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Government Of Canada Car Rental

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Important Notice For International Travelers

The Government of Canada provides essential information on travel health risks and preventive measures to keep you safe during your travels. It is important to review the Travel website of Canadaeach time before you book your travels. Under Travel Health Notices the Public Health Agency of Canada outline potential health risks to Canadian travelers and recommend ways to help reduce them.

Book An Official Government Car Rental

Book an Offical Government Car Rental

Your Hertz Rental Car Discount Code will be pre-populated.

Hertz is pleased to be a partner to the Government of Canada in offering a full range of rental vehicles in Canada and the United States for travel authorized by Federal, Provincial, or Territorial Governments which is paid or reimbursed from public funds in accordance with Government Travel Policy.

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Death Emergencies Illnesses And Injuries While Travelling

Death while travelling

6.20.1 If an employee dies while travelling, the CRA will authorize the payment of necessary expenses that are additional to those which might have been incurred had the death occurred in the HQ Area.

Emergencies, illnesses and injuries while travelling

6.20.2 An employee shall be reimbursed the necessary expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident occurring while travelling that are additional to those which might have been incurred had the employee not been absent from their residence, and which were not otherwise payable to the employee under an insurance policy, the Government Employees Compensation Act , or other authority.

6.20.3 Members of the Board are considered “employees” under the GECA and the Aeronautics Act and are therefore eligible to employment injury benefits, in the event of injury or death while attending or traveling on Board business.

Director Of The Financial Reporting And Accounting Division Finance And Administration Branch

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7.5.1 Provides guidance and advice pertaining to processes, procedures, systems and controls supporting the management of travel expenditures.

7.5.2 Develops tools and provides training supporting the management of travel expenditures.

7.5.3 Liaises with Public Services and Procurement Canada and external suppliers for the management of travel services and travel cards.

7.5.4 Performs monitoring and verification activities pertaining to the processing of travel expenditures to ensure compliance with CRA CPIs.

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Government Car Rental Program

Government Car Rental Program

Since car rental rates change so often there is no negotiated rate for individual locations. The agreement is to offer government travelers both Federal and Military the lowest rates available that meet the requirements set forth by GSA and the DTMO. All major car rental companies offer government rates.

    These rates are available to federal employees traveling on official business. To take advantage of these discount the government traveler must provide government issued identification or a government credit card. The benefits include the following:

  • Unlimited mileage in the continental US .
  • Physical damage protection and 3rd party liability protection.
  • A full tank of gas upon pickup.
  • U.S. government employees ages 18 or older will not incur a young driver surcharge when renting for authorized government travel.
  • Renter must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Renter must have a valid drivers license or military id.
  • Renter must show the renting office his or her official orders or a government-issued credit card in order to receive this rate.
  • Renter is required to pay a $5.00 per rental day GARS Fee.

Government rates do not apply to leisure travel.

For more information on the government car rental program visit

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Overtime And Other Disruption To Commute

6.10.1 When there is a disruption in the employee’s regular commuting pattern such as overtime or other exceptional circumstances, approved by the Commissioner, such as public health emergency, the employee will be paid additional transportation costs incurred between the residence and the workplace.

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Weekend Travel To The Residence

6.12.1 The use of weekend travel to the residence requirements does not constitute a break in continuous travel at the same location.

6.12.2 An employee who is on travel status that extends through or beyond a weekend is eligible for weekend travel to the residence provision of this directive provided that the following conditions are met:

  • work schedules permit the employee to be absent and
  • appropriate private or public transportation is available and its use is both practical and reasonable.

6.12.3 The requirements for weekend travel to the residence do not permit employees to be paid overtime or travel entitlements other than what is outlined in section 6.12 Weekend Travel to the Residence of this directive for travel between the temporary duty travel location and the residence.

6.12.4 The employee must work the full daily number of required hours at the temporary duty travel location prior to and following the weekend.

6.12.5 Where the employee requests to travel to the residence during normal hours of work, the delegated manager has discretion as to how the employee will compensate or report for those hours.

6.12.6 No accommodation, meals or incidentals are paid at the employee’s residence.

6.12.7 – Travel in Canada and the Continental U.S.A.

Travel to the residence every weekend on average

Travel to the residence every third weekend on average

6.12.8 Travel outside Canada or the Continental U.S.A.

Accommodations Or Car Rental Companies Not Listed

Coronavirus: Trudeau, officials discuss new COVID-19 projections rent relief program | FULL

Employees are encouraged to contact the government travel service contractor, Amex GBT, for the selection of accommodations or car rental companies, where listings in the directory are limited or unavailable.

Employees are invited to submit the names of establishments or car rental companies not listed in the directory. While these suppliers won’t be incorporated into the directory immediately, they will be invited to submit an offer for the following year’s directory. The complete address including postal code and telephone number of the establishment or company as well as a contact name and e-mail address, should be forwarded to the following email address:

You may also send the information by mail to: PSPC

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Travel On Government Business

The National Joint Council Travel Directive provides for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred while travelling on government business.

The directive is co-developed by participating bargaining agents and public service employers. It applies to public service employees, exempt staff and other persons travelling on government business, including training.

Learn more by consulting the Travel Directive. Public Service employees with questions regarding travel claims and reimbursements should contact their Designated Departmental Travel Co-ordinator.

When You Negotiate Competitive Rates Why Not Mandate Them

Government of Canada transportation needs are met by air, rail and its own departmental vehicle fleets. These fleets are supplemented by taxis and daily and long-term vehicle rentals. The total rental-car expenditure is unclear, but the Governments own numbers suggest that daily rental costs amount to about $35 to $40 million annually.

Accommodations and Rental Car Directory

Each year, Public Works and Government Services Canada issues two Requests for Standing Offers which the car rental industry responds to by providing fixed daily rental quotes for more than 200 locations across Canada. The qualified bids are ranked according to price and listed in the Accommodations and Rental Car Directory, available online to public servants and anyone else who wants to view the government rates . There have been a number of improvements in the directory in recent years and the industry bidding is now highly competitive. The rental-car industry is competing on price for each vehicle type in each community and airport location across Canada. Preparing these bids, evaluating them, and updating the directory represent a significant cost and effort by both the rental car industry and the Government.

The Government of Canada, despite the excellent work it has done on the directory, does not currently have a similar mandate in place. As a result, significant cost savings go unrealized.

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Military & Government Official Travel

Request Official government rate at time of booking to receive the below benefits. Rates are available for travel to all US and participating Canadian, Latin American and European locations.

There is no cash deposit

There is no additional driver fee

There is no extra fee for drivers under 25

CDW is included in rate

For rentals in the United States and Canada, the minimum age for rental is 18 years old.

For rentals in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the minimum age for rental is 21 years old.

Veteran And Military Family Benefits

The Fur Trade Route from Toronto to Kenora by Motorhome Including Best ...

Enjoy great savings, special benefits, and all the comfort and reliability that comes with renting from Avis. Whether you’re traveling on official Government business or for pleasure, we’re committed to serving the needs of every branch of the Canadian Military and Federal Government.

As an approved Government supplier, Avis offers the following at participating locations when traveling on official business in Canada:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Free unlimited kilometres
  • No additional or underage driver fees

For your convenience, Avis accepts travel orders, purchase orders, and the Government of Canada corporate credit card as proof of your official travel status.

For more information call 1-800-879-2847.

Enjoy great savings, special benefits, and all the comfort and reliability that comes with renting from Avis. Whether you’re traveling on official Government business or for pleasure, we’re committed to serving the needs of every branch of the Canadian Military and Federal Government.

As an approved Government supplier, Avis offers the following at participating locations when traveling on official business in Canada:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Free unlimited kilometres
  • No additional or underage driver fees

For your convenience, Avis accepts travel orders, purchase orders, and the Government of Canada corporate credit card as proof of your official travel status.

For more information call 1-800-879-2847.

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Vehicle Reservation & Corporate Id Number

  • Call the phone number indicated on the rates table for that rental agency location in the Daily Rental Suppliers by Community table.
  • When making the reservation use the Corporate ID Number listed for that rental agency in the Corporate ID Number column within the Daily Rental Suppliers by Community table. Corporate ID numbers must be used with 1-800 or other toll-free number or online / Internet booking systems offered by the rental agency, or travel sites, to ensure the correct rates and terms are applied.
  • If you rely on your travel agent to make your rental bookings, let them know that you will travel under the government’s supply arrangement and inform them of the Corporate ID numbers.
  • Note: The rental agency is not responsible for provision of our Corporate ID numbers. If the renter does not provide the number, the rental rate may differ from the agreed rates as well as the insurance and other terms of the agreement.

Motor Vehicle Safety Act

S.C. 1993, c. 16

Assented to 1993-05-06

An Act to regulate the manufacture and importation of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment to reduce the risk of death, injury and damage to property and the environment

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

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Making Reservations Through American Express Global Business Travel

Employees of departments and agencies of the federal government participating in the government travel service may request accommodation or car rental reservations through the offices of the GTS contractor, Amex GBT, in their region. The GTS contractor will also assist in the resolution of complaints when an accommodation or car rental reservation has been made on behalf of the employee.

Also, in order to prevent any overcharges, we encourage employees to verify the accommodation or car rental rate in the directory to make sure that the correct rate was reserved by Amex GBT as mistakes do happen from time to time.

How To Access Member Benefits:

Why car park ownership is big business in Hong Kong

This benefit is only available to members of AFGE. If you are a member of AFGE, please . If you are not a member, but would like to find out how to become one, please visit the section.

Whether itâs a car, van, SUV or truck rental, AFGE families can enjoy from 5% up to 25% discount savings on rental cars from Advantage, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty, and Dollar Rent a Car. Discount rental car rates and savings vary depending on the type of car or vehicle, time of year, location and length of car rental reservation. Check each one for the best deal.

Join AFGE or login to compare them all for the best deal.

Toll-free Benefits Line:

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Making Reservations Through Another Travel Agency

Please note that it’s the employee’s responsibility to make reservations using only the approved travel agency for their department or agency. As the Government of Canada has no contractual agreements with these travel agencies , PSPC won’t be able to assist employees who use non approved travel agencies should there be a problem with their reservation, even if the supplier that the agency made the reservation with is listed in this directory. This would apply in cases whether the reservation was made directly with the agency or through their website.

Should employees not be sure which travel agency is the approved one for their department or agency, they should contact their Designated Departmental Travel Coordinators for assistance.

Serving Those Who Serve

Our founder, Jack Taylor, selected the name Enterprise as a salute to the WWII aircraft carrier he served on, the USS Enterprise. Today, the Enterprise name is synonymous with the leadership and vision of the business. From our presence on military bases, to supporting service men and women in the community, its our honor to go the extra mile for the people who go above and beyond for our country.

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Select What You Need The Funds For

Most government funding programs are very specific as to what they cover as an expense.

As a Car Rental Agency Business, you want to ensure that you list the funding needs you have . Keep in mind that you may need funding for multiple things, so be sure to list those out as you start your funding search.

Hertz Is Pleased To Be A Partner To The Government Of Canada In Providing Rental Vehicles For Employees Of The Federal Government

Loans Canada

The Hertz program is focused on providing a wide range of vehicles along with negotiated rates and benefits under the Government of Canadas Standing Offer.

Employees of the provinces, ministries, and departments that fall under the Federal Government can access the following benefits with their rentals in Canada:

  • Negotiated rates on a wide variety of vehicle types
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Fee-Waived Underage Driver
  • Discounted Loss Damage Waiver

The CDP# should be used in all reservations to access the rates and benefits.

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How To Redeem Government Of Canada Car Rental Discount Codes

Log onto the main website of Government Of Canada Car Rental – and also add your goods to your buying cart. Spot PROMO CODE on the checkout page and copy the code in the box. The discount will be used instantly. If you don’t have a discount code, you can still proceed with the payment.

Welcome To The 2023 Accommodation And Car Rental Directory

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, many accommodation establishments are still functioning with very limited capabilities. Also, some car rental suppliers are operating with reduced personnel at their counters. As such, we recommend to Identified Users to verify with the suppliers if they are still operating and are able to supply the required services.

This web site is intended solely for the use of the Identified Users and suppliers identified herein. The negotiated rates are to be used only by the Identified Users while on official Government business travel authorized by Federal, Provincial or Territorial Governments and paid or reimbursed from public funds in accordance with Government Travel Policy.

NOTE: We strongly urge employees to consult the 2023 Accommodation and Car Rental Directory preface as it contains important information for employees that wish to travel on government business.

The directory includes some links to Web sites as well as information provided by accommodation and car rental service suppliers or other third-party suppliers that are used by our approved suppliers.

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Reduce The Size Of The Grey Fleet

The term grey fleet refers to business miles driven by employees in their own vehicles and then claimed back at a fixed mileage rate. It is called grey because the vehicles that fall under this category in many respects are a grey area of responsibility. Since there are no public numbers on the Governments grey fleet, we do not know its size. However, based on other governments experience, it is likely to be significant. The U.K. government has suggested its grey fleet constitutes 57% of its total road mileage.

A typical best practice in the corporate sector is to establish a policy where employees must use the least expensive travel option available, whether their own car or a rental. While the arithmetic may vary depending on the details, at the current Government of Canada kilometre reimbursement rate of $0.57, the break-even point is approximately 90 kilometres. Typically, corporate-sector businesses manage this expense through their travel policy and provide flexibility. For example, in the case of a 90 kilometre break-even, they may give employees the option to use a personal vehicle up to 130 kilometres a day.

Given the potential size and resulting cost of its grey fleet, we recommend that the Government of Canada establishes a policy that states that employees must use the least expensive travel option available â whether their own car, or a rental.

The Government of New Brunswick has had such a policy in place since 2006:

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