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Government Land For Sale In Massachusetts

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Princeton Street Chelmsford Ma

Mataffin Trust opens a case of fraud against the trustees over land sale

Property Overview:

The Commonwealth will auction a 34 Acre redevelopment site that is the former location of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, West Campus. The auction will take place on April 5, 2019 at 12:00 P.M. at the Chelmsford Town Offices, Selectmens Meeting Room, 50 Billerica Road, Chelmsford.

Interested parties should obtain property and auction information at Zekos Group.

All inquiries should be directed to the Zekos Group.

Please note: Property descriptions are approximate. Information subject to change.

Up To 3 Parcels Of State Owned Land On Prime And State Important Soils Available To Rent In Lakeville

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources is seeking applications for the use of up to three parcels of agricultural land in Lakeville off of Bridge Street. The parcels are shown in the map as Field 2 Field 3 and Field 7 . Soils are classified as prime and state important. Applicants may bid on any number of the parcels. The application is available below.

Location: Bridge Street, Lakeville

Which Agencies Sell Real Property

Not every government agency sells real property. Some Federal agencies turn over any real property they have to the General Services Administra-tion which sells the property for them. The Federal Property Resources Service of the GSA sells a significant amount of surplus Federal Government real property. The GSA is the governments largest disposer of real property, so it might be the first place you want to look.

If you are looking primarily for undeveloped land, another agency you will want to contact is the Bureau of Land Management . If you are looking to buy a farm, the Farmers Home Administration of the U. S. Department of Agriculture sells this type of real property.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation also sells real property which once belonged to failed banks. Of primary interest to the homesteader would be the FDICs offers of undeveloped land and single-family homes.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has foreclosed single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and fixer-uppers available for purchase, most of which are sold for fair market value, but you can sometimes pick up a pretty good deal.

Other Federal agencies which sell single family homes, vacant land, farms, and commercial property include the U. S. Marshals Service, the U.S. Small Business Administra-tion , the Tennessee Valley Authority , U.S. Customs , the Department of Veterans Affairs , and the U. S. Army Corp of engineers.

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How Government Encourages Property Theft In Massachusetts And Homeowners Are Fighting Back

The first time Mark Mucciaccio of South Easton, Mass., remembers hearing of Tallage Lincoln LLC was when he learned the real estate investment company had taken his longtime family home out from under him.

Mucciaccio isnt alone. Numerous Bay State homeowners have ended up in the crosshairs of real estate players working with government agencies to seize and sell off tax-delinquent properties. They keep any profit, leaving the original owners with nothing.

This predatory practice is legal in Massachusetts at least for now. But that could soon change, thanks to leadership from state lawmakers seeking to end questionable tax-forfeiture sales.

In most states, tax foreclosures are reasonably straightforward. If you fail to pay your property taxes, state or local officials can seize and sell the property at auction to satisfy the tax debt . Once that debt is satisfied, the remaining proceeds are returned to the original owner to compensate them for their equity in the property.

But in Massachusetts, officials skip this crucial last step. Instead, they take the whole house as payment for the tax debt no matter how valuable the house or how small the debt. Some municipalities keep the windfall. Others give the power to take the house to a private investor who then can pocket the profit. Regardless of how much equity the homeowner may have built up in their property, theyre left with nothing. Massachusetts is one of a dozen states where this sketchy practice remains legal.

How To Complain If You Have Problems

10 High Street, Boston Office Space

If you have a complaint or problem, for whatever reason, the first step is to contact the agency that sponsored the sale. Again, caveat emptor. Dont expect the agency to be sympathetic if you simply arent happy with the property you bought after you bought it. Unless fraud or deception was involved, it was your responsibility to ensure the property was what you wanted before you participated in the sale.

Agencies you can

Pueblo, CO 81009

On the other hand, if you found out that the price for which the property sold was less than your bid, you may have reason to question the sale. If the problem is with the sealed bid or offer you submitted, the agency may be able to tell you what it was about your bid or offer that caused it to not be accepted. Doing so isnt likely to change the sale process as sales are almost always final. However, knowing what went wrong this time may help insure it doesnt happen again.

If you were following information about a sale that you received from a non-governmental organization, and you believe it was misleading or inaccurate, you can complain to the government about it. In most cases, the government agency collects information and tracks these problems, but does not take immediate action on your behalf. The agencies are mostly interested in seeing any pattern of illegal activity, and finding out if there are any violations of Federal regulations.

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Make Massachusetts Yours Easily Find Land For Sale In Massachusetts Today

Bristol & Plymouth Counties have grand histories just waiting to be explored. In Bristol County, New Bedford has a historic district remembering the peak of the whaling industry, and you can see the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Fall River made its mark as a textile-manufacturing leader, and is now home to discount outlets housed in the same buildings. Plymouth Rock is a highlight of Plymouth County, as is Plimoth Plantation, reviving the sixteenth century community via living history. Another must-see is the Mayflower II reproduction or the Bridge of Flowers on the Mohawk Trail.Boston is an immensely active city with an event-laden history. Go back to the American Revolution and visit Paul Reveres House, the Old South Meeting House Museum to stand where the Boston Tea Party colonists stood, and take the Freedom Trail to see much more. The New England Aquarium will excite you to take a harbor cruise. The Longfellow National Historic Site, serving both George Washington and Henry Longfellow, is worth touring. A Boston, Massachusetts lot for sale is unsurprisingly, a hot commodity, so it’s good to inquire now rather than later on

How Real Property Is Sold

Government agencies use many different methods to sell the real properties within their possession. One of the most common methods, and often the easiest for the buyer, is the sealed bid method.

Other methods include the public auction, sealed bid auctions, spot bids, fixed price sales, negotiation, broker/individual sales, and portfolio sales. Not all of these methods are commonly used for real property, however, nor are all of these methods particularly useful to the buyer looking for a piece of real estate. The sales methods you should become familiar with if you are looking to purchase real property from the government are: sealed bid, auction, and broker/individual sale.

During the sealed-bid process, the agency wanting to sell the property may prepare a formal document called an Invitation for Bid. This document describes the property and explains the procedure for placing a bid. Interested individuals then submit a bid on the property. When the bid-opening date occurs, the bids are read publicly, and the sale of the property is awarded to the highest bidder who correctly followed the bidding procedures. Bids which have not properly followed the bidding procedures are disqualified, even if they are the highest bid. Thus, its important to note and follow the specific bidding instructions for any property on which you want to bid.

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How To Buy Real Property From The Government

Although there are often very specific procedures you must follow in order to participate in the sale of real property by the government, here are some general guidelines you should follow.First, before you attend a government auction or submit a sealed bid for a piece of property, do your homework. Contact the appropriate agency and find out basic information about the property and the auction. Get a copy of the invitation for Bid or similar document if it is available. Make sure you understand what it tells you as most sales are final.

Specifically ask when the sale or auction will take place and where, what sales method will be used, if there are any special restrictions or requirements, and how payment is to be made. Although some agencies such as HUD and the VA assist the buyer with financing, most agencies expect you to pay for your purchase with a money order, certified check, or cash. If you are hoping to finance your purchase, be sure to ask if that is allowed, and how soon your lender will need to provide the agency with the full funds. Then make sure you have already qualified for the loan and received permission from the lender to make a bid for the property.

As with private property for sale by owner or through a broker, you may need permission to enter and inspect the property. If so, be sure to get that permission. You can ask the agency selling the property whether you need permission, and if so, who to get it from if it isnt them.

Where Can I Find Information On Fdic Real Estate Auctions

Abandoned property going up for sale

Auction announcements can be found on the FDIC Special Real Estate Sales Events web page at. Advertising may also appear in local, regional or national newspapers or other media in each events local and/or regional area.

I am interested in a property that I thought belonged to FDIC. How can I find out who owns it?

If your property of interest does not appear in the latest inventory of FDIC real estate properties currently available for sale at , contact your local county clerk or recorders office, or local title company for information. They can assist you in procuring a copy of the property deed, title, and/or other publicly available documentation to confirm ownership.

If, after that, you need further assistance, contact the FDIC Owned Real Estate Department at or 568-9161, and be prepared to provide the subject propertys name and location, deed or deed recordation, and/or any other additional title documents.

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Massachusetts Is The #8 State With The Least Land Owned By The Federal Government

Hartwell Tavern

The federal government owns 27.1% of all land in the United States, or 615.3 million of 2.27 billion acres. Federal lands are managed mostly for preservation, recreation, and the development of natural resources.

The Bureau of Land Management, a governmental division that manages public lands, controls 39.7% of federally owned lands. The Forest Service, in charge of national forests and grasslands, is responsible for 31.4% of federal land. The Fish and Wildlife Service, which manages 14.5% of public lands, is responsible for restoration and protection efforts related to endangered species, wildlife refuges, fisheries, and migratory birds. The National Park Service manages 13% of federal lands, and finally, the Department of Defense takes care of 1.4% of government property.

The United States expanded in its early years by acquiring or purchasing land, eventually transferring it to state governments or individuals through homesteading or land grants and encouraging settlers to relocate to the west. But in the 20th century, the government switched gears and started focusing its efforts on retaining the land it owned. Today, a handful of U.S. agencies have land disposal and acquisition authorities, but the federal governments ownership of U.S. land has largely been decreasing. From 1990 to 2018, federal land ownership shrunk by 31.5 million acres.

Read on to find out who exactly owns what in your state, or check out the national story here.

How Does The Fdic Market And Sell Real Estate

Properties are generally sold individually through listings with local real estate agents and/or brokers, who are hired by FDIC real estate contractors to assist in the marketing and disposition of properties on behalf of the FDIC. Occasionally, the FDIC conducts open outcry and online real estate auctions.

All properties are sold on an as is, where is, with all faults basis. The FDIC makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation, express or implied, as to the location, quality, kind, character, size, description, or fitness for any use or purpose, now or hereafter with regard to any of the properties listed.

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When The Fdic Receives My Offer How Is It Evaluated

Various criteria are considered when evaluating offers from prospective purchasers. They include, but are not limited to: appraised value purchase offer amount earnest money deposit amount how the purchase will be funded due diligence, inspection, and closing periods net sales proceeds and the submission by the prospective purchaser of all complete, fully executed documents required by the FDIC.

The FDIC reserves the right to accept, reject, and/or counter any offer. While reviewing such offers, the FDIC further reserves the right to continue its sales efforts, including responding to any other inquiries or offers from other parties concerning the purchase of a property.

Where To Get More Information

10 High Street, Boston Office Space

Contact these agencies for more information about real property for sale from the government.

For FmHA sales, contact the Farmers Home Administration county office in the county where the property is located. Look under Federal Government, Farmers Home Administration in the government pages of the phone book for the area. If the property you are looking for is not in the area covered by your local phone book, you often can find phone books for other cities and states at your local library.

To contact some of the other federal government agencies which sell real property, you also find the local office in the government pages of the phone book for the area in which the property is located. Look under Federal Government, and then for the offices name such as the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers , U.S. Marshals Service , or the V.A. .

For V.A. and HUD properties, check with licensed real estate brokers in the area where the property is located. You can also contact HUD directly at 1-800-767-4483.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has three regional offices that handle real property sales depending on where the property is located. These offices are: the Northeast Service Center, 101 E River Dr. East Hartford, CT 06108 , the Western Service Center, 4 Park Place, Newport Beach, CA 92714 , and the Field Operations Branch, 1910 Pacific Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201.

From there, look for a page containing information about real property sales.

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Development Projects In Boston

We developed a list so the public can learn about real estate projects we’re working on. You can browse our active projects and give us your opinion on them.

Our building housing feature has information about properties in all stages of development. If you got a notice about a property sale, you can find that information here.

Section : Towns Power To Hold Lease And Convey Property

Notwithstanding this section or section 53 of chapter 44, a city or town that rents or leases any public building or property, or space within a building or property, other than a building or property under the control of the school committee, may deposit any monies received from the rental or lease in a separate account in the city or town treasury. The monies may be expended by the board, committee or department head in control of the building or property without further appropriation for the upkeep of the facility so rented or leased. Any balance remaining in the account at the close of a fiscal year shall be paid into the general fund of such city or town provided that in any city or town that accepts this proviso, any balance shall remain in the account and may be expended for the upkeep and maintenance of any facility under the control of the board, committee or department head in control of the building or property.

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Welcome To The Barnstable County Registry Of Deeds

Barnstable County was founded in 1685 and encompasses the land and the 15 towns that make up what is popularly known as Cape Cod. The Barnstable County Registry of Deeds contains the over three centuries of real property ownership history for Cape Cod.

In Massachusetts, Registries of Deeds deal only with title to real property. Other aspects of property ownership, such as building type/size, property taxes, zoning, etc. fall under the jurisdiction of the municipality where the property is located.

Property records at the Barnstable Registry of Deeds begin in 1742 and Land Court records begin in 1898. With the exception of some very old records and a few oversized plans, all of our Registry of Deeds and Land Court indexes and images are available for searching and viewing at this website. In addition, we have tried to include on the site links to other sites that deal with the various aspects of real property ownership not specifically related to title.

Answers to many common questions concerning real property ownership can be found under our FAQ link and other link options on this site. Please take your time to check those options the answer may only be a click away!

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