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Free Government Phones From Verizon

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Who Is Qualified To Get A Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone

Free Cell Phone Motorola DROID X – Verizon –

Low-income singles or families can apply for a Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone if they fall within 135% or below of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This includes an individual who makes less than $16,839 or a family with less than $33,885 annually. If you also qualify for other aid programs, you are automaticallyentitled to a Verizon Wireless Free government phone from the Lifeline Program.

These programs include but are not limited to:

Federal Public Housing Assistance

Members of the Native American tribal communities are also entitled to get a Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone. If you are part of this group, you only need your credentials from the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families from Tribal groups, or the Head Start program.

Free Government Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless is authorized to participate in Lifeline and offers services in four states. This subsidized benefit makes phone services more affordable for many low-income families, as well as individuals. In most cases, the Lifeline discount provides phone and free minutes every month.

As with all program recipients, you must be a resident of one of the states listed above and currently participating in a government assistance program. You must also qualify financially according to the US Federal Poverty Guidelines. Lifeline is a federally-funded program giving discounts on cell and landline service for low-income residents.

With Verizon service you receive Voicemail, Caller ID, Call waiting, 3-way calling, Call forwarding.

Verizon, providers receive a $9.25 for each person enrolled in the program. In fact, $9.25 is the stipend amount the government gives the provider for each person who enrolls in the program. Verizon Wireless has not opted to give any additional benefits.

Program Restrictions

  • Services are not transferable to another person
  • When you run over your allotted time the charge is 45 cents per minute
  • One Lifeline phone per household
  • Applicants must provide two proof of identity and certify they are eligible to receive this benefit
  • Violations of this rule will result in de-enrollment and banned from further Lifeline benefits

Free Government Cell Phones

Replacing Physically Damaged Phones

Physically damaged phones are caused when you do something irresponsible about your phone. For instance, wetting or dropping your phone causing damages like breaking the screen.

You can replace your physical damaged phone through the following ways

  • Make your claim on Asurions website within 60 minutes of the damage. On your claim, you should explain in detail what happened. If the damage was not severe, your phone will be repaired. If its beyond repair, it will be replaced immediately. However, you must be enrolled in one of the device protection options:
    • Verizon protection multi-device.
    • Extended warranty.
    • Total mobile protect multi-device for business among others.
  • If you are not enrolled in any of the above protection options, You can call 406-5154 for guidelines on how to buy your own certified pre-owned replacement device.
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    Replacing Lost Or Stolen Phones

    Replacing your stolen phone under Verizon is an easy process. Immediately you lost or stolen your phone, you should:

  • Visit Verizon offices to suspend or deactivate the phone and avoid any unauthorized use. You can also contact them immediately on 800.922 for quick deactivation. You can also report the theft to the police with your phones IMEI for tracking.
  • To replace, visit Asurions website and file your claim on condition that you are enrolled in any of the above-mentioned device protection options.
  • How To Get Verizon Government Phone

    Brand new Verizon Flip Phone Alcatel 4051S GO

    The Verizon wireless free government phone services are offered to low-income citizens. The subsidy is offered by federal communication in collaboration with mobile network companies. For every customer who enrolls for the plan, the government pays on behalf of the subscriber $10 each month. The company focuses on offering free government cell phone services and the government will pay the subscription fees.

    The universal service fund funds the services. Different factors such as the cost of living, income levels, and personal expenditure among other factors provide the guidelines on who can qualify for the free phone services.

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    Do I Qualify For A Free Government Phone With The Lifeline Program

    For starters, if youre already enrolled in a government aid program, you could automatically qualify for a free government phone. Those already enrolled in any of the following programs are eligible:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Medicaid
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Tribal-specific programs: Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations , Head Start

    If youre not enrolled in any of those government programs, youll need to prove your income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For example, if youre the only person in your household and want to get a free government phone, youll need to prove you make less than $12,760 per year. Every extra person in your household pushes your limit up another $4,480so, essentially, the more folks you have in your household, the easier it is to qualify for a free government cell phone and inexpensive cell phone plan.

    Is My Phone Gsm Or Cdma

    Fortunately, its relatively simple to tell which type of cell phone you have, GSM or CDMA, if you purchased your phone from the carrier and know which carrier youre using.

    In the U.S., there are five major cell phone networks: Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular, AT & T and T-Mobile. Theyre all compatible with 4G and 5G networks, however, they also operate on either the GSM or CDMA network.

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    Free Cell Phones For Seniors Providers

    Free phones for seniorsfree smartphones for seniorsTips for choosing the best Lifeline provider:

    • Each state has many free cell phone providers, and you have to find out who serves your area.
    • One of these companies may offer more free minutes or allow additional low-cost minutes. Compare the free cell phone companies in your area to get the best deal.
    • Then you have to sign up for the lifeline program on this company website, or you can do that with mobile vendors at street fairs.

    Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Application Process:

    Verizon HTC Incredible 2 with free data | Best cell phone plans

    If you want to apply for Verizon Wireless Free Phone then you should check in your state first if Verizon has been enlisted for free cell phone at your state. If you can see Verizon on the Free Phone Provider List in your state, you can go to their website and click on the Lifeline program to apply Or Visit the lifeline, national verifier, online at or call support center 8000.234.9473 or print the application from Verizon wireless lifeline program. If you want to fill-up form through the website, you have to give the identity based on your last name, first name, date of birth, last 4 digits of a social security number.

    If you would like to apply directly without applying online, follow the instructions below:

    If you are located in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware, Washington, DC, Rhode Island, New York, and Virginia, please send along with the application and documents.

    • USAC lifeline support center,P.O.Box 7081,London,KY 40742.

    If you reside in Connecticut, Maryland, and Massachusetts return the USAC application with the necessary program evidence record if applicable, to:

    • Verizon Lifeline support center, P.O. Box 4848, Trenton, NJ 08650-4848

    If you are located in New Jersey please send along with the application and documents.

    • New Jersey SHARES, 1901 N Olden Ave Ext, Suite 40, 2nd Floor, Ewing, NJ 08618

    If you would like fax, you can send along with the required proof of letter to the state in which you reside.

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    Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone And Plans 2020

    Verizon Wireless is one of the most advanced communications systems in the world today, which promises the digital world millions of people every day. Verizon Wireless is one of the most co-operative partners with the federal government lifeline assistant program. Elderly, low-income families who are unable to buy cell phones for advanced communications systems after providing financial support to their families, Verizon wireless donate free cell phones or provides discount to them. In this article, I will discuss how to get a free cell phone from Verizon Wireless and about their free plan.

    Verizon Wireless Phone Really Free?

    One Important Questions We Can Be In Dilemma Does Verizon provide cell phones? The most common answer is yes. Eligible are receive free cell phone and free voice minute, free text message, free internet data, and sometimes receive reduce call rate on Verizon monthly bill. But It depends by state.

    You can also read if needed Assurance Wireless Free Phone and Qlink Free Phones And Service

    Verizon Wireless Best Phones

    Verizon Wireless is a great cellphone provider serving large populations in the US. The company provides several deals. Among them, modern unlocked phones and cheap affordable plans for consumers.

    Are you in love with your phone and would wish to bring it to Verizon? Then worry not. This is because the company also allows you to bring your own phone and activate it to Verizon unlocked phones. However, your phone should be compatible. Below is a list of best phones to use with Verizon.

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    Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Services

    Before you choose a communication company where you can access the government phone services, you need to check on the quality of services offered by the company. Free government cell phone Verizon services are among the best due to the fact that the company has been rated highly when it comes to communication services. The company has the largest network coverage in the United States. They offer quality services but they have limited plans when it comes to free government phones.

    For example, they offer a free monthly cell phone plan to the beneficiaries of the government-subsidized plan. They also offer Verizon wireless free government phones after which you will proceed to choose the packages. Their packages may have some restrictions as per the plans the government has subsidized but they are among the best services considering users can access free communication services.

    Verizon Wireless Single Device Plans

    Samsung Convoy 4 B690 Verizon CDMA Rugged Flip Phone w ...

    Verizons this plan is for those who do not have a smartphone, they can use basic phones, tablets, hotspots, wearable if they wish.

    Plan for Basic phone: This plan is for basic phones, Unlimited talk time and text can be done on this plan, and can only use 500 MB data for downloading ringtones. Taxes and fees must be paid for all prices. Then if anyone wants to buy extra data, the price for each 500MB is $5.

    Plan for tablets: The plan costs $10 plus text and fees. Unlimited talk, text and 1GB data. Be able to check email, browse websites and social media. Then if anyone wants to buy extra data, the price for each 1GB is $10.

    Plan for Hotspots: The plan costs $10 plus text and fees.Unlimited talk, text and 1GB data. Be able to connect Hotspots to other devices and browse websites and emails. Then if anyone wants to buy extra data, the price for each 1GB is $10.

    Plan for wearable: The plan costs $10 plus text and fees. Unlimited talk, text and 1GB data. You can use GPS, talk, and text and listen to music on the runway.

    Plans for connected home:

  • Plan1: Costs $60 for 10GB data. browse websites, social media, and emails, streams some music.
  • Plan2: Costs $90 for 20GB data. browse websites, social media, and emails, streams song long time.
  • Plan3: Costs $120 for 30GB data. browse websites, social media, and emails, music and streams video download, upload photo to social media.
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    How To Get A Verizon Wireless Government Phone For Free

    February 2, 2020Categories: Compare, Government Cell PhonesTags: Free Government Phone, Lifeline Program, Verizon, verizon wireless

    The US Government has launched an aid program recently that will help low-income families get a Verizon Wireless phone or something similar. This initiative aims to help low-income families get in touch with their friends and love ones without having to worry about an expensive monthly bill. Verizon Wireless is one of the companies leading this program which can also help individuals connect to better job opportunities or in some emergency situations.

    Cell phones in this day and age are essential to everyday life, but a lot of individuals and families are excluded from getting this basic necessity due to income-based restrictions. The Verizon Wireless Free Government phone program helps people on food stamps and with other needs get around the system to obtain the communication services they deserve.

    What Is The Requirement To Qualify For Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone

    The Federal Communications Commission provides strict guidelines regarding qualifications for the Lifeline Assistance program. Participating in the following programs gives you automatic eligibility:

    • Medicaid
    • Public housing assistance by the federal government
    • SNAP
    • SSI
    • Tribal programs such as TTANF, Head Start, FDPIR, and general assistance under the bureau of Indian affairs.

    Besides, you can qualify through proving your total household income is below the Federal Governments average of 135%. This could be a family making less than $33,885 per year, or individuals earning below $16,839 annually. When applying, it is mandatory to provide a W-2 form, pay stubs, or a letter from the government program to which you are participating.

    Nevertheless, there are other requirements you must fulfill apart from the guidelines for income level. To get the Verizon wireless free government phone, you will be required to:

    • Provide proof of income level
    • Avail of your physical address falling within Verizons Lifeline assistance jurisdiction
    • Inform Verizon in the event you change your location

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    Companies That Offer Free Smartphonesget Yours Below

    In cooperation with Lifeline, there are multiple companies that dont just offer free government phones and plans to individuals and families with low income they also have free government smartphones in their offer. The program is aimed towards helping individuals who have lost their jobs, who have low-wage jobs or are disabled.

    Looking for a government cell phone, lifeline free phone, free phone for low income and government free phones? Read on!

    With the help of this program, they can have access to phone providers and their essential resources.

    And since some companies even offer smartphones, they dont have to feel left out from the rest of the world.

    Most companies are California Lifeline providers, so residents of this state will have a lot of options to choose from. Additionally, many will be able to get Lifeline cell phones Oklahoma if they live in this state.

    So make sure you check Lifeline cell phone Oklahoma offers and get government cell phones in Oklahoma. Just make sure you check Lifeline cell phone service Oklahoma or any other state will have for your town. You can even get free touch screen government phones.

    QLink is the only company that offers smartphones to all of its customers, while other companies only offer their smartphones to some customers.

    Among the companies that offer smartphones are:

    • Safelink Wireless
    • EnTouch Wireless
    • Wireless For Hope

    Virgin Wireless Lifeline Program Qualify Area

    How to Get Verizon Wireless’ Free Extra Data Thanksgiving Offer

    Virgin Wireless offers free mobiles at a few State As, Iowa, North Dakota, New York, and Wisconsin. These states do not provide places at all, at certain locations.

    • For the State of New York available counties: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lewis, St Lawrence.
    • For the State of Iowa available counties: Adair, Audubon, Cass, Crawford, Guthrie, Harrison, Madison, Monona, Shelby.
    • For the State of North Dakota available counties: Burleigh, Cass, Grand Forks, and Morton.

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    Top 10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

    Many of us cannot imagine working without a mobile phone. While we might fail to appreciate that we can communicate with our loved ones and even access emergency services, its a different case for low-income families. Mobile phones and cell phone services are usually out of reach because of their high cost. But thanks to the Lifeline Assistance program, you can now get a free government cell phone along with cell phone plans, if you cannot afford them. The Federal Lifeline program supports disadvantaged individuals and households by subsidizing phone services. Both Link-UP and Lifeline are programs of the Federal Government that assist with free phones for low-income citizens.

    The FCC through the government has been providing impoverished people with discount landline services for years. Today, however, cell phones are the primary means of communication. Transformations in the program mean less fortunate Americans can now sign up for free phone services, government free cell phones, or both. Even though most citizens call them Obama phones, it is a misleading term because the routine dates back to the George W. Bush administration.

    Regardless, the initiative is still active, and you can apply for a government phone if you meet the eligibility criteria. There are plenty of free phone food stamps beneficiaries, for example, who qualify for a free government cell phone through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

    Free Government Cell Phones: Which Phones You Can Get

    The various carriers that participate in the Lifeline Assistance program do a pretty good job of giving their customers some great options in terms of cheap or free phones.

    Take Assurance: the carrier offers a host of smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn, Kyocrea Hydro Reach and ZTE Prestige 2. Or Truconnect: they sell the NUU A3 and ZTE Warp Elite N9518.


    Unfortunately some of these carriers aren’t very forthcoming with their phone lineups until after you go through the qualification process. However, doing so will help you determine what kind of stipend you’re working with for your free or cheap government phone.

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