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Government Green Grant Fund Program

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What Costs Cant You Apply For

How can we make our homes greener, and who should pay?

The following costs are ineligible:

  • anything that contravenes HMGs advice on COVID-19
  • recoverable VAT
  • costs related to promoting the cause or beliefs of political or faith organisations
  • costs already covered through other funding, for example from COVID-19 related HMG funds, mainstream funds from HMG or other schemes such as the Heritage Emergency Fund
  • costs related to lobbying and/or activity to influence legislative or regulatory action
  • costs incurred prior to any grant award
  • Full Cost Recovery for other not-for-profit organisations

What Is Available Through The Initiative

Participating in the Canada Greener Homes Grant process guarantees home energy savings.

While the Canada Greener Homes Loan helps to make your efforts even more rewarding.

Your journey begins by applying online

Where youll need to select a service organization near you.

These companies have been certified by Natural Resources Canada to conduct EnerGuide evaluations.

Theyll connect you with an Energy Advisor to do a Pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation of your home.

The costs of these evaluations vary across Canada, so we suggest doing some research before booking.

Once the energy advisor arrives, theyll confirm your eligibility and then run a series of tests.

Following the evaluation, youll get a homeowner information sheet and an EnerGuide label, with the current energy efficiency rating of your home.

Youll also get a renovation upgrade report, so you can see which retrofits will improve your homes energy efficiency and resilience.

Armed with this new information, you can be confident that your retrofits will make a difference.

Next youll need to decide which retrofits work best for your budget and renovation plans.

Keep in mind:

  • Only retrofits from the energy advisors report are eligible for a grant.
  • Any purchases you make need to be from a Canadian distributor and from our websites list of eligible products.
  • And certain installations need to be done by a professional.

And now that youre considering which retrofits to complete, you might also wonder:

What Are Green Business Grants

Green Business Grants help small and medium enterprises make energy-saving improvements to their buildings and business operations. The grants of up to £15,000 pay for 50%-80% of eligible capital costs, depending on the business size, location, and project.

The grant is available to small & medium sized enterprises in the West of England that are incorporated, VAT registered and trading at £85,000 or above. Full eligibility criteria can be found on the Growth Hub page.

Scroll down to look at the case studies below to see what businesses have used the grant to do.

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First Of Its Kind In Canada

We will be learning about what works best with this type of fund in Canada as the program evolves. We invite applicants to check back with this web-site to keep abreast of any changes over the course of the program. We welcome any feedback to help us improve the process. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We invite you to be part of this journey with us!


When Will The Grant Payment Be Issued

Green Fund

The City will issue payment upon completion of the project provided that:

  • A complete and compliant application has been approved.
  • The installation is fully completed in accordance with all terms and conditions of this Program.
  • A permit has been obtained from the Chief Building Official in accordance with the requirements of the Green Roof Bylaw .

The following documentation has been received by the City:

  • Final invoice stating the full cost of the installed eco-roof
  • Note: The City may request an inspection of the eco-roof by City staff or its agent verifying the installed Eco-Roof has been completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this program.

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    I Have An Epc For My Property But Have Had Energy Efficiency Works Done Since It Was Issued A New Epc Was Not Issued And I Do Not Know What It Now Is Can I Still Apply

    Yes, you can still apply. Please advise the managing agent that you have had works done since the EPC was completed when you apply. The managing agent will carry out modelling to asses if your home is still likely to be EPC D or below. If they believe the property is likely to be EPC D or below and your household income qualifies, you will be able to apply. So please contact the managing agent to check.

    Water Sustainability Grants Are For Projects That Better Integrate Water Into Urban Environments To Reduce Impacts On Water Quality And Runoff On Our Environmental And Built Assets And Create A Cooler Greener And Wilder Capital City

    More than half a million dollars in grants was awarded to 10 water sustainability projects in 2021-22.

    The grant agreements are offered on a multi-year basis to allow successful recipients to exercise better alignment of grant funds with project milestones.

    The 2020/21 round of Water Sustainability Grants funded more than $1.2 million towards 9 projects that are now increasing green cover in suburban parks, and using stormwater for park watering across metropolitan Adelaide.

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    What Now For Energy Efficient Uk Housing

    In response to last weeks cancellation, the government is under more pressure than ever to rectify its mistakes, not only in the delivery of the Green Homes Grant programme but also in regard to its cancellation.

    Promptly following up from the cancellation announcement, came the £1bn , intended to show willingness to tackle industry sectors. This might go a small way towards pacifying the growing calls for real solid, consistent action on climate change.

    They were also quick to come out with a statement saying that an extra £562 million in funding would be released to be sent to local governments and for them to use in implementing their own retrofit schemes. This means 50,000 homes in social housing as well as domestic properties can benefit from additional insulation, heat pumps and solar panels.

    Homeowners should be able to enjoy up to £450 of savings on energy bills, whilst green job creation could include 8,000 each year.

    Overall the government are still intending on a spend of £9BN so that UK homes, schools and hospitals dramatically reduce emissions.

    In a tweet last week Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UKs Climate Change Committee admitted that perhaps local delivery should have been the model all along?

    It is still yet to be determined in what form or fashion the Green Homes Grant will be replaced, however, if the UK is ever to reach net-zero it is key that the programme, or a similar, more well-implemented version must be relaunched.

    For Applications Over 250000

    Government grant scams making rounds on Facebook messenger

    At Expression of Interest stage, we will firstly consider whether you meet the essential criteria for the programme . If you do not meet the essential criteria, we will not assess your Expression of Interest further.

    If you meet the essential criteria, we will then assess your Expression of Interest against the first three of the five quality criteria below. The criteria are given equal weight, and we will prioritise Expressions of Interest that perform most strongly overall across all three. We will also check that your costs appear reasonable for what you will be delivering and offer good value for money.

    We expect to receive more high-quality Expressions of Interest than we can fund. Where there is a need to differentiate between Expressions of Interest assessed as high-quality, our decision makers will apply the balancing principles below. This is to make sure the portfolio of projects is balanced across the themes and priorities of the fund, and geographically across England.

    If you are invited to submit a full application, we will check that you still meet the essential criteria for the programme. We will then assess your application against the full range of quality criteria below, based on the more detailed information provided. We will also consider if your proposal is proportionate to the amount of funding for which you are applying.

    Our decision makers will once again use the balancing principles below in order to select applications for grant awards.

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    Round 3protecting Queenslands Threatened Species

    Successful applicants under Round 3Protecting Queenslands Threatened Species have been announced.

    A total of 29 projects have been successful in applying for nearly $1.5 million in grant funding for projects which benefit Queenslands threatened flora and fauna species. See details of the successful projects.

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    Boost Your Property Value

    With the property market booming at the moment, many homeowners are looking for ways to boost the value of their home to guarantee a sale. Although the obvious way to enhance the price is to make refurbishments, an estate agent has revealed many homeowners could be overlooking one very obvious improvement a new, or

    Posted: Wednesday May 26, 2021 | Category:News

    • Private landlords

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    Funding Windows Of The Green Fund

    The Green Fund has identified three thematic funding windows which will contribute to the transition to green economy.

    • Green Cities and Towns

    Local government, through public sector procurement and alignment of spending on infrastructure and services, with environment performance indicators, can play a significant role in generating the demand for green products and services. This in turn can create greater localisation of green technologies. By assisting in implementation at local government, the Green Fund can play a role in catalysing significant levels of both public and private sector investment in the green economy.

    The vision of the GCT window is to strive for well run, compact and efficient cities and towns that deliver essential services to their residents, utilising available natural resources efficiently and sustainably.

    Focus areas:

    • Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management
    • Sustainable human settlements, the built environment and green buildings
    • Ecosystem services

    Eligible applicants: this window is open to proposals from municipalities, municipal entities, suppliers to municipalities and small and medium enterprises. For private sector applicants, confirmation of support from municipality must be provided in the application.

    • Low Carbon Economy

    The vision of the LCE window is to strive towards a low carbon growth trajectory in line with national climate change policy principles.

    Helping Businesses Reduce Emissions

    SVCâs new Environmental Committee and Going Green Together Project!

    The government is investing $74 million in a cleantech innovation initiative, which will help industry reduce greenhouse gas pollution by encouraging large industrial plants to adopt leading-edge technologies, while supporting entrepreneurs in developing creative solutions. For this initiative, the government is partnering with the Ontario Centres of Excellence, which drive the development of Ontarios economy by helping create new jobs, products, services, technologies and businesses.

    The government is also investing $25 million in Smart Green, an energy efficiency program to help small and medium-sized businesses invest in equipment and process upgrades that will reduce emissions and become more energy efficient. The program will be delivered by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. Qualifying businesses will receive grants of up to $200,000 to cover up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs. The program will help small- and medium-sized businesses reduce their energy consumption, and help Ontario meet its targets for GHG emissions reduction.

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    Bright Green Future School Grants

    The Bright Green Future Grant program is a competitive program that provides funding for school-based sustainability projects up to $3,000. Applications are accepted annually at the start of the school year.

    The program was designed to recognize and support innovative projects that will inspire students to become lifelong environmental stewards. Projects like composting systems, rainwater harvesting, organic gardens, rain gardens, bicycle academies, and wildlife habitats are identified by local educators and through campus EcoAudits. Projects that are selected to receive funding actively engage students and members of the community with hands-on involvement and learning.

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    Round 7queensland Threatened Species Recovery

    Applications for Round 7: Queensland Threatened Species Recovery of the Community Sustainability Actions grants program is now open.

    Funding is available for on-ground projects that protect and benefit Queenslands threatened flora and fauna species in the wild.

    Grants of up to $25,000 are available for projects including:

    • habitat protection
    • habitat improvement and restoration activities
    • flora and fauna surveys and mapping
    • education or awareness programs.

    All applications must be submitted using the online Smartygrants online application system.

    Applications close at 4pm on Thursday 6 October 2022.

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    How Much Money Did Householders Get From The Green Homes Grant

    The vouchers covered two-thirds of the cost of the measure for the majority of householders, up to a limit of £5,000.

    This means there was no need to be a contribution from the householder.

    However there was more support available for those on lower incomes and benefits, with vouchers fully covering the cost of installs up to a value of £10,000.

    With relatively little contribution required, residents were able to save hundreds of pounds in the long run by benefiting from a more energy efficient home.

    You Have Been Awarded A Federal Grant That You Can Spend Any Way You Like

    USDA grant available for rural communities

    Federal grants are usually awarded for specific programs, research or projects most often to local governments, organizations, institutions and universities. Beware of any individual who promises a government award that can be spent on paying down tuition or credit card debt, or home electronics and décor.

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    What Is The Difference Between The Green Home Grant Voucher Scheme And The Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme

    The voucher scheme, which closed to new applications on 31 March 2021, was run directly by the Government and the Council was not involved in delivering it. Our Local Authority Delivery scheme started in May 2021 and is open to both homeowners and landlords, and is being administered directly by the Council who will refer you on to our approved managing agents to manage and deliver the works to your property.

    Only households living in properties with an EPC rating of D, E, F or G should apply. The household living in the property that will receive improvements must have a household income less than or in the region of £30,000 per year. Where a property is rented, that means that the tenants must have a household income less than or in the region of £30,000 per year. Large households and those with high housing costs may have incomes over £30,000 but could still be eligible so do call and check.

    Do you have to pay back a Green Homes Grant?

    No, you dont have to pay back a Green Homes Grant. The funding is provided by the Government to help the UK meet its zero-carbon targets.

    Regional Recycling Transport Assistance Package

    Applications for the Regional Recycling Transport Assistance Package Program are now closed.

    The Regional Recycling Transport Assistance Package is a $6 million fund to support resource recovery and recycling in regional Queensland.

    The program seeks to:

    • provide interim support for regional Queensland to divert more resources from landfill and recycle additional material
    • facilitate recycling which is currently unviable due to transport costs
    • reduce the environmental and social impacts of waste on regional communities.

    Grants of up to $250,000 have been allocated to regional businesses, councils and charities. These grants will help fund the cost of transporting recyclable material from regional Queensland to facilities where it can be recovered or processed and turned into new products.

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    Round 4threatened Species Recovery And Resilience

    Successful applicants under Round 4Threatened Species Recovery and Resilience have been announced.

    A total of 19 projects have been successful in applying for more than $1.3 million in grant funding for projects that will directly benefit threatened flora and fauna species negatively impacted by bushfire and drought and projects to build threatened species resilience to climate change. See details of the successful projects.

    How Much Funding Is Available Per Property

    Apply Now

    The average maximum amount of funding spent on any one property does not exceed £10,000.

    If youre an owner occupier you wont have to pay a contribution towards the cost of the work. Landlords must contribute a minimum of 1/3 of the total costs of the installation, and the maximum amount of funding available per rental property is £5,000.

    The actual amount of funding spent on a property depends on the measure being received, as each measure varies in cost.

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    Types Of Green Grant Projects

    Green Grants are up to $20,000 and awarded to projects that seek to advance campus sustainability initiatives or enact social-entrepreneurial ventures. Green Grant projects should explore one or more of the following categories:

    • Operations: Projects that pilot innovative ways to improve the material, physical, or infrastructural elements at NYU.
    • Engagement: Projects that foster a campus culture of sustainability.
    • Research and Design: Projects that can be integrated within the university campus or community through use of NYU as a testbed for data collection, or by producing deliverables with potential to catalyze operational, academic or cultural change at NYU. These projects include entrepreneurial ventures.
    • Academic: Projects that improve NYUâs capacity for educating about sustainability, including curricular initiatives.

    Microgrants are intended for projects that are time-bound or self-contained, such as a one-time event or pilot project.even if the total budget is less than $3,000.

    What Settlement Agencies Do With Our Funding

    Services delivered by newcomer settlement agencies include:

    • One-on-one settlement and orientation assistance
    • Information about community and government services, and referrals to services such as healthcare, housing, legal, education, employment and language and skills training programs and services
    • Information on programs and services to help with finding a job or access training and skills development programs
    • Interpretation and translation of documents, or help to arrange these services
    • Help filling out forms and applications

    Here is a list of agenciesthat currently deliver the Newcomer Settlement Program.

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