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Government Grants For Playground Equipment

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How To Write A Playground Grant That Gets Funded

Playground Equipment Grants | Grants 101 for your Community | GameTime

Playground grant proposals that are more likely to get funded focus on the mission and interests of the funding organization. Before you begin filling out a grant application, it’s important to understand the grantor’s objectives and define how your playground project fits into their mission. This will help you better tailor the content of your proposal and ensure it follows the ideals of the funding organization. The grant application process can be time consuming so it’s important to start early to meet the application deadline.

A grant proposal typically has six sections that must be addressed:

Playground Grants And Funding

Raising funds for a new playground or new playground equipment is hard work and can take time. With PlayQuests help, you wont have to postpone your new playground or expansion due to lack of funding. PlayQuest works with your school or community to help you raise funds and obtain grants for playground equipment, while designing and preparing for playground installation.

Review our list below of playground grants available for schools and communities across Canada.

Playground Grants Available In Canada

We are always updating our list of current and upcoming grants in Canada, and the regions of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Be sure to check with us on opportunities available for schools and communities in your province or nationally.

Aviva Community Fund

The Aviva Community Fund invests in charitable community initiatives across Canada to strengthen the local community. There are two levels of funding for this grant, less than $50,000 and $50,000-$100,000.

Community Foundations of Canada

Matching grant for up to $15,000 please visit the Community foundations of Canada website for eligibility requirements and to find a Community Foundations of Canada location near you.

FCC AgriSprit Fund

The FCC AgriSpirit Fund is about enhancing rural communities. If your organization is raising money for a capital project and your city or town has less than 150,000 people, it may qualify for a donation between $5,000 and $25,000.

Rick Hansen Foundation

Through the Rick Hansen Foundation provides grants to schools and community groups to help Canadians complete infrastructure improvement projects and awareness building events to help remove physical barriers in schools and communities spaces and create awareness about accessibility all across Canada.

Enabling Accessibility Grant

Co-op Community Spaces

Canadian Jumpstart

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Playground Equipment Grant Applications

Applying for grants can make your playground fundraising dollars go further and you can reach your funding goal quicker. Many of the school and community park projects we do are eligible for grants.

We have experienced, professional grant writers available to make sure submissions include the right information, and deadlines are met. We can help you complete your playground grant applications and put together what you need. If you are interested in our free grant writing assistance, give us a call at or email [email protected].

We have listed below playground grants to apply for in Canada.

Playground Grants & Funding Options

Government Grants For Playground Equipment

Playground grants are a great way to fund your commercial playground. We offer a variety of playground grants for your community including school playground grants, park playground grants, community playground grants & more! Below are playground grant options from Federal, State, and Private Foundation grants that are available to help you fund your recreation space. View your options below, or contact us to get in touch about available options that would be a good fit for you! Contact us to learn more about our selection or request a playground catalog!

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How To Set Up And Manage A Successful Fundraising Campaign

Winning fundraising campaigns are the result of ongoing management, day-to-day oversight, and organization. Strategies you can employ to create a successful playground fundraising campaign include:

  • Create a campaign package: Start building a two or three-page overview of your playground project. It should include your development plan, timeline, and goals. Outline how your playground will benefit your community and create a separate project budget that consists of all related expenses.
  • Engage as many people as possible: If possible, create a campaign committee of four to five stakeholders. Meet regularly to discuss ideas, add new prospects, and coordinate ongoing outreach efforts.
  • Prioritize your prospects: Separate your donors into three tiers based on their overall alignment with the project. Tier one represents your best prospects tier two consists of your less-aligned potentials tier three represents your speculative donors. Record and track your outreach efforts to these donors on an ongoing basis.

National Regional And Local Government Agencies

Governments often offer playground grants for schools, parks and community projects. When applying for a government grant, start by looking at the resources, agencies and programs in your city and state. You may also be able to learn more about additional grant opportunities by contacting your local community foundation.

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What Are My Responsibilities To The Playground Equipment Fund

  • Your organization is expected to plan and manage the entire project including:
  • Securing adequate funds to complete the project
  • Acquiring all necessary permits and approvals associated with the project
  • Purchasing and properly installing the equipment according to the standards of the manufacturer and
  • Keeping all receipts, CSA certifications, and approvals for payment and auditing purposes.
  • The project must meet these requirements:
  • Equipment must have a minimum one year warranty and have the installation signed off by the manufacturer.
  • Installation guidelines must be approved by the schools education authority .
  • The equipment must be installed in compliance with Canadian Standards Association guidelines.
  • Approved funds will be issued once all documents supporting the project costs are submitted to the Department.
  • Farm Housing Labor And Loans

    Gov. Beshear approves funding for parks, playgrounds

    The USDA funds the Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants program. Farm operators and owners are awarded grants to construct or renovate housing units for its seasonal farm laborers. Recipients also use funds to build daycare centers and other facilities such as dining areas and laundromats. Only U.S. documented workers who makes most of their incomes from farming are eligible to used housing units and facilities. Up to 10 percent of the grants must be matched by applicants.

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    Tips On Applying For A Grant For Playground Equipment

    Here are some tips for organizations applying for a grant for playground equipment:

    • Come up with a line-item budget which includes the cost of equipment, shipping charges, installation, and insurance.
    • Create a list of playground equipment beneficiaries. Organizations that provide grants will surely ask for demographic information. Indicate a total number of schoolchildren, physically-handicapped kids, and low-income residents.
    • Make a list of grant-giving organizations using a genuine source like
    • Contact the likely grant givers based on their proposal package or website
    • Write a brief and unique proposal with well-written synopsis, budget, timeline, and demographic information
    • Make sure the grant hasnt expired. Some grants are only available in a certain time frame

    Successfully Get School Playground Equipment Grants

    That said, getting a grant for this cause still require some efforts since there are many people who have the same ideas as you are. You have to have careful planning and search for suitable funders. A proposal that is in line to the funders priorities and specs is also important. In this post, you will learn about all of it.

    First, you have to have clear information about what you need and the cost needed for the equipment. For example, you can write that you want to install a monkey bar or merry go round, write down the total cost, and add information about the shipping and installation fees that are needed.

    Another thing to keep in mind is to provide demographic information about the students of the school, especially if there are a significant handicapped people or high-risk population. This often becomes the funders target. For example, you want to provide easy access to the playground for minority descendants children in your area.

    Have a proper research using an online directory of foundations is a good way to go. Use their search feature and enter the keywords that are related to school .

    Now that youve got the organizations attention, you need to prepare the proposal based on their preferences. In general, a grant proposal for school playground equipment grants is consisted of:

    • Projects summary
    • Demographic information that will use the facility
    • Needed items and their estimated cost, install cost and shipping cost
    • The timeline needed

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    Where To Find Playground Grants For Schools And Community Areas

    In addition to traditional fundraising efforts, its important to explore your options for grants that your project is eligible for. There are many sources of playground grants, including:

  • Government: Municipal, state, and federal government agencies often give money for specific projects like playgrounds.
  • Foundations: Services clubs, family foundations, and community foundations may have grants in place to support programs for children.
  • Businesses: Private grants can be offered by businesses located in your community or brand-name companies with hundreds of employees.
  • Individuals: Philanthropists seeking to promote the betterment of the community can be a key grant resource.
  • When looking for grants for playgrounds, start with the largest city closest to you and your local county. Once youve seen all the available options in your area, try branching out to your region and state.

    Donated Playground Equipment From Churches And Schools

    Biomedical Equipment Technology Program: Government Grants For ...

    Even churches, preschools, and child daycare businesses may be willing to donate their old playground equipment after they successfully obtain grants or funding for new equipment sets.

    Administrators or owners of these facilities and institutions can advertise their decision to donate so readers and projected beneficiaries can call and ask about the steps as well as requirements for qualifications.

    Also, keep your eyes peeled, if you see unused playground equipment, simply ask the owner if they would be willing to donate it.

    Old play equipment can be fixed up and restored to look new again. Check out our articles titled How to Clean Plastic Playground Equipment Make New Again, and How to Paint Plastic Playground Equipment Fully Restore for helpful guides.

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    Playground Grants In British Columbia

    Community Gaming Grant

    Community Gaming Grants support eligible not-for-profit organizations that deliver community programs that benefit the citizens of British Columbia.

    BCAA Play Here

    Were looking for play spaces around the province that are in need of an update. Play spaces can be more than just playgrounds it could be a community garden, outdoor classroom, basketball court, youth program facility or even a music room if its a place to play, gather and learn, we want to know how it can be improved and how it will impact your community.

    At the end of the contest period, the 3 play spaces as voted by British Columbians will each receive revitalizations worth up to $100,000 and the remaining finalists will receive runner-up prizes, made possible by Evo Car Share!

    BC Funding Opportunities

    Use this tool to find B.C. funding opportunities such as grants, bursaries and loans. Various opportunities are available for individuals, local governments, and community groups.

    Civic Info BC

    Civic B.C. grants database, you can search by subject area and Grant Provider.

    Norther Development Initiative Trust

    Who Offers Playground Funding And Grants

    Government and state agencies are a good source for recreation grants.

    Other sources include non-profit groups, foundations, and private corporations.

    These entities recognize the benefits a playground can offer to its community and how they can help to contribute to the health of children and families through recreational activity, states a General Recreation post on its website.

    Playgrounds offer opportunities for children to be active, maintain better health, and reduce childhood obesity.

    They also encourage physical, emotional and social development, as well as a sense of community.

    Playgrounds can often lead to safer communities.

    Foundations and Corporations offer grants to promote healthy activity for children. Some will especially support these projects in lower-income communities or will fund projects that focus on inclusive play or special needs.

    There may also be an interest in promoting fitness through fitness equipment areas, and other positive improvements to a site.

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    Playground Shade Structure Grants

    Playground safety doesnt just cover whats on the ground having proper shade structure means that both children and adults can be safe in an outdoor environment with protection from damaging UV rays.

    As shade structures deal with a specific concern in playgrounds, the applicable grants are equally specific. The Canadian Dermatology Association offers a Shade Structure Grant Program every year, awarding a total of $34,000 across Canada to playgroups, communities, and schools. The goal is to create a safe outdoor environment that protects people from the suns harmful ultraviolet radiation.

    Playground Grants In Manitoba

    Playground Grants

    Support for community projects less than $100,000 for registered charities that serve our community.

    Tire Stewardship Manitoba

    The Tire Stewardship Manitoba Community Demonstration and Innovations Grant Program provides funding for the use of recycled tire products made from Manitoba tires in projects delivered by local governments, post-secondary and research institutions, community and youth groups, Aboriginal organizations, and First Nation communities. Onetime matching grants up to project levels of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 are provided to communities and non-profit organizations to use and benefit from a wide range of recycled tire products.

    Manitoba Grants Online

    Welcome to Manitoba Grants Online, a new one-stop portal for non-profit organizations to access a variety of government grants. Manitoba Grants Online currently features grant offerings from four departments Municipal Relations, Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Sport, Culture and Heritage. Please visit this site in the future for access to even more grants from other departments as they join the portal.

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    How To Get Grant Money For Your Playground

    The center of every community is a great recreational park. Whether you are a private organization , a non-profit organization , or a public parks and recreation team , there are a number of resources available to help you find grants and funding to assist with your purchase and playground project.

    Communities looking to revitalize their public spaces should plan to fundraise and seek out grant opportunities well in advance. It can take some time to explore the different avenues for recreational grants, and processing once approved, can take some additional administrative time. Many community groups base the scope of their playground project on two years of preparatory planning to allow for fundraising and applications for grants.

    Building a safe public playground is an investment in fitness, fun, and the well-being of the community it serves. But the cost of quality certified commercial playground equipment can be a little daunting for a lot of organizations. To get the highest return on investment for your playground project, we recommend choosing only commercial grade equipment that is engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor use by children, such as the products we offer here at American Parks Company

    Esser Arp & Cares Funding

    ESSER , ARP and CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act playground funding options are a great way to encourage your community to move, engage, and grow together through play!

    Using the ARP and CARES funding for your early childhood playground, musical space or outdoor classroom is a great way to help your children learn and grow together through play while benefiting in a variety of ways from taking it outside. Learn more about early childhood playground funding here!

    Using ESSER , ARP and CARES funding for your commercial school playground, outdoor fitness center or outdoor classroom is a great way to help your students learn and grow together through play! Learn more about school funding options here!

    Using the ARP and CARES funding for your park, commercial playground, outdoor fitness space or recreation area is a great way to help your community move, engage and grow together through play! Active communities do better with lower rates of obesity and heart disease and higher home values and graduation rates. Learn more about community funding options here!

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    Voices For Healthy Kids


    Purpose: Voices for Healthy Kids funds coordinated state, local, and tribal public policy issue advocacy campaigns focused on access to healthy food and active living.

    Funding Cycle: OngoingAmount: 50,000 250,000 for 18 months

    Deadline: Ongoing

    How To Start A Successful Go

    Government Pricing

    Go-Fund-Me is a for-profit crowdfunding platformthathelps people to raise money for life events and activities. It is described as the most trusted platform for online fundraising.

    Go-Fund-Me has raised over $4 billion from 40 million donors since it started in 2010. It collects and distributes donations through electronic means. Users create their campaigns to address needs, setting up goals, the amount they hope to get and describe the need for funds through images and stories.

    Campaigns usually begin by sharing links among peers using social networking websites and email. Donations are sent using Go-Fund-Me payment processors. to set up a campaign, but first, check out these helpful tips to better your chances of success.

    Here are some tips to initiate a successful Go-Fund-Me campaign for playground equipment:

    • Add a personalized message when you post on social media.
    • Use attractive and bright images.
    • Produce a convincing video.
    • Produce an eye-catching fundraiser title.
    • with four to five colleagues or next of kin through SMS, FB, email, and other social media platforms
    • Post regular updates about your campaign, like the use of donations and beneficiaries.

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    Child Care Development Grants

    The Department of Health and Human Services funds the Child Care and Development Block Grant program. Daycare centers are awarded funds to cover renovations and upgrades to its facilities to meet state and local standards. Grants are also used for developing and expanding child care activities to improve services provided by daycares. Up to five percent of the grants can be used for administrative costs.

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