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Federal Government Cyber Security Training

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Dhs Cyber Security Training

Made in Beijing: The Plan for Global Market Domination

The Department of Homeland Security provides ambitious graduates with training, which is the most important thing they can do to maintain their abilities fully updated. They train students who apply to work in the cybersecurity workforce of the future. The DHS Cyber Security Training gives participants the chance to improve and grow their capabilities.

As DHS is essential to supporting the nation with competent forces who prosper in the field of cybersecurity, these cybersecurity program and the DHS Cyber Security Training program, which occurs simultaneously with cybersecurity grants for education, provide many opportunities for students seeking a professional life in cybersecurity.

Be The Leader In It Security And Risk Management

In todays connected world, information security has emerged as a leading concern for individuals, organizations, and governments alike. As businesses digitalize rapidly and become more reliant on remote work, the potential for cyberattacks has increased dramatically. The World Economic Forums Global Risks Report 2021 puts cybersecurity failure as the fourth most significant global risk today. Information Security, once confined to an IT function or a specialist role, has now become a strategic necessity, and the role of the chief information security officer has become increasingly vital. The modern CISO must be a business leader, motivating collaboration across the organization and driving solutions that enable the company to manage evolving risk and achieve its business goals.

If you want to discover powerful ways to build an enterprise-wide information security culture, the nine-month Chief Information Security Officer Program from NYU Tandon School of Engineering is for you.

Advancing The Cybersecurity Profession

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Cybersecurity Workforce Framework is the foundation for increasing the size and capability of the U.S. cybersecurity workforce. It is a national resource that categorizes, organizes, and describes cybersecurity work. The NICE Framework provides educators, students, employers, employees, training providers and policy makers with a system for organizing the way we think and talk about cybersecurity work, and what is required of the cybersecurity workforce.

Additionally, CISAs National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies website serves as a national resource for cybersecurity awareness, education, training, and career opportunities. NICCS makes training information available through a robust, searchable catalog which allows users to find cyber training programs based on location, preferred delivery method, specialty area, or proficiency level. NICCS supports CISAs objective to grow the cyber workforce by providing information about science, technology, engineering, and math and cyber-related degree programs, internship and scholarship opportunities, and cyber competitions and events.

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Securing High Value Assets Series

The FY19 Improving Agencies’ Cyber Readiness micro learn series covers the top six risks identified in the Securing High Value Assets white paper published in July 2018. In this part, we discuss the topic of Patch Management as it relates to High Value Assets, also known as HVAs. This is one of a series of micro learns that present leading practices that DHS has identified in the operations and maintenance of HVAs.

Patch Management

Topics covered: What is a High Value Asset? Why is this Patch Management finding important? What types of challenges do organizations face with Patch Management? What steps should your organization take to respond to this finding?

Enterprise Risk Management

Topics covered: What is ERM? What is a High Value Asset? Why does ERM matter to HVAs? What does ERM mean to HVAs? How should Federal agencies plan to address this finding?

Malware Defense

Topics covered: What is Malware? Why does it matter? What this means to You. What is a High Value Asset . What Issues did DHS find? Protecting HVAs.


How to Address the Threat of Ransomware Attacks

Topics covered: What is Ransomware? How it works? What are the signs of infection? What can you do?


Topics covered: Why does HVA authentication matter? What does it mean to you? How can you protect your organization?

Access Control

Build Your Own Cyber Lab At Home

Cyber Awareness Challenge 2021  DoD Cyber Exchange

For anyone who has always wondered how the real CSIs do it, then this course is for you. The Build Your Own Cyber Lab at Home course is a completely free program, designed for working IT Professionals and Cyber Security Professionals. All that is needed is a modern computer, a minimum of 2GB of RAM, and a minimum of 50 GB of free disk space. Individuals can even use their own hardware they have at home. With technology constantly changing, being prepared by learning new skills in both software and IT systems will help you be ready for the position you always wanted.

There are three main modules for the course: Plan Your Lab, Build Your Lab, and Use Your Lab. There are also four sections in the course program, with 20 lectures altogether. The Build Your Own Cyber Lab at Home course has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 in performance reviews. This course is also one of the best free online cybersecurity courses available for CSI career seekers.

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Continuous Diagnostics And Mitigation Training

Welcome to the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Training page. Here you will discover numerous CDM training resources available in multiple formats and media. These options are meant to enrich your learning experience and help you gain further awareness, understanding, and overall knowledge of the CDM Program. The delivery methods we offer include: In-Person, On-Demand, Virtual In-Person, Micro Learns, and Webinars.

Sign up! Receive training opportunity notices, and learn more about our online, interactive, self-paced training options, webinars, and micro-learns. Email for registration information.

Audience: Those who monitor, manage, and oversee controls on their information systems, such as ISSOs, CDM POCs, ISSMs, and others who report measurements and/or metrics.

Teaching The Basics Of Cybersecurity

He pointed out some U.S. universities have now started teaching students some of the basic cybersecurity skills such as vulnerability management and security hardening of systems.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity is undergoing a shift, with the industry increasingly incorporating cybersecurity into the design stage and building it into product development, code integration and deployment, he said. This means that software developers likely need basic cybersecurity skills as well as including the MITRE ATT& CK framework and using penetration testing tools.

Michael DeBolt, chief intelligence officer at Intel 471, said the pledge for more cybersecurity training is a step in the right direction that will help both sides of the equation.

This includes the busy employer engaged in the fight against cybercrime and the aspiring cybersecurity professional looking for entry into the field, he said. All reasonably-minded employers agree that we can only win this fight with fresh, creative minds and diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

However, he pointed out this requires investment in not only time but money and energy.

So often these resources are directed toward tangible things that provide the clearest, safest and quickest path for return on investment, such as the newest technology or the proven senior analyst that can hit the ground running, he explained.

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Cyber Storm Vi: April 2018

The sixth iteration of the Cyber Storm exercise series, Cyber Storm VI, took place in April 2018. Cyber Storm VI focused on the critical manufacturing and transportation sectors and included participation from the information technology and communications sectors law enforcement, defense, and intelligence agencies state and local governments and international partners.

Cyber Storm VI Highlights

  • Exercised federal, state, private sector, and international response to a significant cyber incident affecting non-traditional IT devices.
  • Integrated new stakeholders into the exercise, including one new sector, Critical Manufacturing, and one new sector component, Automotive.
  • Raised awareness of the rapidly expanding cyberattack landscape and the nuances of response to incident impacting Internet of Things and operational technology devices.
  • Integrated a simulated and dynamically-updated media and social media platform to replicate the customer and public components of an incident and provided a no-fault learning environment to practice strategies that support this aspect of response.

Explore How Registered Apprenticeship Can Meet Your Cybersecurity Workforce Needs

KPMGs Federal Cyber Security Group

The Biden Administration is committed to improving skills-based pathways to cyber jobs, educating Americans so that they have the skills they need to thrive in our increasingly digital society, and improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the cyber field. During a July 19th National Cyber Workforce and Education Summit hosted by the White House, the U.S. Department of Labor, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies, announced a 120-Day Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint, to promote the Registered Apprenticeship model as a solution for numerous industries to develop and train a skilled and diverse cybersecurity workforce.

The Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint is a national campaign to encourage employers, industry associations, labor unions, and training providers to explore Registered Apprenticeship as a recruitment, training, and retention strategy and connect with DOL’s Office of Apprenticeship to develop new apprenticeship programs or quickly join existing programs.

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National Science Foundation Scholarship For Service:

In contrast to the one we mentioned earlier, this one is delivered on a nationwide level. The National Science Foundation Scholarship for Service is among the few national cybersecurity education scholarships that provide financial support to students interested in pursuing professions in the sector.

The only requirement for applying for these cybersecurity education grants is that the candidate be a student. They can be a student from any participating school and should be pursuing a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree in the info assurance field. In case youre chosen by the panel, you will have the privilege to work within a government office.

Nonetheless, the Research and Development Centre, which is entirely supported by the federal government, might be the government department or office where you would be employed. The sum you will be given will be in the form of money, and the best part about earning these stipends is that you will be able to easily extend them.

Nevertheless, you must go through the security clearance process for a job or apprenticeship. To be qualified for the stipend term, you must also complete a 10-week internship. The National Science Foundations official website has all the information you need regarding these cybersecurity grants for education.

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Are You Ready To Find A School Thats Aligned With Your Interests

MOOCs are booming in popularity. They are offered by universities, taught by faculty, and freely available to anyone interested in cybersecurity.

We take a look at the program basics and course descriptions. Those familiar with the MOOC structure can skip ahead to our annotated list of online cybersecurity courses.

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Free Online Security Courses With Certificates

We will not overemphasize the need for security knowledge. In fact, you dont need to be a security officer or guard to undertake a security course.

In that regard, we bring you a list of 31 free online security courses with a certificate of completion.

For clarity, we have divided these courses into sections to aid you to find the perfect course for you.

Without further ado, here is a list of security online training for you

Current State Of The Cdm Program

Identifying and Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII ...

Innovation and Evolution of the CDM Dashboard

This half-hour video provides an interview with Mr. Kevin Cox on the current state of the CDM program as well as an overview of the new CDM Agency Dashboard Ecosystem. Additionally, the video provides four use case demonstrations in the CDM Agency Dashboard Ecosystem on how agencies can use the new dashboard to help manage their cybersecurity risk.

Congressional Interest and Support for the CDM Program

This five-minute video demonstrates the interest from Congress in the CDM program from DHS. It uses testimony from Representative Gerry Connolly , Representative John Ratcliffe , and Mr. Kevin Cox from the CDM PMO to illustrate the value and benefit of what the CDM program is doing for Federal Agencies.

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Get Cyber Security Scholarship Online

In order to begin looking for scholarships, lets take a look at the scholarship database sites that can be useful. If you are a U.S. resident or an international student wishing to study in the US, you can start your scholarship search on several websites. Check out these resources:

  • Bigfuture.collegeboard.org

Other sites are available as well. Some scholarship search websites contain too few scholarships or are not entirely dependable among the many scholarship search websites available. It is better to stick to reputable scholarship services if you are looking for scholarships in the USA. Private scholarships are likely to be offered by these services. A site that appears on the first or second page of a Google search is usually trustworthy, but not all of them are.

In the UK, there are fewer scholarship websites available to those seeking to study there. To hunt for free money, you dont have to go through too many hurdles or give out much personal information when compared to its American counterparts. As well as scholarships, you may also wish to look beyond scholarships into a completely new category: degree learning. These websites provide easy access to topical searches. Unfortunately, the results might be somewhat limited when searching for information on cyber security.

Below are some excellent resources for finding undergraduate learning

  • ccskills.org.uk

Critical Infrastructure Learning Series

The Critical Infrastructure Learning Series provides one-hour, web-based seminars conducted by critical infrastructure experts on the tools, trends, issues, and best practices for infrastructure security and resilience.

Series offerings are available at no-cost and are highly recommended for the Department of Homeland Security’s private sector and government partners, to include critical infrastructure owners and operators and officials with responsibility for risk, security, and emergency management functions.

Visit the Critical Infrastructure Learning Series page for more information regarding these webinars.

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Which Online Cybersecurity Courses Is Best For You

When deciding which of the best online cybersecurity courses to use, first consider what level of competency you are currently at. If youâve not learned cybersecurity before then it would definitely be recommended to start with the beginner courses, as these will break you into the basics youâll need before you cover more advanced tools. However, if you already have a decent amount of experience with cybersecurity then feel free to try your hand with the more advanced courses.

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Cvi Authorized User Training

Cyber Security Awareness for Facility Personnel

CVI is used to protect information developed under the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards regulation that relates to vulnerabilities of high-risk chemical facilities that manufacture, use, store, or otherwise possess certain explosive, reactive, flammable, or toxic chemicals of interest, to terrorist attacks.

Only CVI Authorized Users with a need to know can have access to CVI.

Note: This training does not make any determination on your need to know the CVI. The holder of the CVI or an appropriate Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency official will make this decision each time a request for access to, or for disclosure of, CVI is made.

CISA will review the information you provide upon completion of this training and, if you are approved as a CVI Authorized User, CISA will notify you with an email providing a unique CVI Authorized User number and certificate to confirm your status.

Visit the CVI Authorized User Training page for more information.

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Cisa And Npower Offer Free Entry

NPower, a US-based non-profit participating in a cybersecurity workforce development program started by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency , is looking for recruits for a free cybersecurity training program aimed at underserved populations in the US, including women, people of color, young adults, and military veterans and their spouses. The program is part of CISAs wider effort to address the cyber workforce shortage in the short and long term.

Weve asked Nelson Abbott, Senior Director of Advanced Program Operations at NPower, and Chris Starling, a US Marine Corps veteran and Assistant VP at NPower California, to tell us more about it.

How does NPowers cybersecurity program work? How extensive is its reach?

Nelson Abbott: Our cybersecurity program is 18-weeks of intensive technical training, complemented with professional development and mentoring activities with industry professionals. Trainees have the opportunity to earn certifications recognized by the industry, and upon completion, receive career pathway support to help them launch their cyber careers.

The program is offered nationally to candidates that reside in or near the regions we currently operate in: New York/New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Texas and California.

Chris Starling: Cybersecurity is a natural fit for veterans. The same mindset that you need to conduct offensive and defensive operations on land, sea and in the air are applicable to the digital domain.

Cybersecurity Scholarships For Women

The Cybersecurity Scholarship for Women is administered by ISC 2 and Raytheon, as well as the Cybersecurity and Education Center 2. Scholarship awards range from $40,000 to $50,000 and are available to both female graduates and degree-seeking college students. Women applying for the 2 Womens Cybersecurity Scholarships can download an application form from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education website.

Qualifications are similar to those for the ISC 2 scholarships. To qualify, applicants will need:

  • A grade point average of 3.3
  • An unofficial transcript
  • with a letter of recommendation
  • and a statement of purpose
  • Applicants must apply separately for undergraduate or graduate scholarships 2

Your institution will receive funds to cover tuition, fees, and book costs as with other scholarships. Furthermore, the award is available to citizens and university students in any country, according to other scholarships 2.

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