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Government Grants For Changing Careers

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Aauw Career Development Grants

St. Louis Community College to give millions in grants to help people change careers

Career Development Grants provide funding to women who hold a bachelors degree and are preparing to advance or change careers or reenters the workforce. Primary consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields. Grants of $2K $12K provide support for course work beyond a bachelors degree, including a masters degree, second bachelors degree, certification program, or specialized training in technical or professional fields at an accredited U.S. university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Align Your Project With The Awarding Agencys Purpose

Too often, grant proposals miss the mark because they miss the requirements and goals spelled out in an awarding agencys Notice of Funding Opportunity .

To ensure this doesnt happen, its critical that you carefully review eligibility requirements, estimated program funding, and cost-sharing or match requirements to check if the grant is even a viable opportunity for your agency.

Many governments are digitizing the process of searching and tracking grant opportunities, which is saving time and effort. Reading over a NOFO can take an average of at least 2 hours. Having a curated search tailored to your agencys needs can save you much time and hassle, so you can quickly weed out opportunities that arent relevant while ensuring you spell out your agencys goals as well as speak to those of the awarding agency.

Eligible Applicants For Ontario Government Funding

In order to be considered eligible for Second Career, the applicant must fall under the following criteria:

  • Laid off or have been laid off within the past 6 years.
  • Currently unemployed, working on contract or an interim position.
  • Choosing to pursue a position that is currently in high demand.

Applicants will also be subject to further assessment regarding their previous work experience, professional skills, and their ambitions towards a new career.

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Search Results For Alberta

Keith Robinson has received a total of $440,000 from the Canadian government

Ontario, Canada

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Landon D. Miller has received a total of $75,000 from the Canadian government

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Gary McMullen has received a total of $50,000 from the Canadian government

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Sidney Nadjiwon has received a total of $3,000 from the Canadian government

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Derek Keoughan has received a total of $15,000 from the Canadian government

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Scott MacGregor has received a total of $25,000 from the Canadian government

Ontario, Canada

Government Grant Opportunities For Women

Government Help


Women have been able to achieve their goals and dreams with the help of government grants for education and business. The federal, state and local governments provide grants to women to help them in business, research, development, to further their education and for health care and housing. The government has over 99.7 billion dollars available for grants for women. Money is available for women who are out of work, want to start a small business, a health care facility, child or senior care facility, to remodel an old building, make a home energy efficient, to develop a new technology or service. There are a variety of grants available for women who need money to start a business, make a career change, get a college education or return back to school to get retrained in order to compete in the job market. However, there is a lot of competition for free government grant money as well.

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Fellowships To Change Careers

Itching to make a lasting impact within your community? Considering a career change to better help those in need? Check out these fellowships and grants for a career change to the social sector. Funding is available to movers and shakers in a range of professional stages including recent graduates, second-career professionals, and experienced mid-career professionals.

Scholarships And Grants To Continue Your Education

Your career change plans may include a return to school to upgrade your skills. There are a number of sources of financial assistance for students, including scholarships, grants, and student loan programs.

If you haven’t decided on a specific school yet, there are some great resources online that can provide you with information about options available to you. Here are a few sites you can check out to learn more:

  • The College Grant page at contains an overview of the different types of grants available. This page also explains that when you accept a grant, it’s not really “free” money. There will be some kind of obligation attached to your taking the funding, and most grants are awarded to post-graduate students.
  • Visit to find information about grants available to students including ones funded by the federal and state governments. Women and visible minorities may also qualify for grant money to further their education and facilitate their plans to start a new career.

You may also qualify for a grant if you are planning on becoming a nurse or a teacher, since these professions are currently experiencing a shortage of trained personnel.

You can get financial assistance in the form of career change grants when you want or need to find a different line of work. Take some time to explore all of your options to get help to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Additional Resources To Help Your Grant Career

Grants Management Online Training Course: The CFO Council has developed an online course for government employees and grant professionals hoping to work in federal financial assistance management.

  • Module 1 Laws, Regulations, and Guidance
  • Module 2 Financial Assistance Mechanisms
  • Module 3 Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements
  • Module 4 Cost Principles
  • Module 5 Risk Management and Single Audit

Financial Assistance Management Career Roadmap: This interactive resource from the CFO Council supports the grants management workforce to identify and learn about key competencies to continue their professional development.

Federal Financial Management Career Roadmap: This interactive resource was developed by the CFO Council to support the professional development of federal financial management professionals.

Labours Workforce Grants Portal

Australian students strike against government funding for gas industry

Labours Workforce Grants Portal gives employers access to apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Program. Employers must:

  • submit application and training completion forms
  • view application status
  • upload documents to application
  • update company information

To access Labours Workforce Grants Portal you must have a MyAlberta Digital ID for Business account:

  • MyAlberta Digital ID for Business is used for logging into Labours Workforce Grants Portal. If you already have an account, please use that same username and password to access Labours Workforce Grants Portal.
  • First time users will need to create an account. You will be given this option when you try to access the portal. Use the Creating a MyAlberta Digital ID for Business guide.
  • Invite back-up users to the account to ensure access to it and the Grants portal are not lost.

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Job And Career Training

Whether youre just starting out in the workforce or are looking for a career change, these resources outline your options for industry and career training.

Learn about apprenticeships and industry training and youth programs and the financial supports available for people considering a career in the trades.

More On Funding Your Career Change

If fellowships have piqued your interest, visit to browse and bookmark these and more than 800 other funded professional and academic opportunities.

About the Author: Vicki Johnson is a four-time fellow and the founder of, the leading online platform for information on professional and academic fellowships.

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Peer Support In Your New Industry

Some of the support youll need in your new career is free but can be priceless. Tips on best practices, updates on tax changes, client referrals and a place to ask questions are just a few of the benefits of joining a group of people in your industry or your local business community.

Besides your local chamber of commerce, you may want to check out:

Demonstrate How You Will Measure Results

Petition · Increase the Salary of Government Physicians ...

This goes hand in hand with developing your methodology but demonstrating previous performance on grant projects as well as how you plan to measure success on an award application will go a long way. Data visualization dashboards can come in handy for synthesizing this data and presenting it to awarding agencies.

Youll want to show measurable indicators like:

  • Number of active grants
  • Performance health
  • Overall health

Many grants management solutions also help you score grant performance, so you can demonstrate previous success with grants to strengthen your application.

Writing a grant proposal can be especially daunting if you dont know where to start. For a successful government grant proposal, research, preparation and doing your due diligence in determining methodology as well as focusing on outcomes will make your application more competitive.

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Read The Applicant Guide

You only need to submit one application for all trainees taking the same training at the same time.

Check the Applicant Guide every time you apply to make sure you are up to date on the program requirements. If the application or supporting documents are incomplete your application will be rejected.

It is recommended that applications be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the start date of the training. Applications are not considered ‘received’ by the CAJG until ALL trainees have submitted their consent via email.

Use the following application checklist documents to ensure that all requirements are completed:

Check the applicant guide every time you apply to make sure you are up to date on the program requirements.

Employers may choose to receive 2 payment instalments by contacting the Canada-Alberta Job Grant team and requesting an interim reimbursement. This request can be made by contacting us.

If the employed trainee paid for the training costs, documentation must be included to show the employer has reimbursed the trainee for the full training amount paid to the training provider and any approved travel costs incurred by the trainee. Unemployed trainees are not permitted to fund their own training costs.

The Training Completion form must be submitted within 30 days of finishing training.

Fuse Corps Executive Fellows

After spending 15+ years in the private sector, spend a year working in the trenches with our countrys most visionary mayors and governors to help solve real community problems. Starting on their first day, Fellows are enrolled in the Fuse Corps Leadership Institute, a black-belt program for civic entrepreneurs that draws from the best practices of leading for-profit, public and social sector organizations, including McKinsey & Company and the Stanford Youll learn how government works and discover new ways to address the challenges facing our country. Fellows receive a $90,000 stipend in their Fuse Corps placement. Applications now open!

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Current And Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Open to applicants that meet eligibility criteria. Consult funding opportunities for more information on eligibility criteria.

  • The information from this list may change.
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Families Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a

Criteria For Selection And Application Review

The state government announces millions in funding for jobs | 7NEWS

The panel meets once a year to review applications for funding. Awards are based on the criteria outlined here. The panels recommendations are subject to final approval by AAUW. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis according to funds available in a given fiscal year.

To ensure a fair review process, AAUW does not comment on the deliberations of the awards panels. AAUW does not provide evaluations of applications. No provisions exist for reconsideration of grant proposals. Applications and supporting documents become the sole property of AAUW and will not be returned or held for another year.

The following criteria apply to the selection of Career Development Grants:

  • Demonstrated commitment to education and equity for women and girls.
  • Reason for seeking higher education or technical training.
  • Degree to which study plan is consistent with career objectives.
  • Potential for success in chosen field.
  • Documentation of opportunities in chosen field.
  • Feasibility of study plans and proposed time schedule.
  • Validity of proposed budget and budget narrative, including sufficient outside support.Quality of written proposal.
  • Applicant is from an underrepresented racial/ethnic background.
  • Applicant will be in an underrepresented area of the country and/or type of university other than a top-level research institution during the award year.
  • Applicant is seeking credentials in a nontraditional field.
  • Financial need.

Career Development Grant funds are available for:

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Canadian Government Grants For Starting A New Career

Second Career Ontario is a government-funded program for individuals who have been laid off and would like to start a career in a new industry. The program provides individuals with the skills and financial support to become qualified for a high demand position in a growing Canadian industry. Individuals can receive up to $28K in Ontario Government funding grants towards their costs of tuition, books, living expenses, caring for dependents, travel, transportation, and other living and training costs. This program is considered a cost-sharing program, meaning that individuals will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine the amount of financial support they will receive.

Composite Grants: A New Approach To Project Funding

Composite grants provide support for several projects taking place over 1 to 3 years. Instead of submitting a number of separate project applications, individuals, groups and organizations can combine their activities into a composite proposal. Organizations may also find this to be a more flexible and less onerous alternative to core grants. Applicants will need to have a history of receiving project grants from the Canada Council before they are eligible to apply for a composite grant.

Composite grants are available in the following components:

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Ways To Find Funding For Your Career Change

Many of us reach a point when we realize our current role is no longer what we expected. Perhaps you work in a stable, financially satisfying job, but feel that youve missed out on your opportunity to make an impact. For example, you may be working in the private sector, but are dreaming about a role in wildlife conservation, public policy, or direct service.

You may have noticed that many social-impact roles require several years of experience. Therefore, some suggest a career change is only possible if you go back to school, start your own nonprofit, or take an internship or entry-level job.

If you tremble at the thought of the financial risks these options might entail, heres some inspiration. Here are four ways to find funding for your career change and gain the skills and experience you’ll need to switch to the social-impact sector without breaking the bank.

Grants For Career Change Are Available To People In All Walks Of Life

£4.6 billion in new lockdown grants to support businesses ...

All types of people in all stages of life choose to change careers, and often it is necessary to find financial aid to do so. It may be that the company is closing and it is time to find a new job. It may be the company asking employees to work in other departments, or it may be employees simply tired of what they are doing.

Whatever the reason, additional training, travel, and expenses during the transition can cost a lot of money. There are ways to finance this type of change however, and grants can play a big part.

Knowing where to look and what to look for can go a long way toward finding career change grants. There are many different possibilities.

There are some government grants for career changes, and often special interest groups offer aid as well. Companies sometimes offer grants to those looking to change careers within a company. An example would be someone in a factory who wants to transfer to accounting for the same company.

Some employers offer financial aid to go back to school in this type of situation. Women, minorities, and specific fields of study have more opportunities available. Grants for careers change to a field that is hard to fill are fairly common as well. Examples include teachers in specific geographic areas or subjects, scientists in specific fields, and physicians in specific areas of practice or geographic areas.

AAUW Career Development Grants for Career Change


Pell Grant

Second Chance Act

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Employment And Training Administration

The agency within the federal government responsible for providing people with access to information and support for their job-search efforts is the Employment and Training Administration . Visit the web site to get news and information about career options, tips on how to find a job, and your rights as a worker.The ETA often funds worker training in high-need areas. For example, on July 22, 2008, the ETA announced the government will provide $10 million in grant funding to fund 11 projects designed to retrain workers for available job in the energy industry. Skilled workers are in demand in this sector, and if you are interested in changing careers, you may want to consider that there are numerous opportunities available for skilled workers.

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