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Villanova Government Contract Management Certificate

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Master Certificate In Government Contract Management:

GSA Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Delegation Training
  • Certified Federal Contracts Manager ? Shows that you are knowledgeable in the government regulatory environment and capable of executing its tenets
  • Certified Professional Contracts Manager ? Shows that you are knowledgeable about all facets of contract management, in both the commercial and government arenas

Will A Government Contract Management Certification Help My Career

Government contract management certification is a great way to give your career a healthy boost. These certificates go above and beyond what a traditional contract management certificate does because they allow you to work at a government level. Government contracts are sometimes more confidential and highly detailed. Government contracts can be between two countries or the government and a domestic or international company.

Working with government contracts involves a much more complex set of rules and regulations. If you go the extra distance to earn a government contract management certification, you will have a higher level of qualifications that will allow you to take on more responsibilities and perform more complex tasks. If you are already employed and choose to enroll in an online certificate in government contract management, you will be able to start using your new skills right away.

Government contract management certification gives you the opportunity to apply for advanced job openings that involve negotiation strategies and the processes involved with mergers and acquisitions. At this level, you will be able to use your skills to help broker large business deals between your company and government agencies. The more experience you gain in this field, the better off your career will be.

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University Of Central Florida

One of the best contract management certification programs can be found at the University of Central Florida. Students can take courses at UCF online and learn financial management, contracting and intellectual property topics. Graduate emerge ready to tackle jobs in procurement and acquisitions.

The University of Central Florida is a well-respected public university with 42,000 undergraduate students. Just 44% of those who apply are accepted by the school, which graduates 72% of students.

Highlight UCF is ranked number four among the top public universities in Florida.

Program: Research Administration Graduate Certificate

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Advanced Master Certificate In Lean Six Sigma:

  • A mastery of advanced Lean Six Sigma techniques
  • A strong demonstration of additional academic achievement
  • Development of additional management, leadership and business skills to enhance and Master Black Belt?s abilities and standing within an organization. This is a critical element as Master Black Belts must constantly show/demonstrate many diverse skills in influencing company-wide decisions.

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20 Online Contract Management Certificate Programs for 2021

Earning an online contract management certification is the best way to advance your career if you are working in an office or company that deals with a lot of different legal contracts. As a contract manager, you will be in charge of creating, signing, storing, and retrieving them. Your job as a contract manager is to make sure contracts contain all of the necessary information and are legally binding. As a contract manager, you are responsible for the contracts and legal agreements your company takes part in. Contract management certification is a way of showing that you meet or exceed the expectations of your company, as well as the industry.

An online contract management certification can help you advance your career in a number of ways. If you want to move up the ladder before you earn an actual degree, then taking a certification course in contract management may be the way to go. You will be able to earn an online certificate in just a few months. This will give you the skills you need to start out with. You will be able to accept advancement opportunities and continue with your education at a later date. The certification will lay the foundation for what you will learn if you choose to pursue a higher degree.

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Recent Changes Regarding Work Experience And Degree Programs

A critical component of the project management credentialing process is the documentation of real-life experience on the part of the candidate. Formerly, PMI allowed credit for experience in the amount of 1,500 hours to applicants enrolled in GAC-accredited programs. This credit has been removed, emphasizing again the importance of practical experience. Students graduating from a GAC-accredited program by June 30, 2014 may claim the 1,500 work hours, so long as they apply for their credential exam no later than June 30, 2017.

The Catholic University Of America

The Catholic University of America also has one of the best contract management certification tracks. Graduates from this program go onto careers in public and private contracting jobs. Courses included in the certification program include legal aspects of government contracting, pricing, source selection, negotiations, federal contract management and execution of government contracts. This program provides an introduction to procurement and acquisition of government contracts. Students gain insight into how to become managers and the different roles in acquisition teams.

The Catholic University of America has a 176-acre campus in the Washington, DC, area. Its students include both graduate and undergraduate students from a number of countries. It ranks 23rd among the best Catholic universities in the country. The location of the brick-and-mortar school makes it convenient for students who already work in the DC area. Approximately 85% of students felt confident that they would find jobs in their field after graduation.

Highlight About 91% of students receive some form of financial aid, making this one of the more affordable options for prospective students.

Program: Certificate in Federal Contract Management

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Devry University Undergraduate Level

DeVry University offers both undergraduate and graduate level degrees in project management. The undergraduate degree is a business degree with specialization in project management. Business degree options include Business Administration, Management and Technical Management. The Technical Management and Business Administration degrees are accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs . DeVry publishes total enrollment and graduation rates on their website.

The Technical Management degree requires eight full time semesters or approximately 124 hours to complete. Included are:

  • 40 credit hours of general education coursework. Included are communications skills, humanities, math, natural sciences, personal and professional development, and social sciences.
  • 53 core-degree credit hours. Included are
  • Data Analysis and Spreadsheets with Lab
  • Introduction to Business and Technology
  • Computer Applications for Business with Lab
  • Principles of Management
  • Project Management
  • An elective in business policy, law, global business issues, business systems analysis or human resource management
  • 31 hours of career-focused coursework, including topics such as project planning, project execution, status reporting, project task setting, project team selection, budget management, project analysis, project communication, Total Quality Management and contracts and procurement.
  • Welcome Federal Government Employees

    KJ: Contract doctors can apply for Federal scholarship for specialist training

    Villanova University prepares students to become ethical leaders who create positive change everywhere life takes them.

    Villanova University offers a wide variety of online and on campus rigorous academic programs for high achieving learners balancing educational and professional aspirations with lifes commitments. Whether youre looking to gain new professional skills or advance your career, we provide the flexible education to help you get ahead in todays increasingly competitive global market.

    Active-duty servicemembers, National Guard members and Reservists, veterans, spouses and dependents are eligible to receive 15% savings per professional certificate course, and 10% per course on online graduate degree programs . These savings only apply to the professional education certificates and online graduate degree programs listed on this webpage.

    **Denotes a program available online or in person

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    Courses Below Begin On A Monthly Basis And Are Offered For 4 8 12 Or 16 Weeks For More Information Or To Register For These Programs Please Visit Our Online Education Site

    Essentials Principles of Agile Management Agile Management
    Mastering Agile Applications in Planning Agile Management
    Mastering Data Management and Technology Business Intelligence
    Essentials of Business Process Management Business Process Management
    Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager Human Resources
    Essentials of IS Security IS Security
    Advanced Data Architecture and Intelligence Business Intelligence
    Mastering IS Security+ IS Security
    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Six Sigma

    Please note: the Payroll: The PayTrain® College & University Program and Certified Management Accountant course schedules can be found on the On-Campus Professional Education Calendar.

    4 week: Start 12/1/20, End 12/28/208 week: Start 12/1/20, End 1/25/2112 week: Start 12/1/20, End 2/22/2116 week: Start 12/1/20, End 3/22/21

    University Of California Irvine

    At the University of California, Irvine, students can access one of the best contract management certification programs. UC Irvines Contract Management Certificate Program lays the foundation for proficiencies set up by the National Contract Management Association. Students learn about procurement and contracting at the international, commercial and government levels. Graduates develop their skills in negotiation, contract formation and risk management. Some students go on to work for corporations or government agencies.

    UC Irvine is a respected university in the Los Angeles area. Just 27% of those who apply receive a welcome letter. Nonetheless, there are 30,000 students at the undergraduate level majoring in biology, social psychology and other majors. The school graduates 84% of admitted freshmen.

    Highlight UC Irvine is ranked #26 among the top public universities. It has an A rating and diversity and academics.

    Program: Contract Management Certificate

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    California State University Dominguez Hills Certificate Program

    California State University Dominguez Hills is a PMI Registered Education Provider offering a Certificate of Completion in Project Management. The coursework is modeled after PMIs Project Management Body of Knowledge and leaves students better prepared to take the PMP exam. Preparing students for the PMP exam is only one purpose of this program it also serves to educate professionals interested in the increasingly-popular field of project management.

    The Certificate of Completion in Project Management costs $1,300 and is awarded to students once they have finished five required courses: Introduction & Overview of Project Management, Project Human Resource and Procurement Management, Project Quality and Communications Management, Project Risk and Scope Management, and Project Time and Cost Management. Students must first complete Introduction & Overview of Project Management, but the remaining courses can be completed in any order.

    Visit the programs website for more information, or contact Babette Wald at

    What Is A Pmi Registered Education Provider

    Registered Education Providers achieve that designation through PMI by meeting the following criteria which provide an extra measure of quality endorsement:

  • Must be a legal organization and must have been offering project management training for at least one year
  • Must provide course material and student reviews to PMI for evaluation. The materials submitted must indicate quality in design, content and delivery.
  • The course content must be consistent with PMI global standards, unless it clearly delineates where departures from original material exist and does so both within the materials and in the marketing literature.
  • The provider must be technically capable of providing appropriate PDUs to participants.
  • Both advertising and classroom materials must properly acknowledge PMIs intellectual property.
  • REPs are listed in the R.E.P. Directory.

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    California State University San Bernadino

    California State University, San Bernardino has one of the best contract management certification programs available. There is a growing demand for procurement specialists at the public and private levels. Receiving a certification can help students obtain better-paying jobs in public administration. With this Management Certificate in Public Procurement , those already working in the field can update their training and education. The MCPP also presents opportunities for those already working in public service who want to move up the chain of command. This program has rigorous educational requirements focusing on procurement practices.

    The California State University San Bernardino is a well-respected school and a branch campus of the states premier public university. This medium-sized university offers small class sizes and offers strong support in the form of close faculty contact with students.

    Highlight About 93% of students who attend CSU San Bernardino receive some form of financial aid.

    Program: Management Certificate in Public Procurement

    Ology: Ranking The Best Contract Management Certification Programs

    To rank the best online certificate programs in contract management, Great Business Schools editors researched online and hybrid certificates from trusted, accredited institutions. Programs are ranked according to practical factors like cost, graduate salary, and student satisfaction, using data from IPEDS and Niche.

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    How Pmi Accredits Degree Programs

    As with certificates, any organization or individual can advertise educational products, and its often difficult for consumers to determine the best possible investment of their time, effort and funds. Even when the providing organization is a highly respected and even accredited institution, you still need to know the quality of highly specialized educational programs, particularly when they are new.

    PMIs Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs addresses this critical need. Very importantly, GAC is an accredited accreditor, belonging to the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors . This means that the criteria used by the GAC, and the methods used, are in accordance with best accreditation practices and ethics.

    University Of West Florida

    GSA State/Local/Tribal Government Market for Industry Training

    Students can also receive one of the best contract management certification options at the University of West Florida. This certification is titled Acquisition and Contract Administration Certificate. It prepares students to enter careers managing acquisitions for public entities. The coursework helps students obtain skills that can expand their career horizons. This certification program includes every step from precontract preparation to execution and closeout.

    West Florida is a public university with nearly 7,000 undergraduate students. It only accepts 31% of students who apply. This suggests that students who do receive an acceptance letter are a great fit for the school, which is based in Ferry Pass, Florida. The schools majors include liberal arts and science degrees in numerous fields.

    Highlight The University of West Florida is ranked number eight among the top public universities in the state. Of those who attend the school, 90% get some kind of financial aid.

    Program: Acquisition and Contract Administration Certificate

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    How Long Is A Graduate Certificate In Business Administration

    The total length of business administration graduate certificate programs will vary depending on the university, the number of courses you take and whether you study full time or part time. For instance, if the school offers an 8-week session and you take one class per session, it might take you 16 months to complete your program.

    The Meinders School Of Business Was Ranked In The Top 20 For Best Contract Management Certificate Programs By Great Business Schools

    The online Government Contract Management Certificate program provides students with the knowledge and understanding of government contract acquisition and management. The program is designed for those new to government contracting, as well as current contract administrators and managers responsible for government contracting projects with a desire to advance in their career.

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    What Is A Graduate Certificate In Business Administration

    Graduate Certificate in Business Administration programs are typically shorter term programs that target business and management-based courses in approximately 15 to 24 course credits. While they are not degrees, graduate level business administration and management certificate programs might be designed for either the business or the non-business student. This may make them a wise credential for aspiring and current professionals.

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    • Why is contract management so important? What does contract administration consist of? What techniques does the Contracting Officer use in contract
  • Sam Springer, the supply manager of the City of Springfield, has a hot political potato on his hands. The situation sort of reminds Sam of an experience he had
  • If you were to explain an overview of the negotiation process, what would it entail? Also, what approaches have you used in resolving unproductive
  • Hello, on the website, a discussion is missing to the following questions: Read AudioCodes SBC Floating License Letter Agreement and AudioCodes Terms and
  • In general, explain the importance of the protest process in federal procurements. Why would a contractor file a protest? What are the two different areas a
  • In general, explain the importance of the protest process in federal procurements. Why would a contractor file a protest? What are the two different areas a
  • Discussion – Introduction to Government Contracting Please respond to each discussion question below and reference material from this week’s reading, videos,
  • Discussion – Introduction to Government Contracting Please respond to each discussion question below and reference material from this week’s reading, videos,
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    Who Are Graduate Business Administration Certificates For

    Prospective applicants to Graduate Certificate in Business Administration programs are required to have earned their undergraduate degree from an accredited college. Some grad schools may also require undergraduate prerequisite coursework in subjects such as statistics and economics. Other prerequisites may depend on the program. Students who consider working towards a graduate business certificate might be either:

    The American University In Cairo

    There are many certificate programs available to international students interested in project management, including the Project Management Professional Program at the American University in Cairo. They are a registered provider and affiliate of PMI, and offer the program online for students unable to attend in person. Please contact them if you have any questions about the program.

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    What Might I Learn In A Graduate Certificate In Business Administration Program

    Students enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration programs might benefit both in terms of boosting their knowledge and acquiring potentially transferrable skills. Also, through completion of a business certificate curriculum, students may have satisfied the foundation course requirements in an M.B.A. or other masters programs in business. What you will notice on is that you might search by type of program Business Prep or Executive Business Administration. In other words, not all business certificate programs are created equal though each one may have value!

    7 Things You Might Learn in a General Graduate Business Administration Certificate Program

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