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History Degree Jobs In Government

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Editor And Content Manager

Surprising Job For History Major

Editors must have the critical eye of the English major as they review submissions for magazine and book publishers. They provide critical notes and directives for revisions to writers. Content managers and online editors need to evaluate the writing ability of potential contributors, often freelance writers, and provide feedback and direction.

Editors, like English majors, must know their audience and plan for communications that will appeal to their readers. They must be able to set and abide by deadlines in order to produce publications on schedule.

Salary: According to PayScale, editors earn an average annual salary of $52,403 and content managers earn an average annual salary of $59,076.

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A history degree provides valuable, real-life skills that apply to a variety of careers and industries, including education, government and historical sites. Whether students earn their bachelors or pursue an advanced degree, jobs for history majors have an overall strong growth outlook and can be both fulfilling and profitable.

Humans have studied the humanities for centuries, providing them with a unique perspective that serves them well throughout their lives. History in particular offers the opportunity to learn real-world skills and enter a plethora of interesting careers. Discover some of the best jobs for history majors and what it takes to get them.

Elementary Or High School Teacher

Can you think of a better job for history majors than one where you get to help develop young children’s interest in the subject? That’s what you can do when working as an elementary or secondary school teacher. You can recreate historically significant events of the past in creative and fun ways and show students how those events have shaped the world in which they live. If you already possess a history degree, you likely just need to complete state-approved teacher training to get started.

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Editor Journalist Or Writer

Federal Government Jobs With A History Degree

Many history graduates work in the media and communications sector. Writers and journalists are responsible for researching, collecting information from various sources, verifying those sources, and ensuring that their data is complete and accurate. In addition to writing well, they also need to think analytically and critically. Those skills tend to be aligned with the abilities of history degree graduates. You could write for all types of publications, including scholarly journals, magazines, and textbooks. You could work on feature pieces, conduct investigative journalism, or even write screenplays or your own books. If you become an editor, you’ll also need excellent communication skills and organizational abilities.

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Unique Jobs In The History Field

History graduates have a deep understanding of the discipline. By studying history, you develop many transferable skills. From speaking skills to critical thinking skills. History programs teach you how to read, write, and communicate. These universal skills make you more attractive to potential employers.

Below youll find a list of 15 jobs for people who like history.

What Was The Job Search Like After Completing Your Degree

As with many graduate degrees, job searches are not easy these days. I applied far and wide, from Alaska to Egypt, at least 50 applications.

And then I walked across the street and got a job. It just so happened that Saint Mary’s was looking for someone with precisely my academic strengths when I was in my last year of grad school. It’s that kind of serendipitous match that leads to a job offer.

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What The Job Requires

The history major fits into this environment because the job requires a thorough understanding of history. A curator creates exhibits that are cohesive in theme and presentable to the public.

The job also demands persuasive skills, which history students learn in school. Much of a curators job revolves around fundraising with nonprofit organizations. They must also write, speak, and persuade the public. These are all skills taught in a history program.

To work in these history careers, you need at least a bachelors degree. Most curators have a masters degree or have gone to law school and earned graduate degrees. Their in-depth study allows them to provide perspective to patrons.

Teaching English As A Second Language

Careers For History Majors

English majors develop a solid command of the English language, including grammar and vocabulary. They are well positioned to pursue graduate work and qualify as an ESL instructor domestically in the public school system or at a college.

In addition, English majors are recruited as English teachers directly out of college by international language organizations, including the Peace Corps, as well as language schools abroad.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, ESL teachers earn an average annual salary of $45,544.

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Explore What You Can Do With A History Major

The list of potential jobs for history majors is deep and diverse. At Maryville University, we offer an online bachelors degree in history designed to help you sharpen your critical thinking and analytical skills while gaining other abilities that many employers value.

Learn more about our online Bachelor of Arts in History program and explore your potential career options today.

Occupational Employment And Wage Statistics

The Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program produces employment and wage estimates annually for over 800 occupations. These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for individual states, and for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The link below go to OEWS data maps for employment and wages by state and area.

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How To Start Your Career In History

History majors can pursue a variety of career paths after building their research, writing, and analytical skills. Jobs you can get with a history degree include positions in schools, museums, archives, and libraries.

Many history majors go on to work as social studies teachers at the middle school or high school level, using their knowledge of history to teach young learners. At the highest level, historians with a doctorate can become university professors.

Professional Degree Minimum Jobs

Alumni Profiles

Salary: $127,990 per year

Education: Doctoral or professional degree

Historical context, as well as the written and verbal communication skills of history majors, serve them well when they go on to become lawyers. They can choose any specialty, but political, human rights, constitutional, business and environmental law are ideal for history lovers.

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Is History A Versatile Degree Or One That Has A Clear Career Path

Again, like many degrees in the humanities, history is an excellent degree for pursuing virtually any career. Studies have shown that business leaders are looking for graduates who know how to think, analyze, and present their ideas in clear ways. They are looking for good writers.

History is a pathway to law school, government work, and careers in museums and libraries. Perhaps the clearest path for a history major is to a teaching career, which often means further work in grad school. But a small percentage of our graduates actually go into teaching. Many more choose other careers.

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Most Common First Jobs For History Majors

History majors have a range of career opportunities available to them once they earn their bachelorâs degree. History majors hone a versatile expertise, and because of that they can work in a variety of different fields like legal, education, sales and management.

These are some common jobs that history majors assume, once they have earned their bachelorâs degrees:

Glassdoor salary range: $37,000-$80,000

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Where can a degree in History take you?

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What Is The Most Enjoyable Aspect Of Your Job The Most Challenging

A college campus is simply a wonderful place to come to work every day. My colleagues are wonderful. But the most enjoyable aspect of teaching college is going into the classroom and spending time with my students.

At a liberal arts college, we tend to leave our office doors open when we’re on campus. Students have the freedom to pop in and out at any time. The relationships I build with students, many of which continue long after graduation, are the best part of my job.

The most challenging part of my job, and I suspect many academics would echo this thought, is committee work. It takes a lot of committees to run a college. College faculty work closely with the administration on key aspects of college governance. That kind of extra work, while necessary, can take away at times from the more enjoyable aspects of what we do.

The Top 8 Jobs For History Majors

If you are fascinated by the happenings of the past, then you may be interested in earning a degree in history. Upon choosing to major in history, you may wonder what your career prospects may include. There are a variety of jobs for history majors.

Weve compiled a list of the top eight jobs for history majors to review and consider.

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Careers With A Unc History Degree

The study of History enriches a students life in many ways, deepening her or his understanding of the human experience in the past and by extension in the present. At the same time, pursing a History major opens many doors to many rewarding career paths. An informal survey of profiles on Linkedin finds former Carolina History majors working at law firms, as teachers, as research and development officers for employers like the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, for public radio, and also for non-profit and philanthropic organizations such as the World Resources Institute and the Pew Charitable Trusts, among other jobs.

A 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal,Good News Liberal-Arts Majors: You Do Just Fine, made some similar observations about humanities and social sciences degrees in general, including History, noting that while graduates in such majors might make less than their peers in career-tailed majors, their earnings catch up over time, and sometimes surpass them. Or, see the American Historical Associations thoughts on Careers for history majors.

Dont take our word for it: watch the videos below to hear from some former majors about how the study of history helped to shape their prospects, success, and careers.

In 2018, recent studies from Gallup and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences shared these stats:

How To Become A Content Strategist

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Political Science) Course

For any of these roles, youll need to find a place that you can create content. This might even be on a personal blog to start, but for a career, youll eventually need to cut your teeth in an organization. Try to find some places to do guest posts, and create a portfolio of your work. Then start doing informational interviews and networking with other content creators and with organizations that need content.

Sample Job Titles with Average Salaries


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More Jobs For History Lovers

The above 15 jobs in history are not the only ones out there. You can find history degree jobs in any sector and industry. Legal research needs history buffs. Political scientists rely on past events to help them understand political systems and governments. Library science wants knowledgeable people. The point is, there are many different career paths for history majors.

Amazing Jobs For History Majors

I majored in history during my undergrad, and do you know how many times I googled Jobs for history majors? It was a lot. And each time I came up with the same tired list:

Now if you want to do these careers, more power to you! But a lot of history majors are looking for something different. Thats what this list is for.

What would I say to 22-year-old me, with a fresh bachelors degree in history and no job prospects on the horizon? Id tell him that theres a ton to do with a history degree! I wish I would have known about these amazing jobs for history majors. So whether you have a bachelors, a masters, or a PhD, here are some fantastic career options.

This post includes potential salaries from Glassdoor, Payscale, & ZipRecruiter. Salaries are estimates based on provided national averages in the United States and Canada. They will vary a lot by market and are only a starting point. Make sure to do your own searches.

This post may contain links to affiliate products, whichif you choose to purchasepay us a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to support our work. We only promote products weve used and love.

Here Are Some Jobs for History Majors

No matter what interests you, one of these roles will be a great fit. So if you want to know some amazing jobs for history majors, these would all work. Whether you have a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD in history, these careers might be perfect for you.

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What Can You Do With A History/political Science Degree

This degree gets you ready for the world post-graduation, wherever you may end up. Since youll be learning vital skills like digging through research, communicating through writing, and presenting your findings, your history/political science degree from Indiana University Kokomo will prepare you for all kinds of careers. Alumni from our program have gone on to do things like:

  • All kinds of government work
  • Public administration
  • All kinds of roles in business
  • Law enforcement
  • Non-profit organizations

In addition, studying history, political science, and philosophy will prepare you for law school and other graduate school programs in areas such as history, public history, political science/government, public administration, and library science.

At IU Kokomo, we want to help you gain real-world experience to go along with your degree. Youll have the opportunity to pad your resume with internship opportunities, research projects, and involvement in student organizations to show your future employer that youre more than a degree and a GPA.

Masters & Doctorate Degrees

Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

Many of the top history major jobs we listed require masters degrees or higher. To become a lawyer, for example, youll need to go through law school. That requires about three years of additional study after completing your undergrad degree. Then youll need to pass the bar exam. Each state or jurisdiction requires aspiring attorneys to take and pass this exam to prove their competence and readiness to practice law.

History professors need at least a masters degree, and many employers expect candidates to have a doctorate in a specific history topic. For other careers, you will want to supplement your broad-based undergraduate degree with a graduate education that focuses on your intended job. For example, librarians are expected to have a masters degree in library science archaeologists need a graduate degree in archaeology and political scientists most commonly have degrees in public administration, public policy, or public affairs.

A bachelors degree in history is the perfect springboard for so many careers. With the right combination of concentration, minor, experience, certification, and graduate education, the possibilities are endless. A little thought and planning in these details before or during your undergraduate studies can go a long way in helping you prepare for future success in a field that you love.

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