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Government Grants For Manufacturing Business

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Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

Sunshine Coast manufacturing company receives a major Federal Government funding boost | 7NEWS

SWODF offers funding to support projects that involve investing in new capital equipment, developing skills, enhancing productivity, and developing new infrastructure. Read More

  • Amount: Up to 15% of eligible expenses to a maximum $1.5 million in non-repayable grant funding for projects with budgets up to $10 million. Projects with budgets that exceed this amount may be eligible to receive a combination of grants and loans of up to $5 million.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be established for at least three years, have 10 or more full-time employees, and operate in southwestern Ontario. Projects must be completed within a two- to- four-year timeline and create at least 10-15 new full-time positions depending upon project size and company size.

Regional New Industries Fund

The Regional New Industries Fund provides funding for projects that increase connectivity and build capability across WA and to international markets. In particular, the State Network Stream prioritises initiatives that enable technology development, service innovation and market access.

For further information, visit the Regional New Industries Fund.

Entrepreneurs Programme Business Growth Grants

The objective of the Entrepreneurs Programme is to connect small and medium-sized businesses with the capabilities and networks they need to innovate, compete and grow in Australian markets and/or markets in other countries. Business Management initiative consists of 2 elements:

  • business advice and facilitation services
  • business growth grants to assist you to implement your plans recommendations.
  • For further information, visit Business Growth Grants.

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    Australian Graphene Industry Association

    The Australian Graphene Industry Association was established in 2018 with Victorian Government support to promote and facilitate the development of Australias graphene and graphene-related materials industry. The AGIA coordinates and develops contributions to standards and regulations, and facilitates knowledge sharing and relationships across local industry and the research community. The AGIA will help ensure that graphene related research capabilities are translated into local economic outcomes.

    The founding members of AGIA include Imagine Intelligent Materials, Geofabrics Australasia, Ionic Industries, and Swinburne University.

    Why Use Canadian Government Grants For Manufacturing Projects


    As a manufacturer, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense to use Canadian government funding programs in 2017:

  • Expand Project Scope: Projects that receive government funding are likely to become more advanced or complex than non-funded projects. Grants may support the purchase of highly-innovative equipment, help perform cutting-edge research and development, or reach several new markets previously inaccessible.
  • Accelerate Timelines: Being awarded with Canadian government funding can help manufacturers increase cash flow and make project down-payments faster. Through recurring payments, manufacturers can also access funds to support individual phases, or milestones of the project, to keep it moving through to completion.
  • Improve Financial Return: Financial calculations such as project ROI and payback period are instantly improved with the successful application to a government funding program. In many cases, project expenses can be reduced by up to 50% this greatly increases the benefits of the project while also reducing the investments risk.
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    First Nations Development Institute Grants

    The First Nations Development Institute is a nonprofit organization that has successfully provided over $29 million total grant money to projects that help Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

    View a list of available grants and stay in touch with new opportunities through their newsletter.

    If youâve given up hope that thereâs a grant out there for you, donât worry. There are lots of other small business funding optionsâlike SBA loans, or a traditional bank loan. If you want to know how long your grant will sustain your business operations, consider tracking your burn rate.

    Funding For Manufacturers To Modernise And Reskill

    On this page

    If you are a new applicant or existing grantee and have been impacted by COVID-19 or a natural disaster, please contact your Customer Service Manager or one of the agents at our to discuss your circumstances and how we can assist you.

    You can find more information and support on our page.

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    Are There Any Grants For Uk Manufacturers

    Yes there are a number of grants available for UK based manufacturers. They range from £2500 right up to £50m+. A typical grant for an SME manufacturing company can help with buying new machinery or kit. Or perhaps you are developing new ways of working. Grants can help with innovative projects too.

    Examples Of Available Grants

    Industry 4.0 and Government Funding Increase your Manufacturing Efficiency with IIoT

    There are numerous government programs that offer grants for entrepreneurs. I have selected 12 that might interest you. To learn more, please consult the following websites: Canada Business, the Ressources+ tool, and Ressources entreprise. In addition to offering you a wealth of information, these sites can provide you with invaluable financing sources.

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    Technology And Human Resources For Industry Programme Objective:

    To improve the competitiveness of South African industry, by supporting research and technology development activities, and enhancing the quality and quantity of appropriately skilled people.

    Cost-sharing grant for projects that:

    Promote and Facilitate Scientific Research, Technology Development and Technology Diffusion andIncludes a Human Resource Development Component.Target Clients / Sector:

    Industrial and growth sectors of the DTI.

    Website: subthemeid

    To attract investment and create employment in South Africa via offshoring activities.

    Tax Exempt grant for:

    Each offshore job created and maintained.Target Clients / Sectors:

    Enterprises performing Business Process Services.

    Website: subthemeid=

    Register For A Canadian Small Business Funding Webinar

    Ready to get the inside scoop about these Canadian government funding programs? Manufacturers are invited to join a free, informative webinar hosted by one of Mentor Works Government Funding Planners. Register for a webinar today to continue learning about how to begin using government grants and loans for your upcoming projects.

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    Funding And Support For Manufacturing Companies

    Grants and funding for manufacturing companies are still available. On this page you can find information and links to grants that may be available to our regions manufacturing organisations.

    A list of local and national support schemes is provided below. Since such schemes frequently change their criteria, please contact us first for more information.

    Corporate Small Business Grants

    Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program QLD

    If you have a great business idea and youâre looking for startup funds, you may want to move beyond government grant programs and focus on corporate-sponsored funding. Large companies, like FedEx and Visa, will often provide a hefty sum to small businesses for entering a contest or pitch competition. Bonus: even if you donât win, thereâs the potential of a runner-up prize or publicity for your business.

    Pro tip: do some industry-specific research on the top names in your area of business. Although more obscure and harder to find, some companies will fund small businesses who are tailored specifically to their industry.

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    Ontario Manufacturing Training Program

    OMTP supports the development of new engineering skills, training on new software, hardware, or other tools that support innovation within a manufacturing facility. The program recently pivoted to address COVID-19 impacts. Read More

    • Amount: Up to $100k grant or 25-50% of trainer costs and 25-50% of trainees internal labour costs.
    • Eligibility: Southern Ontario financially stable manufacturers with 10-1000 employees and incorporated for 3 years. Must be engaged in the interprovincial or international market or retooling production as a result of COVID-19 to respond to emerging needs.

    Small Business Technology Transfer Program

    The STTR program is another competitive grant program that expands funding opportunities for innovation research and development for federal agencies. Both the SBIR and the STTR programs encourage research partnerships, but STTR requires each applicant to collaborate with a non-profit research institution during the first two phases of the program. To qualify, you must operate a for-profit business with less than 500 employees and fulfill all eligibility requirements.

    You can also find SBIR and STTR programs offered through the Department of Energy and Department of Defense.

    See a list of solicitations posted by federal agencies and filter by program, agency, or phase. Click any headline for further details on how to apply.

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    Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia

    About the Initiative: Launched in 2013, AMTech is a competitive grants program intended to establish new or strengthen existing industry-driven consortia that address high-priority research challenges impeding the growth of advanced manufacturing in the United States. The AMTech program funds broad participation across the value-chain including companies of all sizes, universities and government agencies. It is modeled on successful national efforts within various industry and technology sectors.

    Through the competitive planning grants it offers, AMTech incentivizes the formation and strengthening of industry-driven technology consortia in areas of national importance in advanced manufacturing. Activities supported by Planning Awards include detailed technology roadmaps of critical advanced manufacturing technologies and associated long-term industrial research challenges.

    Note: In FY2016 AMTech was merged into the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. No changes have been made to program operations regarding prior awards, and there are no current plans to hold a future AMTech competition.

    Investing In Manufacturing Communities Partnership

    Transform your Manufacturing Company with ERP Software and Technology Grants

    About the Initiative: The Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership program is an initiative designed to revolutionize the way federal agencies leverage economic development funds. It encourages communities to develop comprehensive economic development strategies that will strengthen their competitive edge for attracting global manufacturer and supply chain investments. Through IMCP, the federal government is rewarding best practices coordinating federal aid to support communities strong development plans and synchronizing grant programs across multiple departments and agencies. Non-designated communities nationwide can learn from the best practices employed by these designated communities to strengthen American manufacturing.

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    Export Finance Australia Small Business Export Loan

    Export Finance Australia’s Small Business Export Loans helps businesses looking to grow through exporting.

    The loans are designed to meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, to help them take advantage of export opportunities when financial institutions can’t help.

    Loans of $20,000 – $350,000 are available, to cover up to 80% of your export contract/s or purchase order/s.

    For further information, visit the Export Finance Australia Small Business Export Loan.

    Export Market Development Grants

    The Export Market Development Grants reimburses expenses incurred for export promotional activities to existing and potential Australian exporters.

    Funding is provided to compensate eligible export businesses up to 50% of their promotional expenses over $15,000. The minimum grant is $5,000, the maximum $150,000.

    For further information, visit Export Market Development Grants.

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    Ontario Government Funding For Manufacturing Projects

    At the Ontario provincial level, government grants and loans are available to offset a portion of project costs related to capital investment & large-scale business expansion, purchasing energy-efficient production equipment, and providing third-party workforce training. Some of the best programs available in 2017 include:

    • Southwestern Ontario Development Fund/Eastern Ontario Development Fund : Provides support to accelerate facility expansion and integration of advanced manufacturing technologies. Companies may receive up to 15% of eligible project expenses to a maximum grant of $1.5 million, or up to $5 million in a combination of grants and loans. This funding can increase cash flow during the project, helping to accelerate its progress and expand its scope. Companies should be committed to hiring at least 15 employees because of the business expansion.
    • Canada-Ontario Job Grant: Encourages the upskilling of employees through third-party training programs. Manufacturers can implement a variety of skills-based training programs for their team to ensure their workforce has the skills needed to keep up with market demand. Employers may receive up to 50-83% of training costs to a maximum $10,000 per trainee, and are eligible to apply each 6 months.

    State Small Business Grants

    Webinar: Government Funding for Manufacturing Businesses ...

    Federal small business grants are limited by industry and in number, and theyâre often very competitive. Donât feel discouragedâlook for grants at a state or municipal level for access to a wider variety of lesser-known opportunities. Below are some places to start looking, but we recommend doing a deep dive into what your own state and local area can offer.

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    Wind And Solar Facilities

    A Wind and Solar Facilities Victorian Business Supply Chain Directory has been developed in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

    The Directory profiles and promotes Victorian industry capability and supply chain businesses that are able to provide goods and services to wind and solar farm projects, while outlining key Victorian Government initiatives.

    This directory will be regularly kept up to date. If you are interested in being included in the next iteration of this directory, please email .Wind and Solar Facilities: Victorian Businesses Supply Chain Directory

    Manufacturing Technology Loan Fund

    Upgrading your capital equipment and technology can be a vital step in expanding your markets, enhancing productivity and quality, remaining competitive, and improving your bottom line. The MTLF is a private fund available only through Catalyst Connection that can help you finance these capital improvements.

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    How Do Grants Work

    A grant will have specific criteria. The criteria is based on the overall economic strategic objectives of the grant. If you meet the grant criteria, this may make you eligible but it does not mean you will automatically get the grant. Theres a lot of competition, some grants become oversubscribed very quickly. Our tip would be to apply early. We can help assess if youre likely to meet the criteria and assist you applying too.

    The Mep National Network

    Australian Vanadium secures $3.69 million Federal Government manufacturing grant

    The MEP National NetworkTM is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing.

    Focused on helping small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in todays technology-driven economy, the MEP National Network comprises the National Institute of Standards and Technologys Manufacturing Extension Partnership , the 51 MEP Centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and over 1,300 trusted advisors and experts at more than 400 MEP service locations, providing any U.S. manufacturer with access to resources they need to succeed.

    In 2017, the MEP National Network connected with 26,313 manufacturers, leading to $12.6 billion in sales, $1.7 billion in cost savings, $3.5 billion in new client investments, and helping to create and retain more than 100,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs.

    Since the Program was created in 1988, the MEP National Network’s strength has been its partnerships. Through its collaborations at the federal, state and local level, MEP Centers work with manufacturers to develop new products and customers, expand and diversify markets, adopt new technology, and enhance value within supply chains.

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    How To Get The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

    In order to get the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund you will need to demonstrate the following points:

    Project Level

  • increase jobs and a more highly skilled workforce in your business
  • use design and engineering excellence
  • create innovative and efficient business processes, to enhance the competitiveness of your business
  • take advantage of a market opportunity in Australia and overseas
  • align to AMGCs strategic priorities
  • Business Level

  • a track record in managing similar projects
  • access to personnel with the right skills and experience, including management and technical staff
  • a solid plan to manage the project including scope, implementation methodology, timeframes, delivery risks and budget access
  • access to any required infrastructure, capital equipment, technology, intellectual property and regulatory or other approvals.
  • Grant Level

    • will help the project to proceed
    • will have positive impact on the size, scale or timing of your project
    • co-contribution and additional benefits to the project and business

    Government Funding For Manufacturers: Build A Plan

    Canadian manufacturers are a primary target for some of the most valuable government funding programs available. While its possible to access funding programs on a project-by-project basis, we recommend incorporating grants and loans as part of your overall growth strategy. To do this, we recommend that all manufacturers take time to construct a government funding plan.

    Government funding plans are a proactive means to offset a portion of all strategic project costs with manufacturing grants and loans.

    The first step is to identify all company investments over the coming 12-24 months. With this roadmap in mind, it becomes easier to align government funding programs, either independently or by using a Canadian Government Funding Planner. Mentor Works routinely supports Canadian manufacturers with government funding planning, application, and reporting. To learn more about some of these success stories, check out our Client Spotlight blogs.

    Please Note: Agri-food manufacturers will find more applicable funding programs from the Top 4 Funding Programs for Ontarios Agri-Food Industry.

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    Million To Boost Uk Manufacturing Productivity By 30%

    Businesses with creative ideas to boost UK’s manufacturing capacities set to receive £300 million of joint government and industry funding.

    11 September 2020
    • Companies from Solihull to Flintshire receive £300 million government and industry funding boost
    • projects to develop digital robots to weld metal parts and augmented reality headsets to help engineers make repairs to equipment set to benefit
    • investment will give a crucial lift to aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage sectors as the UK builds back better from the pandemic

    Businesses with creative ideas to boost the UKs manufacturing capabilities, including using robotics, AI and augmented reality, are set to receive £300m of joint government and industry funding, Business Secretary Alok Sharma confirmed at London Tech Week today .

    Through the Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge, the government will invest £147 million backed by further funding from industry to support businesses implement new tech to boost their manufacturing productivity, helping them reach new customers, create thousands of new highly skilled jobs, slash carbon emissions and reduce prices for consumers.

    The first £50 million of the funding is being allocated to fourteen cutting-edge manufacturing projects involving around 30 small or medium businesses, 29 larger enterprises and nine universities, with the rest of the funds due over the next 5 years.

    Business Secretary Alok Sharma said:

    Other winning projects include:

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