state-of-the-art collection capabilities. SICP interns will also have the opportunity to discover various career paths they could pursue in the future as full-time NSA employees. Finally, the friendships and networks interns build during their tour can last a lifetime.

    To be considered for SICP, please email the following documentation to along with your online application:

    • Resume

    Opportunity: Academic Field:

    The goals of the Cyber Summer Program are to:

    Questions And Ideas To Be Explored In Our High School Us Government And Economics Curriculum:

    • What is government? What is the basis of authority? Are there different spheres of authority and, if so, what are they?
    • What are the history and foundations of US government?
    • What important documents help us understand the formation and continuing work of the US government?
    • What are the branches of the federal government, their roles, and functions?
    • How does the political system work at the state and federal level?
    • What are the central beliefs of the various political ideologies?
    • What are the central freedoms, rights, and issues in the US Government today and in the past?
    • How does the US Government system compare/contrast with other international political systems?
    • What are the primary economic philosophies? Explore economic topics/controversies in the context both of history and contemporary debates.
    • What are the central elements at play in macroeconomics?
    • What are the central elements at play in microeconomics?
    • What are the central elements at play in personal finance?
    • What current governmental and economic questions face the domestic and international community?
    • How is a Christian to view their calling as citizen?
    • How is a Christian to consider economic issues of money/poverty/industry/etc?

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    Common Roles & What They Do

    The roles a student may pursue in their student government can be numerous and varied, depending on where they go to school, so the best way to learn about specific roles and responsibilities within a particular schools student government is to go to a few meetings on campus and research positions online or in person.

    However, students who want to get a general idea of the governmental roles they may come across at their schools can check out the following list to learn about common titles and what parts they play.

    Responsibilities: Facilitates senatorial elections, writing and disseminating bylaws and enforcing procedure during meetings.

    Role Name: Chief Justice

    Responsibilities: Presides over and serves as spokesperson for the judicial branch. Writes the official orders and decisions made by the judicial branch and relays this information to other student government branches and the university.

    Role Name: Associate Justice

    Responsibilities: Must attend all meetings and cast votes in hearings brought to the student governments judicial branch. Must ask questions in hearings and ensure they hear all sides of an issue before casting a vote.

    Role Name: Attorney General

    Responsibilities: Acts as a liaison between grieving parties, accused parties, justices and other student government branches as part of the judicial branch. They may receive complaints against student government members and conduct investigations.

    Role Name: Committee Member or Other Representative

    Ussyp Selection Process How To Qualify

    Greendale American Sign Language program ‘A whole different world’ | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Qualified high school junior or seniors must show demonstrated leadership by serving in elected or appointed positions in which they are actively representing or previously represented a constituency in organizations related to student government, education, public affairs and community service. They must be actively serving in qualified leadership positions, enrolled in high school and living in the state that they will represent for the entire 2022 2023 academic year. All student leadership positions are subject to the judgement and verification of the state selection administrators.

    The DoDEA central administrative office will select the DoDEA delegates and alternates residing overseas. Military dependents who reside and attend schools in the U.S. shall apply for the program under the RESIDENCY ruling shown below.

    Alternate delegates will be selected as replacements if a primary delegate is unable to participate in Washington Week. If the primary delegate is unable to attend, The Hearst Foundations must be notified in advance. Attendance during the entire Washington Week program is required to receive the financial scholarship appropriate disposition of scholarship funds will be determined by the program director in the event a primary delegate is unable to attend the program due to emergency circumstances, or is dismissed.

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    The Student Must Hold A Leadership Positions For The Current 2022

    • Student Body president, vice president, secretary or treasurer
    • Class president, vice president, secretary or treasurer
    • Student Council representative
    • A National Honor Society officer
    • Student representative elected or appointed to a local, district, regional or state-level civic, service and/or educational organization approved by the state selection administrator, where the student holds a high-level position of representation to a constituency in a year-round capacity providing service to others.

    Us Department Of Education

    The U.S. Department of Education, which oversees the educational system and creates national policies for schools, offers an internship program for high school students. During the program, which lasts between eight and 10 weeks, interns can work in various areas of the agency, such as educational policy, project management or communications. Interns typically work about 20 hours per week. The department requires students to be at least 16 years old, attend an accredited high school and get permission from their school to participate in the program. The agency offers internships year-round in the fall, winter and summer.

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