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Best Government Jobs After Military

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The Department Of Agriculture

Veterans face challenges finding jobs after service

Percent of workforce made up by veterans: 12.8%

While the Department of Agriculture doesnt boast the highest percentage of employed veterans, they offer perhaps the most diverse jobs to veterans:

  • Food inspection and public health professionals
  • Soil conservation researchers and technicians
  • Information technology

The USDA also offers two apprenticeship programs that offer thousands of hours of paid hands-on, on-the-job training.

Remote Jobs For Veterans

Imagine a career with your own private bathroom. A commute that is 15 steps away instead of 15 miles. The coffee is always fresh, and your office mate is quite literally mans best friend. All of this and more is possible thanks to working from home.

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work was becoming more and more accessible thanks to improvements in technology. This is why we are continuing to see a rise in work-from-home jobs for Veterans.

Communication is key in any military operation, and the same goes for any career. Remote work amplifies this notion, but all you need is the right level of discipline and a reliable Internet connection to be on your way.

Because of the required discipline to accomplish remote work, Veterans are often viewed as massive assets for such jobs. Here are some of the best government agencies offering you the perfect opportunity to jump into a new career, all from your home office or even the comfort of your sofa:

For more telecommuting opportunities available to Veterans, check out this list of remote federal jobs from FlexJobs.

The 30 Percent Or More Disabled Veterans Program

The 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans Program allows military service members to be non-competitively appointed to federal positions when they have a service-related disability that meets or exceeds 30%. The Department of Veterans Affairs must rate a veterans service-connected disability at 30% or the veteran must have retired from active duty due to a 30% or more disability rating.

One benefit of utilizing the 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans Program is that there are no restrictions on available pay grade levels and no mandatory requirement that veterans eventually be converted to permanent positions if theyre hired temporarily. As with other special federal hiring conditions relative to veterans, taking advantage of the 30 Percent or More Program requires submission of the DD form or SF-15 form.

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Us Department Of Justice

The Department of Justice is tasked with overseeing the dispensation of fair and impartial enforcement of federal law. The DOJ handles punishments for U.S. citizens found guilty of federal crimes and actively administers federal law wherever required. Jobs that veterans might consider with the DOJ include:

  • Correctional Officer

Best Jobs If You Are Leaving Military

Air National Guard Recruiting Office

If you are wondering what to do after your military career and dont know where to begin with searching for a new job, take a look at our list of best jobs if you are leaving military.

Although transitioning from military to civilian life can seem to be an overwhelming experience, according to the United States Department of Labor veterans unemployment rate is 3.7% which is below the national average. This means that you have a pretty good chance of finding a job but the question is what is the best job for you?

Moreover, CareerCast, career information and job listing website, found that veterans are often more qualified than civilians for well-paid jobs, ranging from CIA agents to math teachers and software developers. Dont worry if you are bad at math, you can take a look at our 15 Best Careers if You are Bad at Math.

Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock.com

Now lets take a look at the best jobs if you are leaving military that might interest you, their average pay and qualifications needed.

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Security And Stability Of Employment

Generally speaking, a shutdown or a furlough does not happen in the federal government. Yet millions of American workers continue to be furloughed, despite the fact that the private sector is less affected. In the federal government, however, the chance of losing employment is relatively low if there is significant instability. Governments are not allowed to file for bankruptcy, unlike private companies. Veteran job security is one of the primary factors that keep them in government jobs. Government jobs remain secure even in difficult economic times.

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Management Jobs For Veterans

In addition, veterans should consider management positions. Many veterans had soldiers under their command during their time in the service. These skills translate beautifully into a management position. Some of the manager jobs on this list include:

  • Project Manager: Managers who are detail-oriented and know how to lead will make a great project manager. Responsible for placing team members in a position to succeed, this is an easy transition for employers and veterans.
  • Supply Chain Manager: In the field of logistics, there is nothing like the military. Those with experience and knowledge about the logistics field will make a great supply chain manager.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

5 Best Government jobs after life science graduation in India

Average Base US salary:$126,213 per year

U.S. military medical and nursing research facilities, mobile surgery and outpatient care centers, offices of many medical professionals are in constant need of CRNAs. States with the highest employment level include Florida, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Michigan. Metropolitan areas tend to pay higher salaries to CRNAs.

Consider that currently, a Masters degree focusing on anesthesia and national certification is enough to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist. The state of things will change in 2025 when a doctoral degree will be required to enter the field.

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Choosing A Career Path

If youre unsure of how to select a degree program that will compliment your personality and aptitudes, start by reviewing your prior performance evaluations, commendations, and other feedback received during your military service. Recall examples of your demonstrated ability to perform specific tasks well. Dont forget to consider classes you may have already taken to develop a particular skill, too. Did you enjoy learning more about that specific area?

Create your own list of skills, and identify any common themes. A sample list might include:

  • Creative problem solving

Based on what youve written, which industries or job types pique your interest?

If youre still unclear about which career path might be the best fit, review the job postings for positions in the field to identify the types of tasks and responsibilities required. Can you picture yourself in the role? Note the degree and major listed in the education requirements section of the posting to help you decide which college major can help you get there.

Government Contract Jobs For Veterans

Veterans pursuing contract work through the government are given a wide range of options. There are many different roles to fill, and Veterans can contribute in interesting and beneficial ways.

The military provides the chance to learn specialized skills. You wont find many college students who are gaining hands-on experience fixing an aircraft or dealing with life or death, high-pressure situations. These skills and experiences can translate into lucrative contract jobs for Veterans across many different career fields, including:

  • Project management.

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Find Federal Jobs For Veterans On Joblist

Despite having an understanding of the special hiring authorities at their disposal or connection with a particular appointing authority, veterans may still need additional assistance transitioning to civilian work.

Veterans and other job seekers should turn to Joblist to discover curated job openings for them based on their skills, experience, and location preferences. Take our simple and easy job quiz today and be on your way to building up your federal resume.

Skilled Trade Jobs For Veterans

Lifelong mechanic: Female chief reflects on USAF career

Veterans who worked in skilled trade jobs for the military find themselves in a unique position-their military careers qualify them for skilled trade jobs in the civilian sector, but these job seekers may be required to add certifications or continuing education in order to be hire-worthy as civilian employees.

Military duty may not require the same certifications and it may be difficult to determine whats expected until one begins filling out job applications and taking interviews.

But military skilled trade occupations such as airframe maintenance, civil engineering, construction, long-haul communications, even plumbing and HVAC have plenty of demand in the private sector and depending on a veterans experiences and career, the opportunities for consulting and advising work may be as worthy of consideration as the actual jobs themselves. The following are a few examples of skilled trade employment options to consider:

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How Do I Know A Job Is Open To Veterans

In the job announcement look for the This job is open to section. When a job is open to veterans youll see this icon: Veterans A white shield on a green circle There may be other groups listed that can also apply.

You can also select the veterans filter in search. Your results will display all jobs open to Veterans.

Why Do You Need A Security Clearance For Some Civilian Jobs

The short answer is because while you might not be tasked with directly handling sensitive data, the workstation you use, the facility you are in, or even simply the overall mission of the agency may require you to be cleared to work with classified or sensitive data even if you arent responsible for those materials.

Sometimes the mere presence of a controlled or classified network in a building is enough to warrant security clearance screenings of employees and other personnel.

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Can I Get A Gs Job After Military

VRA : VRA allows any honorably discharged veteran to be hired noncompetitively into any position, GS-11 and below, so long as the hiring takes place within three years of separation from the military.

Do you work for the government if youre in the military?

Federal experience includes positions you have held as a civilian employee paid by an agency of the Federal government. Active duty military members or experience working for a private contractor of the U.S. government do not qualify as Federal positions for this purpose.

Does military time count toward GS step?

You can be appointed to any position for which you qualify up to GS-11 or equivalent . You must meet the qualification requirements for the position.

Federal Government Law Enforcement Careers

Lt General Anil Chauhan Is The New Chief Of Defence Staff (CDS)

Many men and women look to the law enforcement or the government when they transition out of the military. If you are in this boat, but are unsure which path is your priority, you will be happy to know that the government has plenty of law enforcement positions available across multiple agencies.

The list below comes from FederalJobs.net, which states that “most agencies incorporate federal law enforcement jobs in some capacity or another,” and that there are more than 40 job series under the category of law enforcement. During your job search, you may also want to consider the occupations that provide direct support these positions.

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Final Notes On Preparing For Your Civilian Career

Some may come to the civilian sector completely ready to begin skilled trade work, others may need to update their certifications or training, and still, others may need to consider apprenticeships and OJT.

The U.S. Department of Labor has a variety of resources for people who need apprenticeships and on-the-job training. The Department of Veterans Affairs also has programs for those who need career assistance in finding opportunities in skilled trades and other careers via the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program.

If you are using VRE, keep in mind that eligibility for this program is often connected to a disability status or service-connected injury. Additionally, VRE counselors have a lot of say in the technical jobs the program will pay for. For instance, if you were a Corpsman and want to be an X-Ray tech, the process will be straightforward. If you want to be a pottery instructor, you will probably not be successful in getting the program to cover your path.

Each field has its own requirements, and its good to research them prior to leaving the military for work as a civilian. If you are an officer, there are many networking programs for both before you exit the service and as a civilian. The corporate sector from banking to supply chain to companies with significant government contracts actively recruit former military officers.

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Our List Of Best Jobs For Veterans To Pursue

Military veterans have laid their lives on the line in the service of this country. The experience they have gained in the military is unparalleled and the discipline, commitment, and teamwork skills veterans learn can be applied to numerous careers in the civilian world. Depending on the responsibilities someone has in the military, as well as their educational background, there are several careers that work well once someone has finished their time in the military. There are a few careers that stand out for veterans who are looking to transition into a new career.

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Getting A Government Job After Active Duty

Had a couple of PMs about how to get a Government job. So here are the basics.

After a few years of hiring freezes and cutbacks it seems like it has settled down. And the Government is hiring again. But, unless you know someone. It is very hard and time consuming to get hired right off the street for a Government job. If you are hungry and need a job today. Find another job first. Government jobs take forever to get in. This is how I did it.

After doing 12 years on Active Duty. I joined the Air Force Reserve and became a Traditional Reservist. I wanted to do my time and get my retirement. A Traditional Reservist is someone who just does the one weekend a month 2 weeks a year that you see on TV. Some units may still operate like this. But all of the ones I was in. You needed to give the Reserve more than just 39 days a year like the ads say. Between exercises, training and deployments the time you spend working in the unit will vary. Also you will get all of the military benefits and subsidized medical insurance if you need it.

After joining the unit as a Reservist. Sooner or later Full-Time positions become open. This is due to all kinds of factors. Retirements, transfers, promotions or by being kicked out. To keep your Full-Time job you have to maintain your Reserve status. If you have medical problems or cant pass fit to fight. You will lose both jobs.

To see where the open jobs are. You need to go the government job web page

Avionics is 2610

Focus On Your Priorities

Retired RCAF Lt. General hired into Lockheed Martin

It is possible to fulfill your life goals while working for the federal government. It is not unusual for veterans to resume their careers with the federal government in order to serve the public again. You can only retire and be promoted after serving in a federal position for a certain amount of time. This means veterans get preferential treatment when applying for jobs. Living life to the fullest is possible through public service. Thousands of veterans also benefit from this program by making a difference in peoples lives. You can address homelessness and sanitation problems through a federal job.

You will make a positive impact in peoples lives, regardless of where you land your federal emplacement. Therefore, it is possible to disrupt illicit activities in a federal job.

In the federal sector, veterans have more opportunities and demand than ever before. In reality, the government is searching for thousands of different jobs and tries to match specific skills and interests to various jobs.

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The Top Federal Programs Hiring Veterans

The federal government made hiring veterans a priority in 2009 when President Obama signed an executive order establishing the Veterans Employment Initiative. The program is meant to promote the hiring of veterans in the executive branch, and to serve as a model for the private sector.

“As one of the nation’s leading employers, the federal government is in need of highly skilled individuals to meet agency staffing needs and to support mission objectives,” says Hakeem Basheerud-Deen, director of veterans services at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management . Veterans get a lot of training and development during their military service, and their wide variety of skills and experienceas well as their motivation for public service can help fulfill federal agencies’ staffing needs, he says.

According to the OPM, the executive branch of the federal government increased the percentage of veteran new hires to more than 33% of all hires in fiscal year 2014, up from 31% in fiscal year 2013. If you want to get in on the hiring push, check out this list of the top federal agencies hiring, based on data from fiscal year 2014.

  • Defense, Vets hired: 24,274. The top departments tend to hire the most veterans due to their size and because they are concerned with military affairs. The Army was the largest hirer with 8,622 the Navy hired 6,563 and the Air Force 4,944. Other defense activities made up the rest of the hires.

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