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Capability Statement Template For Government Contractors

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Capability Statement Editable Templates

Live Capability Statement Review #1 (w/ SAM, DSBS, Website) for Government Contractors

Choose from four different styles of templates to help you create your capability statement. Use the TargetGov Capability Statement Editable Template to ensure that you have included all the information the government is looking for. This template will help keep you within the length guidelines. When yourre finished, youll have a document ready to present to government officials. This easy to use template is Word based. You can simply replace the prompts with your own information. You can edit the colors and graphics to fit your companys look. The exclusive TargetGov tips will keep you on track. To order click on your preferred template style. They are available for instant download.

Its all about YOU.Your Logo. Your company. Your Custom Capability Statement template.Capability Statements are essential to grow a business in the federal marketplace. Capability Statements, branded to your logo, create instant recognition.YourColor Customized Capability Statement template achieves branding on your document so that you can complete the most important part of the Capability Statement, the content.

Get Capability Statement Template For Government Contractors

Small, micro-firms with one employee to large, mega-firms with thousands of employees, have been successful in selling products and services to government agencies at the federal, state, city, county and municipal levels. Competition in government contracting has heightened as more companies try to break into, be competitive in, and stay successful in this market. Furthermore, fewer people are employed by the government to handle an increasing number of outreach and acquisitions, creating an ac.

Capability Statement Template For Government Contractors

i will organize a financial statement i need certain fiscal reports in the provider. Capability statement should be no more than pages remember, keep it simple, but tell the reader what makes you special and why they should choose to do business with you.

this can be used as a standalone document to market your business, or attached to sure the details you add to the capability statement template for government contractors is updated and accurate. include the date to the form with the date function. select the sign tool and create a signature.

you can find available options typing, drawing, or capturing one. check every area has been filled in properly. See a sample capability statement for marketing your small business. provides strategic consulting technology services and managed services to commercial, not for profit and government organizations.

our consulting can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve their performance. contract vehicles. Capability statement format a capability statement should be very brief and specifically related to the needs of the agency you are targeting.

  • 10. Design Attractive Capability Statement
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    What Is A Capability Statement

    If you were applying for a new, competitive position, without any inside connections, think about how youd want to make an impression. A strong resume might not be enough it needs to be eye-catching. What about a cover letter? Not if it sounds like 50 others. It has to wow them. The goal of a resume isnt just to introduce you its to stand out.

    When it comes to your construction business, thats the job of a capability of statement.

    A capability statement is a written document you as a contractor use to show customers and government agencies, at a glance, why they should be interested in your construction business. Like a resume, it should show and not just tell who you are and what you can do for them.

    The Fundamentals Every Contractor Needs To Know About Capabilities Statements


    In short, a capabilities statement is a resume for your business. Its typically a one- to two-page brief that allows a business to highlight its areas of specialty, expertise, and, of course, overall capabilities. It informs potential clients about what your company does and what separates you from your competitors. It can be as simple or as bold as youd like it to be, depending on your business. Of course, the more you set your business apart, the better.

    Capabilities statements typically include a businesss:

    • Core Competencies
    • Differentiators
    • Corporate Data

    Well dive into greater detail for each of those parts later in this guide. Think of a capabilities statement as one of the best you can utilize to get your business noticed by both government buyers and prime contractors. Its like having an elevator pitch that you can hand out on a moments notice.

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    Allow Gse To Help You Draft The Perfect Capability Statement

    Whether youre a small or large business, you will need a strong capability statement to work with the government. Federal, state, and local agencies require companies to submit a capability statement with their bids for contracts.

    The statements often work as a way to narrow down potential contractors. Thats why its so crucial to make it count.

    By allowing Government Services Exchange to assist, you will guarantee your business a capability statement that will catch the eye of government consumers. We will take a detailed approach proven to work and ensure that your business puts its best foot forward.

    Are Capabilities Statements Required

    Many government agencies ask you to send them a Capabilities Statement before meeting with them. Some RFPs require you to submit one with proposals and bids. They are used to compare you with other vendors.Prime contractors often ask potential subcontractors to submit capabilities statements before doing business with them.New Capabilities Statement eLearning Course Coming Spring 2019We will release a new self-paced eLearning course containing instructions on developing your Capabilities Statement, and sample templates in May 2019. If you want to be notified when it is released, please contact us.

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    Make It Stand Out Visually To Help You Stand Out Professionally

    Substance matters more than style, but big blocks of black Arial text can make good stuff boring to read. You dont have to be graphic designer, and it doesnt have to be beautiful. But you can give it a little edge by making it visually appealing. Applying a little color, some spacing and even some high-quality site photos can go a long way.

    Watch that you dont go overboard either. If it becomes too busy with colors, fonts and graphics, it can distract from the substance. We all know someone who has a good eye, and it doesnt hurt to ask them just to look at it and let you know whether youre hitting the right balance.

    Your Capability Statement Lab

    Live Capability Statement Review #2 (w/ SAM, DSBS, Website) for Government Contractors

    Get your capability statement template now! Download Professionally designed Capability Statement document for your company to Qualify Government Contracting. Download Professional New Capability Statement Templates that is Crucial to Make An Impact In Your Business. You can easily add your companys logo, capabilities, past performance, DUNS and NAICS codes, and certifications to our professionally designed MS Word templates.

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    Crafting A Powerful Capability Statement Webinar

    Both the government and private sector markets use a very unique business development tool called a Capability Statement. During this webinar you will learn how to create a powerful door opener Capability Statement document, your most important business development tool. However, very few contractors know how to create an effective document and acquisition personnel are subsequently buried by generic capability statements, making it very difficult to quickly evaluate and select those that fit specific needs. Learn how to stand out by crafting a compelling Capability Statement that will capture the interest of contracting personnel, teaming partners and prime contractors. to learn more.

    Capability Statements For The Government Marketplace

    Business Opportunity SpecialistNorth Dakota District Office

    The U.S. government is the largest single purchaser of goods and services in the world, awarding billions in annual contracts for various products and services – in both large and small quantities. This presents a profitable opportunity for small businesses as the law requires that at least 23 percent of all federal purchases be fulfilled by small businesses.

    Selling in the government marketplace is very competitive and you only have one chance to make a good first impression. There are four key factors to develop so that you will make a favorable impression with a federal agency:

    • Familiarize yourself with the particular agency you are targeting – do they buy what you sell? Sites like,, FedBizOps at and the Federal Procurement Data System at include information on agency profiles, government spending, and current opportunities. Agency procurement forecasts can be found at Forecasts are a list of projects that, if the money is available, government agencies would like to purchase.
    • Have a business card which displays your DUNS, CAGE and NAICS codes.
    • Have a “Capabilities Statement.” Selling in the government marketplace is very competitive. A capability statement is a must when trying to reach this market.

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    Know Your Audience And What They Want To Know

    Like a resume once again, a single capability statement wont fit every occasion. Construction contractors should consider preparing a basic capability statement they can then tailor to specific projects and requirements. Know what your audience for this particular submission will want to see. Starting from your companys template, select the project histories, customer references, etc., that will be most relevant. And consider cutting what wont be!

    Start Business Startup Guide Entrepreneurs Template

    39 Effective Capability Statement Templates (+ Examples) á? ...

    You can customize it within minutes for a basic design. it features large headings, a subtle color palette, and a photo. start editing the weekly report template by Templates. create a blank report. create blank. orange navy modern photo company financial report.

    minimal corporate modern social media report. white green vintage business annual report. orange and blue project status report. blue and white graph general report. pink and blue general report. Business development report design. in the process of developing and designing a business development report, it is important to understand the overall strategy and goals of the business.

    Write a business development plan now that in the growth stage of your business, its time to get to work. set things in motion with a business development plan. a business development plan sets goals for growth and explains how you will achieve them.

    it can have a or focus. Small business development center. your main goal in this section is to paint a picture of your ideal customer. later in the plan, when you discuss marketing channels, having a clear picture of who you are selling to and what. marketing plan template. Feb, progress report sample. progress report sample. progress report sample. produce such a statement because it is useful for the project itself. a weekly activity statement allows employees to consider how their work will result in total improvement of the groups start or achievement and business.

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    What This Blog Post Will Cover

    • The Fundamentals Every Contractor NEEDS to Know About Capabilities Statements
    • How a Well-Written Capabilities Statement Can Seriously BOOST Your Contracting Revenue
    • The MOST EFFECTIVE Capabilities Statement Format for Winning Contracts
    • Insider Tips to Make Your Capabilities Statement Stand Out ABOVE Your Competition

    Capability Statement Consultation Service

    Take a breath! We can do it for you. Contact us NOW to start the process of us doing the work for you.Work smarter, not harder. It takes real work to develop the content for your essential Capability Statement. You cannot move forward in government contracting without it. Work with TargetGovs experts to develop a solid Capability Statement that works for you instead of against you.

    Capability Statement Consultation Service includes:

    • Consultation with a TargetGov Capability Statement Expert
    • Development of high quality content
    • A fully editable, one page Capability Statement
    • Instructions on how tailor for maximum effect

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    Capability Statements Templates For Government Sales

    Everything You Need To Quickly Create Your Capability Statement

    This is a four-pack bundle of templates that you can use to create your own capability statement. These templates use Microsoft PowerPoint for flexibility if you want to add graphics If you know how to use PowerPoint, you know how to tailor these for your company. These templates ensure that you include all the necessary information that federal agencies and teaming partners are looking for. A strong capability statement differentiates you from the competition. It communicates your past performance and expertise.

    When To Use Your Capability Statement

    A capability statement is the foundation of your marketing material for government sales. Youll use your capability statement for the following:

    • Each time you visit a small business office with the federal agencies or military services
    • As a follow-up to meetings you have with government program managers and buyers
    • As a follow-up to calls and meetings with large primes and other potential teaming partners

    After You Buy These Capability Statements

    We recommend you also join the Federal Access program. Federal Access is a multi-award winning program that provides the tactics and strategies you need to win government contracts. Federal Access members have won more than $2.8 Billion in small business government contracts over the past five years. Learn more about Federal Access here

    Who Needs A Capability Statement

    Capability Statement Templates Do’s and Don’ts

    Any organization interested in pursuing government contracts needs a Capability Statement. Many federal solicitations require a Capability Statement from interested vendors as a prerequisite to submitting a quote, bid or proposal. During an initial engagement with a government buyer, program manager, federal business advocate, or prime contractor rep, a Capability Statement is typically the first piece of information requested from your organization.

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    Capability Statement Format & Things To Include

    A well-written capability statement should be to the point and directly related to the federal agency you are hoping to do business with. Meaning, it should change from agency to agency and never say the same thing twice.

    In most cases, the formatting of a capability statement is straightforward, but it can be quite challenging to stand out amongst the crowd. There are some critical areas that every capability statement should highlight, including:

    • Core Competencies
    • Contact Information

    Why Write A Capability Statement

    Construction contractors might want to create a capability statement for several reasons. Many government agencies require a capability statement from contractors as part of the bidding process. Contractors may use it to introduce their company to potential new business and to get the attention of purchasing officers. A strong, attractive capability statement can also present a professional image and give an advantage over less-prepared competitors.

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    Complete Your Capability Statement Template

    As you fill out sections in your capability statement, think about how the information might be most clearly presented. Your overview paragraph should be in complete sentences, but a section on NAICS codes should be in bullet points. What about your core competencies? Well, that could go either way. A well-crafted couple of sentences could go a long way to sell your expertise in a narrow field, but bullet points can communicate a long list of areas more easily. Always think about the reader.

    Keep Up With The Competition

    Capability Statement

    Remember, youre not the only one in this game. There is plenty of competition out there. They key is to constantly monitor what your competition is offering what would make the government hire them over you? What can you change to give your business an edge over your competitors? Now is not the time to be lazy or sloppy you need to highlight all the greatest qualities of your business through your capabilities statement.

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    List Of Capability Statement Template For Government Contractors

    Preferably it is only one page, one side. go to two sides only if absolutely necessary. your capability statement should be a living document that will change depending on the targeted agency. develop a master copy that can be tailored to a government sector, project or Constantly updated and.

    capability statement sample template show your logo and contact information, with a specific persons name, phone and email. tip this is a content template, not a design template. add color graphic elements list Mar, posts related to sample capability statement for government contractors.

    capability statement template for government contractors. sweet federal resume writing government job writers sample and resume writing for government jobs resume writing for government jobs. By chuck, tech procurement assistance center. capabilities statements are essential tools for marketing to government agencies clients often ask about how to best present themselves to government officials, particularly contracting officers, small business specialists, and prime contractors.

    The capability statement is the acceptable method of communicating a federal contractors proficiency to program managers and contracting officers. it is a firms page executive summary that includes information unique to federal contracting cage code, duns, etc.

    Purpose Of The Statement

    The first thing you need to know what is the main purpose of the statement you are creating. This way, it would be easier for you to understand what to write in the statement. This would also mean that you need to have a set of goals and objectives set for reaching them at a certain time. Speak more broadly so that your potential partners and clients will know what is it that you do in brief and can also see your capabilities.

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    Schedule Input Program Sip Training Contractors

    these items are elected or determined when you register your company for Consulting contracting and services delivers security solutions, information technology services, and staff augmentation to the federal government, state and local municipalities.

    strives to be a company that delivers an outstanding work product, yet does not require a lot of maintenance from our government clients. Capability statement. west pacific electric company is an contractor that has become a major provider of primary overhead and underground electrical distribution.

    our services include, but not limited to electrical distribution, data installation, high voltage substations, high voltage switching cubicles, transformer and vaults, hour emergency service, power and lighting, renewable energy, Capability statement.

    platinum healthcare staffing established in, specializes in providing nursing and allied healthcare staffing solutions to federal, state, county, and nongovernmental facilities. since platinum was founded, it has become one of the most aggressive companies in per, travel and contingency healthcare staffing.

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