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Office 365 Government G3 Pricing

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How Is Microsoft 365 Gcc Different From Gcc High

Microsoft Bookings – How to get started

While both GCC and GCC High are part of MS365 US Government, they are designed to comply with different sets of regulations. This is reflected in which datacenters they use and which Microsoft personnel can provide support. GCC is built on top of Microsofts commercial datacenters and global Azure services. While the Government enclave ensures that GCC data is stored within the continental United States , some services available in GCC use data processing that occurs outside the US. Additionally, GCC uses the same global support model as Commercial, meaning that non-US persons will be involved in supporting GCC tenants, and thus could have access to GCC data at times.

In contrast, GCC High was designed for the needs of the Defense Industrial Base . It uses dedicated datacenters in the continental US and is supported solely by cleared US persons. Unlike GCC, GCC High includes a contractual guarantee that no data will leave the United States and that only US Persons will ever have access to GCC High data.

Compliance. As of 2021, GCC includes support for DFARS 7012, and can meet the requirements for CMMC certification. However, if you are subject to ITAR or handle controlled defense information , you will need GCC High to ensure that your information remains in the US and is only accessible by US persons.

Ultimately, you should be absolutely sure that you need to meet the stringent security and compliance requirements around ITAR, CUI, and CDI before committing to GCC High.

Service Availability For Each Plan

Each Office 365 plan includes a number of individual services, such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. The following table shows the services that are available in each Office 365 US Government plan.

Office 365 service
No2 No2

1 Not included but can be purchased as a separate add-on. Project Online includes Project Online Desktop Client as a part of the subscription.2 Yammer Enterprise is not a component of Office 365 US Government, but may be acquired at no cost as a standalone offer for each user licensed for Office 365 in GCC. This offer is currently limited to customers that purchase Office 365 GCC under Enterprise Agreements and Enterprise Subscription Agreements. Yammer is not available in GCC High or DoD.3 Calling Plan is an add-on .4 Not included but can be purchased as a separate add-on. Visio for the web includes the Visio desktop app as a part of the subscription.

Forms For Us Government

Microsoft Forms does not allow external sharing in GCC High and DoD environments. People only within your organization may do the following:

  • Complete a form and submit responses
  • Duplicate and share a form as a template
  • Co-author or collaborate on a form
  • Access form resultsThere are a few more limitations with Microsoft Forms in GCC High that can be found here.

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Ms Office 365 Government G5

The MS Office 365 Government G5 is available at $35.00 monthly. It has desktop-supported apps, including MS PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Excel. Also has Access for PC only. It also offers unlimited storage for OneDrive and a 100 GB mailbox with a calendar and contacts in Exchange.

This plan can offer you collaboration features like Teams, SharePoint and Audio Conferencing, Cloud PBX, and voicemail. You dont need to worry about security, safety, and compliance with this plan. Thus, it comes with advanced eDiscovery with integrated analytics and integrated predictive coding. The plan also has advanced protection from malware attacks and phishing.

Government G5 has encryption and do-not follow features and eDiscovery capability with in-place export, search and hold. With this plan, you can also access analytics and management capabilities such as MyAnalytics & Power BI Pro, Business Intelligence, Office Graph, and app management with Telemetry, Group Policy, and Shared Computer Activation.

Here we go, so that is the comparison of the various Office 365 government plans you can choose based on your specific needs. All these government plans come with 24/7 support through chat, phone, and email.

The plans also have free end-user support, annual commitment, savings on the costs, and fully automatic updates. It can also have regular data backups, reliability and security, and Tier-1 partner expertise.

How Is Ms365 Government Different From Ms365 Commercial

Office 365 GCC G3  INNOVA Wholesale Cloud

The main difference between Office 365 US Government and their commercial offerings is that data for Office 365 Government is segregated from commercial Office 365 data.

Data for GCC is located in a separate enclave of the Azure Commercial cloud, while the GCC High and DoD offerings are housed in a completely separate Azure Government environment called the US Sovereign Cloud, which is 100% located within the US and is supported only by screened and background-checked US persons.

Most features and services available to commercial MS365 tenants are available to GCC and GCC High, however there are exceptions to some application features that use internet-based services. Additionally, future features may be slower to roll out to Government tenants or not available at all due to compliance issues.

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Ms Office 365 Government F3

This F3 plan is available for about $4.00 per month. It comes with web-based applications, including MS OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The plan has OneDrive and Exchange for email and storage. OneDrive offers 2 GB for each user, and for Exchange, it has a 2 GB mailbox with contacts and a calendar. The Government F3 plan also has collaboration features, including SharePoint and Teams.

Lets see Office 365 G1,G2 and G3 Plans details and pricing structure

What Is Microsoft 365 Dod

There is a third Microsoft 365 Government tier called . It is a nearly identical offering to GCC High in fact they share a service description page and are usually mentioned together in documentation. MS365 DoD is only available to the DoD itself, not to contractors. But because GCC High and DoD meet the same security standards, data can be shared between tenants between the two environments, including via B2B federation.

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What Makes Microsoft 365 Government Different From Microsoft 365 For Enterprise Offerings

Microsoft 365 Government is uniquely designed to address the compliance requirements of US government agencies in four key areas:

Exclusive community. Government data centers are available only to government agencies or departmentsâor commercial companies that have been authorized to hold and process-controlled information on behalf of the US government.

Screened personnel. Access to your organization’s customer content is restricted to screened Microsoft personnel who are US citizens and has passed required background checks.Third-party audits. All of the infrastructure is audited by a certified third-party auditor who provides a security assessment report or attestation letter used by federal agencies to issue an authorization to operate .

Content storage. Data is stored within the continental United States with compliant infrastructure. The following table summarizes Microsoft 365 for Government environments and commitments.


For more information about Microsoft security and compliance accreditation, visit the Microsoft Trust Center

Will Buying Gcc High Automatically Make Us Ready For Cmmc

Collaboration Powered by Office 365 | Accenture

Again, the short answer is no. Like any tool, GCC High requires proper setup and ongoing management to ensure compliance with CMMC. But Microsoft can only guarantee that their practices and infrastructure comply with regulations. While GCC High offers some guardrails, its not a turnkey solution for CMMC certification. You are still responsible for configuring and operating it in a compliant way.

Microsoft offers several cloud-based security products for GCC High customers that can help your organization comply with CMMC. These include Enterprise Mobility & Security , Azure Information Protection , Microsoft Cloud App Server, and Microsoft Defender. These products are also hosted in Azure Government datacenters. Again, with proper configuration, these tools can satisfy a number of CMMC and NIST 800-171 controls.

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What Makes These Plans Unique

These Plans are different because the data are accumulated with the plans components. These plans are only stored in US data centers and segregated logically from commercial plans reducing potential breaches. Office 365 government plans can offer you a secure process of organizational data management. These plans are worth it to ensure your organizations safety and protection against data breaches.

Enterprise Mobility + Security For Us Government

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security, or EMS, offerings for US GCC High and DOD customers are built on the Microsoft Azure Governmentcloud and are designed to inter-operate with the Microsoft 365 GCC High and DOD environments. The EMS E5 suite is available for both GCC High and DoD customers, however Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft Defender for Identity are available only to GCC High customers. Azure Active Directory P1/P2, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection P1/P2, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, and Microsoft Defender for Identity are certified FedRAMP-High. Organizations that use EMS for US Government GCC High and DOD offerings benefit from the following features:

  • Your organization’s customer content is physically segregated from customer content in Microsoft’s commercial services.
  • Your organization’s customer content is stored within the United States.
  • Access to your organization’s customer content is restricted to screened Microsoft personnel.
  • Compliance with certifications and accreditations that are required for US Public Sector customers, including DoD Security – Requirements Guidelines, DFARS, and International Traffic in Arms Regulations

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What Trials Are Available

  • EMS. Customers can select the Try now button on the upper right portion of the EMS page to go through a gated sign-up process on the Office commerce portal, which routes them to the Azure Active Directory portal.
  • Office 365. A free one-month trial is available for GCC ONLY.
  • Microsoft doesn’t offer trials of Office 365 GCC to commercial customers, and there are no trials of GCC High or DoD.

Extension Of Unlimited Audio Conferences Dial

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 License Name Changes

This capability is currently included in M365 E5 and O365 E5 plans. Microsoft is extending this capability to a broader range of suites across enterprise, SMB, frontline, and government. Impacted plans include the following:

  • Enterprise Plans: M365 E3, O365 E3, O365 E1
  • Frontline Worker Plans: M365 F3, M365 F1, O365 F3
  • SMB Plans: M365 Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium
  • Government Plans : M365 E3, O365 E3, O365 E1, M365 F3, M365 F1

As with all Microsoft pricing and licensing related changes, it is critical that our customers have a thorough understanding of the impact to their current and future agreement structure.

Realizing this price increase will have a significant impact on your organizations budget planning and priorities going into next year, SHI is ready to work with you to get a full understanding of your Microsoft estate and opportunities to optimize. Our 365 Cost Optimization Services have been helping customers identify redundant, duplicate, and underused licenses while providing guidance on how to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 investment.

Work with SHI to get that conversation started now, so that when these new pricing changes come into effect, you can be confident that youre only paying for what youre using. Contact us today or reach out directly to your account representative to get started on optimizing your Microsoft 365 estate.

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Features For Microsoft M365 G3 License

All end users currently supported by EOTSS have already been assigned an Microsoft M365 G3 license. Only use this request item if you are not currently supported by EOTSS. To see if you are currently supported by EOTSS, click here.

Microsoft M365 G3 license gives you access to the following Microsoft M365 applications and services:

  • Word
  • Teams

Note sure what you need?

For additional information on Microsoft licensing, please see our Microsoft M365 G3 and Mailbox Licensing Guidance page on

Customer Content Located Within The United States

Office 365 Government services are provided from datacenters physically located in the United States. Customer content is stored at rest in datacenters physically located only in the U.S.A. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Exchange Online mailbox content
  • Microsoft Teams persistent chat threads
  • Skype for Business archived conversations, uploaded documents, and whiteboarding sessions
  • Microsoft Planner plans
  • PowerApps/PowerAutomate data

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Microsoft 365 E3 With Microsoft 365 E5 Security

Microsoft 365 E3 with Microsoft 365 E5 Security is the new hero SKU if your organization doesnt need VoIP or Power BI. Pricing for the Microsoft 365 E5 Security add-on is $12/mo and can only be added to the Microsoft 365 E3 plan, which is $32/mo.

The M365 E5 Security add-on gives you the following advanced features to your M365 E3 plan:

  • Azure AD P2
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365

The five SKUs above provide comprehensive cybersecurity licensing to detect breaches and perform digital forensics across the entire attack chain. The P2 features of Microsoft SKUs also add automation features that respond to breaches at the speed of the cloud. Human minds can no longer keep up with modern attacks. Microsoft 365 E3 with Microsoft 365 E5 Security provides enterprise-class security features for your organization.

Microsoft 365 E3 is also the entry-level plan to allow access to Windows Virtual Desktop from a non-Windows 10 Pro device. All lower level Microsoft 365 plans require at least Windows 10 Pro to access WVD.

Microsoft 365 F3 Licensing Comparison To Office 365 F1

Sell fuel at base price: Congress

At only $10/user, firstline workers, employees that only need email, and contractors are a few types of users that would benefit from the Microsoft 365 F3 license. The business value for investing in M365 F3 licenses include:

  • Foster culture and community: By utilizing Microsoft Teams, your employees will have access to persistent chat, and provide your firstline workers access to the same corporate resources in SharePoint Online that are used by the rest of your organization.
  • Train and upskill employees: Microsoft Teams can serve as your source of institutional knowledge. Train and upskill your employees, creating opportunities for workers to develop, grow, and apply their skills.
  • Digitize business process: Give your firstline workers and contractors access to your organizations modern digital workflows that are embedded in SharePoint, Flow, and Teams.
  • Minimize risk and cost: Make sure your organizations data is only accessed from compliant devices and reduce your attack surface for potential breaches.
Microsoft 365 F3 provides the following productivity tools:
  • Exchange Online Kiosk
  • eDiscovery
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Infused Innovations also recommends adding Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection P1 to this plan to help protect users from phishing attacks.

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Data Migrations Performed By Fasttrack

Customers who choose the FastTrack migration benefit will need to grant access to the team managing their data migrations. These personnel are US citizens and undergo the following background checks before performing migrations for customers of Office 365 US Government services.

Background screening

Benefits Of Using Office 365 Government Plans

These plans can offer benefits for government organizations.

Streamlined business processes and collaboration

The Office 365 government plans can provide efficient tools for holding multi-party HD online meetings with note-taking, screen sharing, and annotation functions. It is only one click to begin a conference call, IM, or video chat.

The government plans also provide calendars and email, Team and Intranet sites, Office Online, and apps for SharePoint and Office. They provide instant messaging and Skype connectivity, online PSTN conferencing, and work from any browser.

You can enhance your business collaboration and processes through its tools for file sharing and storage, constant accessibility, cutting-edge security practices, automatic updates, and 24/7 support.

Security and reliability

It is a fact that government organizations need world-class data security. Exactly, Office 365 can segregate data from commercial data. The platform can offer your organization excellent security and reliability. You dont need to worry about data problems because it has the best security features to give you and your staff peace of mind.

Excellent mobility

These government plans allow government employees to work at an office, home, or remote area with a hassle-free experience. You can also access its features on different devices. Employees who are always on the go can easily work in any setting.

It saves money and time


Functional tools and features

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What Is Office 365 Gcc High

Government Community Cloud and GCC High are specific service offerings of Azure cloud services and the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite designed to ensure compliance with various federal government information and cybersecurity regulations. They are available to government agencies and private organizations that are required to comply with regulations such as CMMC, FedRAMP High, DFARS 7012, ITAR, or CJIS Policy.

What Is Office 365 For Government Plans And Pricing

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Posted by Errin O’Connor on Jun, 21, 2021 06:06

Government organizations have unique needs. In relation to it, Office 365 provides government plans to cater to these needs. They offer capabilities and features of Office 365 services in a segmented government cloud community. With it, organizations can adhere to security standards and US compliance.

Office 365 government plans are accessible for qualified government entities like US federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local government entities. These plans are also ideal for other entities that handle data for government requirements and regulations, wherein using the Office 364 Government is necessary to meet such needs and regulations.

Every government plan is available for a monthly subscription. It can also be licensed for an unlimited amount of users. It comes with a free trial to start the unique compliance validation process needed for eligibility. If your organization was validated, you could use the trial. However, the trials are not accessible for DOD or GCC High environment offerings.

To help you choose the best plan for you, here are the different types of plans you can choose from for your organization.

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