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How To Become A High School Government Teacher

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How To Become A Government Teacher: Career Guide Courses After 12th Jobs Salary

Know how a teacher transformed govt school into high-tech smart class

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In order to become a government teacher there are certain prerequisites as per qualification that needs to be acquired by any aspiring candidates. In general, for becoming a government teacher a candidate must complete at least their raduation in any stream. Post which he/she should must complete B.Ed or Diploma in Elementary Education. Students after doing their graduation/post-graduation may apply for B.Ed.

Some candidates can choose to become a Special Educator, who are in charge of teaching specially-abled children. Candidates can also choose higher studies to become Professors and Lecturers in colleges. Some of the Top Education Colleges offering courses to become a Government Teacher are Lady Shree Ram Colleges for Women, Kasturi Ram College for Higher Education, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University etc.

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Diploma in Elementary Education

The salary package of a primary government teacher in India on an average is around INR 1.3 LPA. Whereas the salary package of a senior secondary government teacher can go up to INR 8.4 LPA. These salary packages may also increase keeping in view of their knowledge and experience. Read More:Teaching Courses

Table of Content

High School Teacher Career Guide

A secondary school teacher, more commonly called a high school teacher, instructs students in ninth through twelfth grade in both public and private educational institutions. The primary objective of these teachers is to educate students and prepare them for college and/or the job market. This guide provides further information on what high school teachers do, how to become one, and the occupations salary and job outlook.

How To Become A High School Teacher

High school teachers play an important role in shaping young minds as they prepare for the next big step on their path as students. When you teach high school you have the opportunity to work with older students in a specialty of your choosing, supporting their educational pursuits as they start to think about college and make plans for the future. Whether your area of interest is mathematics, science, English, history, or the creative arts, the passion you have for your specialization and for teaching will lend itself to shaping the next generation of architects, biochemists, novelists, and more.

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Bsc And Bed Integrated Course

B.Sc B.ED. The integrated course is a combination of two degrees of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education . The duration of the course is 4 years. Candidates can select the integrated course as per their personal choices. The eligibility of this course is to have 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 from a recognized board of examination. Where Science should be the main subjects.

After Passing Ctet Or Tet

How to Apply to Be a Public School Teacher in the Philippines

Once the candidates have cleared the examination of CTET or TET, they become eligible to apply for job openings available in various government schools. The candidates are provided with a certificate. Candidates have to remember that clearing CTET or TET is not a guarantee for employment or job offers.

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What Degree Do I Need To Become A High School Teacher

A bachelors degree is the basic degree you will need to become a high school teacher.

In addition to a bachelors degree, you may also earn. Masters degree in the art of teaching.

You should also know that in some countries or states, after some years of teaching with a bachelors degree, you will be required to have a masters degree.

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Job Zone Four: Considerable Preparation Needed
Most of these occupations require a four-year bachelor’s degree, but some do not.
Related Experience
A considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for these occupations. For example, an accountant must complete four years of college and work for several years in accounting to be considered qualified.
Job Training
Employees in these occupations usually need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training.
Job Zone Examples
Many of these occupations involve coordinating, supervising, managing, or training others. Examples include real estate brokers, sales managers, database administrators, graphic designers, conservation scientists, art directors, and cost estimators.

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Eligibility Criteria To Become A Government Teacher

Candidate who want to teach , First of all have to determine what age group or class of students you wish to teach or check which classes they are eligible to teach. Once you know it, you can set a goal. Either you decide which class you wish to teach and attain the minimum eligibility criteria for the posts available in the government schools or you try to find the jobs for which you are already eligible.

How To Become A Government Teacher: Faqs

Why Teachers Are Paid So Little In The U.S.

Ques. Can I teach in a government school without B.Ed.?

Ans. No, you cant teach in a government school without doing B.Ed. or cant be a government teacher. But yes you can teach in a private school without doing B.Ed.

Ques. How to be a government teacher?

Ans. For being a government teacher in a school candidate must have done B.Ed. with masters as a higher study for teaching the senior secondary class.

Ques. What are the different types of teachers?

Ans. The different types of teachers are:-

  • Pre-primary school teacher

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Oregon Preliminary Teaching License Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited school
  • Completion of a TSPC-approved teacher preparation program , including a student teaching practicum
  • License application and fee
  • Fingerprint background check
  • Successful completion of work samples and tests, such as the edTPA and Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments subject area exams

After working as a teacher in an Oregon school for four years and completing an advanced preparation program, you will be eligible to apply for a Professional Teaching License.

Get Your Fingerprinting Done

One last step stands between you and your first teaching job a background check. Texas teachers need to undergo a fingerprinting process. All teaching aspirants need to submit for a security check. It could be a criminal record check or a verification of your academic credentials. It is a mandatory process for all first-time teachers.

Once you are cleared, thats it. You can start teaching in Texas high schools. Secure a position with your favorite institution and become a high school teacher in Texas. So find an EPP near you and put into motion your initial teacher certification process. Get in touch with Teacher Builder today.

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How To Become A Teacher In Usa

Unlike other countries, the USA also allows immigrant teachers across the globe. Candidates before planning to become a teacher in the USA need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Educational Requirements:

  • Teaching qualifications: B.ED or any other undergraduate degree followed by Masters or Ph.D.

Other Requirements:

  • Experience Requirement: It is compulsory to have 3 years of classroom teaching experience to teach in US schools.
  • Language Proficiency: Excellent in English communications

Create An Attractive And Professional Teacher Resume

School Overview Governor Stirling Senior High School

After getting all necessary requirements for becoming a teacher, and identifying the subject you will like to teach and also the school you will like to teach in, the next thing you should do is create a professional teacher resume.

Your resume should contain information such as:

  • Contact information

Your curriculum vitae can either be neatly typed and printed out or in a video format.

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Pass The Required Tests

Once you have finished a teacher education program, you will likely need to take a standardized Praxis test. This test is designed to measure ones basic skills or knowledge in a specific subject area. Some states may require the Praxis I before you begin your teacher education program, while others require both the Praxis I and Praxis II.

How To Become A High School Teacher In 2022

Before you look into how to become a high school teacher, think about the reason why you want to become a high school teacher. High school teachers are a critical part of many students lives. They not only help shape the minds of students, but they also are teaching students at a time that is very pivotal. Many times, the purpose of a high school teacher is to help guide and educate students before they take a big step toward receiving a college degree or going into the workforce.

High school teachers are also called secondary school teachers, and there are a few requirements before an individual can become a high school teacher. A prospective high school teacher will need to complete an accredited teaching program, gain student teaching experience, and pass the states licensing tests where they want their certification. They will at that point be able to obtain their teaching certification and be qualified for the position.

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How To Become A Government Teacher: Quick Facts

  • To pursue teaching as a profession , candidates must have a cleared TET, CTET, STET and NET according to their level of teaching.
  • For being a government teacher in a school candidate must have done B.Ed. with masters as higher study for teaching senior secondary class.
  • For doing B.Ed. candidates must complete at least graduation in any subject.
  • After doing required courses for becoming teachers candidates may get recruited in private schools, government schools, army school, convent schools and more.
  • For doing B.Ed. candidates in India have to spend on an average Rs. 6000 as fees at least which can go up to Rs.1,00,000 depending on the place you get your course done from.

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For getting a government teacher job or being a government teacher candidates have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, candidates must have done senior secondary/graduation/post-graduation with that certain course to become a government teacher.

Then there are teacher training courses for becoming a government teacher. After which candidates need to qualify for teacher eligibility test by giving TET/CTET/STET OR NET test. After clearing these tests candidates may start looking for jobs and recruitments as government teachers.

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Teaching English Education Ma

Why are so many teachers quitting the classroom? | 60 Minutes Australia

An online teaching master’s degree and teacher certification…

An online teaching master’s degree and teacher…

An online teaching master’s degree and teacher certification program for aspiring middle or high school English teachers who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-teaching field.

Leads to teacher licensure. Specific grade levels will vary depending on licensure in your state.

  • Time: 74% of graduates finish this online English degree program within 18 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,590 per 6-month term.

Candidates for this high school English teaching program often include:

  • Aspiring junior high and high school English teachers who currently hold a bachelor’s degree but lack a teaching license
  • Substitute teachers
  • Career-changers with a passion for English
  • School paraprofessionals
  • Others who feel the call to teach

This secondary English MAT program includes courses in the foundations of teaching, instructional planning and presentation, English content, research, and pedagogy. It requires in-classroom observation and a term of full-time demonstration teaching. This online English degree prepares students for teaching certification in any of the 50 states.

Teachers College

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Step : Gain Teaching Experience And Get A Formal Recommendation

While learning in a teacher prep program is important, it is also essential to gain real-world experience teaching in a classroom. Our online Master of Arts in Teaching program allows students from around the world to gain hands-on teaching experience assisting a professional teacher in their area in addition to completing their teacher prep courses. Aside from meeting the basic skills and subject matter competency requirements, students must also obtain a Certificate of Clearance issued by the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and must test negative for tuberculosis prior to entering the classroom. Additional requirements may be necessary such as passing the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment , in order to teach in a California elementary school.

Once you pass your teacher certification exams and meet student teaching and degree requirements, you will need to submit a formal recommendation for the credential from your college, university or teacher preparation program. Many students also put together a portfolio or ePortfolio to showcase their experience and readiness to teach.

Types Of Teacher Certification

A teaching credential is a license conferred by a state agency to teachers who have completed certain state-mandated requirements, such as education courses and student teaching experience, and have passed additional state-mandated teaching examinations. Each state sets its own requirements for teacher certification, and there is no guarantee that a certification in one state will be accepted in another state. For example, a teacher who holds a Texas teacher certification wont necessarily be qualified to teach in Georgia.

All states require certified teachers to hold a bachelors degree, and more and more states now require candidates to hold a masters degree or receive one within the first five years of teaching.

Teachers may earn a credential that allows them to teach either certain subject matter or a specific grade level. The type of teaching credential you pursue will depend on your interests as well as the options and requirements set by your state Department of Education.

Elementary and Middle School Certification

Elementary school teaching credentials are for generalists, which means the teacher can teach a variety of subjects. Middle school teachers can be generalists, or they can specialize in the specific subjects they plan to teach. The following list shows typical grade levels covered by different certifications:

  • Early childhood teacher certification
  • Elementary teacher certification
  • Middle grades teacher certification


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Can I Teach Social Studies With A Sociology Degree

In general, to become a social studies instructor, you should have a masters degree in a social studies discipline. However, most social studies professor positions necessitate a Ph.D. Some fields that may be worth pursuing an advanced degree in include history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and religion.

The Many Benefits Of A Sociology Degree

The sociology degree also serves a variety of functions. It can be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals and schools. As a result, even if you dont land a job right away with a sociology degree, youll still be valuable.

Step : Complete The Certification Process

4Ps Beneficiary Shares Inspiring Story After Fulfilling Dreams ...

The next step to becoming a teacher in California is to meet the basic skills and subject matter competency requirements. There are a number of ways to meet the basic skills requirements for California public school teachers :

  • Pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test .
  • Pass the California Subject Examinations for Teachers .
  • Pass the California State University Early Assessment Program or the CSU Placement Examinations.
  • Achieve a qualifying score on the SAT or ACT.
  • Achieve a qualifying score on the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations.
  • Pass a basic skills examination from another state.
  • Earn a passing score on the appropriate subject-matter examination.
  • Complete a subject-matter program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and obtain verification of completion.

Evaluations can usually be taken several times if you do not pass the first time however, a fee is required each time. In the event that you are transferring to California from out of state, you may be exempt from testing if you hold a valid non-emergency teacher credential and meet other qualifications.

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Transferring Teacher Certification To Another State

If you are already a teacher but are moving to another state, you may be happy to learn that transferring teaching certificates between states is often possible. Many states have reciprocity agreements that make it easier for teachers licensed in one state to become certified in another. Currently, more than 40 states have reciprocity agreements with at least one other state however, many consider this transfer only provisional. In those cases, you would be required to earn the new states license within the first few years of teaching there.

Identify And Evaluate The Differences In Schools

Just before sending your resume out to any schools, review your options.

Make your own findings and try to identify the differences and uniqueness of each school.

This will help you decide whether or not you want to work in a particular school.

After identifying the schools where you believe you can fit into, you may also want to find out if they are in need of new teachers.

Certain schools like schools where children who need special attention are taken to have special requirements for their teachers.

Therefore before applying to teach in such a school, you may want to be sure you have all the necessary requirements.

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How Much Do High School Teachers Make

On average, a high school teacher can make a little more than $60.000 per year in the United States.

The salary would certainly depend on a variety of factors your education and experience level, the school you work for, the location and so on.

Teachers in New York, California, and Massachusetts, for example, have the highest average salaries.

An entry-level high school teacher can earn around $19 per hour, while a top-level specialist with plenty of experience can make $44 and more per hour.

Job Outlook For High School Teachers

Becoming a Secondary Biology teacher – PGCEs at Birmingham City University

The job outlook for high school teachers is a growing one. Unfortunately, there is a national teacher shortage, meaning that teachers are in need now and will be many years into the future. This means that being a teacher provides job security in many cases. From 2020 to 2030, high school teacher employment is projected to grow by 8%. On average, each year, over the decade, there are about 77.400 job openings for high school teachers. Not only this but there are also high-need fields to consider if you are wanting to pursue a career as a high school teacher. This could mean that if you are specialized in one of these fields, you may be hired faster than if you are not. Below is a list of these high-need fields and occupations:

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