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Cyber Security Jobs In The Government

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Security is a crucial consideration in all aspects of government work. This means that as a security professional you will have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from a variety of different departments, professions and agencies. In fact, there are around 5,000 security professionals working in over 40 different departments and agencies across government.

Our professionals specialise in a number of security disciplines, including: personnel security, physical security, cyber security, and business continuity. We want to ensure that we have the most knowledgeable people working within our profession and therefore we continue to support you in building your expertise throughout your career with us. The Government Security Profession Career Framework assists security professionals in identifying their learning needs and provides a structured approach to learning and development.

Cybercorps: Scholarship For Service

DHS partners with the National Science Foundation on the CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service program, which offers scholarships to outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in exchange for government service to a federal agency. SFS is designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of federal information assurance professionals that protect the government’s critical information infrastructure. SFS scholarships may fully fund the typical costs incurred by full-time students while attending a participating institution, including tuition and education and related fees.

Vendor Of Record Program

The Vendor of Record program provides high-quality products and services at competitive pricing for broader public sector organizations.

You can find frequently requested vendor services, such as cyber incident response and forensics, in Tender-11558 IT Security Products and Services on the Supply Chain Ontario website.

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Cybersecurity Jobs A Growth Story

Cybersecurity jobs are exciting. The fast-paced field that is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge and the thrill of problem-solving. According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statics , the demand for cybersecurity jobs like information security analysts will grow by as much as 31 percent over the next ten years.

When you think about it, the above average growth in cybersecurity jobs makes sense. As technology becomes more and more intertwined with everyones day to day lives, the need for experienced cybersecurity professionals increases.

And while the future cybersecurity jobs projections forecast more openings, the truth is that even today there are not enough well-qualified experts to go around.

The cybersecurity job market has grown so rapidly over the past several years, that applicants usually have lots of options.

Due to the lack of trained professionals, those who pursue a career in cybersecurity can expect plenty of opportunities, high paying salaries, and great benefits.

The cybersecurity field includes a wide range of different jobs from entry-level up to executive management and everything in between.

An entry-level security professional may find themselves working as a security analyst in a SOC . As their career progresses they may become a senior security analyst or work on an incident response team.

Those interested in programming and software design can pursue a career as a security software developer.

Example Cybersecurity Careers With Salaries

Government Cyber Security Jobs

This section provides detailed salary statistics, including salary variations based on education level and industry.

The following are some of the most common job types within the field of cybersecurity, and their respective salaries. All salary information is provided by

How cybersecurity degree level affects salary

The following three sections present information about how the education level of a job applicant can affect the salary they earn.

Bachelors degree

Bachelors degree holders typically earn the lowest salary in the cybersecurity field. According to Payscale, cybersecurity professionals with a bachelors degree earn an average annual salary of $70,232. This is an average salary, not a starting salary.

In terms of an entry level position, the The National Association of Colleges and Employers has found that the starting salary for a cybersecurity professional with a bachelors degree is $62,200 per year.

As a cybersecurity technician with a bachelors degree gains experience theyll begin to earn a better salary, especially once they have 10 years or more of experience. However, a bachelors degree may keep a technician from advancing within an organization. Many upper management positions require a masters degree.

Masters degree

Besides industry experience and advanced certifications, the best way to increase a cybersecurity salary is to complete a masters degree program.

Ph.D. in cybersecurity

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Veteran Opportunities In Cybersecurity

You can use your veteran benefits to obtain knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. Using the post 9/11 GI Bill, you can get up to 36 months of financial support for education and training for graduate and undergraduate degrees, vocational/technical training, correspondence training, licensing and national testing programs, and tutorial assistance to prepare you for a career in cybersecurity. You can learn more about the post 9/11 GI Bill at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or DHS Veterans Careers.

See how you fit in the civilian cybersecurity area. Search for current DHS cybersecurity job opportunities by searching DHS jobs on USAJOBS and typing “cyber” in the Keyword field.

The Us Federal Governments Cybersecurity

Disasters notwithstanding, it would be unfair to say that the federal government has been taking no action to combat cyber threats. The struggles the US faces in cyber are not for a lack of trying. The difficulty seems to be one of speed and agility. The government can only move so quickly. The bad guys, in contrast, can pivot very rapidly from one threat vector to another.

Indeed, the US federal government employs thousands of people in cybersecurity roles, across multiple departments, the military and the intelligence sector. These are highly trained professionals are motivated and sworn to defend the United States against all enemies. They are working to mitigate the massive cyber risks this society faces. Government entities, standards bodies and private companies are involved in the effort. There are laws and policies similarly aimed at reducing cyber risk. The following present some of the highlights.

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Cyber Hygiene And Malware

Cyber hygiene doesnt mean you should avoid spilling coffee on your computer. It means protecting your devices from malicious software that may harm your device and/or steal your information.

To protect yourself from malware, dont:

  • visit suspicious websites or download unauthorized files
  • open unusual email links or attachments, or
  • plug in unknown USB drives

Find out more information about cyber security.

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Cyber Security Jobs

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Types Of Cybersecurity Jobs In The Government Sector

Cybersecurity jobs in government include many titles depending on the specific roles. Multiple branches of government require cybersecurity support. Take a quick look at the types of cybersecurity jobs in government and their responsibilities.

  • Ensures security standards support and protect branchs missions and business processes
  • Address issues in branchs cybersecurity architecture, information security, and systems security
  • Determine safety and protection needs for systems and networks
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, State-level
  • State-level Department of Defense
  • Lead teams of system security officers to maintain information assurance support for entire branch
  • Conduct risk assessments and identify solutions for architectural issues
  • Communicate and collaborate with cybersecurity professionals in other branches to stay abreast of emerging technologies and programs
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Department of Transportation
  • Compiles research on security threats to benefit other cybersecurity professionals within branch
  • Assists with defense program planning, cost estimates, and policy recommendations
  • Prepares briefings for senior branch management
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of State

Here Is The List Of The Top 10 Cybersecurity Jobs In Government Agencies Across The Globe

As technology continues to play a fundamental role in our day-to-day lives, its critical to protect the digitization we use, including data, applications, networks, and devices. It becomes crucial to educate technology end-users about the steps they should take to keep themselves safe. Cybersecurity jobs allow individuals to help government agencies and private organizations protect their information and assets from a broad range of cyberattacks.

With attacks like ransomware, malware, social engineering, and more on the rise, virtually every major company and government department rely on a trained team of specialists to help prevent loss from cybercrimes. Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Threat Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, and more are crucial cybersecurity jobs.

Here is the list of the top 10 cybersecurity jobs in Government Agencies across the globe:

Cyber Security Specialist- The USA Department of State

Cyber Threat Analyst CIA

Cyber Security Analyst- Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

Network Security Engineer NCB

Security Architect- National Security Council

Cyber Security Manager- Financial Supervisory Authority

Chief Information Security Officer – Australian Defence Force Investigative Service

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Retaining Talent And Engaging Employees

While functional security services represent a good source of potential talent, recruiting talent is only half the battle: Retention of personnel is equally vital.

In todays sellers market, skilled cyber-security professionals will not stay long in roles that are unrewarding or do not meet their expectations. Therefore, as public sector agencies look to leverage talent from the private sector and functional security agencies, employee engagement is critical.

Interestingly, the same technologies that are driving the need for cyber-security skills also allow for greater employee engagement. By mechanizing repetitive and low-level tasks, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation allow cyber-security professionals to focus on higher-level activities, which are generally more interesting and rewarding.

The Government Goes In Hard

Cybersecurity Is a Gold Mine for Investors

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The Australian federal government will invest $1.35 billion into cyber security over the next ten years as part of a new program that promises to create 500 jobs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has this morning announced the Cyber Enhanced Situational Awareness and Response package, as Australia continues to face growing cyber threats.

The Federal Governments top priority is protecting our nations economy, national security and sovereignty, Morrison said.

Malicious cyber activity undermines that.

My Governments record investment in our nations cyber security will help ensure we have the tools and capabilities we need to fight back and keep Australians safe.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after the Australian government revealed it was being targeted by a state-based cyber actor, believed to be China.

It also follows a review from the Department of Defence which questioned Australias ability to fend off aggressive cyber attacks.

The CESAR package will see $31 million put towards helping the Australian Signal Directorate fight offshore cybercrime, $35 million towards a new cyber threat-sharing platform and $12 million go to enabling the ASD and Australian telcos to block known malicious websites and computer viruses at speed.

Additionally, over $118 million is to be invested into expanding data science and intelligence capabilities, and more than $62 million will help the ASD prepare for cyber threats on a national scale.

500 jobs

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Careers In Cybersecurity: Skills Needed

The trick, however, is that to become a cybersecurity expert, you will need special skills. These skills include:

  • Having the ability to resolve problems every minute of the day is a must for this occupation. This career will surely keep you on your toes!
  • Comprehensive knowledge of security tools and computer systems is needed to execute programs effectively.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to effectively communicate with various individuals and organizations within your organization are required.
  • Managing a fast-paced, high-pressure environment requires flexibility and the ability to multitask.
  • Integrity and dependability are the last things that you need as a cybersecurity expert, as you need to protect the company’s interests.

Why Work In The Public Sector

Whether you are just starting out or looking to gain exposure to different areas of cyber security, the public sector can be a great place to learn and to develop a long-lasting foundation for the future

Public sector cyber jobs can have more opportunities to learn, grow and try new things. I have repeatedly heard staff that have worked both government and non-government jobs tell me that public sector cyber jobs taught them so much and gave them a great foundation for the long term, said Dan Lohrmann, cyber security leader, former NSA employee and DoD contractor. Conversely, I have heard many who move into the private sector from government to be disappointed with their lack of responsibilities and scope of duties.

Working for the public sector can offer a greater sense of purpose than you might find working in the private sector. Plus, the incentives can be huge! For instance, the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service program offers up to $34,000 a year toward your education in exchange for work in the public sector post-graduation. The CyberCorps can also help with job placement.

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Career Outlook For Government Cybersecurity Jobs

The job outlook and median salaries for cybersecurity jobs in the government look bright. The BLS projects well above average job growth for information security analyst, computer and information systems manager, and computer and information research scientist. For example, openings for information security analysts may increase by 33% between 2020-2030.

The federal government employs 31% of all computer and information research scientists in the U.S. In addition to a strong job outlook of 22% growth between 2020-2030, BLS reports that these professionals earn a median annual wage of $126,830.

The availability and type of cybersecurity positions vary among government branches. Some government cybersecurity jobs require a specific set of cybersecurity skills or specialties.

Cybersecurity And The Government Landscape

Security Clearance Careers in Cyber Security

The Morris Worm of 1988, widely considered to be the first denial of service computer attack, led to the first computer emergency response team . Created by Carnegie Mellon University, CERT developed strategic defensive responses to malicious attacks that still influence cyber defense today.

Significantly increasing cyberthreats and high-profile data breaches place cybersecurity professionals in high demand. As hackers and cybercriminals develop new attack methods, government and private-sector cybersecurity professionals must adapt to the latest technologies for safeguarding information.

The need for training professionals against cyberthreats continues to grow. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency actively recruits cybersecurity professionals, ramping up both recruiting and training among rural communities and diverse populations throughout 2021.

The Department of Homeland Security also launched a new hiring program for government cybersecurity jobs in government in November 2021.

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Occupational Employment And Wage Statistics

The Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program produces employment and wage estimates annually for over 800 occupations. These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for individual states, and for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The link below go to OEWS data maps for employment and wages by state and area.

Why Should You Consider Cyber Security Jobs In The Government

Of course, each individual may vary in his reasons whether where should they choose to work in the cybersecurity field. It can affect a number of factors. For instance, one should assess his values, needs, and circumstances, in choosing a job. By doing so, one can make sure whether government service is a thing for them to consider pursuing.

So what are the reasons for taking cyber security jobs in the government?

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Cyber Security Jobs In The Government: What Degree Do You Need

With cyber crime constantly in the news, you might be wondering how much of a need there is for cyber security experts. The truth is, there is a greater need for cyber security specialists now than there has ever been before. Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated in their methods, and the best way to combat them is to have as many trained experts as possible planning cyber security strategies and countering their actions.

This applies to the private sector, but also to government jobs. Government cyber security jobs are crucial to protecting all sorts of data, including in areas you might not expect. The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks that was first detected in hospitals in the UK, for example, may have originated from data stolen from the United States NSA.

So if you’re interested in a government cyber security job, what sort of experience, education, and other qualifications will you need? Read on to find out!

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