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Government Operations Consultant Job Description

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Government Consultant Salary Expectations

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Government consultants are highly sought after, due to their in-depth knowledge of a specific field or industry, and their ability to advise on a wide range of crucial areas, such as security measures and assignment of resources. On average, a government consultant can expect to earn upwards of $52,000, which will increase depending on experience.

Responsibilities For Government Operations Consultant Iii Ops Resume

  • Knowledge and experience with State of Florida and federal requirements for grant management
  • Knowledge and experience with State of Florida contract management best practices
  • Interfaces with the public or other agencies and responsible for advocating the mission of the Disaster Recovery Program
  • Responsible for informational programs to advocate the disaster recovery missions
  • Develop and process new grant agreements and/or contracts

Responsibilities For Rev Government Operations Consultant Resume

  • Compile, maintain and request internal personnel documents, such as, DBPR Identification cards, personnel locator forms, work schedules, position descriptions and annual performance evaluations
  • Organize the dissemination of time sensitive personnel information to employees. Maintain and update all position descriptions as necessary and disperse information regarding required training and training opportunities
  • Independently support and represent the Division in matters as authorized, and maintain confidentiality
  • Ensure new board members and employees are provided the Division information necessary for their positions and that they have the necessary equipment and security access as appropriate
  • Oversee the assistance of payroll and other personnel issues and actions
  • Review records and recommend solutions or courses of action
  • Assist with division travel. Ensure compliance with travel policy and procedures. Assist with travel plans, registrations to conferences, prepare and process travel vouchers as needed
  • Perform special assignments, research, and report preparations
  • Develop contract and grant administration goals and objectives, identifying resources, interpreting statutes and rules, and providing technical and administrative assistance. Participate, as needed, in the development and revision of contract and grant related

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Government Operations Consultant Ii


The State Personnel System is an E-Verify employer. For more information click on our E-Verify Website.

Requisition No: 788570


Position Number: 48007321



The Florida Department of Education has an open position that is responsible for executing the following functions::

This position is responsible for performing leasing duties for the Florida Department of Education Division of Blind Services . This position requires: a thorough knowledge of Florida Statutes, Administrative Rules and department policy relative to the real property lease program, , and the ability to assist in managing the departments real property lease program. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Prepares guidelines for bid specifications, bid synopsis, and legal advertisements for bids. Provides technical assistance to all agencies and private sector entities with respect to bid completion, space acquisition, and utilization of space.


What Senior Director Operationss Do

Supply Chain/Operations Manager Resume Example Ultratech Cement ...

The senior director of operations generally works with other managers to set goals for the future of the company and evaluates performance to check whether certain goals are achieved. They are responsible for making sure that operational processes are within the prescribed budget and timeline. Also, they oversee, implement, and evaluate operation processes and procedures to see if they comply with the set standards and procedures of the company. Additionally, they lead in developing strategies and implementation plans to enhance and standardize all units of operations.

In this section, we compare the average operations consultant annual salary with that of a senior director, operations. Typically, senior directors, operations earn a $62,542 higher salary than operations consultants earn annually.

While their salaries may differ, one common ground between operations consultants and senior directors, operations are a few of the skills required in each craft. In both careers, employees bring forth skills like project management, continuous improvement, and real estate.

Senior directors, operations tend to make the most money in the hospitality industry by averaging a salary of $155,611. In contrast, operations consultants make the biggest average salary of $92,625 in the finance industry.

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What Does An Operations Consultant Do

The duties of an operations consultant may vary in one’s place or industry of employment. Typically, their responsibilities revolve around working with clients to determine a business’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas needing focus and development, and utilizing expertise in devising cost-effective strategies for improvement. Moreover, an operations consultant must produce evaluation and progress reports, facilitate budget coordination and training activities, and introduce new technologies. It is also essential to implement the company’s policies and regulations, all while adhering to their vision and mission.

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Responsibilities For Ops Government Operations Consultant Resume

  • Establish and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with others
  • Follow agency policies, procedures, guiding principles and employee ethics
  • Provides guidance on salary policy and classification actions if/when appropriate
  • Processes necessary impromptu and PeopleFirst reports as needed
  • Performs special assignments and other related work as required
  • Write, negotiate, execute contract amendments
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance for contracted providers

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Government Operations Consultant Resume Sample

  • Identify, foster and leverage partnership opportunities to reach diverse audiences
  • Act as liaison between Northcentral Region partners and FYCCN administration
  • Plan and conduct meetings with potential partners to identify training needs, knowledge and abilities
  • Convey FYCCNs vision through effective writing and oral communication
  • Provides direct support to DVR staff by providing logistical support for their offices needs, to include but not be limited to supplies, equipment, office furniture and space requirements
  • Familiarity with Apple products and
  • Working knowledge of MS Office Suite

Phoenix, AZ

Experience And Skills For A Government Consultant

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  • University degree

  • In-depth knowledge of a specific field

  • Excellent interpersonal skills in order to present findings in a clear manner

  • Strategic and analytical thinker

  • Capable of working independently and effectively in a group

  • Strong political and business acumen

  • Experience of working in the public sector

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What Is An Operations Consultant

Operations consultants are vital in helping organizations improve efficiencies and the overall profitability of their business. They advise clients on how to best implement strategies to ensure their supply chains are more effective and add value to the organization. These can range from the day-to-day running of the business, to initiating change in management itself.

Operations Consultant Interview Questions

  • Tell me more about yourself. Are there any areas of your CV you would like to discuss?

  • Describe your most challenging project.

  • Describe a time that you displayed leadership.

  • What experience have you gained in operations which has led you to consulting?

  • How would you react if a business stakeholder told you they were unsure of your recommendations.

  • Describe a time you overcame a challenging situation.

  • What are your suggestions for streamlining activities across the value chain?

  • How would you optimize the customer services team?

  • How would you make this business more profitable?

  • Explain how you would plan an operational strategy to improve the financial processes.

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Description Of A Senior Management Consultant

A senior management consultant is an experienced professional who is in charge of a team of management consultants to help an organization solve issues, maximize growth, and improve business performance. Senior management consultants must conduct company research so that they can better understand the organization. They prepare business proposals and presentations as well as identify issues to form hypotheses and solutions. Senior management consultants must also implement recommendations or solutions and ensure that an organization receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out.

The fourth career we look at typically earns higher pay than operations consultants. On average, senior management consultants earn a difference of $41,030 higher per year.

According to resumes from both operations consultants and senior management consultants, some of the skills necessary to complete the responsibilities of each role are similar. These skills include “risk management,” “strong analytical,” and “business process. “

Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note. For one, an operations consultant might have more use for skills like “operational risk,” “internal controls,” “continuous improvement,” and “mitigate risk.” Meanwhile, some senior management consultants might include skills like “analytics,” “portfolio,” “business analysis,” and “architecture” on their resume.

Skills For Ahca Government Operations Consultant Iii Tallahassee Open Competitive Resume

Senior Logistics Consultant Resume Example RWI Transportation
  • Two years of experience with the Child Support Program at the level of Revenue Specialist II or above
  • One year of experience with telephone and/or face-to-face customer service
  • One year of experience in a position that includes conflict or problem resolution with employees, partners and/or the general public
  • Validates vendor quarterly reporting metrics
  • Prioritize morbidity/laboratory reports for follow-up
  • Assisting with the review and processing of pay invoices in accordance with Finance and Accounting procedures, assuring work has been completed appropriately
  • Assisting with project tracking, reporting and other communication requirements
  • Performing procurement planning and serving as a liaison for anticipated procurement activities
  • Maintaining project files in a neatly organized, pre-audit condition

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Operations Consultant Duties And Responsibilities

Operations consultants play a significant role in ensuring the optimal performance of an organization’s overall operations. A few of their main duties include:

Drive Operational Excellence An operations consultant sets the pace by guiding a team’s efforts to ensure the right processes are being utilized in the right manner. They also make decisions and recommendations when the division is faced with operational difficulties.

Client Engagement Interacting with both internal and external clients to identify current processes that are in place and teaching them about best practices and process improvements is an essential part of an operations consultant’s job.

Project Management Helping to plan, design, and implement new operational processes, operations consultants are instrumental in process improvement projects from start to finish.

Maintain Strong Industry Knowledge Staying abreast of current trends, pricing, and new technology in their industry aids operations consultants in their evaluation and recommendation of new processes.

Lead Team In their role as team leader, operations consultants oversee team members’ work performance, offering guidance and advice where needed and providing necessary feedback to management. Additionally, they offer support to the team when new processes are rolled out.

Responsibilities For Deo Government Operations Consultant Resume

  • Serves on evaluation and negotiation committees and provides technical assistance to programmatic staff as necessary
  • Preparing Requests for Quotes , Invitations to Negotiate , Request for Proposals and all other procurements as requested by the program areas, in accordance with Florida Statues and Department policy and procedures
  • Consults with staff members to develop solutions for programmatic operational problems
  • Work within a team environment as lead or member
  • Motivate, guide, and mentor team members
  • Successfully communicate and collaborate with a variety of internal and external customers to support the program area, including park staff, visitors, communications and marketing staff and Division leadership
  • Develop and distribute staff training resources
  • Support related program areas and initiatives, including the Annual Entrance Pass Program and related statewide contracts

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Responsibilities For Ahca Government Operations Consultant Iii Tallahassee Open Competitive Resume

  • Assist with the administrative oversight of the Park Business System
  • Compile, monitor, track and analyze attendance, revenue and sales-related data within the Park Business System
  • Research industry trends to assist in the development of business system improvements and establish best practices
  • Assist with employee relationships, administer policies related to human resources and provide customer service to employees
  • Process new hires, terminations and data changes quickly and efficiently
  • Serve as the Divisions administrator of People First, review timesheets, verify work schedules and leave approvals, and keep supervisors informed of delayed time entries

Responsibilities For Fdc Government Operations Consultant Iii Ses Resume

Cyber Security Career – Salary, Jobs And Skills | Cyber Security Career Roadmap | Simplilearn
  • Analyze performance outcomes and cash balance expenditures on a monthly basis
  • Serve as a liaison to OCW programmatic staff on contract management activities
  • Assumes responsibility for all contact with contract vendors/providers
  • Maintains a through working knowledge of Chapter 287, Florida Statutes, Chapter 60A-1 of the Florida Administrative Code and all Department handbooks, manuals and policies and procedures and proposed changes as appropriate
  • Consults with OCW staff to develop solutions for programmatic operational problems

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Skills For Fdc Government Operations Consultant Ii Central Office Resume

  • Two years of experience developing and maintaining reports
  • Experience working with Microsoft products including Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Experience creating and retrieving information from online survey tools
  • Experience creating and maintaining data in MSExcel
  • Knowledge of and experience in State purchasing procedures
  • Skilled in the use of word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Skill in performing HCV, HIV and Syphilis rapid test
  • Experience using MS software Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Experience preparing grant returns for a federal grant

Government Consultant Interview Questions

  • Tell me more about yourself. Are there any areas of your CV you would like to discuss?

  • What value can you add to our organization in addition to your knowledge and expertise?

  • Describe your most challenging project.

  • Describe a time that you displayed leadership.

  • How would you improve performance in our business?

  • Why do you want to become a consultant in the governmental sphere?

  • What are your suggestions to make project X more efficient?

  • What is your most important leadership experience to date? What have you learned from that experience and how has it impacted your development as a leader?

  • What is one of the first challenges you would like to tackle in this sector? Why is that, and how would you address this?

  • Describe a time you overcame a challenging situation.

  • How would you make XYZ services more profitable?

  • How did you gain the maturity to become a consultant?

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Ops Government Operations Consultant I

Experience or ability to support State, Federal, and/or local government grant and contract management regulations and processes Any form of paid leave.

  • DEO- Office of Long-Term Resiliency – Tallahassee, FL

    Provides technical assistance to local governments and their consultants in the employees assigned area of expertise.

    $20 – $21 an hour

  • Operations Consultant Skills And Personality Traits

    NGO Recruitment

    We calculated that 13% of Operations Consultants are proficient in Risk Management, Strong Analytical, and Business Process.Theyâre also known for soft skills such as Analytical skills,Communication skills, and Interpersonal skills.

    We break down the percentage of Operations Consultants that have these skills listed on their resume here:

    • Risk Management, 13%

      Performed risk assessment and corrective action plan development prior to internal audit engagements to demonstrate pro-active risk management and reduce findings.

    • Strong Analytical, 13%

      Utilized strong analytical skills in claims experience to create pivot tables to analyze risk drivers for CNA’s Key Segments.

    • Business Process, 10%

      Conducted business process reviews and provided management information system recommendations and implementation services to commercial and private real estate companies.

    • Operational Risk, 9%

      Provided Operational Risk & Business Continuity analysis for Headstrong Inc., Prudential Commodities and organizations participating in Global Markets business lines.

    • Project Management, 3%

      Provided technical project management for multiple projects including rebuild of Active Directory and consolidation of data center with new equipment.

    • Internal Controls, 3%

      Developed accounting procedures and internal controls for off-site personnel.

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    Responsibilities For Fdc Government Operations Consultant Ii Central Office Resume

    • Establishing and facilitate meetings/trainings to communicate expectations and confirm business needs in area of expertise.
    • Responsible for coordinating and scheduling interviews with candidates
    • Monitor, track and analyze training needs and programs
    • Assists with interviewing if/when necessary
    • Responsible for coordinating and completing hiring activities such as Inspector General check, fingerprinting and reference checks as well as ensuring all hiring packets are completed and sent to Shared Services
    • Initiates and maintains contact with selected applicants to follow-through and complete hiring packets from selection to hire
    • Responsible for completion of all references and background screening for all selected applicants

    Experience For Fdc Government Operations Consultant Iii Central Office Resume

    • At least two years of professional experience in a reemployment assistance or workforce program is also required.
    • Implement and execute statewide logistical operations to establish an effective records management program
    • One year of experience in recruitment and selection with the State of Florida
    • Talking, hearing, sitting, repetitive motion
    • Assisting with contract management and administration to ensure fulfillment of contractual obligations of contractors, and consulting architects and engineers
    • Including written conclusions, tables and graphs to support the results and recommendations
    • Create and provide engaging training material in verbal and written form to both large and small groups of people including executive leadership
    • Provides support and information to staff in matters concerning contract implementation and continuing performance

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    Professional Skills In Government Operations Consultant Resume

    When listing skills on your government operations consultant resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

    Present the most important skills in your resume, there’s a list of typical government operations consultant skills:

    • Effectively communicate with Family Safety Leadership regarding personnel issues as it relates to hiring and staffing
    • Communicate effectively, prepare correspondence and administrative reports
    • Skill in clear and effective oral and written communication
    • One year of experience reviewing, interpreting and applying laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures as they apply to procurement and purchasing
    • Two years experience creating, modifying, and reviewing documents using Microsoft Word and Excel
    • Two years of experience creating, modifying, and reviewing documents using Microsoft Word and Excel

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