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Big Data Simplifies Data Governance Issues Especially For Global Firms

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Glimmerglass Optical Cyber Solutions

Salesforce Data Governance Simplified

Glimmerglass is the leading supplier of SDN enabled Intelligent Optical Switching and Optical Network Management solutions. Our purely optical, photonic switching systems enable telecom service providers, government data networks, enterprise data centers, video studios and arenas, and data network equipment labs worldwide to rapidly and remotely create, monitor, reconfigure and protect optical paths in their networks. Using Glimmerglass systems, customers minimize lifetime CAPEX, reduce ongoing OPEX, provide faster service provisioning, increase automation, and increase network availability.

V201 Database Management & The Cloud

Wednesday, May 17: 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Many IT departments are seeking ways to automate routine tasks and free up resources. Cloud represents a new way of approaching database management, potentially relieving enterprise data shops of many administrative burdens.

10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Cloud is everywhere, and the database administrator is caught in the middle. How do you know where to start and what to migrate first? How do you perform consolidation planning and ensure data security? This session builds on a full demonstration, along with tips and tricks to show how DBAs can secure their environments to allow a self-service option so they no longer are the constraints to projects.

, CTO & Co-Founder, Aerospike

Wood Herron & Evans Llp

Wood Herron & Evans has been a leader in intellectual property law. Serving clients in many different industries all over the world requires constant vigilance to keep up-to-date on all privacy and data security laws and regulations. Not only do we want our clients to be secure as required by law, but also as a positive component of their business practices so they are successful.

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General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions

Fidelis Cybersecurity is a leading provider of threat detection, hunting and response solutions. Fidelis combats the full spectrum of cyber-crime, data theft and espionage by providing full visibility across hybrid cloud/on-premise environments, automating threat and data theft detection, empowering threat hunting and optimizing incident response with context, speed and accuracy.

Workshop 2 Introduction To Spark

VisionSoft  SAP HANA Integration and Migration Specialists

Monday, May 15: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Built for large-scale data processing, Spark is on the rise as one of the most active open source projects in the marketplace today. By enabling organizations to perform in-memory analytics on big datasets, Spark offers substantial performance benefits, as well as versatility as a multi-use platform for data scientists. This workshop provides an overview of its key features, ecosystem, and architecture, as well as how to run Spark, connect data sources, and start building applications. Please Note: This workshop is hands-on. Attendees are responsible for bringing their own laptop.

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Increase Data Usage For Better Decisions

With IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, build a data fabric that connects siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape without moving it. Leverage integrated capabilities to process and query data in place and rapidly discover relevant data to speed insights. IBM Cloud Pak for Data simplifies administration and includes advanced governance and data privacy features to safeguard data while enhancing usage for analytics and AI.

Watch: Building a data fabric with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Chapter 1 What Is Data Governance

Data governance is, first and foremost, a data management function to ensure the quality, integrity, security, and usability of the data collected by an organization. Data governance needs to be in place from the time a factoid of data is collected or generated until the point in time at which that data is destroyed or archived. Along the way in this full life cycle of the data, data governance focuses on making the data available to all stakeholders in a form that they can readily access. In addition, it must be one they can use in a manner that generates the desired business outcomes and conforms to regulatory standards, if relevant. These regulatory standards are often an intersection of industry , government , and company rules and codes of behavior. Moreover, data governance needs to ensure that the stakeholders get a high-quality integrated view of all the data within the enterprise. There are many facets to high-quality datathe data needs to be correct, up to date, and consistent. Finally, data governance needs to be in place to ensure that the data is secure, by which we mean that:

  • It is accessed only by permitted users in permitted ways

  • It is auditable, meaning all accesses, including changes, are logged

  • It is compliant with regulations

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Gibson Dunn & Crutcher Llp

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher is a leading international law firm that advises clients on significant transactions and disputes around the world.Gibson, Dunn & Crutchers Privacy, Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Practice Group has a demonstrated history of helping companies successfully navigate the complex and rapidly evolving laws, regulations and industry best practices relating to privacy, cybersecurity and consumer protection. Our global and interdisciplinary team advises clients across a broad range of industries in high-stakes matters on the full spectrum of issues in these areas.

Bda And Sustainable Supply Chain

Big Data & Corporate Sustainability Performance: How the World Is Using ESG Data? (Webinar)

Although sustainable SCM has been discussed in corporate offices for some time, actually implementing the sustainability phenomenon in the extended supply chain has proved difficult . Nevertheless, large corporations perceive sustainability efforts as long-term investments aimed toward building strategic resources . Corporations are increasingly interested in using BDA in their sustainable efforts, which in turn give them a strategic edge . According to a Mckinsey survey report, companies using BDA are able to predict the 65% of customers that make repeated purchases through shop alerts and 75% of those customers reported that they are likely to use the service again .

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Wilkinson Barker Knauer Llp

The privacy attorneys at Wilkinson Barker Knauer have significant experience guiding clients in various industries to manage personal information lawfully, regardless of the sectors in which those clients operate or the purposes for which they collect and use information. Our attorneys have helped some of the nations preeminent communications and technology companies, innovative technology upstarts and other businesses develop privacy-compliant business models, policies and practices. We also assist clients in establishing broad, forward-looking privacy-by-design practices and procedures.

Kelley Drye & Warren Llp

Our Privacy and Information Security attorneys work at the leading edge of privacy and data security law, guiding companies through dozens of regulatory inquiries and investigations, enforcement actions and litigation brought each year by the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and state attorneys general. Our class action attorneys are known for their integrity while protecting a companys brand and reputation regarding lawsuits involving consumer protection and data privacy.

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Rhtlaw Taylor Wessing Llp

Our data protection and cybersecurity service offering is designed to equip clients with the skills to manage and react confidently in the event of a data breach. By adopting a holistic approach, we are able to help clients build on their relationships with existing customers, regulators, service providers and the public.We have advised on a myriad of issues including international data transfers, privacy policies, sensitive employee and HR data, and data processing service agreements with third parties. In addition to the legal issues, we also provide advice on regulatory issues in relation to data protection. We work closely with experts in the relevant areas to cover the forensic aspects and crisis and reputation management issues.

B104 Beating The Barriers To Better Analytics

Separating Artificial Intelligence Hype from Reality ...

Tuesday, May 16: 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

With the advent of Big Data, new approaches to data architecture are needed to ingest data faster, store it more effectively, and put it to use for better decision making.

3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Math and science play an important role in the various phases of data analysis, exploration, and mining. With the explosion of Big Data technologies and data science methodologies, data analytics impact both our business and daily lives. We have new forms of business intelligence. We use descriptive analytics, which are reactive, along with standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities. However, predictive and prescriptive analytics, being proactive, give us the ability to predict, forecast, simulate, and optimize what will be coming next. Technology makes data more consumable. Fast access to insight is priority number one. Insights, in turn, spark new and rapidly evolving analytic requests. The result is convergence to new tools and scientific methodologies to meet the needs of data engineers and data scientists.

, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

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Classification And Access Control

While the purpose of data governance is to increase the trustworthiness of enterprise data so as to derive business benefits, it remains the case that the primary activity associated with data governance involves classification and access control. Therefore, to understand the roles involved in data governance, it is helpful to consider a typical classification and access control setup.

Lets take the case of protecting the human resources information of employees, as shown in Figure 1-3.

Figure 1-3. Protecting the human resources information of employees

The governance policy is typically specified by the group that is accountable for the data this group is often referred to as the governors. The policy itself might be implemented by the team that operates the database system or application , and so changes such as adding users to permitted groups are often carried out by the IT teamhence, members of that team are often referred to as approvers or data stewards. The people whose actions are being circumscribed or enabled by data governance are often referred to as users. In businesses where not all employees have access to enterprise data, the set of employees with access might be called knowledge workers to differentiate them from those without access..

More Kinds Of Data Are Now Being Collected

Its projected that by 2025 every person using technology and generating data will have more than 4,900 digital data engagements per day thats about about one digital interaction every eighteen seconds .8

Figure 1-7. By 2025, a person will interact with data-creating technology more than 4,900 times a day

Many of those interactions will include the generation and resulting collection of a myriad of sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, names, addresses, and health conditions, to name a few categories. The proliferation of the collection of these extremely sensitive types of data carries with it great customer concern about how that data is used and treated, and who gets to view it.

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Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck Llp

Beyond insurance coverage, the attorneys at KDV work with clients to develop global data protection programs that help protect their organizations against potential breaches and comply with an ever-changing body of laws and regulations. In the event that a cyber breach occurs, our legal team has extensive experience helping companies effectively manage the situation. We defend clients against high stakes data breach and privacy claims, including class actions arising from incidents involving personal information. Our lawyers are well known in the field and have handled cases on behalf of companies operating across a diverse range of technologies, from online and mobile applications to computer software, hardware and biotechnology. Regardless of the size or type of company, our objective is to resolve these matters as quickly and favorably as possible while ensuring that our clients are taking the right steps to prevent problems in the future.

H104 Building An Enterprise Data Lake

AWS re:Invent 2018: Data Privacy & Governance in the Age of Big Data (GPSTEC303)

Tuesday, May 16: 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The concept of an enterprise data lake is enticing. Find whats needed and the technologies available to help build a data lake for the enterprise.

3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

An enterprise data lake typically requires substantial effort to ingest, process store, secure, and manage data from a variety of sources. Cask Data Application Platform is an open source solution, which offers a self-service user interface for creating data lakes and simplifies the building and managing of production data pipelines on Spark, Spark Streaming, MapReduce and Tigon. This talk discusses how to achieve broad, self-service access to Hadoop while maintaining the controls and monitors necessary within the enterprise.

, CEO & Founder, Cask

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Dirty Data In Banking

Worldwide, inaccuracies in data costs between 15% and 25% of revenue for a company. With global revenues of over $2.2 trillion, this means that dirty data costs the global banking industry over $400 billion. Dirty data also leads to a number of risks that are unique to the banking industry.

Inconsistent information across data silos in an organization leads to transactional risks such as inaccurate or even fraudulent transactions. Fake and fraudulent accounts should be caught early by processes that clean or detect dirty data. When they dont, the bank is put at risk, and its reputation is damaged.

With so much dirty data and so few executives trusting the data they are using, its bound to result in poor strategic decisions. You cant pick the right path if you dont know where you are. Dirty data can lead to tremendous operational risks.

The constantly evolving regulatory landscape also creates a heavy burden for data management. Compliance teams are under significant pressure to provide more information about data, but when they dont have clean data to work with, they are out of luck. The 2018 rollout of Mifid II regulations has been a painful example of this, with faltering compliance and increasingly strict regulators causing pain for many European financial firms.

The Number Of People Working And/or Viewing The Data Has Grown Exponentially

A report by Indeed shows that the demand for data science jobs had jumped 78% between 2015 and 2018.5 IDC also reports that there are now over five billion people in the world interacting with data, and it projects this number to increase to six billion in 2025. Companies are obsessed with being able to make data-driven decisions, requiring an inordinate amount of headcount: from the engineers setting up data pipelines to analysts doing data curation and analyses, and business stakeholders viewing dashboards and reports. The more people working and viewing data, the greater the need for complex systems to manage access, treatment, and usage of data because of the greater chance of misuse of the data.

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Basham Ringe Y Correa

Basham, Ringe y Correa is a full service law firm in Mexico with a highly specialized practice in IT and data protection. Basham provides advice in all areas and matters related privacy and data protection, e.g., privacy policies, security measures, data breach notification and response, audits, data transfers, and we may also act as data protection officers in Mexico, to facilitate compliance with this obligation under Mexican laws.

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The Use Cases For Data Have Expanded

Companies are striving to use data to make better business decisions, coined data-driven decision making. They not only are using data internally to drive day-to-day business execution, but are also using data to help their customers make better decisions. Amazon is an example of a company doing this via collecting and analyzing items in customers past purchases, items the customers have viewed, and items in their virtual shopping carts, as well as the items theyve ranked/reviewed after purchase, to drive targeted messaging and recommendations for future purchases.

While this Amazon use case makes perfect business sense, there are types of data coupled with specific use cases for that data that are not appropriate . For sensitive types of data, it matters not only how that data is treated but also how its used. For example, employee data may be used/viewed internally by a companys HR department, but it would not be appropriate for that data to be used/viewed by the marketing department.

Use of Data to Make Better Decisions

Many of us enjoy the suggestions our friends and family make for books, movies, music, and so on. Have you noticed how some of these suggestions pop up while you are searching for something online? Here we would like to highlight a few examples that show how use of data resulted in better decisions and better business outcomes.

Figure 1-9. A dashboard that is used to monitor titles and trends

Robert Jason Cronk Esq

A niche law firm catering to small and medium enterprises and nonprofits, we are focused solely on privacy and emerging technology. Services include privacy policy/notice drafting, vendor/client data processing agreements drafting and negotiations, international data transfers, standard contractual clauses, privacy shield applications, and other privacy-law-related matters.

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Porter Wright Morris & Arthur Llp

The ability to gather, acquire, store and analyze vast amounts of data has forever changed the way companies do business. It presents risks, including the chance of betraying customer and business relationships, incurring unfavorable public sentiment, and incurring costly litigation through inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information. Our privacy and data security attorneys help clients reduce the risks inherent to data use, storage and transmission, and respond appropriately and in legal compliance when a breach of information occurs. We also advise clients about protecting company confidentiality intellectual property and trade secrets in social media.

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