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Is The Government Holding Money That Belongs To Me

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Types Of Balances Not Held

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The following types of unclaimed balances are not held by the Bank of Canada:

  • Accounts in U.S. dollars and other non-Canadian currencies
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan and Registered Retirement Income Fund accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Unclaimed balances at utilities and other companies
  • Gold or silver certificates
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Stocks and dividends contact the provinces securities commission e.g., the Ontario Securities Commission.

Other organizations within your province hold unclaimed property and may be able to help find assets.

Moneyare You Owed Money Heres How To Find Out Without Getting Scammed

First, go to your states unclaimed property website to check if youre owed funds. If youve moved around a lot, you can try sites like or, which may be able to search multiple state databases at once. The search uses your name and your city to check for any funds. Remember to try a maiden name or a middle initial if those apply to you.

There are several different places where you might be able to find more funds:

  • If you have an Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgage, you may be eligible for a refund through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Take a look at the HUD website.
  • If you expected a tax refund and never received it, it may have been sent to the wrong address or bank account. Additionally, if you didnt file your taxes but should have received money back, you can check the IRS website to claim your missing refund.
  • Still hanging on to some savings bonds you never cashed in? If youre missing the paper copy, you can request a savings bond reissue here.
  • If your government-insured bank or credit union was liquidated, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. or National Credit Union Administration will refund any deposits you had not claimed. For banks, search the FDIC for credit unions, search the NCUA.

What Results Are Shown

Data shown on this unclaimed money search is the result of lodgements from various banks, building societies, credit union, life companies, friendly societies and registered Australian companies. ASIC does not guarantee the quality or consistency of the input data as this information was supplied by the various institutions.

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Unclaimed Money Goes To Government

Empire’s vice-president of retail operations, Steven Biringer, told CBC he could not discuss individual cases, but said the company generally does all it can to find people before handing over the goods to the province.

“If we get, for example, returned mail, we would try following up with phone calls,” he said. “If that is not successful, there are options available to us as well, particularly with the Internet today, things like Canada 411, as well as Google searches.”

Revenue Quebec holds onto amounts less than $500 for 10 years before they are sent to the province’s Generations Fund, aimed at reducing public debt.

Watch the video up top to learn how to navigate Revenue Quebec’s registry.

Anyone who has a larger sum to claim may take longer to do so.

But the provincial tax agency also subtracts fees and taxes from the cash, and some of those fees increase every year.

Spokesperson Stéphane Dion said the agency also tries to find people.

Dion said Revenue Quebec’s primary methods of sharing information with the public are its online register and notices it publishes in newspapers.

Though unable to delve into specifics, Dion also said the agency may try other types of searches based on the amount of money owed.

“We’ll try to trace them, try to call them or send them information by letter. It’s sure that it’s impossible to call all the right-holders, because there’s a lot,” he said.

The people we reached said Quebec’s efforts to find them fell short.

Ohio May Be Holding Money That Belongs To You Here’s How To Find Out

George Carlin quote: My money buys me the freedom not to ...

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash following the holidays?

If you put a dent in your savings buying gifts for loved ones or planning family gatherings, you may consider checking to see if you’re among hundreds of thousands of Ohioans collectively owed about $3 billion through the state’s Division of Unclaimed Funds.

Every year, the division returns tens of thousands of dollars to individuals, businesses organizations and others who discover the state is holding rent, security or utility deposits uncashed checks or money left in forgotten savings accounts since closed by banks for inactivity or uncashed insurance policies.

Its fulfilling and rewarding to be able to return money back to an individuals who didnt realize they had lost this money, said Akil Hardy, superintendent of Unclaimed Funds, a division of the Ohio Department of Commerce. It means a lot to a lot of individuals.

The division is responsible for handling funds that Ohio businesses or financial institutions were unable to return themselves to the rightful owner, typically in a period of three to five years, Hardy said.

More than $257.7 million of the unreturned money is from 13,497,866 unclaimed accounts with $100 or less.

“While having no name does make it more challenging for us to find the proper owners, other information was provided,” Hardy said. “If a claimant came to us with the correct information, we would still be able to match them up and return the property.”

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If I Have Unpaid State Debt Will It Affect How Much Money I Can Claim

Depending on the state, if you have an outstanding debt to your state or local government, your payment may be redirected to pay that debt. California, for example, allows its Franchise Tax Board to intercept unclaimed property funds — as well as state lottery money and tax refunds — to cover debts you owe to a state, county or city agency.

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Why Does Money Owed To Me Get Escheated To The State

Inactivity and death. Lets say you have a bank account with no activity for 5 years. By no activity, youre not making any purchases and youre not logging in to the account online. The bank can actually close your account and escheat your money to the government for them to give back to you.

To claim your cash is not that hard. Your first step is to search if you have any unclaimed funds with the division of unclaimed property. Then you have to make sure that unclaimed funds actually belongs to you, becauseyou knowthats stealing if that escheated property belongs to someone else.

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How To Claim Unclaimed Money

Once you conduct an search, you will be able to see within a matter of seconds whether or not you have unclaimed money coming to you. If you do have unclaimed money in your name, you will be able to see the government account its being held in and you will be given contact information to allow you to get a hold of the proper government representatives. This will get the ball rolling as far as claiming your unclaimed money is concerned.

Once you contact the government agency that is holding your unclaimed money, for example the IRS if your unclaimed money is from a previous years tax return, you will need to confirm that you are who you are say you are. This will usually involve sending the government entity copies of your drivers license, social security card, birth certificate, marriage certificate or whatever else the government entity requests. This is done for your protection so that nobody else can claim the unclaimed money that you yourself have a right to.

Thats all there is to it. Conduct your unclaimed money search right now and youll soon be on your way towards claiming the unclaimed money you forgot was even owed to you. Now all you have to do is decide how you are going to spend all the unclaimed money youre almost sure to find.

Why Are States Able To Hold Onto Unclaimed Money

Over UGX 900bn lying idle in different bank accounts

A business or government office is usually required by state law to attempt to contact the rightful owner of money or property it’s holding. When they’re unable to locate the rightful owner after a period of time, they’re required to send the unclaimed item to a state-run unclaimed property office. Some states may say the property has been “escheated,” meaning the item has been transferred to the state. The state office will hold these items until their owner claims them.

In most US states, finding out if you have any unclaimed property is free and easy. Claiming is also free but can be a bit more work, depending on which documents you need to collect and then send to the state to prove that you’re the rightful owner.

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Find Out Whether Quebec Owes You Money

Nearly a third of $1 billion belonging to Quebecers is sitting unclaimed at the provincial tax agency.

This information is publicly available but only if you know where to look.

Revenue Quebec keeps an online register of unclaimed property where Internet users may run their names through a search engine and find out if they are owed any money.

CBC informed four different people they have funds to collect over the course of this investigation.

Carson Rappell of Pointe-Claire, Que., discovered his family has nearly $3,000 to claim based on investments made by his late father.

“I’m amazed, shocked actually,” Rappell said when told of the news. “Revenue Quebec is very good at collecting money from people.”

“Obviously they’re not quite as efficient when it comes to distributing money that they’re holding on behalf of people,” he added.

How To Cash In Forgotten Money

While you might not have lost money sitting in a forgotten bank account, chances are you are sitting on some funds that you could cash in right now.

First up is your credit card rewards. If you have a cash-back credit card sitting in your wallet, and you use it regularly, don’t forget that’s money you earned that could come in handy.

For example, with the Citi® Double Cash Card, which offers 2% cash back: 1% on all eligible purchases and an additional 1% after you pay your credit card bill, cardholders can redeem cash back for checks or statement credits once they’ve earned $25. Assuming cardholders maximize their rewards potential, Select found that the average consumer can earn an estimated $437 in cash back after just one year and $2,185 after five years.

But it’s not just cash-back cards that come in handy right now. With travel arguably on hold for quite some time, you can redeem your travel credit card rewards for non-travel options like cash back or merchandise. For example, if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, you can use your Ultimate Rewards® points for purchases on or as cash back in the form of a statement credit or a direct deposit into your checking or savings account.

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How To Find Lost Money

A forgotten savings account or a lost paycheck can be a lifeline for many people during this time. Luckily, there are credible websites that can help you search for these windfalls of cash.

To start, visit NAUPA’s website, a national network collecting records from all 50 states. From there, you can find links to each state’s official unclaimed property program. These are all vetted government resources, so it’s important you go through NAUPA-provided websites versus a general search engine.

When you click on a state, you will be directed to its official website. To search for your unclaimed money, use both your current and maiden name if you legally changed your last name. You may want to try different search inquires as well, such as using the first initial of your first name plus your full last name.

Because unclaimed property is reported to the state where the company or organization is located, it’s common to have lost money in more than one place, especially if you have moved between states. To search multiple states at once, NAUPA recommends using, a free website they endorse. Make sure to check every state where you have lived and done business.

Some other government sources with searchable databases include:

What Kind Of Unclaimed Property Can My State Hold On To

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States could be holding a range of your items you can claim, including: a forgotten checking or savings bank account, a dividend, stocks, bonds, a credit balance, a refund or cash settlement, a utility deposit, an uncashed cashier’s check, a money order, insurance benefits, wages or the contents of an abandoned safe deposit box .

While many states will hold financial assets ranging from mineral rights to the contents of a safe deposit box, some will not take other types of property, including real estate, cars and unused gift certificates. Check with your state to see what types of property you can claim.

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If It Belongs To You You’re Entitled To It It Is The Law

We’ve all heard that if it sounds too good to be true . . . it probably is.

Well, rest assured, this isn’t one of “those” things, and if you give us the opportunity, we’ll prove to you the funds we’ve identified are yours.

and let us show you what our research has uncovered. You won’t believe it until you see it. Our RecoverFunds representatives audit government agencies throughout the country, digging through their public records in search of lost, missing, and unclaimed funds belonging to private citizens.

If you’ve received an email, a letter, postcard, or telephone call from our organization, it’s because we’ve located funds we believe belong to you. Call us now! We’re available now at .

How Do I Know If This Escheated Money Is Owed To Me

To verify that the escheated government missing money belongs to you, you will need to make sure your full name matches, and the reported address was a previous place you lived. As you can see from this example, there are a lot of people named Rick Sanchez.

If youre a fan of the popular cartoon Rick and Morty, youll know Rick Sanchez is the main character. According to the state of Nevada, Metlife Inc owes him a lot of money.

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Why Should I Use Assets Recovery Agent To Recover My Funds

We are experts in recovering unclaimed money and have been doing so since 2010. We are familiar with all of the paperwork and documentation required to collect your funds. We have also developed relationships with unclaimed money departments that can be beneficial when there are questions or unexpected developments arise. Most importantly, we are looking out for your best interests. If you have received a letter from us, we have already put forth considerable effort in determining if the money belongs to you as well as contacting you. For a small percentage, we can finish the job we started and get your money to you sooner than later.

The Moneyist: I Care For My Mother And Sold Her House My Sister Says Half The Home Belongs To Her And Now She Wants A Loan What Do I Do

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Dear Quentin,

My mother is in a wheelchair, and can no longer care for herself.

I, having a durable power of attorney, moved her into my home and sold her house. My father, who passed away in 2009, and my mother had a joint will leaving all they owned to my sister and I.

After I sold the house, my sister claims that half of the money belongs to her. I told her that the money belongs to our mother, as she is still alive, and that I will use it in the best interest of our mother.

My sister wants me to make her a loan, using our mothers money. My sister is not very trustworthy. She has a $25,000 debt with the IRS, and keeps a crack-cocaine addict as a live-in boyfriend.

What are my legal obligations to my sister?


Wanna Do Whats Right

You can email The Moneyist with any financial and ethical questions related to coronavirus at [email protected], and follow Quentin Fottrell on

Dear Bob,

You have no obligation to your sister, legal or otherwise.

As your mothers power of attorney, you have a fiduciary duty to her. That means you are legally obliged to act in the best interests of your mother, and make financial decisions with her permission, and ones that benefit her long-term care. That care may get more expensive.

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How Can You Claim Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money can be repaid to the owner of the money, or someone who is authorised to act on behalf or instead of the owner, once a claim has been established as valid. You will need to provide as much evidence as possible to show that you are entitled to the money, including proof of your identity. Where you go to make that claim will depend on what type of money it is. In most cases, you will not be entitled to interest on any unclaimed money.

The Inland Revenue Department has information about unclaimed money it holds. There are instructions on their website about how to make a claim.

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