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How To Contact The Government

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How to Contact USA Government

Our agents can:

  • provide updates on any previously reported enquiry
  • report new pay enquiries to the Pay Centre, which include enquiries related to:
  • missing pay
  • termination
  • benefits
  • leave
  • overpayment
  • tax
  • collective agreements
  • other enquiries, such as those about acting, allowances, change in employment, pay cheques, direct deposit, deductions, entitlements , extra duty pay, garnishments, missing partial pay, repayment of emergency salary advances, transfer-in or transfer-out
  • address technical enquiries related to web applications, such as:
  • access to CWA, Phoenix and MyGCPay
  • timesheet entry or schedule updates
  • address reporting and approving time in the Phoenix pay system, such as:
  • enter extra duty pay, overtime and additional hours
  • view reported time in timesheet and payable time detail
  • create and modify a schedule
  • select a Section 34 manager
  • view a pay stub/tax slip
  • all general enquiries concerning pay
  • Our agents can:

  • amend pension deduction to 1% for 35 years of service
  • terminate pension for employees 71 years of age or older
  • stop pension deductions for returning pensioners on contract
  • activate the Public Service Dental Care Plan
  • activate and start deduction for the Public Service Health Care Plan
  • enable the employee self-service enrolment to the PSHCP
  • change and end coverage for PSHCP
  • activate and start deductions for disability and long term disability
  • activate pension deduction and supplementary death benefits
  • Search For A Business Or Not

    Once you find the profile of a business entity you want to know more about, you can choose to order a search product to get additional information about that entity.


    To order a search product for a corporation, other than your own, contact one of the governments authorized service providers:

    Other types of businesses

    To order a search product for your own entity or an entity that is not a corporation , you can choose to go through one of the above service providers or direct through the government look for the Search Products drop-down list in the entitys profile in the Ontario Business Registry.

    Contact A Virginia State Agency serves as a starting point for information about Virginia government and services. Each state agency is managed individually. To best meet your needs, please locate and contact the appropriate state agency with your question or concern. Use the State Agency Directory to find contact information including the address, phone number or email and website.

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    What Should I Do Before Calling My Government Official

    • Make sure you are calling during business hours. You dont want the issue youre advocating for to be unheard because you called at the wrong time.
    • Be prepared to give information about yourself, like your name, address, and phone number.
    • Plan out your message to the official . These calls are normally a maximum of about five minutes, so make sure your points are concise.
    • Make sure your points are well researched. That will make your cause much more clear and important to the official.
    • Make sure you have amix of both scientifically supported and anecdotal points. That way, you will have statistics to uphold your points and personal anecdotes to display how your issue is relevant to your officials constituents.
    • Be smart about not just who you call or what you say, but when you call. . When planning a group of calls, it is better to call at one time.
    • Before your call, make sure you practice, practice, practice. This will improve your calls flow, increase your confidence, and make your points more concise and understandable.
    • Make sure to relax a little bit before the call. You do not want your nervousness to get in the way of communicating your message.

    Is Your Company Information Up

    4 Ways to Contact Government Officials

    It is the responsibility of the business or not-for-profit corporation to keep their information on the public record accurate and up-to-date. Find out more and update your information now.

    Please note that all information filed on the Ontario Business Registry, such as registered office or other address information, will be placed on the public record and publicly available for searches under the business statutes. Administrative information such as contact information for the filing and the official email address is not shown on the public record.

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    Update Your Company Information

    Changes to information can be made by filing a Notice of Change:

    • directly with the government online for free:
    • a company key is required:

    To update information for an existing business or not-for-profit corporation, please use the Company Key Request Form for a secure company key that will provide you the access you need.

    Take Action: Get Involved

    Whether youre passionate about health care, higher education, clean energy technology, or national defense, you have a vested interest in making sure we get our fiscal policy on a sustainable path. In addition to reaching out to your elected officials, you can sign the pledge to let local representatives know that you are concerned about the nations fiscal future.

    Learn more about how to contact your elected officials, what to say, the do’s, don’ts, and more in our free Get Heard Guide.

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    You Are Not Currently Eligible To Book An Appointment

    Ontario has a three-phase plan that prioritizes vaccines for those at greatest risk of severe illness and those who care for them. Each public health unit also has a complementary plan tailored to their own communityâs needs.

    Vaccines also continue to be available at mobile and pop-up clinics in hot spots and atpharmacies across the province. These clinics are promoted locally within target communities and local public health units.

    Additional resources

    Visit for more information. This link will open in a new window.

    Usagov Contact Center And 1

    How to contact government officials

    The USAGov Contact Center assists people with questions about federal agencies, government programs, services, and more. The USAGov Contact Center personalizes the award-winning service of Information specialists help customers navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local government to find the information they need.

    There are two ways to reach the USAGov Contact Center:

    Last Reviewed: 2021-02-23

    Error, The Per Diem API is not responding. Please try again later.

    No results could be found for the location you’ve entered.

    Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense.

    Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department.

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    Information On The Public Record

    All information filed on the Ontario Business Registry, such as registered office or other address information, will be placed on the public record and publicly available for searches under the business statutes. Administrative information such as contact information for the filing and the official email address is not shown on the public record.

    What Are Other Ways To Advocate For My Cause

    Want to take awareness of your issue to the next level? Here are some other ways you can advocate, besides emailing and calling your government official:

    • Attend local government meetings or events, like town halls, to speak about your cause.
    • Sign and share TSFs petition.
    • Make an appointment with your government official to meet at their office.
    • Launch a social media campaign to raise awareness of yourcause.
    • Fundraise for your cause.Read this article to get some great ideas.

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    Find The Number You Need To Call

    Telephone numbers for International tax and non-resident

    What do you want to call about?Phone number
    • Individuals and non-resident trusts
    Outside Canada/U.S. call collect Footnote 1613-940-84958 am to 8 pmSat9 am to 5 pmSun
    • Non-resident corporations and corporation accounts
    1-800-959-5525 Outside Canada/U.S. call collect Footnote 1613-940-84978 am to 8 pmSat9 am to 5 pmSun
    • Part XIII tax and non-resident withholding accounts
    1-855-284-5946 Outside Canada/U.S. call collect Footnote 1613-940-84997:30 am to 8 pm ETSat and Sun
    What do you want to call about?
    • get general information about registered charities
    • get help with applying to become a registered charity
    • get help with donation receipts
    • get help on filling out the annual information return
    • change your charitys name, purpose, activities or other details
    Telephone number
    9 am to 5 pm
    Sat and Sun

    Closed on public holidays

    Telephone number
    8 am to 8 pm
    Sat9 am to 5 pm

    Standardized Proof Of Vaccination

    Ashford: The Ashford MP has received a letter from the ...

    The secure, standardized proof of vaccination announced on August 11, 2021 is being developed in partnership with provinces and territories for travel outside of Canada.

    • This document will be easily recognized and trusted.
    • It will provide border officials in other countries with your COVID-19 vaccination history.
    • This allows them to assess whether you meet their public health requirements and confirm any public health measures you may need to follow.
  • More details on how and when you can get one will be available in the coming months.
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    Contact The Client Contact Centre

    From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

    Contact us for help with pay, compensation and benefits, and for technical issues when using MyGCPay, the Compensation Web Applications and the Phoenix pay system.

    We serve current and former federal public service employees, no matter if your organization is served by the Public Service Pay Centre or by its own compensation unit.

    Law Accounting And Search Firms

    A business entity or not-for-profit corporation may hire a firmreferred to as an intermediaryto transact on its behalf.

    Currently, intermediaries can transact via authorized service provider or by mail. At this point in time, they cannot transact directly in the Ontario Business Registry, however future system updates will address online access for intermediaries.

    The following qualified intermediaries can continue to transact via and email:

    • lawyers and paralegals governed by the Law Society of Ontario
    • Chartered Professional Accountants governed by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
    • law clerks filing under the direction and guidance of a lawyer governed by the Law Society of Ontario
    • members of OAPSOR who regularly file with the ministry on behalf of corporations and other entities, law firms and accounting firms

    If you use a trusted, qualified intermediary to transact on your behalf, you will need to share your company key. A company key is similar to the Personal Identification Number you use at the bank or to access other online accounts or services.

    To request a company key, complete and submit the Company Key Request Form.

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    You Are Not Currently Eligible To Book An Accelerated Second Dose Appointment

    You can still book your second dose 16 weeks after your first.

    Visit for more information. This link will open in a new window.

    Through this phone number, you can get a vaccine at a mass immunization clinic.

    Vaccine available: Pfizer or Moderna.

    COVID-19 vaccine call centre:

    8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day

    This call centre does not book appointments for pharmacies.

    Additional resources

    Each public health unit is developing a vaccine plan tailored to their own communityâs needs.

    Visit for more information. This link will open in a new window.

    Through this system, you can get a vaccine at a mass immunization clinic.

    To book, you must:

    • have agreen photo health card
    • have an email address
    • have a modern web browser

    Vaccine available: Pfizer or Moderna.

    You can also book your vaccine appointments at1-XXX-XXX-XXXX if you prefer to call. This call centre does not book appointments for pharmacies.

    Additional resources

    Each public health unit is developing a vaccine plan tailored to their own communityâs needs.

    Visit for more information. This link will open in a new window.

    To book, you must have anOntario health card or anotherform of government-issued identification.

    Vaccine available: AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Pfizer.

    Each public health unit is developing a vaccine plan tailored to their own communityâs needs.

    Visit for more information. This link will open in a new window.

    Vaccine available: Pfizer or Moderna.

    Phone number:

    How Should I Act During The Call

    How Does The Government Have Our Phone Numbers?
    • Be polite. Remember the saying, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
    • Have confidence. You did the research and prepped for this. YOU CAN DO THIS!
    • Note that you are a voter . Government officials really like to know what their constituents care about, so knowing that you are a voter yourself greatly increases the chances that they will listen.
    • Have notes of your talking points near you during the call. Then you can track the points you have covered in the call.
    • Make sure you have a phone with a timer app or another timer device near you. Use this to note how much time you have left in the call, to ensure that youre balancing the amount of time spent on each point you are making.

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    How To Contact Your Elected Officials

    Engaging your elected officials is a powerful action step you can take to make sure your voice is heard. Click the links below for some tips and resources on how to contact your federal, state and local elected leaders.

    General Tips:

    Be concise and courteous when contacting your elected officials at all levelsfederal, state and local.

    Share personal stories. Its important to share your or your communitys personal stories related to the issue your contacting your elected official about. Your stories can show the impact of issues in ways just sharing statistic cant, including how an issue affects real people including their constituents.

    Relax! You dont have to be nervous when communicating with your elected officials. As elected officials, they are public servants who hold their office because you and/or your community elected them. Your elected officials and their staff need to hear from youtheir constituentsabout issues that matter to you and your community. You dont have to be a subject matter expert to talk about an issue that matters to you.

    Access Your Existing Business Or Not

    If your business or not-for-profit corporation was registered or incorporated before the launch of the Ontario Business Registry on October 19th, the information has been migrated from the old system and it has a profile in the new registry.

    To access a business or not-for-profit corporation profile, make filing under business statutes you will need its company key. A company key is similar to the Personal Identification Number you use at the bank or to access other online accounts or services.

    1. Get a company key

    In order to access the Ontario Business Registry, you must get a company key.

    Note: make sure your company information is up-to-date.

    2. Login into One-Key

    Once you have a company key, select the button below and follow the prompts. For security reasons, you will be asked to create a ONe-key ID and a ServiceOntario account.

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    How Do I Book A Tour Of Government House

    Tours are conducted for schools, non-profit groups and organizations interested in the history of Government House and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. Tours must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Information on how to book a tour is available here.

    How and when is it appropriate to wear my medals?

    Invitations to events at Government House will indicate if medals are to be worn. The general rule is full-size medals during the day and miniatures for evening events or when black-tie and ladies equivalent is suggested. Detailed information on wearing medals is available here.

    How do I volunteer at Government House or in the Gardens?

    It is only thanks to the many dedicated volunteers that Government House can run in a cost-effective manner. Volunteers perform many functions at the House including maintaining the gardens, flower design, tour guides, tea servers at the Cary Castle Mews and running the gift shop in the summer months. All volunteers belong to the Friends of Government House. Contact the Friends to find out the different ways to get involved with their activities.

    Can I get married at Government House or on the Grounds?

    How do I write to Her Majesty?

    If you wish to write to Her Majesty The Queen, you may forward your correspondence to:

    Her Majesty The Queen

    Contacting Your Elected Officials

    3 Ways to Contact Government Officials

    While it may seem a bit intimidating to contact a public official, or unrealistic to think they will listen to you, your elected officials are there to represent you and your community and make decisions based on your needs. But how will they know what you need unless you speak up? They actually want to hear from you! The best way to keep them informed is to reach out and share your thoughts.

    Think of every contact point with your elected official as an opportunity to build a long-term, qualitative relationship. Research from the Congressional Management Foundation suggests that broader, more dynamic, and diverse activities, conducted over a longer period of time with the goal of developing relationships between constituents and congressional offices, are more successful advocacy strategies.

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    Second Doses And Additional Shots

    Every Albertan should get their second dose when they’re eligible. A single dose of COVID-19 vaccine offers at least 80% protection against severe outcomes, including hospitalization and death. However, second doses are needed to get the best and most long-lasting protection.

    • Second dose for mRNA recipients

      If you got an mRNA vaccine for your first dose, you should get an mRNA vaccine for your second dose to become fully vaccinated, but it doesn’t need to be the same brand. Both Pfizer and Moderna are considered interchangeable so book the first appointment available.

      For more on mRNA vaccines, including information on safety, side effects and effectiveness of second doses, see second dose for mRNA recipients.

      When to book

    Learn more: Second dose for AstraZeneca recipients

  • Second dose for immunocompromised

    Immunization for immunocompromised individuals should occur at a time when the individual is most likely to mount an immune response. Consult your physician for the best time based on your treatment plan.

    When to book

  • Pfizer or Moderna 21 to 28 days after your first dose
  • AstraZeneca 8 weeks after your first dose is recommended, but as early as 28 days after your first dose if that is the most appropriate timing
  • Second dose for those vaccinated outside Alberta
  • Anyone who was partially vaccinated outside Alberta can get a second dose here when they are eligible.
  • Bring the original written record of your first dose with you to the appointment.
  • Immunocompromised

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