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Best Master’s Degrees For Government Jobs

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Why Are Government Jobs Important

5 Best Government jobs after life science graduation in India

Government jobs are important because the professionals who work in government-funded roles often work to improve the lives of people in their communities. These types of job roles can be essential across a range of industries and for many processes, including finding cures for diseases, keeping food supplies safe, reducing homelessness and developing infrastructure. Some of the benefits of choosing a government job can include:

  • Offer benefits and competitive pay

  • Available jobs in nearly any location

  • Jobs for every interest

  • Professional development and advancement opportunities

  • Interesting, engaging and challenging work that changes people’s lives

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Human Resources Senior Officer

Average Salary: $99,200

A human resources official oversees the HR department of companies and is responsible for the activities that take place there. Average salaries for this profession are around ninety six thousand dollars. Theyll supervise HR workers while ensuring that all aspects of the department run smoothly. This usually involves a large number of different responsibilities related directly to human resources.

Things like benefits administration, employee compensation, performance reviews, disciplinary action, paid time off management, hiring and termination, and more are included in the field. They also take time to develop new business strategies based on HR models that can be applied to improve productivity and boost a companys bottom line.

Federal Occupations By College Major

To help narrow your Federal job search, below is a list of academic majors and some Federal occupations directly related to those majors. Occupations with an asterisk require an academic degree or coursework in a particular area of study for entry into the occupation. For other occupations, experience or a combination of related coursework and experience may be substituted for a degree. The academic majors and occupations listed are not all-inclusive.

You may begin your federal job search on USAJOBS by searching using the four-digit series number of the federal occupation listed after the major. When you find a job announcement that interests you, pay close attention to all sections of the announcement, especially: Who May Be Considered, Qualifications and Evaluations, and How to Apply.

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Top Careers For Statistics Graduates Include:

#1. Educational Statistician

Average Salary: $108,400

Students enrolled in a Master of Arts program or Master of Science in Statistics can learn more about advanced data collection, analysis, and presentation strategies. Programs can be offered as thesis and non-thesis, which could make the difference between masters and master programs.

The Master of Statistics program teaches students to determine how concepts such as probability theory and regression analysis can be applied to real-world situations to solve problems in various contexts.

Because statistics is a great branch of mathematics, students can often choose to specialize in areas such as linear models, statistical genetics, and bioinformatics.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth will increase by 30% in 2026 which is much faster than average. Hence, due to the high rate of demand for this field makes it one of the best and most useful masters degrees in the world.

#2. Biostatistician

Average Salary: $79,000 per year

These professionals apply statistics to public health concerns, particularly in the field of biology. They create experiments and surveys to collect key data relevant to the maintenance of public health. They collect data from people and communities at risk.

Hence, the high rate of demand for this field makes it one of the best and most useful and valuable masters degrees in the world.

Master Of Science In Healthcare Management

Masterâs Degree As Common As Bachelorâs Degrees Once Were

This terminal degree for healthcare professionals focuses on an analytical and business-oriented approach to management within the healthcare industry. Healthcare management is a popular area of study at this moment in history, due to the changing population trends and the rapidly growing need for such professionals.

Top careers for Master of Science in Healthcare Management graduates include:

Health Manager

Growth by 2030: 32 percent

Individuals in these roles are qualified to handle duties that relate to the administrative rather than the clinical side of healthcare, including managing staff, organizing processes, overseeing budgets, and staying on top of changing regulations and industry trends. Health Managers work in a variety of types of facilities including, hospitals, nursing homes, community-based organizations, private healthcare offices, and more.

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Best Masters Degrees For Jobs

Right here on Collegelearners, you are privy to a litany of relevant information on best masters degrees for government jobs, highest paying masters degrees, best masters degrees for 2021, and so much more. Take out time to visit our catalog for more information on similar topics.

Ms In Electrical Engineering

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for those with a master in electrical engineering degree will increase by around two percent between now and 2018. This is not as good as some other areas, but there will still be plenty of jobs predicted for this field. These may include employment in state and federal government, scientists, and engineers. They may also develop new products or even act as self-employed consultants. The basic salary range was between about $90,000 and more than $115,000 a year, depending on the position and the location.

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Masters Degrees In Business

From accounting to MBAs, youll find numerous online masters degrees designed for working business professionals. The expansive world of online business degrees not only prepares you with advanced technical knowledge, but it also focuses heavily on management techniques required for supervisory roles. In addition to traditional online coursework, many programs integrate online group work and provide valuable internship opportunities. Many online business degrees are completed 100% online.

Number of applications: 242,525

Acceptance rate: 54%

Available online? Yes. Online MBA programs as well as non-MBA online masters in business programs are perfect for a digital format.

What can you do with an online masters degree in business?

An online business masters degree is a great way to augment a resume and gain expertise in your area of academic interest. Online programs focusing on HR, accounting, and logistics all provide a pathway to leadership roles in the field. Its increasingly common for managerial positions to require an advanced degree, and many online programs integrate leadership training alongside technical coursework.

Most Desired Masters Degree in 2022

Masters Degrees In Education

Best Job in INDIA #LLAShorts 115

Securing an online masters degree in education is an excellent way for working teachers to increase pay and expand career opportunities. Plus, a masters in education is a great way to enter the field if you have an unrelated bachelors degree. These programs provide a graduate-level look into cutting-edge best practices in both your chosen specialization and topics like educational leadership and pedagogy so you can better prepare students for the increasingly complex world in which theyll live.

Number of applications: 123,965

Available online? Yes, online masters in education program are very common.

What can you do with an online masters degree in education?

Whether youre interested in educational leadership or curriculum and instruction, you can enhance your career options and earning potential in 18-24 months. Graduates often take on leadership roles within a school system, while others secure roles as instructional coordinators or trainers in the private sector. With an advanced degree your earning potential can grow significantlywhile high school teachers make a median salary of about $62,000, principals earn almost $100,000 per year.

Most Desired Masters Degree in 2022

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Why Do Professionals Make More With A Masters Degree

When you are looking into the best graduate degrees to pursue for your career, you will want to understand why a masters degree helps you make more as a professional in your field. A masters degree gives you more training in your field of study when you are looking into your career options. You will have the specialized training you need to apply your skills to your workplace. It also ensures that you have the credentials to handle specific tasks and problems.

Asking what masters degree is right for me gives you a few ideas of where to start in your education. You want to consider your personal interests as well as your career goals when evaluating a masters degree. You should also be aware that a masters degree allows you to focus on building up more networking opportunities. A school may offer events or programs that allow you to meet professionals in your field and network with individuals who help you connect to a company for a new job.

Masters Of Science In Data Science

Wanted in todays tech boom, those with high-level experience have plenty of opportunities to work for some of the biggest names in the business. Students develop applications in areas such as computer security, computer games, databases, and robotics.

Above all, Data can range from financial records to marketing information or other personal information.

Best Careers for Masters of Science in Data Science Graduates include:

#1. Data Analyst

Average Salary: $84,810 per year

A data analyst collects, processes, and performs statistical analyzes on large data sets. They discover how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems. With the development of computers and an increasingly significant movement toward technological interweaving, data analysis has evolved.

Because data analysts can integrate into most industries. Such as finance, healthcare, information, manufacturing, professional services, and retail. Basically, the growth in technology drives the growth of more analyst positions.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth will increase by 26% in 2026 which is much faster than average. Therefore, the high rate of demand for this field makes it one of the best and most useful masters degrees in the world.

#2. Database Administrator

Average Salary: $93,750 per year

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What Does An Mpa Prepare You For

An MPA degree is considered a top credential in the public and nonprofit sectors. Coursework focuses on elements of public policy, business management and finance. MPA programs are designed to provide the research, analytical and problem-solving skills leaders need to manage mission-oriented organizations and address pressing social issues.

An MPA prepares you to confidently lead in a variety of roles across three distinct career paths.


Many people pursue an MPA degree because theyre interested in politics or want to work in positions in local, state or federal government. Roles in this sector provide opportunities to work with government agencies and community organizations to implement, measure and improve public policy. If your goal is to serve the public or impact change on a broad level, an MPA degree is a strong qualification that will help you stand out as a candidate for high-level positions in all levels of government.


As an MPA graduate, your leadership skills and knowledge of how to be effective in the political process are valuable assets while helping a nonprofit organization grow. There are many types of careers in the nonprofit field, including public relations and fundraising management. MPA graduates are uniquely qualified to manage projects, write grants and oversee public budgets. Those who go into this sector will have many opportunities to advance a nonprofits goals while furthering a cause theyre personally passionate about.

Masters Degrees In Mathematics & Computer Science

The 5 Highest Paying Bachelor

A masters degree in mathematics or computer science provides coursework heavily rooted in theoretical and technical topics. Mathematics is a vast field, and students specialize in areas such as financial mathematics, computing, logic, and statistics. Computer science students often specialize in areas such as security, health informatics, and software development. While technical, an online masters in mathematics or computer science provides you with the expertise needed to boost your salary and expand your career opportunities. As our world becomes more technical, these masters-trained professions will be in demand.

Number of applications: 193,804

Acceptance rate: 39%

Available online? Yes. Online masters in mathematics and computer science lend themselves well to a virtual delivery system.

What can you do with an online masters degree in mathematics and computer science?

A masters in mathematics opens a wide range of careers including roles such as economist, mathematician, financial planner, and teacher. Graduates with a masters degree in computer science often work as computer systems analysts, software developers, information research scientists, and information systems managers. Integrating technical and leadership skills, many degrees act as a pipeline to supervisory positions.

Most Desired Masters Degree in 2022

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Library And Information Science

Library and information science programs prepare students for professional careers in schools, public libraries, museums, and other institutions within the information industry. Many of these jobs are expected to see slightly above-average growth over the next decade or so.

  • Average annual pay: $53,567
  • Popular job titles: Librarian, library technician, archivist

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Tips For Master’s Graduates Entering The Workforce

Piotr Sosnowski is the head of HR and co-founder at Zety. He has seven years of experience in recruitment in top companies and managing teams and HR projects. Piotr grew the InterviewMe and Zety team from three people to over 50 in less than four years.

Here, he shares six tips for master’s graduates entering the workforce:

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Top Degrees For A Career In Politics

Pair your passion for politics and public service with a degree to help you meet your career aspirations and get your foot in the government door.

Maybe you want to improve your hometown by running for mayor. Maybe you want to make a difference by swaying public policy from the inside. Whatever it is that has ignited your interest in the political world, there is no shortage of noble reasons to get involved. Theres also no shortage of paths to gain entry. Like many other interdisciplinary fields, the political workforce is made up of professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. However, there are a handful of degrees that lend themselves especially well to a career in politics.

Continue reading to find the degrees best suited for a political career and learn how you can align your degree with the area of the field that interests you most.

Undergraduate Degrees For Government

As mentioned earlier, undergraduate programs that focus on government, public policy or business all work very well for generalist government positions. That said, if a student wants to use a scientific degree for government work, the best undergraduate degrees for technical government work are not the above. Instead, undergraduate bachelor of science degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and statistics all find specialist roles in a number of government agencies nationwide. Of course, the best undergraduate degrees in these fields come from top level colleges and university. These are considered good bachelors degrees because of the school name in many cases. The study material itself may be the same as average schools with the same programs. Jobs secured with these degrees can include scientist and research positions in agriculture, space, business, law enforcement, the military, and even exploration.

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Business Administration And Management

While government agencies do not exist to make a profit, they share many similarities with business. In both fields, leaders must be able to manage complex organizations and find ways to use resources efficiently, effectively, and affordably. If you want to work in a managerial role in a government agency, a degree in business administration or business management can be invaluable. Depending on your current education level and/or your career goals, there are a number of business degrees that can help you advance or start a government career.

The best business administration degrees include:

What Is The Easiest Masters Degree To Get

What Are The Best Masters Degrees for Improving Salary

Amidst all the masters degree careers you can acquire,an Online Masters in Education is the easiest online masters degree. This is basically because of the following reasons:

  • The programs are widely available and are aswell100% online.
  • The coursework is moderate.
  • The program can be finished very fast

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