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Stamford Government Center Birth Certificate

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How To Obtain Stamford City Civil Court Case Records

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Interested persons may access Stamford City civil court case records from the Superior Court online case lookup tool. However, documents obtained in that fashion do not constitute official records. Individuals that wish to request official Stamford City civil court case records must first find the case number using the Case Look-Up tool. Once obtained, requesters must email a written request with the case name and docket number to or make a telephone request by calling the Centralized Services Unit at 263-2750. Court staff will contact the requester within one or two business days, and requesters may collect the file by email or choose to pick up official copies at the Geographical Area 1 at Stamford.

Geographical Area 1 at Stamford123 Hoyt StreetStamford, CT 06905Phone: 965-5208

If the requested Stamford City civil court case record exists in print, copies will cost $1.75 per page. If not, the record center will charge $3 per page. Requesters may also pay an additional fee to expedite orders.

How Do I Vote By Absentee Ballot

The first step is to secure an application for an Absentee Ballot from your Town Clerks office. You can do this by visiting your Town Clerk’s office, sending someone in your absence to the Town Clerk’s office, or calling the Town Clerk at 977-5280. Once you have filled out the application, signed it, and delivered or mailed it, the Town Clerk will process your application and mail you an absentee ballot.

Absentee Ballots for the 2021 election will start to be mailed October 1, but there is no need to wait until then to apply. The earlier you receive one, the earlier you can return it.

If your application is received after October 1, your Absentee Ballot will be mailed to you as soon as your application is processed.

Complete the Absentee Ballot, carefully following the instructions that are included, and return the application by mail or in person. If you discover you must be out of town too close to November 6 to allow you both to receive an Absentee Ballot by mail and to return it by mail, you can go into the Town Clerk’s office and apply and vote on the same day. But be aware, that the processing of your Absentee Ballot can take time. Be prepared to wait.

Only completed Absentee Ballots received before the close of polls on the day of the election will be counted. This means that if you are applying for an Absentee Ballot by mail and returning it by mail, the earlier you begin the process, the better.

Where Do I Go For Edr The Government Center

Election Day Registration will not be available at your polling place. In Stamford, you must go to the Government Center at 888 Washington Blvd. Although EDR does not take place at a polling place, it does start at 6:00 AM and continue up to 8:00 PM .

EDR was designed to help people who moved into town after the voter-registration cut-off date or for any other reason was not able to register until after the cut-off period. If you wait, otherwise, until Election Day to register, be prepared to do a good deal of just that: waiting. In fact, if you go in the evening, plan to get there by 7:00 PM, even if the polls close at 8:00 PM. You could be waiting online until the zero hour!

When you register before the deadline of October 30, the Registrar of Voters office has plenty of time to verify your information and send you notification of acceptance. Wait until Election Day, and that verification has to be done at the time you register. That may mean calling to Registrar of Voter Offices in other towns–and they will be very busy with running an election.

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Stay & Play Preschool

Our exciting preschool program specifically designed for 3 and 4 year olds. Children will gain independence and self-confidence in our play based approach to early learning focused on socialization and cooperation. This hands on, active environment will encourage exploration and discovery. Activities will include creative expression, dramatic play, music and movement, large and small motor activities,early literacy, sensory activities, math readiness and outdoor play.

Where And How To Obtain Stamford City Divorce Records

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The Stamford/Norwalk Judicial Clerk maintains Stamford City divorce records and makes them available upon request. Individuals interested in obtaining Stamford City divorce records may query the Judicial Clerks office in person. The Judicial Clerks office commonly refers to divorce decrees as judgment files. To obtain judgment files from the Clerks office, requesters must provide the case name and number and pay $1 per page to copy records and $2 to certify them.

Stamford/Norwalk Judicial DistrictPhone: 965-5308

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Are Connecticut Death Records Open To The Public

Yes. Connecticut death records are open to the public and can be accessed by interested persons provided they are at least 18 years old. However, sensitive information contained on the public death records, such as the deceaseds social security number will only be released to the spouse or next of kin.

Order Official Stamford Vital Records Online From City Of Stamford Town Clerk


Once your Stamford vital records order is complete, it is electronically sent by the next business day to the government agency for processing.


Hundreds of government agencies nationwide exclusively trust VitalChek for accepting their vital record orders.


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What Are Stamford City Vital Records

In Stamford City, vital records refer to government officials documents that mark critical events among city residents. Some examples of Stamford City vital records include birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. Most Stamford City vital records are in the public domain. However, a court may choose to seal portions of a critical record for confidentiality reasons.

The Connecticut State Department of Public Health supervises Stamford City vital records, as does Stamford City. Both offices provide vital records upon request.

How To Find Sex Offender Information In Stamford City

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In Connecticut, individuals that wish to get Stamford City sex offender information may query the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This statewide agency provides public access to its Connecticut Sex Offender Registry. Interested persons can sex for Stamford City sex offenders by name, email address, phone number. Alternatively, individuals can search for sex offenders by choosing Stamford City in the drop-down menu and inputting the street address and zip code of interest in the provided section.

The sex offender registry also allows interested persons to search for non-compliant Stamford City sex offenders and provides a Community Notification System that allows interested persons to sign up for email updates on registered sex offenders.

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What Are Fairfield County Court Records

Fairfield County court records provide court information within the county’s jurisdiction. Case documents for the Superior Courts in these Districts are available online on the website of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. There are separate Case Look-up portals for criminal case records and civil/family/housing/small claims case records.

Case records for these courts are available online on the website of the Connecticut Probate Courts. Court records are accessible by visiting the Case Lookup page. This page is useful for searching records by court district.

Where And How To Get Public Stamford City Marriage Records

The Stamford City Clerk maintains the marriage register and provides informal Stamford City marriage certificates to the public. Informal certificates do not bear the couples social security on them. To obtain a copy, interested persons must fill out a , print out the completed form, and submit it in person or by mail. The legal fee for copies of marriage certificates is $20, payable by cash, check, or card in person and check alone for mail orders. Mail requesters must also attach a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to accommodate the copies.

Stamford City and Town ClerkRegistrar of Vital Statistics

Phone: 977-4054

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Registration Dates For Day Camps Activity & Playground Programs & Preschool Camp 2022

Please update your on-line account before camp registration begins.

Full pay registrants will be 100% online this year. Anyone registering a 5/6 year old that is currently in Kindergarten must supply a copy of the childs birth certificate and the childs report card to the recreation office within 36 hours of registering.

Day Camp, Playground & Activity Program Online Registration Starts Friday, March 4, Online Full Pay Only!

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Walk-in Registration Dates by Reservation for the Camps Listed Below will begin Tuesday, March 8, 2022 between 9:00am 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Please call 203-977-5214 beginning March 1st to make an appointment to register.

Available Free & Reduced Spots Must make an appointment to register in person. Heroy Day Camp 20 spots available

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Star Center Day Camp 60 spots available

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Newfield Activity Program 65 Spots available

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Preschool Summer Camp at Roxbury Registration by Appointment Only No on-line registration for this camp and a copy of the childs Birth Certificate is required at registration!

Using The Optical Scanner

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Place your ballot in the privacy sleeve and proceed to the tabulator . Remove the ballot from the privacy sleeve, cover the ballot with the sleeve, and insert the ballot into the scanner either right side up or down. The machine immediately scans the ballot, counts your vote and stores the ballot in a locked compartment.

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Whats The Difference Between A Certified Record And Informational Copy

Most informational copies are issued for personal knowledge sake or for use in genealogical research. These records are deemed unofficial by the issuer, and usually have no legal standing to establish identity or perform related functions.

On the other hand, certified records can be used for a range of official functions including license, passport, job, and home applications. Certified copies are considered legal documents, and the equivalent of the original record. They are issued to persons who have sufficiently met the state’s eligibility requirements.

Birth Records Less Than 100 Years Old

  • A member of an incorporated genealogical society authorized to conduct business in the State of Connecticut
  • An attorney at law representing the registrant or the registrants parent, guardian, child, or surviving spouse
  • A state or federal agency employee and with an authorized release from the registrant, who is 18 years of age or older
  • The chief elected official of the town / city where the birth occurred
  • The child or grandchild of the registrant and 18 years of age or older
  • The local director of health of the town / city where the birth occurred or where the mother was a resident at the time of the birth
  • The parent, guardian, grandparent, or spouse of the registrant
  • The registrant and 18 years of age or older

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Can You Look Up A Stamford City Court Case Online

Individuals that wish to obtain Stamford City court records online may query the State of Connecticut Judicial Branchs online Case Look-Up tool. Researchers will gain access to criminal records, civil court records, small case claims, family court records, and traffic court records. Researchers may find court records by docket number or the parties names.

Interested persons may also gain online access to Stamford City Probate Court records using the Connecticut Probate Courts online case lookup tool. The resource contains digital case records from January 2011 to the present. Researchers can filter results by case type, district, or first and last name.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Birth Certificate

The Government of limits access to birth certificates. Only the following may apply for a copy of a birth file:

  • The holder of the certificate himself.
  • First-class parents and family members.
  • Guardian of the certificate holders.
  • Official representative of a court.
  • Holder of a federal legal order for a birth certificate.

Keep in mind that your birth certificate in is an important means of identification used for life events for instance employment, obtaining or renewing your passport or drivers license, applying for benefits, and even registering for sports activities at school or youth.

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Are Connecticut Vital Records Open To The Public

Most Connecticut vital records are open to the public. However, the rights of the public to access vital records is not absolute, and selected records are restricted from public disclosure. Typically, confidential records are available to the registrant, immediate family members, legal representatives and persons with court-issued rights to access the record. However, uncertified or informational copies of these records may also be made available to other persons where the record is to be used for non-official purposes including genealogy and research.

How Do I Obtain Divorce Records In Connecticut

Connecticut divorce records are strictly managed and disseminated by the office of the Connecticut Judicial District Court Clerk in the county where the divorce was granted. Divorce decrees are regarded as the judgment file and copies of these records can be requested by making in-person or mail divorce records requests to the record custodian. The requesting party will be required to provide information pertinent to the record of interest including:

  • The names of the parties involved
  • The place and date the divorce was filed/granted
  • The docket number assigned to the case
  • The full names and/or state bar number of the litigants involved

In addition to providing the above-mentioned information, requestors will be required to cover all copy and certification costs as well as provide a government-issued ID to confirm their eligibility to access the record. The Connecticut Judicial Branch fee schedule may be useful for determining the approximate cost of the process.

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But What Does A Birth Certificate From Can Prove

A birth certificate is an official record of the government, which it has kept from the day the person was born in its territory. Certainly, the government prints that on security paper and includes an official raised, embossed, impressed, or multicolored seal.

This is different than the copy that may be provided by the hospital, which may have the babys footprints as a special keepsake, but is not valid for legal purposes.

Are Stamford City Court Records Public

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According to Connecticuts Freedom of Information Act, most Stamford City court records are in the public domain. However, state statutes restrict individual court records from general viewership and only allow the involved parties to request them. Some examples include:

  • All juvenile prosecution records: With certain exceptions. For instance, victims of juvenile crimes may access juvenile criminal case records upon request.

  • All records a judge seals: Until the seals expiration date. Sometimes, a court record may receive a partial sealing, leaving some portions open for public review.

In some situations, court staff might erase court records twenty days after a proceeding, making them unavailable to the public. Conditions that might warrant this include:

  • The Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles completely pardons the defendant
  • The law decriminalizes the crime for which the courts convicted the defendant
  • The defendant was a juvenile and has completely served the required time under the courts supervision
  • The court dismisses the case or acquits the defendant

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More Information On Birth Certificates

IF a government issued photo ID is not available, at least TWO of the following documents:

  • Social security card
  • Automobile registration
  • Copy of utility bill or bank statement showing name and address
  • Voters registration card
  • Release documentation from a correctional institution containing photograph of the former inmate
  • School or college photo ID

Registrar has the authority to request any additional document from this list if authenticity of provided documents is questionable.

Sec. 7-51 CGS Birth records are confidential according to State Statute. Access to birth records less than 100 years old is restricted in Connecticut. The only persons who may have access to or be permitted to examine the original or any copy of a birth certificate or birth record are:

The person whose birth is recorded, if over 16 years of age

Such persons children, grandchildren, spouse, civil union partner, parent, guardian or grandparent.

a. If you are a biological grandparent, you may purchase your grandchilds birth certificate, with proof of relation . If your child was not born in Stamford you must provide an original birth certificate for your child, in order to purchase your grandchilds certificate.

b. If you are obtaining a certificate for your spouse, you must provide your marriage license. If you were married in Stamford, we will be able to verify this in our records.

Agents of a state or federal agency as approved by the department and

More Information on Licensing

Birth Certificate Expiration Approaching For Puerto Ricans

BRIDGEPORT — A three-month window lawmakers established for Puerto Ricans to apply for new, more-secure birth certificates is three weeks from closing.

On Sept. 30, Puerto Rican birth certificates issued before July 1 will become invalid.

The deadline is significant to the 80,000 Connecticut residents who were born in the U.S. territory and must soon display proof of their birth certificate for a transaction or official purpose. Residents of Puerto Rican descent who soon plan to get married, register a child for school for the first time or apply for a driver’s license or passport for the first time will need the new certificate to do so.

The document upgrade was conceived on the heels of a recent finding that Puerto Rican birth certificates enabled more than 40 percent of 8,000 American passport fraud cases recently investigated by the U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

The island government began issuing new certificates with enhanced safety features July 1 in an effort to reduce identity theft, passport fraud, narcotics trafficking and other crime associated with illegal use of the documents.

The upgrade comes hand-in-hand with a new law that prohibits any public or private entity from retaining a birth certificate.

The law allows residents to simply display a birth certificate during most transactions that require proof of the document.

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