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Fundamentals Of Governance Risk And Compliance

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Update And Publish Policies Processes Procedures

AWS re:Invent 2018: Building a Governance, Risk, and Compliance Strategy with AWS (WPS204)

__ Update policies based on objectives and desired capabilities that align to your business.

__ Update processes for modern organization and management techniques such as DevSecOps and Agile, specifying how to upgrade old technologies.

__ Update procedures to integrate cloud services and other emerging technologies.

__ Establish technical governance standards to be used to select controls and that monitor compliance.

Organized By Key Themes: Data Security Management Risk Audit Work Compliance Privacy Technology Establish:


Does the supplier use any sources of information to identify incidents of counterfeit items that might impact products?

Develop and coordinate an organization-wide privacy risk management and compliance framework and governance structure by undertaking a comprehensive review of your organizations data and privacy process and procedures for each applicable business function to ensure that they are consistent with relevant laws and regulations and your organizations privacy and data security goals and policies.

What should boards, entrepreneurs and stakeholders make of contemporary approaches to corporate governance, compliance and risk management?

Liaison so that your organization is involved in data governance practices, business and technology issues related to management of enterprise information assets and approaches related to data governance.

Have you requested and received cost proposals from your partners for incorporation into the GRC cost proposal?

Partner with key business stakeholders on your organizations marketing, data governance and information security compliance efforts.

Which business function ensures business and regulatory requirements are met through detailed market, credit, trade and counterparty analysis?

Do your current risk and compliance operations meet your current and future requirement needs?

Do you manually work around legacy systems that cannot fully address new reporting requirements?







The Three Cultures Of Governance Risk And Compliance Model

The GRC culture, moulded through the actions of the Compliance Officer and thousands of business decisions, helps prevent errors and fraud before they are costly. The centralization through GRC allows the consistency of criteria and policies to build a uniform culture. No control, however effective, compensates for a bad culture.

Risk culture. We define it as the system of values and behaviours that affect the way in which risks are evaluated when making decisions. In practical terms, employees need to understand the companys risk exposure to determine what they should do or what they should avoid doing.


Compliance culture. We define it as the general environment that affects how the company responds to its internal, external requirements and ethical principles. A strong compliance culture requires its employees to carry out the necessary controls on their procedures, even if they do not need to be monitored.

Culture of good corporate governance. We define it as the organizational measures and its actions that sustain the creation of company value for its stakeholders. A solid culture of good corporate governance allows us to provide a competitive advantage, safeguarding intangible assets for reputation. This aspect of culture involves the belief system that allows business to be conducted in an ethical manner by management and employees.

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What Is Grc And Why Is It Important

GRC shorthand for governance, risk, and compliance is an umbrella term for the processes and practices that organizations implement to meet business objectives through:

  • Monitoring and mitigating risks
  • Tracking regulatory change and verifying compliance
  • Aligning policies and processes to organizational goals

An effective GRC program enables enterprise-wide coordination in the following areas:


How To Implement A Successful Grc Strategy

Establish an Effective IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Whether you would like to strengthen your current GRC strategy or are looking to create one, these steps will help get you started. But just like no two businesses are identical, no two GRC strategies will be the same, either.

Here are five steps to help guide you:

  • Define what matters: All leaders within the organization should come together to define what GRC will look like, how current processes could be included, and identify silos.
  • Identify your risks: Next, identify all the regulations, standards, and controls your organization manages. Consider not just the well-known regulations and standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS, but also state and local regulations. Pinpoint the types of risk your organization faces, such as organizational, reputational, and strategic.
  • Design a plan: Once your organization has a clear picture of the regulations and risks that will shape your GRC strategy, you can begin to draft a plan. It may be easier to focus on one of the three components of GRC first . At this point, you should also define how success will be measured.
  • Start small, focusing on key processes: As mentioned above, a phased approach allows an organization to start small and focus on the most important area. Start with the organizations highest priorities, then expand the program. This will help show value faster, and garner continued support from stakeholders.
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    Expand And Evolve The Program

    Maintaining your GRC program requires consistent work. As you move forward, youll expand it, continue to communicate its importance, and revise and modify as the business changes.

    Once the business begins to see the value and outcomes from the newly implemented GRC program, keep building upon it and reemphasizing its value across the organization.

    Communicate milestones and successes and keep continuous improvements top of mind. A solid GRC strategy wont remain the same. It will evolve as the business evolves, so be sure to designate stakeholders to own and modify the strategy for the long term.

    Implementing a GRC strategy will be an ongoing process, so you must manage, update, and maintain your strategy and associated plans over time. Sound like a lot of manual work? Consider using GRC software to save your business and your team some time.

    Cybersecurity Programs Are Incomplete Without Grc

    Cybersecurity as a whole is made up of three component parts – people, processes and technology. Out of the three, technology is often focused on most, as its arguably the simplest element to enact. However, for a businesses to successfully reach their security goals, all three elements need to be considered with a programmatic, flexible and scalable approach.

    To achieve this, an effective GRC program is crucial, as it ensures a holistic view has been taken, whilst tackling the daunting mission of cybersecurity. After all, automating a poorly thought out process with cutting edge technology doesnt improve the process itself or the resultant outcome.

    Take, for instance, a security operations employee who is faced with four events to monitor and mitigate. Without a GRC program, they would have no context on the business risk or compliance impact of the events, meaning they would need to rely solely on technology and stove-pipe processes. As a consequence, they are at risk of incorrectly prioritizing the least important issue in a way they wouldnt have with a GRC program in place.

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    Governance Risk Management & Compliance Fundamentals



    To ensure that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities.

    • GRC Basic terms and definitions
    • Principles of GRC
    • Core components, practices and activities
    • Relationship of GRC to other disciplines


    • There are no specific requirements needed to attend this course.


    GRC Fundamentals Training Course OverviewGRC Capability Model Introduction

    Privacy Overview

    Trainings For Grc & Servicenow

    How AWS helps Customers Meet their Security, Risk, and Compliance Objectives

    As an accredited training partner of ServiceNow®, we train your employees in the application, further development and configuration of the ServiceNow® platform and also the IRM and Security Operations modules.

    In customized workshops, we show you the tips & tricks for using the platform, as well as the necessary and latest features – both online as virtual classroom training and in-house at your organization.

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    What Are The Challenges Of Grc

    GRC offers a number of benefits, but it isnt without its hurdles. Here are a few that you can expect to come up against:

    • Lack of a comprehensive GRC framework can exacerbate data silos: Integration is key to an effective GRC strategy. Without a comprehensive framework for your organization, departments may operate toward their own goals without considering the whole. The GRC strategy needs to bring insightful data insights together to enable the enterprise to make well-informed decisions. A flexible and ever-evolving GRC framework can help with that.
    • Manual processes leave room for human error and wasted time: Without automation, some GRC processes may be manual. That leads to inefficiencies, potential human error, and difficulty digging up needed documentation. These manual processes can also make it difficult to provide overall visibility into data collection and monitoring.
    • Company culture can be a barrier: Even with a GRC framework mapped out, sometimes a company transformation is needed to improve governance, reduce risks, and ensure compliance. Mitigating risks and remaining compliant is an organization-wide initiative requiring buy-in from all employees. Its crucial to ensure your organization is along for the ride and support the GRC strategy to set processes in motion.

    Grc Automation With Pathlock

    GRC can be a hassle, with seemingly endless amounts of manual work piling up by the day. Organizations typically have 200+ key internal controls to prove each type of compliance, and each control takes 40 or more hours to test. Furthermore, testing on these controls may only be done once a year. This is an error prone process that only looks at 3-5% of the activity in a given enterprise.

    Pathlock shifts organizations towards a continuous compliance approach, which proactively monitors controls and reports on violations of those controls in real-time. Organizations can have complete visibility to their risk and compliance status at all times, so they are always prepared for the next audit.

    Complete Visibility

    Pathlock radiates GRC information to the most critical tools in your landscape for real-time status on your key controls. Pathlock integrates with ServiceNow, MetricStream, Archer, SailPoint, Okta, SAP GRC, and more.

    Comprehensive Rulebook

    Pathlocks catalog of over 500+ rules, Pathlock can provide out-of-the-box coverage for controls related to SOX, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, NIST, and other leading compliance frameworks.

    Real-time Risk Mitigation

    Pathlock allows user to quickly investigate and respond to potential risky transactions by reviewing access, deprovisioning users, forcing 2FA, or even allowing Pathlock to respond intelligently in real-time, terminating suspicious sessions and blocking transactions in real time

    Out-of-the-Box Integrations

    Lateral SOD Correlation

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    Grc Management Systems Optimization

    Our experts work with you to analyze your GRC management system using a method and identify bottlenecks, limitations and non-value-adding activities.

    On this basis, we optimize in a targeted manner, streamline and accelerate the relevant processes, and identify additional potential for digitization and automation.

    What Are The Top Grc Certifications

    Integrity, Compliance and Risk Management

    Professionals with a GRC certification must juggle stakeholder expectations with business objectives and ensure that organizational objectives are met while also meeting compliance requirements. Thats an incredible amount of responsibility, and its absolutely necessary in todays business climate.

    All kinds of job roles require or benefit from a GRC certification, including CIO, IT security analyst, security engineer or architect, information assurance program manager and senior IT auditor, among others.

    Here are our top picks for GRC certifications:

    • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
    • Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
    • Project Management Institute Risk Management Professional
    • ITIL Expert
    • Certification in Risk Management Assurance
    • GRC Professional

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    Quantivates Comprehensive Grc Platform

    The Quantivate GRC Software Suite was designed to help organizations quickly implement a holistic, integrated GRC program. Our software products are robust on their own but even better together, sharing processes and controls through built-in integration that provides powerful data-sharing and automation capabilities. Learn more about how it works: Request a free, personalized demo.

    What Is A Grc Tool/solution And What Does It Do

    An IT GRC solution enables you to create and coordinate policies and controls and map them to regulatory and internal compliance requirements. These solutions, which are usually cloud-based, introduce automation for many processes, which increases efficiency and reduces complexity.

    There are many GRC solutions on the market. IBM OpenPages GRC Platform, MetricStream and Rsams Enterprise GRC are a few examples of highly rated solutions. But they come with hefty price tags, too. More affordably priced solutions are available, but they may lack the broad feature sets of higher-priced competitors.

    Before looking into any software solution, you need to prepare your environment first. That means assessing your organizations risk and examining controls. Do you have adequate controls in place? Are existing controls working? Add controls where needed and fix those that arent delivering as intended.

    You also need to create a GRC framework. Although GRC tends to focus heavily on IT, implementing a strategy involves an entire organization, and requires a hard look at all of the people and processes that will be affected.

    More on IT governance:

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    What Is Grc Software

    Previously, GRC documentation might have consisted of a mix of spreadsheets, storage rooms piled full of paper, and handwritten audit requirements. Fortunately, GRC software now exists to centralize governance, risk management, and compliance within one central hub.

    So, what is governance risk and compliance software, and how can it help? GRC software streamlines and automates the processes and strategies associated with your GRC framework.

    GRC platforms and solutions are designed to help businesses integrate all components of governance, risk management, and compliance enterprise-wide. GRC software eliminates individual, manual monitoring and instead enables continuous monitoring and automated solutions to better support your business strategy.

    GRC software can allow you to track and mitigate internal and external risks, apply your GRC framework, communicate your compliance policies, and perform audits to ensure your business is abiding by the rules set in place. Different components of GRC software might include policy management, audit operations, enterprise risk management, security risk management, and incident management.

    How Does Grc Work

    AWS re:Inforce 2019: The Fundamentals of AWS Cloud Security (FND209-R)

    Grama says that organizations develop a GRC framework for the leadership, organization and operation of the organizations IT areas to ensure that they support and enable the organizations strategic objectives. The framework specifies clearly defined measurables that shine a light on the effectiveness of an organizations GRC efforts.

    Although there are many good software options available to help streamline GRC operations, GRC is more than a set of software tools.

    Many organizations consult a framework for guidance in developing and refining their GRC functions rather than creating one from scratch. Frameworks and standards provide building blocks that organizations can tailor to their environment. According to Grama, COBIT, COSO and ITIL are the big players in many different industries.

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    Grc And It Security Solutions

    In IT security, data protection, data retention and information security, among other things, are defined and required by regulations. However, successful implementation requires measures that ensure compliance with and also control of the regulations. IT security solutions help support this need.IT risks have a direct impact on business risk. It is not uncommon for a failure of the IT infrastructure to also mean a complete outage or at least restricted business activity with loss of revenue. Failure to comply with data protection guidelines can result in a hefty fine and, even worse, damage to the companys reputation. The above-mentioned risks therefore show very clearly how important risk management and compliance are in IT today. Establishing appropriate solutions is an absolute must.

    Learn how OTRS can support your company in managing Governance, Risk & Compliance.

    What Is An Integrated Approach To Risk Management

    Effective GRC must:

    • Be driven by industry leaders like CISOs, CROs, CIOs, CFOs, CEOs, legal, etc.
    • Have a risk-focused culture.
    • Be built on a modern, integrated, cloud-based platform.
    • Integrate easily with other technologies in the ecosystem to collect data.
    • Make data sharing easy to be able to cross leverage common data.
    • Target and address business risk throughout the organization and third-party ecosystems
    • Create business-oriented, process-based workflows to analyze and treat risk.
    • Embed risk intelligence and workflows into daily/operational tools.
    • Make risk and compliance available at everyones fingertips.
    • Enable continuous monitoring of risks and controls through the use of automated risk indicators.
    • Explain risk in business terms through business-focused dashboards
    • Do it all on an on-going basis for departments and functional groups across the enterprise, and with vendors, to provide a holistic, real-time view of risk.

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    Prioritizing Governance Risk And Compliance In Your Business

    Creating a strong cybersecurity strategy is impossible without an effective GRC program. As such, its vital that businesses put it front and center if they want to meet their security and compliance objectives. In doing so, they can ensure that they have the components in place to scale, adapt and evolve as their business grows and regulation changes.

    Quick Checks And Assessments

    What You Need To Know About GRC Online Training

    Inventory, health checks and internal audits based on our ITSM 360° model.

    We have packed our knowledge of standards into an assessment with which we can set different priorities for you: from gap analysis with regard to standard compliance to internal audits to compliance requirements defined by you to regular health checks and benchmarks against best prices.

    Of course, we can also check your suppliers – according to standards or your specific requirements.

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    Identify The Who And What

    Start by identifying key stakeholders who will help develop the GRC strategy and define what GRC will look like within the organization.

    An effective GRC strategy isnt built overnight, but you can start building yours by identifying key stakeholders who know and understand the organizations vision and strategy. Keep in mind that GRC should align with the overall business strategy.

    Once youve identified all key stakeholders, clearly articulate the objectives of the GRC strategy, the success criteria, roles and responsibilities, and critical milestones for success along the way, just like you would in a project management charter. Because GRC looks different across industries and sizes of organizations, its necessary to clearly define what it will look like for your organization before diving in.

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