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Ap Comparative Government And Politics Online Course

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Whats On The Ap Government Comparative Exam Course Themes Skills And Units

AP Daily: AP Comparative Government and Politics (1.1)

The AP Government Comparative course teaches you the skills used by political scientists. To develop these skills during the course, youll explore content that falls into five big ideas that guide the course.

The five big ideas for AP Comparative Government are:

  • Big Idea 1: Power and Authority
  • Big Idea 2: Legitimacy and Stability
  • Big Idea 3: Democratization
  • Big Idea 4: Internal/External Forces
  • Big Idea 5: Methods of Political Analysis

On the AP Comparative Government exam, youll show your mastery of the skills associated with these big ideas by answering questions that ask you to apply concepts, analyze data, compare countries, and write political science arguments.

The content and skills youll study throughout the AP Comparative Government course are divided out into five units of study. Youll be tested on content from all five course units during the AP Comparative Government exam. Getting familiar with what each unit covers and how those topics are weighted in your overall exam score will help you get prepared for exam day!

You can view each course unit, the topics they cover, and how theyre weighted in your exam score below:


Now that you know whats on the AP Comparative Government exam, lets break down the two sections of the exam even further. Well look at Section I and Section II of the AP Comparative Government exam next!

Brett: Ap Comparative Government And Politics Tutor

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Tip : Create Your Own Cram Sheet

Everyone needs quality study materials in order to prepare well for AP exams. But did you know that creating your own study materials is a great way to help you remember tough material? Creating your own AP Comparative Government cram sheet is a great way to review course concepts and themes and organize your understanding of the material youll be tested over later.

You can look up AP Comparative Government cram sheets online and design yours in a similar wayor you can take some time to consider your needs as a learner and test-taker, then design a cram sheet thats tailor-made for you.

On your cram sheet, youll likely want to include course concepts, issues, and questions that pop up on homework, quizzes, and tests that you take in your AP Comparative Government class. From there, you can supplement your cram sheet with info you learn from practice exams, sample free-response questions, and official scoring rubrics. You can work on memorizing that material, or simply use it to organize your study routine!

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~~how To Submit Assignments From Mizzou Academy Google Workspace

You may submit assignments using our Mizzou Academy Google Suite. Once you submit an assignment through Google docs, you can no longer make any changes to the document. Therefore, submit work after you have read the assignment directions and scoring information carefully, used the writing process to develop your work, and completed the final version. For all written assignments, if your instructor has allowed Google doc submissions, please submit the entire document. Do not submit a link. For media files , links are acceptable.In Google Drive Assignments, you can only submit one file for your submission. If the assignment requires more than one file, consider downloading the files and uploading each individually.

1. From within your Canvas course, navigate to the assignment you’d like to submit. Click on Start Assignments

2. Select the Google Drive tab

3. Before the first use, you will be prompted to sign into your Mizzou Academy Google account to authorize the integration. Click

4. Enter your Google username. Click Next

5. Enter your Google password. This will be the password that you set up when confirming your Mizzou Academy Google account. Click Next

6. Click Allow when prompted to allow Google Drive LTI by Canvas to access your Mizzou Academy Google Account

7. You are now ready to submit your assignment from Mizzou Academy Google Drive.

Format Of The 2022 Ap Comparative Government Exam

9780983176640: AP Comparative Government and Politics: An Essential ...

Section 1: Multiple Choice Questions

  • 55 Questions | 60 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score
    • Individual questions : 4044 questions.
    • Set-based questions:
      • Quantitative Analysis: 3 sets of questions asking students to analyze a quantitative stimulus
      • Qualitative Analysis: 2 sets of questions asking students to analyze text-based secondary sources
    • The 6 countries addressed in AP Comparative Government and Politics are China, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Section 2: Free Response

  • 4 Questions | 1 Hour 30 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score
    • Concept Application: Define or describe a political concept and explain and/or compare political systems, principles, institutions, processes, policies, or behaviors.
    • Quantitative Analysis: Analyze quantitative data, identify a trend or pattern, or draw a conclusion from a visual representation and explain how it relates to political systems, principles, institutions, processes, policies, or behaviors.
    • Comparative Analysis: Compare political concepts, systems, institutions, or policies in different course countries.
    • Argument Essay: Develop an argument in the form of an essay, using evidence from course countries related to the course concepts in the question prompt

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The Goals Of The Four

  • Assess the impact of the revised AP Comparative Government and Poetics curriculum on how the course is taught and the format of the test.
  • Review the structure of the course in terms of its major components:
  • The Comparative Method
  • Citizens, Society, and the State
  • Political Institutions
  • Public Policy
    • Develop a knowledge base that will emphasize the important facts, concepts and theories by understanding typical patterns of the political process, behavior and institutions that are relevant to Comparative Government and Politics.
    • Research the various textbooks and supplementary materials available in an attempt to develop a resource library.
    • Evaluate measurement strategies used by the College Board in developing multiple choice and essay test banks in an attempt to design applicable tools.
    • Analyze effective writing strategies that students will need to employ for successful AP examinations and college-level rigor.
    • Extract enrichment activities, demonstrations, and best practice devices from classroom interaction and networking.


    Teacher Webinars And Other Online Sessions

    Developed by experts in AP instructional design, these free webinars and online sessions will guide you through the instructional resources and how to use AP Classroom effectively.

    Webinars and online sessions are 2090 minutes long and illustrate how the instructional suite can support your teaching this school year.

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    What Does Ap Comparative Government And Politics Cover

    AP Comparative Government and Politics is a college-level course where students learn about systems of government and political life in countries outside the United States.

    The course is designed to be equivalent to a single-semester, college-level course. While some schools offer it as a full-year course, others offer it in a single semester.

    The course examines the politics and government of a variety of nations, including China, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

    During the course, the material is broken down into five units:

    • Political systems, regimes, and governments
    • Political institutions
    • Party and electoral systems and citizen organizations
    • Political and economic changes and development

    Getting Your Videos Into The Course: Uploading

    Overview of Political Institutions | Live Review Session 3 | AP Comparative Government

    If you are comfortable with recording video, transferring the file to your computer, and then uploading, this is the preferred method because some assignments will have you recording multiple videos for one assignment. One problem you may run into is a camera that creates an incredibly large file. In such cases, you may need to convert the file to make it smaller.

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    Should I Take Ap Comparative Government And Politics

    Whether or not you should take AP Comparative Government and Politics, or any other AP course, is a personal decision.

    In addition to the factors discussed above, it’s important to consider your personal interests, including whether you might want to study government and politics in college, and the reputation of the course at your school.

    If you’re still wondering whether to take AP Comparative Government and Politics, consider reaching out to students at your high school who have already taken the course. They can answer your questions about teacher quality, course structure at your school, and more.

    Sample Question: Quantitative Analysis Free

    The Quantitative Analysis free-response question gives you quantitative data in the form of a graph, table, map, or infographic. Youll be asked to describe, draw a conclusion, or explain that data and its connections to key course concepts.

    The quantitative analysis question is the second question youll encounter on the exam. Its worth five raw points of your score on this section of the exam, and you should spend about 20 minutes answering this question.

    The quantitative analysis question below comes from the College Boards official guide to AP Comparative Government and Politics:

    To get a better idea of how to answer this question, lets look at the scoring rubric thats used to evaluate this quantitative analysis question on the exam:

    Question Component:

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    Alex: Ap Comparative Government And Politics Tutor

    Certified AP Comparative Government and Politics Tutor

    …as an elementary age tutor. I believe that learning is inherently a collaboration and conversation between student and teacher, and I love being a part of that conversation. My favorite part of teaching is the moment when students make breakthroughs those moments of pride and understanding are what make teaching such a rewarding experience! In my spare time I love reading, playing my guitar, writing short stories and songs, running and playing baseball.

    ~~how To Record And Submit Audio And Video

    AP Comparative Government and Politics 2015: Review Book for AP ...

    Recording and Submitting

    There are many ways you can submit audio and video recordings for a Mizzou Academy course in Canvas. Your course content may refer to Audacity. However, you don’t need to use Audacity to make an mp3 recording for your course. After all, there are many programs and apps on computers and mobile devices that will do just that!

    We do NOT allow you to submit .wav files.

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    Kevin: Ap Comparative Government And Politics Tutor

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    …well as the AP American Government/Comparative Politics exams. I also offer ACT/SAT Writing, ACT/SAT Reading, SAT Verbal and ACT English tutoring. My approach to tutoring is centered on the belief that nothing is particularly difficult if you just break it down into small parts. For example, things like Advanced Placement tests and standardized tests when viewed as a whole can seem like daunting tasks which require lots of higher order reading, writing, and thinking skills….

    Katie: Ap Comparative Government And Politics Tutor

    Certified AP Comparative Government and Politics Tutor

    …your pain! Together we can work through the daunting process of analyzing your areas of strength and opportunities for growth and put you on the path towards the score you want. When I am not tutoring, I hope to be exploring the great outdoors and getting to know the Pacific Northwest. I have spent the five years since I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania living in Montana and embracing my inner mountain woman. I…

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    Ap Comparative Government And Politics Exam Courses Near Me

    A course in AP Comparative Government and Politics can help improve your knowledge and understanding of many topics. Veritas Prep offers resources to focus on your learning and test prep while helping you reach for your goals. If youre a high school student looking to get the most out of a college-level course or earn college credit, our AP Comparative Government and Politics Exam course can provide the foundational knowledge you need to reach for success.

    Introduction to Comparative Politics is the launching point for this AP program. We can help you gain solid ground in this area and also proceed with learning about Sovereignty, Authority, and Power. The intricacies of Political Institutions can be covered, while your knowledge of Citizens, Society, and the State Political and Economic Change and Public Policy can be expanded thanks to the content covered in Veritas Preps AP Comparative Government and Politics course.

    Becoming fluent in Comparative Government and Politics requires improving your ability to compare and contrast various political concepts. As you move forward, youll be required to describe and explain patterns seen in political processes and behaviors. Aside from these skill sets, our course can help you compare and contrast the aspects and processes of different political institutions, as well as analyze and interpret basic data.

    Ariel: Ap Comparative Government And Politics Tutor

    Overview of Exam, Big Ideas, & Task Verbs | Live Review Session 1 | AP Comparative Government

    Certified AP Comparative Government and Politics Tutor

    …for him or her to, not only, understand and retain the information, but also to apply it. There are many educational tools that are either not used in classrooms or are not suitable for groups, finding the right tool for the student will be central to my approach. My background is interdisciplinary and broad. I am a practicing attorney in Washington, DC with prior careers in technology consulting and intelligence analysis. I have bachelor and…

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    ~~suggestions For Taking Objective Examinations

    What is an “objective examination?” Objective means that there IS a right answer , and you either get things right or wrong. An example is a multiple-choice quiz or exam. This section is here to provide you with tips on how to take objective examinations, or “exams.”

    Many people worry about how to do well when taking objective examinations. What does What follows are some simple suggestions that should help you to do your best.

    What do you do when you know the answer? Silly question, right? You mark it!

    What do you do when you dont know the answer? This is what you want to hear!

  • First, you need to remember that our quizzes and exams are based on the number of right answers out of the total possible. So you should answer every question, even if its a guess. There are four answer choices, so your odds when you guess are 1 in 4. That is, on average, you should get 1 out of every 4 guesses correct.
  • How do you narrow the odds, to make them more in your favor? If you are able to eliminate one or more of the answers as definitely wrong, you have done just that. When you are guessing which answer is correct out of 3, then you could get one-third of your guesses correct. When you are guessing between two, you could get half of them right.
  • Does the answer make sense? A correct answer always makes sense. Incorrect choices may, or may not. So if a choice does not make sense in relation to the question, it is probably a wrong answer.
  • Ap Comparative Government Exam: Section Ii

    Like Section I, the second section of the exam tests your ability to describe, explain, compare, and analyze political concepts and processes, various forms of data, and text passages. In this section, youll be asked to demonstrate these skills by providing written responses.

    Section II consists of four free-response questions, lasts for one hour and 30 minutes, and counts for 50% of your exam score.

    There are four different types of free-response questions on the exam, and each one tests your reading and writing skills in different ways. Heres a breakdown of what youll be asked to do on each free-response question on the exam:

    • 1 conceptual analysis question: Youll define or describe a political concept and/or compare political systems, principles, institutions, processes, policies, or behaviors.
    • 1 quantitative analysis question: Youll analyze data to find patterns and trends and reach a conclusion.
    • 1 comparative analysis question: Youll compare political concepts, systems, institutions, processes, or policies in two of the course countries.
    • 1 argument essay: Youll write an evidence-based essay supporting a claim or thesis.

    To help you get a better sense of what the free-response questions are like on this part of the AP Comparative Government exam, lets look at an example of each type of question and how its scored next.

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