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How Do Government Phones Work

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Will A Tracfone Work In 2020

How does your mobile phone work? | ICT #1

Verizons 3G CDMA network is scheduled to close at the end of 2020 which means Tracfone will also have to get costumers to migrate to new compatible phones by the end of the year. Any phone currently for sale on the Tracfone website is compatible with VoLTE, so if you need to upgrade, take a look there to start.

What Is The Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline Assistance is the Federal Communication Commission’s long running program designed to provide equal access to phone service for all Americans. It specifically caters to low-income residents who may not otherwise be able to afford a cell phone device or plan. The program entitles those who are eligible to wireless service for $9.25/month. It also applies to internet service, also priced at $9.25/month.

You can read more about the Lifeline program here.

Are Free Smartphones Really Free

  • Free Cell Phone Plans
  • Article Summary

    Sometimes major carriers offer “free” and Buy One Get One Free cell phone deals, but the truly free device option is with government assistant program, Lifeline.

    Small carrier Freedom Pop offers a truly free cell phone plan that includes 200 free voice minutes, 500 free text messages and 500MB of data, every month.

    The best things in life are free, but unfortunately, that doesn’t include expensive but necessary items like cell phones. While tech enthusiasts have no trouble putting down hundreds of dollars at once for a new device, it’s not always that simple for families and individuals watching their budgets, which is why offers of ‘free’ smartphones make an attractive alternative.

    However, it’s no surprise that when a carrier offers something for nothing, there’s usually a catch. Here’s a look at the fine print and truth behind ‘free’ and subsidized cell phones. There are some new cell phones that can be purchased for free or very little, but there’s things you need to know with all of these options.

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    Some Providers Load Their Free Phones With Malware

    In early 2020, it was revealed that many free phones that are provided from these government programs come preloaded with malware. The affected phones discussed in this article were provided by Assurance Wireless. The preinstalled malware aggressively displays ads and cant be removed without uninstalling the Settings app which can basically destroy the phone.

    Thus, it is very important to carefully evaluate which plan and phone you will use. If you arent careful, you could end up with a nearly unusable device.

    S To Getting A Free Government Phone

    Mobile Phone

    In order to get a free cell phone through the government program, you must first check to see if you qualify based on your income. Eligibility rules differ by state, but are similar. A good rule of thumb is that if you qualify for a state assistance program like SNAP, Supplemental Security Income , Free School Lunch program, Medicaid, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program , Tribal programs, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families , then you may already qualify to receive telephone assistance. In addition to those state-funded programs, you can qualify for the free phone program if your income is below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. This percentage is as high as 150 percent of the poverty level in some states.

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    How Can I Get Free Phones And Free Cell Phone Service

    There are several providers that offer these plans. However, the plans are not the same from each provider. Its important to carefully review the plan terms and figure out which one is best for you.

    Some providers operate nationwide and some are state-specific. Be sure to check both of our lists!

    These companies offer free cell phone services nationwide, or at least in multiple states.

    Access Wireless

    Access Wireless uses the Sprint Network to bring free cell phone service to low income customers. All information about plans is hidden behind a screen that requests your zip code, so I am unable to provide additional information here.

    American Assistance

    American Assistance offers free phones and free cell phone service with free minutes, data and unlimited free text messages. Their service uses the T-Mobile network.

    Assurance Wireless

    Assurance Wireless offers free phones and free cell phone service to low income households through the Lifeline program. Their plans include unlimited texting, as well as a free data and minute allotment. They use the Sprint network. However, its important to remember that this is the same company that was proven to distribute phones with malware so be careful.

    Blue Jay Wireless

    Blue Jay Wireless offers free smartphones, free minutes, free unlimited text messaging and even free data to low income users in 18 states.

    FeelSafe Wireless

    Life Wireless

    Safelink Wireless

    SafetyNet Wireless

    StandUp Wireless

    TAG Mobile


    TerraCom Wireless


    Applying For A Free Government Phone

    Once you have located a company that offers a program that is to your liking, applying for a free cell phone is simple. Using the providers website, you can fill out an online application to get a free phone.

    While many choose to apply online for a free phone, the option exists to sign up in stores where applications are taken. In addition, some government assistance offices may also offer the option to sign up for the Lifeline Assistance program. For those of you who are not internet savvy, this is a great option to apply for the program.

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    How You Can Get An Obama Phone

    If you qualify based on your income, you can get a free government phone for yourself. Along with a free cell phone, you will be able to receive 250 free minutes per month. Needy Americans can get approved through many different retailers in 49 states along with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. To get an Obama Phone, you must simply qualify based on your income level per year.

    Equip Employees For Work

    How do Cellphones Work?

    Many employees use their cellphones for work-related tasks to store contacts, take photographs that help them with business-related tasks, perform work-related research, keep calendars, use apps that enhance productivity and text with colleagues who are out of the office on business. If cellphones make your employees more productive, write policies that acknowledge their use for work while requesting that employees use common sense to avoid distractions.

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    Who Needs To Use Arrivecan

    All travellers, with limited exceptions, whether entering Canada by air, land, rail or marine vessel, must use ArriveCAN unless you’re exempt from this requirement due to an accessibility need.

    You’ll need to submit your information within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada.

    If you’re travelling by marine vessel, you must use ArriveCAN before or upon entering Canada this is to accommodate for Wi-Fi issues on the water.

    Travellers who are transiting through Canada to another country don’t need to submit their information through ArriveCAN.

    What Kind Of Phones Can I Get

    You usually won’t know what kind of phone you can get until you go through the approval process, though most of the Lifeline Assistance-eligible carriers do a decent job offering a variety of phones. Sadly, you likely won’t find the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, or a new Android phone with these carriers, but there are still plenty of smartphones out there that you can get for super cheap or even free. Yup, thats right: a potential free smartphone.

    To give you an idea of what to expect, Assurance Wireless has its cell phone lineup public. You can find phones like Coolpad Illumina and Coolpad Legacy.

    You can also find other smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn, Kyocera Hydro Reach, and ZTE Prestige 2.

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    What Does The $10 And $15 International Plan + Unlimited Us Calls Offers Include

    $10 International Plan + Unlimited US Calls:

    • Unlimited Calls to Mexico landlines/mobile phones
    • Unlimited Calls to Canada landlines/mobile* phones
    • Unlimited International Text
    • Unlimited Calls within the United States

    $15 International Plan + Unlimited US Calls:

    All of the above, PLUS:

    • Unlimited Calls to landlines in over 70 countries**
    • A total of 200 Minutes to call select mobiles in over 50 countries or to call landlines in the Dominican Republic

    *Excludes Northern Territories, area code 867

    **To view the list of countries visit:

    With the $15 International Plan + Unlimited US Calls offer you may make unlimited calls to landlines in the following countries: American Samoa, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Georgia , Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea , Latvia , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay , Uzbekistan , and Venezuela.

    Use Arrivecan To Submit:

    How Do Cell Phones Work? A Story of Physics, Towers, and ...
  • living with roommates you can’t avoid who didn’t travel with you
  • The âsaved travellerâ feature is optional for all travellers. It saves travel documents and proof of vaccination information in ArriveCAN for re-use on future trips. If you donât use this feature, youâll need to enter this information for each ArriveCAN submission. You can add, edit or delete travellers at any time.

    Once youâve saved your travel information, ensure that you continue your submission until you obtain an ArriveCAN receipt.

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    Is Unlocking My Cell Phone Legal

    If you bought your phone for use on Canadian cell phone networks, unlocking your device is 100% legal.

    You may read web pages that say it’s illegal to unlock your phone, but those are usually referring to the cell phone market in the United States.

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an American law that ensures that the firmware on a cell phone is owned by the carrier. Not the consumer. Even if you’ve paid upfront for that smartphone, in the US the software on it is still partially owned by whatever wireless phone company you’re connected to.

    In Canada, once you take possession of the cell phone then it’s yours. Period. Even if you buy it on a 2-year term, you have the right to use it on any wireless phone carrier in Canada at any time.

    If you’ve moved to Canada and want to use your smartphone you bought from AT& T, T-Mobile or another American carrier, our sister site can help you. Read our guide and find out how to unlock your US cell phone and use it anywhere Canada.

    Wait Are These Obamaphones

    Yes, they are often called that but this program didnt start with Obama.

    This program actually has its roots back in the 1930s, when the government established the need for universal phone service. It began providing free phone service under Reagan and was later expanded by Bush and Obama but the free phones provided by this program is nevertheless referred to as Obamaphone program.

    It is more properly referred to as the Lifeline program.

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    How Do I Switch From My Current Lifeline Provider To Assurance Wireless

    You will first need to check if Assurance Wireless is providing Lifeline service in your state by clicking and entering your zip code. If Lifeline service is available in your state, submit an application online. Live in Oregon? If you are receiving Lifeline with another provider and would like to switch to Assurance Wireless, contact the Oregon Public Utility Commission at 1-800-848-4442before completing an Assurance Wireless Application. Your free cell phone will be shipped once your application has been approved by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.Once your Lifeline discount is transferred to Assurance Wireless, you will no longer receive a Lifeline discount from your current carrier since you can only get one Lifeline discount per household. By applying to Assurance Wireless service, you are consenting to this Lifeline benefit transfer.

    Free Government Cell Phones: Which Phones You Can Get

    How Do Cell Phones Work?

    The various carriers that participate in the Lifeline Assistance program do a pretty good job of giving their customers some great options in terms of cheap or free phones.

    Take Assurance: the carrier offers a host of smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn, Kyocrea Hydro Reach and ZTE Prestige 2. Or Truconnect: they sell the NUU A3 and ZTE Warp Elite N9518.


    Unfortunately some of these carriers aren’t very forthcoming with their phone lineups until after you go through the qualification process. However, doing so will help you determine what kind of stipend you’re working with for your free or cheap government phone.

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    How Much Will It Cost To Unlock My Phone

    Unlocking your Canadian cell phone is free. In June 2017, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission updated the Wireless Code of Conduct to address a number of common consumer complaints. One of them was the cost to unlock a phone, even after a customer has fully paid for the device. The government agency established that all wireless carriers must follow these rules:

    • All wireless devices sold after December 1, 2017, must be unlocked or sold with instructions on how to unlock the device at no additional cost.
    • All wireless devices that are locked to a carrier must be unlocked upon request at no cost to the consumer.
    • Unlocking must be completed even if the consumer is still on contract or device has not been paid in full.

    Can I Use A Third

    You may see third-party unlocking services that charge a small fee to unlock your device. This was often the most affordable way to unlock your phone prior to the CRTC’s changes to the Wireless Code of Conduct in 2017 although it came with some risk. You often have to pay up front and wait a few hours or a few days to find out if they’re going to send you an unlock code.

    WhistleOut does not recommend using third-party unlocking services in Canada. We’ve used them before and many are trustworthy, but there is no reason to pay for a service which your carrier is obligated to provide for free.

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    Does Abtracetogether Share Information With Myhealth Records

    ABTraceTogether does not share any information with MyHealthRecords. MyHealthRecords does not share any information with ABTraceTogether other than the phone number you enter when going through MyHealthRecords to upload your ABTraceTogether contact data. This phone number is not saved on MyHealthRecords and cannot be accessed after you have completed the upload flow on ABTraceTogether.

    What Should I Do If My Assurance Wireless Phone Breaks Within The First Year

    How cell phone work?

    Your free Assurance Wireless phone comes with a one-year warranty from the original equipment manufacturer. If you experience an equipment malfunction, call us at 1-888-321-5880 and we will arrange for a similar replacement phone. The replacement model may not be the exact model of the original device.

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    Does Unlocking My Phone Affect Security

    Unlocking will not affect the security put in place on your wireless device. Unlocking is commonly confused with “jailbreaking” or “rooting” your phone.

    Unlocking lets you use your phone on compatible wireless networks run by other companies. Unlocking your phone through official channels will not void your warranty.

    Jailbreaking or Rooting lets you run unauthorized software on your phone. It can add extra features but also opens you up to malicious software. Jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone is not required when switching your wireless device to another carrier.

    Have any questions we missed? Comment below and we at WhistleOut Canada will try our best to answer them.

    Does Feel Safe Wireless Provide A Voice

    Yes. LifeLine customers have the ability to send and receive voice-grade calls over all domestic distances via a wireless voice-grade connection to the public switched telephone network. Domestic voice calls are not distance sensitive a customer does not pay more for making a domestic long distance call than for a call within their local exchange area.

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    What Should I Do If I No Longer Qualify For Assurance Wireless Lifeline Service

    Inform us immediately upon learning that you no longer qualify for Lifeline service from Assurance Wireless and we will discontinue your Assurance Wireless Lifeline service. You may continue to use your Assurance Wireless phone and account at the low non-Lifeline rate of 10¢ per minute and 10¢ per text message, as long as you add at least $10 every 45 days or at least $20 every 90 days.

    A Satellite By Any Other Name

    How Do Cell Phones work?

    Satellite phone systems work very differently depending on the technologies each company deploys. Some companies opt for geosynchronous satellites, while others use low Earth orbit systems. Each configuration, or constellation, has its pros and cons.

    Geosynchronous satellites follow the Earth as it spins, meaning that they pretty much remain in a fixed location in the sky. They maintain a high altitude orbit, at around 22,000 miles , and they’re always centered above the Earth’s equator.

    These are huge, powerful satellites and just one of them can serve a large geographical area on the Earth’s surface. With a constellation of only three or four satellites, a company may provide service for most of the globe. As such, these satellites are designed to handle large volumes of data, meaning they’ll work not only for voice calls, but also for video streaming, file sharing, texting, television and much more. Inmarsat and Thuraya are two established companies that use geosynchronous configurations.

    One downside of geosynchronous satellites is that their high orbits mean significant transmission delays of around 250 milliseconds one way, or a quarter-second round-trip. So when you’re speaking to someone, you may have to wait for a few moments before they answer your questions. Or you may hear a disconcerting echo, which can be frustrating.

    On the next page you’ll read more about the perks and prices of picking a particular sat phone technology.

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