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Government Grants For Black Males

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The National Association For The Self

Black applicants’ home loans denied: Systemic changes to ensure Black homeownership

The National Association for the Self-Employed has awarded close to $1 million in grants to small business members through its Growth Grants program. Eligible small businesses can receive grants worth as much as $4,000 through the programawarded on a quarterly basis.

You must become a member of NASE before you can apply for the Growth Grant program. Once you join, you will have the opportunity to apply for the small business grants on a quarterly basis, according to the schedule below:

The grant committee reviews all applications the month after the quarterly submission deadline ends. Recipients must demonstrate an identifiable business need, explain how they would use the grant to satisfy that need, and show a potential for growth and success should their business receive the funds.

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How To Find Grants For Black Men

The steps to finding grants for Black men can be broken into different steps. One way to look is to head to our website where we have a database of grants for African American men.

The first thing to have at the back of your mind when applying for grants for Black men is to find grants that are specific to the area of business that you operate in.

When you have established the type of business that you are interested in pursuing grants for, then you can start with finding the ideal grants for your business.

As soon you have all that you need to begin your application, then you can proceed to the next phase of the grant application.

Examples: Popular African American Student Grant Programs

The Sachs Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Colorado. Founded in 1931 its main goal is to provide African American students from Colorado with the necessary financial aid to make college a possibility. Sachs gives away much of its money in the form of undergraduate scholarships, but a number of graduate level educational grants are extended annually.

The African American Success Foundation, Inc. provides educational grants to eligible African American students whose goal is to conduct research into the history of African American success in education and business.

The American Geological Institute offers Minority Participation Program Geoscience Student Scholarships to African American and other minority students engaged in an undergraduate geoscience studies program.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson [email protected]

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Free Grants For African American Students

As much as you can access grants for African Americans, so can you access grants for African American students too. We have compilled some of the latest grants that are available to African American students that you can apply for below. These grants have been provided by third party grant ussuing agencies to help support African American students in college or planning to go attend college.

If you are operating in other areas of human endeavor, from construction to restaurant business to daycare services and more, you can find the grants you need, including grants for african american filmmakers.

Harlem Capital Partners Fund

llege Grants For African American Males

When you think of New York, you think of the many business opportunities that come to mind. The Harlem Capital Partners fund is an organization that is based in New York City-based goal of helping to invest in minority and women business owners, founders and entrepreneurs around the United States. This program is very accessible, and so is the application process.

The Harlem Capital Partners Fund also extends to business and other grants that are focused on helping to build black businesses. The program also aims at bridging the earning gap between black business owners and their counterparts in the United States. The program also provides tools for new business owners to be able to access without any issues whatsoever.

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Massport Stem Scholarship Program


Applicant must be a Massachusetts resident who is a graduating high school senior also attending or accepted into an accredited college for attendance.

Applicant must be of a minority race.

Applicant must hold a 3.0 GPA at the minimum.

The Massport STEM Scholarship Program is an annual courtesy of the Massachusetts Port Authoritys Office of Diversity & Inclusion/Compliance. Through this great offer, qualifying applicants have a chance at a quick $2,000 tuition payment. Massachusetts residents who are interested in working in the transportation field are the intended recipients of this one.

Benefits Of Booking Aag Consultation

  • Diverse and extensive information of grants that match your funding needs
  • Information for grants from foundation, corporate, state, city and federal funding sources
  • New grant opportunities your business can apply for
  • Grant access and other business opportunities for your business
  • Get help start or grow your business
  • Follow up with your grant application and updated information
  • Access to priority e-mail support
  • Access to grant proposal template
  • Free business listing on the AAG business directory and much more
  • Funding amounts and number of awards
  • Funding source contact details
  • Information for grant applications and documents

Ive been utilizing AAG Consultation Services to search for new grant opportunities since starting my LLC in 2014. I find new business, and community foundation grant opportunities through AAG!As a result, Ive expanded my business around the country . Thank you for your excellent service to the African American community.

Khemi KianjoEmbers of Life and Light LLCSuperior, WI

Our grant and business specialists are on standby to help you apply for grants that are specifically tailored for African-American business owners.

To schedule an appointment, select your ideal date and time availability, and one of our grant experts will reach out to you within 24 hours of your booking.

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Grants For African Americans

College costs are rising and prospective students are struggling like never before to raise the necessary funds to pay for their education.

For many students, grants can be an important source of their college funding. In addition to federal and state grants, there are a plethora of private organizations and businesses offering grants, specifically for African American students.

Many of these niche grants are available for students studying at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Others support students studying in underrepresented major fields, such as engineering or nursing. Most require a minimum GPA and are highly competitive.

Following is a list of some of the many need-based grants and scholarships designed for African American students. They are divided into subcategories, which should serve as a good jumping off point for further research into other grant opportunities.

Charlotte Regional Loans And Grants For Mwbe Businesses

Black Mens Health: Be Well with BeWell

Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and 12 other surrounding counties in the Charlotte MSA can turn to the Institutes Womens Business Center. A wide variety of assistance programs are offered. Women, including Black women, can learn about free grants for their small business as well as get coaching, counseling, and other services. There are also networking events, information on getting MWBE certifications, coaching services, information on loans from local banks and more. Find details here.

Charlotte Aspire Community Capital helps underserved businesses owners and those in low income parts of the city. Veterans, Black and Latino owned, disabled and women can get help. They assist with raising capital, including from grant or loan programs. There are also business coaching programs, a business accelerator program, a multiple weeks business academy that helps people learn about, and launch, a company and other free services. Continue reading.

Charlottes Black Chamber of Commerce is a resource for Black owned businesses as well as entrepreneur . They can provide advice, referrals to free government grants, and will offer their own microloans. They also partner with corporations and non-profits in the city of Charlotte as well as Mecklenburg County. Find out about their services here.

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African American Home Grants

These types of grants offer African Americans the opportunity to obtain money for buying their first homes outright or financing them. Buying a home is notoriously expensive especially in the struggling economy and many African Americans need help in order to buy homes in affordable areas.

The government offers this form of assistance for all residents but has some programs that target African American families. Most African American families live in urban centers and areas that are decrepit and require significant renovation to become habitable.

There are some available grants for African American first time home buyers, and these grants can be easily accessed by filling out the required application for the home grant. What you have to understand is the grant-eligibility criteria that are specifically tailored to first time home buyers.

Additional Federal Grant Programs

In addition to the GANN, there are over 1,000 other grant programs available through 26 federal agencies at This site, which was developed as part of the 2002 E-Grants Initiative, “provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. HHH Building Washington, DC 20201 800-518-4726

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Science And Technology Scholarships

The Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology helps students from the African-American community with further education in the field of science and technology. Students looking to study in historically African-American colleges and universities can apply for education scholarships. Eligible students can expect up to USD 2,000 for each year of a four-year program. Selection process consists of writing essays and submitting academic records.

State Grant Programs For African American Students

Cedar Valley College Receives Federal Grant Aimed At Helping African ...

Your state government is usually a source for quite a number of college grants and scholarships, one or two of which are usually designed to assist minority students. Examples:

  • The State of Wisconsin provides a handful of very good educational grants including the Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant. This program is open to financially disadvantaged and at-risk minority students wishing to pursue an undergraduate college program in Wisconsin.
  • North Carolina Community College Grant is open to Pell Grant recipients that continue to prove financial disadvantage. To qualify, students must be enrolled in one of the state’s 2-year community college programs.

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What Percentage Of Scholarships Are For Minorities

While there are scholarships devoted exclusively to minority students, the facts are that the majority of students who get scholarship money are white. Pell Grants are one of the few cases in which minorities receive the majority of the award, but in most cases, Caucasian students receive the bulk of the nation’s financial aid, despite the fact that only 48 percent of Caucasian students qualify as low income, while close to 77 percent of African-American students do.

While there is no way to tell exactly what percentage of scholarships are for minorities, there are a large number of scholarships and grants that are targeted at minorities in the U.S., particularly black and Hispanic students. There are dozens of scholarships for African-American males and females. Some are awarded based on athleticism, academics or artistic achievement, while others are based on personal qualities and service.

Research organizations that serve minorities, like the NAACP, Sisters 4 Sisters, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. These are excellent organizations for searching for resources such as scholarships, grants and other funding for businesses and for education. Searching for scholarships for black males is easier when you contact large hubs that have that sort of information, as well as smaller organizations of which you may not yet be aware.

Native American Business Development Institute Grant

This grant program is funded by the US Department of Indian Affairs and is intended to support Native American and Alaskan Native business owners. Currently, there isnt a great deal of information posted on the grants being offered you can always contact the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development to learn how the program stands to benefit your business.

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The Rossiter Family Scholarship


Applicant must be a women or racial or ethnic minority.

Applicant must be a student currently enrolled in an ABET-accredited undergraduate or

graduate program in civil or environmental engineering.

Applicant must be a resident of Massachusetts and attend a college or university in Massachusetts.

The Rossiter Family Scholarship is an exclusive offer through The Engineering Center Education Trust. While only one student wins this award each year, the award itself is substantial at $10,000 in value. This is one effort by the greater engineering field to enhance minority participation in the engineering field.

Black Male Success Initiative

What’s next for the three men convicted of felony murder of Ahmaud Arbery

The Black Male Success Initiative is committed to increasing the postsecondary attainment rates of black males in the state of Tennessee. Members of the inaugural Black Male Success Taskforce will be dedicated to creating statewide strategies and sharing best practices for higher education partners to assist in eliminating these gaps in Tennessee.

Although the Black Male Success Initiative is in the early phases of ramping up, potential students can start their journey now with help from other statewide programs. High school students and new college students can find resources at If you are an adult learner and would like one-on-one support, with a Reconnect College Navigator today. You can also find more resources for adult learners at

Guiding vision: Tennessee has significant gaps in the postsecondary attainment rates for Black males across the state including retention and graduation rates. To improve the current statistics, the need for a Black Male Success Initiative has been established. This initiative, led by THEC, aims to identify, and implement best practices and resources to support Black males across the state.

Task: Research and identify best practices to support postsecondary attainment for Black males across the state of Tennessee.


  • Select a statewide network of passionate practitioners committed to the success of Black males in the state of Tennessee.
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    African American Grants From Colleges And Universities

    Excellent sources for grant money are colleges and university coffers. In many cases colleges prefer to diversify their student bodies and they do this by offering scholarships and grants. In the last few years many of the nation’s top universities have dropped their institutional loan programs and replaced them with grants. This means that hundreds of students that might not have had the financial structure to afford an Ivy-League education can now join their peers and exercise their academic strength through institutional grant programs.

    Small Business Innovation Research

    Black-Owned Businesses have a plethora of challenges that they have to deal with in their businesses. Finding an organization that provides details that help you access this program easily can be quite helpful in many ways than one. The process involves detailed information on your business and how you can access funding for your business with a business plan.

    The many areas of funding that you may have to deal with have to do with the funding options that are available to you. However, what stands out is the Small Business Innovation Research process for approval. If you own a business, it becomes easier to be able to collect all of the paperwork that you need for you to be able to access your funding. The different areas are highlighted in the application process.

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    Great Scholarships For Young Black Men

    Some of the best scholarships for young Black men are just waiting for a qualifying application in order to be promptly awarded. How exactly do you find all these various offers, and what needs to be done to successfully apply? Read on for the scoop on some of the best scholarships for Black men today.

    Our Top Resources To Help Black

    Fulton expands efforts to help Black, Latino men at risk for HIV ...

    Keep in mind that grants can have rules and limitations so be sure to read the fine print when applying. For example, in some cases, you may have to use funds in a specific way and submit receipts to ensure that you do not have to repay the granter.

    Here are 4 other valuable resources to help you stand out and be in the best position to get awards.

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    The Minority Business Development Agency

    The goal of the Minority Business Development Agency is to support small business owners of color. The selection process involves mezzanine and second-round financing, combining debt and equity financing to allow businesses to raise funds more easily.

    The MBDA promotes the funding process directly through local minority grant competitions. They have been in partnership with Black Enterprise since 2019 and provide a variety of services to Black business owners.

    Frank M Snowden Jr Undergraduate Scholarship


    Be a member of a historically underrepresented ethnic or racial minority group in the United States or Canada.

    Be a current undergraduate student in good standing.

    The Frank M. Snowden Jr. Undergraduate Scholarship is an effort by the Society for Classical Studies to further diversify the worker and student pools associated with the classical studies. Winners of this award must be minority students and can receive up to $4,500 toward their college expenses. December 11th marks the application deadline for this one.

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    Information On Housing Grants And Assistance Programs

    Project-Based Rental Assistance Program: Billions of dollars are provided each year by the federal government run Project-Based Rental Assistance program. This resource helps all Americans, including minorities and African Americans, find new places to live. Or the funds can also be used to help them stay in their homes or apartments.

    This investment will help low and moderate income households to obtain or keep decent, safe and sanitary housing. It will stop an eviction, help them pay energy bills, or help the homeless find a place to live. Find additional programs that offer .

    Housing Assistance and Protect Families from Mortgage Fraud: There are tens of millions of dollars provided to the federal government HUD agency that will be used to support foreclosure prevention and also homeownership through Housing Counseling. So it addresses retention and home buying. Homeless prevention and the lack of affordable housing hits black Americans very hard.

    But the housing aid doesnt stop there. Million of dollars more will be available to stop mortgage fraud. The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporations foreclosure counseling and prevention. There are also resources from banks, lenders, and mortgage servicers among others. Find additional ways to .

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