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St Louis County Government Tree Removal

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Will I Need A Permit To Remove A Tree In St Louis

Metro East woman says STL tree trimming company damaged her home

Whether you need a permit to remove a tree in St. Louis Zipcode will depend on the size and location of the tree itself.

St. Louis has a set of tree ordinances that indicates whether your tree can be removed.

Normally if the tree is dead, hazardous, planted too close to your home or not considered significant due to its small size you should be able to remove it without a permit.

for the local tree ordinance in St. Louis, , Missouri.

Public Works/parks Tree Inventory

A citywide tree inventory was completed in 2014/15 and another inventory has begun in 2022. Davey Resource Group, a division of The Davey Tree Expert Company, conducted the comprehensive inventory and assessment of nearly 11,000 trees and potential planting sites on public streets and parks. The project is part of ongoing efforts within Clayton to better manage trees, minimize the effects of future storm damage, place a monetary value on the tree canopy and ensure the community has a healthy, sustainable urban forest. A Certified Arborist assessed the condition, stability, and value of each tree. Reducing risk is a primary objective in completing the assessment. The City has uploaded the inventory data into the Citys GIS system. The plan is to use the inventory to better improve the efficiency of the tree maintenance programs on the street and in the parks, as well as overall improvement of the Citys urban forest management program. Half of this project was paid for through a TRIM grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

B& b Tree & Landscapes

B& B Tree & Landscapes is a locally owned and operated company that’s been serving the area for over 15 years. Its owner is an ISA-certified arborist and is personally committed to providing top-quality tree care services, regardless of the size of the project. The company offers tree, stump, and deadwood removal tree trimming directional pruning planting and debris hauling. The company also sells firewood. B& B Tree & Landscapes doesn’t charge for the initial estimates, and in case of a tree-related emergency, it can be contacted at any hour.

Services Offered

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Do I Need A Permit To Remove A Tree In St Louis Mo

In almost all areas of Academy, Academy, Baden and Baden, the answer comes down to whether or not the tree sits on public or private property. You should always get a permit for removing trees on public property, but in general for small trees you do not need a permit if it is on your property. Tree conservation ordinances can change over time so be sure to ask your Aptera professional if there is any doubt.

Can I Just Remove The Tree Myself

Normandy students experience tree climbing and planting at 24:1 Arbor ...

Technically yes, you can get a chainsaw at your local home improvement store and try to remove a tree. We stress that it is very important to consider safety above all else, and Aptera tree removal experts in Florissant and Chesterfield are fully trained and use all necessary safety gear. You can review basic government safety standards, but there is no substitute for an experienced professional.

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How Can I Tell If A Tree Is Likely To Fall

In many cases it is obvious that a tree or limb is in a precarious position above or near property. The majority of felled trees due to high winds or disease however do not give off obvious clues before the event. Because of the risk to property and person, Aptera highly recommends leaving the hazard assessment to professionals. It is very difficult to judge the structural integrity of a tree and its root system without deep background knowledge of species type, soil conditions, disease diagnosis and more.

Hire A Skilled St Louis Tree Removal Expert

Make life safer and easier by calling Jackson Tree Service! We are a local St. Louis family business that has been supporting families just like you. Request a quote today or read more about St. Louis tree removal and other services we provide!

Call Us at or fill out our contact form to request an estimate!

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Why You Shouldnt Do Tree Removal Yourself

Tree removal can be dangerous for the common homeowner in St. Louis for many reasons. One of the biggest threats is power lines. Not only can falling branches, limbs, or trees come down on the power line and take out power to the neighborhood, but theres also the risk of accidentally touching the power lines when youre taking out the tree.

There is also the danger of falling when cutting down your tree. Even if the tree is perfectly healthy, removal still means having to climb the tree, and theres also the risk that youre going to fall out, either because you lose your balance because a branch breaks, because the ladder falls, or because the tools are too heavy and unwieldy.

St Louis Mo Tree Ordinances

St. Ann landscaper accused of stealing from clients



Many St. Louis residents are not familiar with the rules and regulations that govern trees in the city.

This is a synopsis of some of the relevant sections of City Code Chapter 22:48 Division of Forestry. A complete copy is available from the Registrars Office at City Hall.

Street Tree OwnershipStreet trees are planted in the tree lawn, the city right-of-way along public streets in the area usually between the sidewalk and the curb. Trees planted in the tree lawn are public property and are maintained by the city.

Permits Required For Planting, Maintenance and Removal of Street TreesCity Code 22:48.060 reads: Except upon written permission by the Commissioner of Forestry, no person shall himself or by another, plant or set any tree or shrub in any street or pull up, cut down, burn, destroy, remove or in any way, manner interfere or tamper with a tree or shrub located in any public street of the city. The Commissioner of Forestry shall have full power and authority to determine the variety of any tree to be planted under the terms of this section….

Construction ProtectionCity Code 22:48.120 reads: In the erection or repair of any building or structure, the owner thereof shall place or cause to be placed guards around all nearby trees in the street as shall effectively prevent injury to them.

  • The blocking of light from street lights.
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    Looking For A Tree Service St Louis

    Do you need a reliable, professional tree service St. Louis? Look no further than St. Louis Tree Co. We are your one-stop-shop for tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding/removal, and emergency tree service. We are reputable, reliable, certified, insured, and knowledgeable about tree removal services. We have seen all types of tree problems and we quickly respond to emergency tree service calls. Rest assured we will be there when you need us. At St. Louis Tree Co., we know about scary emergencies, such as storm damage and downed trees blocking your driveway or road. Dont panic, call on us and we will be there to provide the emergency tree service St. Louis should expect and deserves.

    We are an experienced tree service company that has weathered all types of storms and wind damage situations. Our satisfied customers know that we provide top-notch tree service. Our reputation is based upon our quality work. St. Louis Tree Co. provides a satisfaction guarantee that is backed by years of outstanding work and expedient service to the St. Louis community. Our valued tree service skills and hard work have earned us praise and numerous recommendations from surrounding communities. You will be hard pressed to find a tree service in St. Louis that provides the level of service we deliver.

    5 Reasons to Use St. Louis Tree Co. – Tree Service

    1) Outstanding tree service to the community.

    4) We have a solid Better Business Bureau rating.

    Tree Resource Improvement And Maintenance Grant

    The Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department has received a Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance Grant in the amount of $22,875.00 from the Missouri Department of Conservation to go towards the completion of a tree inventory. With these funds the remaining two wards will be inventoried. The T.R.I.M. grant program is a competitive cost-share program provided and administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation in cooperation with the Missouri Community Forestry Council. The purpose is to provide financial assistance for the management, improvement, or conservation of our community forests. With the award of the T.R.I.M. grant, the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department will use the money to conduct a GIS based digital tree inventory of the citys street trees within the north part of the city.Once the inventory project is complete priorities then can be set regarding street tree pruning and removal. The trees that are deemed a high risk will be the first trees addressed. Work orders will be created and given to the forestry crew to complete. After the high-risk trees are taken care of a cyclical pruning cycle will be developed and contract crews will aid in the completion of these prunes. Forestry staff will mainly deal with removals, park trees, and planting. This inventory will aid in efficiently planting trees and keep the city on track to plant at least as many trees that are removed each year.

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    St Louis Tree Removal

    Sometimes, a trees problems become so widespread that it can no longer be salvaged but removing a tree is a serious undertaking. With over 50 years of experience in the St. Louis region, the Jackson family knows the local environment and local trees, and can safely and quickly assess a trees state, deciding if tree removal is the best mode of attack. We can also remove trees that are causing an obstruction to homes, foundations, sidewalks, driveways, underground pipes, or power lines.

    Tree removal requires careful planning, precise cutting, and expert rigging to manage large pieces of falling wood. We have a proven reputation of quick and safe tree removal, while protecting the rest of your landscape and property. Tree removal services also include stump grinding, removing shrubs down to the roots and ensuring that they do not grow back.

    Request A Free Estimate

    Normandy students experience tree climbing and planting at 24:1 Arbor ...

    24 Hour Emergency Service Available

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    What Happens To The Stump When I Have A Tree Removed

    Removal of the stump is typically not included in the price of the basic tree removal. We recommend that you at least have the stump ground down to surface level so you can utilize that space and avoid a tripping hazard. A stump grinder can mulch the stump below ground level. This process is quick and cost-effective.

    Easy Steps For The Best Tree Removal In St Louis Mo

    Sometimes there is just no way around getting a tree removed in St. Louis from your yard or property. When trees are damaged beyond the point of repair – whether from storms, wind, insects, animals, or age – they need to be removed before they present a safety risk. If large limbs fall from a dying tree or if the entire tree topples over it can cause significant damage and destruction. It is very important to remove a tree before it has a chance to cause property damage or, even worse, personal injury.


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    Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Saint Louis

    Trees fall all the time throughout Saint Louis, either from storms or from diseases that loosen the tree roots. Who is really responsible for removing that old tree on your particular property?

    Lets take a look at who has to take action based on whether youre a homeowner, a renter, a landlord, or a neighbor.

    Tree Removal Service Companies Busy Following Recent Storms

    Jennings woman concerned about massive tree limbs falling and damaging her property

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. June storms took a toll on trees in the St. Louis area, and the companies that remove trees have been going nonstop.

    Some of those companies are now working seven days a week. Many tree removal services companies say they are not short of work following last months storm damage.Cellas Stump Removal Company has been working around the clock following the two storms and high winds that hit the area just a few weeks ago.

    Some homeowners may be dealing with fallen tree branches and uprooted trees. Youre not alone. I have been working seven days a week. Normally, I work five days a week, but with the recent storms that came in, I have been busy, William Cella said.

    Hanneke Tree Service is also staying busy, stating that if you need trees removed, you might want to call a tree service company sooner, rather than later.

    After a storm, most companies are booked for weeks. It was a tree that fell into a house. It took me two days to get it off the house, Branden Baker said. I was still learning and I would say that was the hardest job I done.Meanwhile, it was busier than normal Friday for the Hanneke Tree Service, as crews worked an all-day job in Ladue trimming trees. The homeowner said many may not think too much about trees on their property until a storm rolls through and there are some precautions to ensure trees on properties remain sturdy during high winds.

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    Affordable Tree Removal Service In Saint Louis Mo

    Looking for affordable tree removal service in Saint Louis, MO? Great! TreeTriage is at your service 24/7.

    In this guide, we cover common questions including:

    • How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost?
    • Does The City Provide Any Assistance?
    • Who Is Responsible For Fallen Trees?
    • How To Save Your Lawn Before And After Tree Service?
    • What About Trees Near Power Lines?
    • And Why Tree Triage Is The Best Tree Removal Company For You!

    Tell us about your project in the form and we’ll get you connected with specialists in or continue reading to learn what you should consider when removing a tree in Saint Louis.

    St Louis Tree Statistics

    The state tree for Missouri is Flowering Dogwood, Cornus florida which can be found in abundance in one of the 90 State forests or 1 state parks.

    With 35.16% of the state is forested, there are approximately 14,000,000 forested acres in Missouri. With a population of 6,137,428 and an estimated 3,500,000,000 trees statewide, there are 570 trees for every person in the state.

    Unfortunately, there are some endangered species of trees, 2 to be exact, as well as 8 threatened species and 3 invasive species. The worst offender endangering native trees in St. Louis is the Thousand Canker Disease.

    Map of St. Louis.

    How much does it cost to cut down a tree in St. Louis?

    Tree removal in St. Louis costs $644 which is -14% below the country average of $871.

    Is tree removal in St. Louis, cheaper in winter?

    In most cases, tree removal can be cheaper in winter, but for St. Louis, in Missouri with latitude 38.6273, longitude -90.1979, it would depend on how cold your winters get. Colder weather in Northern states brings reduced demand for tree services which increases competition and reduces prices.

    Do you need a permit to cut down a tree in St. Louis?

    Does home insurance cover tree removal in St. Louis?

    Are some trees in St. Louis, Missouri endangered?

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    Forest Releaf Is Bringing Back St Louis Tree Canopy And Helping New Neighborhoods

    Forest ReLeaf of Missouri has been increasing St. Louis tree canopy for nearly 30 years, growing trees from seed and then distributing them to underserved communities. From its eight-acre nursery in Creve Coeur Park, the local nonprofit has supplied free trees to neighborhoods that span the city and county.

    The heart of that is its Project CommuniTree program. By applying for trees to plant in public spaces, organizations or individuals can access free trees for their neighborhood or their nonprofit.

    But under Executive Director Meridith McAvoy Perkins, Forest ReLeaf has been expanding its focus.

    The idea that trees are just something pretty that we want in our backyard, or we want to see in a park, is important, and trees are beautiful, Perkins explained on Tuesdays St. Louis on the Air. But now we’re looking at trees as part of a tool to some of these really huge emerging global issues like climate change, biodiversity and a connection to people and nature. It’s really important to think strategically about how we’re investing in trees and where we are, and what those trees are then doing for quality of life, public health, and all of the things that we really value.

    Doing that successfully, Perkins said, meant making it easier for underserved communities to get trees and care for them once theyre planted. Less affluent neighborhoods tend to have significantly less tree cover. For their residents, Perkins noted, Price isnt the only limitation.

    Accurate Tree & Landscaping Services

    After a Christmas tree has served its purpose, consider giving it to ...

    Accurate Tree & Landscaping Services is a respected provider of tree care solutions to residential customers in St. Louis. It complies with government rules and industry guidelines to perform any tree-related job safely and effectively. It can be employed to perform services such as tree trimming, pruning and elimination, and stump removal. Accurate Tree & Landscaping Services prioritizes customers’ satisfaction and can be easily contacted 24/7.

    Services Offered

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