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Government Grants For Health And Fitness

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Regional Development Program: Eastern Ontario Development Fund And Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

Dave Leteles BBM fitness movement receives government funding to combat obesity

The Regional Development Program provides support for projects and investments to businesses, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations for economic development in Ontario, by region.

The types of support available include:

The program supports projects that:

Funding opportunities are currently available for:

Government Grants For Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is useful in promoting good health, and the federal government provides grants that can be used to purchase equipment. As a rule, government grant money is not given to individuals, but businesses and other organizations can obtain grant money if it is used to provide services involving fitness equipment, such as a building and maintaining playgrounds, recreational areas or community centers. Finding available grants can be done through several different resources.

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Professional Sports Organization Grants

Professional sports organizations also are a great source for physical activity grants. The National Football League , the National Dairy Council, in collaboration with U.S. Department of Agriculture , have developed the Fuel Up to Play 60 program which awards up to $3,000 to help K-12 schools encourage 60 minutes of daily physical activity and healthy eating habits.

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Grants Offered To Expand Access To Free Outdoor Fitness Centers

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National Fitness Campaigns durable, outdoor Fitness Courts are built to deliver seven-minute, full-body workouts for people of all ages and ability levels.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the National Fitness Campaign are partnering to expand free, equitable access to outdoor exercise programs in communities across Massachusetts.

The partnership is offering $750,000 in grant funding to up to 15 qualifying communities across Massachusetts this spring. BCBS and the NFC will work with cities and towns, institutions and organizations to construct 15 NFC Fitness Courts in 2022, with the goal of making fitness facilities accessible to all.

Municipalities, schools and other organizations that own accessible public space may apply for $50,000 in grant funding to assist in building an NFC Fitness Court. NFC consultants will work with qualified grant recipients to assist in planning, funding and launching their outdoor fitness court and community wellness campaign.

Applications are due by April 30, and awards will be made in July.

Current Massachusetts campaign members are Burlington, Everett and Tewksbury.

The NFC opened its first fitness court in 1979, and recently redesigned and modernized the outdoor gym.

NFC founder Mitch Menaged said his organizations mission is to build healthy communities by bringing people outside to move every day.

For more information, visit

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

Tax rise to pay for NHS boost

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program : The Indiana Department of Health is working to create these programs throughout the state. CSPAP is a multi-component approach by which school districts and schools use all opportunities for students to be physically active, meet the nationally recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime. Four presentations on the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program can be accessed here:

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The Investment In Mental Health Wellness Act Of 2013

In 2013, Senate Bill 82, the Investment in Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013, established a competitive grant program to disburse funds to California counties or to their nonprofit or public agency designees for the purpose of developing mental health crisis support programs. Specifically, funds will “increase capacity for client assistance and services in crisis intervention, crisis stabilization, crisis residential treatment, rehabilitative mental health services, and mobile crisis support teams.” The grants from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority support capital improvement, expansion and limited start-up costs.

  • This program is no longer accepting applications.
  • No future allocations or funding rounds are scheduled.

For further questions, please email or call 653-2799.

Educator Wellness Toolkit: Leading A School With Wellness At The Forefront

In Indiana, much attention has been paid to the importance of educator wellness and ways in which educators can improve upon their wellness by promoting positive relationships with students and staff, creating effective classroom climates, and managing a work-life balance. The Indiana Department of Education and several other state agencies released a toolkit for educational leaders to create a culture of wellness within their buildings and districts.

When educators are well, students are much more likely to thrive. School leaders are in a position to create policies, environments, infrastructure and climates that motivate and enable school staff to be well. This toolkit highlights powerful practices, available support and case studies in which school leaders put educators in the forefront of a topic often focused on students.

The Indiana Department of Health, Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity has created resources for schools related to the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are an Indiana teacher, parent, health worker, child care employee, public health worker or student, we want to make sure you are still taking care of yourself. Please see below for resources to help keep you safe and physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. We are here to support YOU! Click here for a list of resources.

Healthy Meeting Guidelines:

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What Does The Application Process Look Like

Applicants must submit their application online by Friday, September 24th, 2021. Instructions and details for the online application can be found in the next section.

All eligible applicants will be reviewed by an Adjudication Committee. Successful applicants will be contacted following the grant deadline and will be assigned a Health Promoter to provide ongoing project support.

Approved projects will be required to sign a formal funding agreement before receiving funds.

Coronavirus Funding And Awards Data

VicHealth Active Club Grants

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, HHS is awarding emergency grants and cooperative agreements funded under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, 2020 Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020, , Families First Coronavirus Response Act, 2020 and any subsequent COVID-19 related emergency supplemental appropriation. HHS’ financial assistance reporting data is available on the Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System .

Explore HHS COVID-19 awards to view the data by funding phases, state, and HHS agency.

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Rural Healthfunding By Topic: Wellness Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Summaries of funding programs are provided by RHIhub for your convenience. Please contact the funder directly for the most complete and current information.

Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

The FEHB Program helps to meet health care needs. One can choose Consumer-Driven and High Deductible plans that offer risk protection.

It offers higher deductibles, health savings, reimbursable accounts and, lower premiums. There are also Fee-for-Service plans and their Preferred Provider Organizations , or Health Maintenance Organizations if you live within the area serviced by the plan.

For more information, visit .

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Safe Routes To School Grants

The Michigan Fitness Foundations Safe Routes to School team assists schools and communities in planning and applying for our two grant programs:

Mini Grant

The Mini Grant provides funding to schools to develop active transportation programs that encourage students in grades K8 to walk and bike to school. Examples of these programs include walking school buses, bike mechanics clubs, or bike train programs but could be other programs that encourage more students to walk and bike to school on a regular basis.

From January to March each year, requests for proposals are accepted. Applicants can apply for up to $5,000 per school or $25,000 per district. Eligible recipients include public, charter, or non-public schools or school districts that serve at least one grade in the K8 range. Also eligible to apply are nonprofits of 501 type who have an approved working partnership with qualified school.

Mini Grants can originate in various ways, from parents speaking with a school to districts looking to provide support across multiple schools. MFF staff will work with you, discussing your idea to discover how it might be possible to begin programming.

Major Grant

Examples of eligible infrastructure projects include crosswalk updates, multi-use pathways, sidewalk installation or repair, traffic calming measures, or pedestrian and bicyclist safety signage.

Us Government Grants Quench Thirsty Health And Fitness Programs

How to Get a Government Grant for a Farm in the U.S.: 14 Steps

PEP Recipients See a Silver Lining

A rainbow has sprung from the ongoing storm of budget cuts that has swirled around physical education in U.S. schools for the past decade: In early October, the U.S. Department of Education announced that 256 school districts and other organizations will receive a record $59 million from the Carol M. White Physical Education for Progress Program for school year 2003-2004. PEP grants provide funds directly to schools to purchase sports/fitness equipment and train teachers to apply innovative PE programs in schools and communities.

We are very pleased with the large number of grants awarded this year, said Tom Cove, vice president of government affairs for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association International. SGMA, along with P.E.4LIFE, decided several years ago to focus on revitalizing physical education in America, and the growth of the PEP program reflects how we are accomplishing our goal. These grants represent real money getting into schools and communities.

This years grant awards, which were awarded to communities across 45 states and territories, range from $28,230 to $570,000. PEP funding will be spent on a wide array of sports products, including pedometers, heart rate monitors, fitness assessment technology, inline skates, climbing walls, cross-country skis, treadmills and traditional sports equipment.

HealthierUS Grants Support Health Programs

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Investment In Mental Health Wellness Grant Program For Children And Youth

In 2016, Senate Bill 833 expanded the Investment in Mental Health Wellness Act to specifically address a continuum of crisis services for children and youth, 21 years of age and under and allocated funding to develop four mental health programs – crisis residential treatment, crisis stabilization, mobile crisis support teams and family respite care.

The grants from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority will be disbursed to California counties or to their nonprofit or public agency designees to support capital improvement, expansion and limited start-up costs.

Funding For Capital Projects

Sport and recreation facilities are generally funded locally, primarily through user fees and local government taxes.

Gaming grants . For more information or to apply go to the gaming website.

From time to time, sport and recreation facilities are eligible under a number of infrastructure programs. Please visit infrastructure grants. As well, there is funding for cycling-related infrastructure through programs such as Bike BC.

Some sport infrastructure is eligible for funding through Infrastructure Canadas gas tax. This program is administered in B.C. by the Union of BC Municipalities. More information can be found by visiting UBCMs gas tax agreement webpage.

As availability of provincial and/or federal infrastructure funding grants are typically communicated to local governments , it is a good idea to contact your local government to see if these, or other funding programs are available.

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Yes To Health And Fitness

The Yes 2 Youth Trust in Porirua supports young people to reach their goals. Their main aim is to ensure that young people can build on skills learnt on the programme and fully participate in further education, training or employment.This is an example of the services for young people programme we fund.

While on the programme, the young people receive first aid training, sit their learner’s licence, participate in a range of recreational activities, gain work experience, learn about their own culture and discuss health issues.

Young people from the Yes 2 Youth Trust have been working on their own health and fitness programme and are reaping the benefits.

The students have been able to focus on their individual health and fitness and are achieving their goals by working together in a group.

A majority of the students are rugby league players and are fast moving up the ranks of representative teams.

The health and fitness programme has involved joining the local gym and workouts twice a week with a trainer. Some of the students had never attended a gym before and have found it very beneficial to their health. It has also encouraged them to take a good look at some of their lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking.

What Outcomes Need To Be Achieved By A Move Your Body Grant

Depew High School receives million dollar grant for high-tech fitness

The Move Your Body campaign key messages and calls to action outline important information and steps for older adults to build their strength and balance to prevent falls. During your grant application process, it is essential to consider how your program will support the key messages and calls to action of the Stay On Your Feet® Move Your Body campaign. Grant programs should be designed with the following key messages and calls to action in mind.

Key Messages

  • Improving your strength and balance are some of the best ways to reduce your risk of having a fall.
  • Good balance and strength are important for healthy ageing.
  • Strong legs and good balance are needed to do your everyday activities.
  • Falls are preventable.
  • Do strength and balance exercises for 30 minutes on most days to reduce your risk of having a fall.
  • Challenge your balance daily.
  • Do strength exercises you can adapt to make harder as you get stronger.
  • Choose activities you enjoy to build your balance and strengthen your legs.
  • Speak to a health or fitness professional about strength and balance exercises that are right for you.
  • Are you unsure if you qualify for a grant? Check out our grant eligibility and criteria for more information around who can and cannot apply for a grant as well as what cannot be funded.

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    Grants For Wellness Programs Benefits

    Grants for wellness programs help in improving the health and productivity of employees. Wellness programs can benefit from:

  • Reduced health care costs
  • Reducing workers compensation and disability-related costs
  • Improving employee morale.
  • Out of concern about the outcome of chronic disease on employee health and well-being, the cost of health care coverage, and competitiveness, employers adopt wellness programs.

    Employers should consider implementing a well-thought-out wellness program that benefits both the employees health and the employers.

    Grants for Wellness Programs Role of Federal Agencies

    What Is The Move Your Body Campaign

    Being physically active has many benefits and is important for the physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing of older adults. As part of the natural ageing process, balance and strength can decline from the age of 40, with changes such as reduced muscle and ability to balance, which influences the risk of having a fall. Fortunately, participation in exercise is one of the most effective strategies to reduce the risk of having a fall due to maintaining muscle and strength, increasing endurance, and improving gait, balance, and mood.

    Older adults should aim to complete at least three hours of exercise a week, or 30 minutes of physical activity on most days, to help maintain strength and independence. Exercise should include strength exercises two to five times a week and balance exercises most days of the week. Prior to participating in a new exercise program, it is recommended that older adults consult a health or fitness professional.

    Move Your Body is one part of the Move Improve Remove messaging used to encourage older adults to stay safe, independent, and prevent falls and looks at the following modifiable risk factors for falls.

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    The Us Department Of Agriculture

    The United States Department of Agriculture supports the American agricultural economy to protect and conserve natural resources strengthen rural communities and provide a sufficient, safe and, nutritious food supply for the American people. The National Institute of Food and Agriculture focuses on eliminating disparities, preventing chronic disease, promoting health, and building a nations culture of health. For more information, visit .

    Successful Grant Applications Must

    Financial Assistance
    • Seek approval for any use of Injury Matters or Stay On Your Feet® branding. Information regarding how to acknowledge Injury Matters and/or Stay On Your Feet® will be provided to successful applicants.
    • Submit a Grant Variation Request and receive approval for any changes to the grants program activities or budget after your grant being awarded.
    • Provide relevant professional qualifications and accreditations to Injury Matters upon request.
    • Provide certificates of relevant insurances such as Public Liability, Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity, and Commercial Vehicle Insurance upon request.
    • Work with Injury Matters to promote the grants program .
    • Allow a representative from Injury Matters to attend funded events.
    • Acquit your grant and provide evaluation data of your project to Injury Matters.
    • Hold responsibility for obtaining your own financial advice should you wish to in regards to your organisation receiving grant funding.

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    What Are Ineligible Expenses

    Ineligible expenses include:

    • Existing salaries or wages organizational overhead fees capital or infrastructure costs prizes and contests provincial branding activities, scholarships and/or bursaries individual conference attendance costs, including registration out of province travel and accommodations, etc.
    • One-time events or activities that do not meet the above criteria
    • Expenditures made prior to application approval will not be reimbursed.

    Physical Activity Research Grants

    While many grants provide funds to implement physical fitness programs and activities, some grant awards focus on understanding the scientific relationship between physical activity and our bodies. Organizations like the National Aeronautics Space Administration , the American College of Sports Medicine and companies like Coca Cola, have developed grant funding to better understand these issues.

    Through the creation of the NASAs Space Physiology Research Grant, ACSMs Raymond and Rosalee Weiss Research Endowment and the Coca-Cola Companys Doctoral Student Grant on Behavior Research, these companies are helping researchers to better understand how exercise can impact the body.


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