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How To Get A Government Job Without A Degree

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How Do Federal Salaries Work

10 Government Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

Most federal agencies use the General Schedule pay system, but note that there are other pay systems in the government as well. It can be difficult to tell where you might fit if you are unfamiliar with the various grades.

In essence, GS grades 5 to 11 are considered relatively entry-level level grade 12 and 13 are mid-level and grades 14 and 15 are senior level. Positions in the Senior Executive Service are at the executive level.

Instead of focusing on the grades and trying to figure out if youre qualified, focus on the experience required if you have what the job announcement is asking for, then you should apply. Let the agency Human Resources office determine whether you meet the grade requirements.

If selected, most agencies will start you are the lower end of the grades pay band. However, if you are offered a job, salary is negotiable but recognize that agencies have many choices of applicants so they may not be open to your counter salary offer.

Data Security And Integrity

We implement physical, technical, and administrative safeguards designed to maintain data accuracy, integrity, and security, prevent unauthorized access, and facilitate correct use of personal data. Our security measures take into account the risk of harm to you and Customers, as well as the availability of technology, industry common practices, effectiveness of mitigation controls, and the sustainability of those controls by us.

Although we maintain the controls listed herein, transmission of data is not without risk and we complete security of your personal data cannot be guaranteed. Please note, you are responsible for keeping your login credentials secret at all times, including your username and password.

In the event we believe the security of your personal data in our possession or control may be compromised, we may seek to notify you by e-mail and you consent to our use of e-mail as a means of such notification.

Review The Job/vacancy Announcement

After finding a job you are interested in, review the announcement to see if you are eligible and meet the qualifications. Read the entire vacancy announcement,including the occupational questionnaire, before starting your application.

Keep in mind that for each job, there are specific qualifications each applicant must meet.

  • Read the Who May Apply section to determine whether you are eligible to apply for the job.In most cases, if you are not a veteran and have never worked for the federal government before, you should only apply for positions open to U.S. Citizens or all sources.
  • Read the Qualifications section to see if you meet the required job qualifications.If you have the requisite experience, you should apply. Although you may qualify for some jobs based on your degree, the government typically values specific work experience over education. If you have both education and experience, apply based on your experience.

There are some jobs that require either a degree or a certain number of college credit hours the job announcement will spell this out, when education is required.

NOTE: DO NOT APPLY unless you have the required education.

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Healthcare Jobs Without A Degree Faq

What healthcare jobs pay well without a degree?

A few examples of healthcare jobs that pay well without a degree are physical therapists, dental assistants, licensed practical nurses, and surgical technologists. There are several well-paying jobs you can work in healthcare that require no additional education beyond a high school diploma or, in some instances, a certification.

What are the in-demand healthcare jobs without a degree?

Based on job outlooks and other factors, a few healthcare jobs without a degree that are in demand are paramedics, massage therapists, phlebotomists, and various types of medical assistants and technicians.

Can I work in the medical field without a degree but with a GED?

Yes, you can work in the medical field without a degree but with a GED and some specific training. Various medical-related jobs accept candidates with just these qualifications.

Can I get a job in a hospital without experience or a degree?

Not all employers require prior experience, so you can get a job in a hospital without a degree or experience. There are entry-level hospital jobs and health care positions that require no experience or degree at all. You can instead learn the job through on-the-job training.

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What’s Next?

What To Do After Youve Submitted Your Federal Government Job Application

Important steps to get government jobs without a degree

I have broken down the Essential Qualifications, and how you can demonstrate you possess them. If you do meet all of the essential qualifications, then you have demonstrated that in your resume and/or cover letter and submitted it before the closing date.

Now, should you just sit back and wait and see if you get invited to the next stage?

No. Assume that you will get screened in, and start preparing for the next stage of the process now. You might find that you get invited to write a test but dont get a lot of notice. So start preparing now. But what should you do to prepare? Go back to the job poster and see what they have identified as being assessed at a later date.

Lets break the next phase down a bit further.

After the section listing the Essential Qualifications and Asset Qualifications, you might see a section that says something like:

The following will be applied/assessed at a later date .

This might be broken down into a few sections, depending on the job for which you are applying.

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One Application Thousands Of Jobs

Create an account, upload your resume, and start applying for jobs. is the largest public sector job board in the country with thousands of open positions looking for qualified candidates like you. Automatically save your applications in a centralized place so you can keep track of where you’ve applied and check the status of your submission.

Sign Up For Daily Emails When You Find A That You Prefer

As mentioned above, after entering certain job criteria, USAJOBS will automatically look for jobs that match your desired criteria. You can then request that USAJOBS email you the search results daily, weekly, or monthly.

Request daily updates for faster, more effective information.

Since some jobs are only posted for a short period , the frequency can make a difference. Because many job announcements are only available to receive applications for as few as 3 days, it is important that you check USAJOBS on a daily basis so that you do not miss an opportunity.

Late applications are not accepted, regardless of reason.

Do not read anything into the fact that a job announcement is only open for applications for a few days. Given the number of applications received for each posting, federal HR offices are trying to limit the number of applicants.

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Create Your Usajobs Account

If you dont already have a USAJOBS account , create one. You must have complete a profile to apply to any job on USAJOBS. Because this will be used for all job applications, it is important to be accurate and thorough.

With a USAJOBS account and profile you can:

  • Save jobs that interest you to review or apply later.
  • Set up and save automated job searches.
  • Upload your resume files, or use the USAJOBS resume builder to create one. USAJOBS allows you to store up to 5 resumes in the system.
  • Upload and save required documents.
  • Apply to job announcements posted on USAJOBS.
  • Review and track your application status.

On any given day, USAJOBS includes as many as 10,000 job announcements. Announcements are posted daily, so it is important that you look at USAJOBS frequently.

Find Out If Those Dream Companies Are Hiring

How to get a job without degree in India ? |Job without education ? Job Without Degree |No Fees Free

Now that you have your 20 Dream Companies written down, it is time to find out if they are hiring.

You can do an online search for those dream companies job postings on their website.

You can also visit a few of these veteran-specific job boards to find out if your dream companies are hiring:

For each of the job posting sites, set up a profile with your skills. Sign up to receive daily or weekly updates on new job listings by your dream companies.

is another job resource site, as well as networking.

You can take a few minutes to set up a Linkedin account and allow it to work in multiple ways for you. Heres a great to help build your profile and have it work in your favor.

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Gain Familiarity And Experience

After completing a training program, you should get some training on the job. This training could come through an internship at a local healthcare facility. Doing an internship gives you the chance to see what your job could be like and gain relevant experience to put on your resume. Additionally, search for a volunteering job opportunity to gain further knowledge and experience.

Can I Be Successful Without College

Yes, its possible to succeed without a college degree. But with so many programs designed to take you from having no experience in a field to being highly-skilled and job-market ready, having a college degree offers a clear advantage. Success, for many adults, starts the day they get that bachelors degree.

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Power Distributors And Dispatchers

  • Median salary: $85,960

These system operators control the flow of electricity from power plant generating stations to substations and users. They monitor transmission and distribution lines and resolve issues and transmission failures. Applicants will need on-site training and experience. In addition, any work done on power plants that affect the power grid will require specific certification.

Government Jobs Without A Degree Faq

How To Get a Government Tech Job (Shortcut without an IT ...

Can I get a state job without a degree?

Yes, you can apply for state government jobs without a degree. Many state government jobs dont require degrees and only ask for a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

What are the basic requirements of government jobs without a degree?

Instead of a degree, some employers prefer their candidates to have work experience or training for the role. The requirements vary from state to state, but there will always be government jobs without a degree requirement available for you.

What is the minimum educational qualification for government jobs without a degree?

If you do not have a degree, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED and a passing score in the Civil Service Exam to be eligible. Most government jobs without a degree require at least these. Jobs without any education requirements are extremely uncommon.

Are there any law enforcement jobs that do not require college degrees?

Law enforcement jobs such as police officers and deputy sheriffs, especially entry-level ones, usually dont require college degrees. However, many people still get degrees before applying because it lets them stand out and bring more skills to the field. Still, you can apply and possibly get a position for these government jobs without a degree.

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What’s Next?

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Entry Level Government Jobs With No Experience Needed

  • Entry Level Government Jobs with No Experience Needed
  • Stability, a generous benefits package, great career prospects, and encouraging salaries are the attributes commonly associated with working for the federal government. The growth rates for federal government jobs make them a good choice for someone who takes their career path planning seriously. A variety of federal government entry level jobs gives the applicants an opportunity to start building their career in the governmental sector right after graduation. After all, the benefits offered by these positions are worthy of competing for them.

    How To Apply For Jobs Without Any Exams 2022 At Jobskar

    It is simple to apply for Jobs without any exams 2022 at Jobskar. Job seekers who wanted to search and apply jobs which not required any exams should visit After that, they should follow the simple steps provided below,

  • Visit the Jobs without any exams page of
  • Check for the latest No Exam Jobs 2022 updates in all sectors
  • Choose your desired job
  • Read the eligibility conditions given by the specific authority
  • If you’re eligible, apply for the job by clicking on the apply link provided here.
  • If the apply mode is online, fill the online application form and pay the mentioned application fee.
  • In case, if the apply mode is offline, download the application form and take a printout of the same. Fill in all the required fields without any error.
  • Send the filled application form to the concerned authority.
  • Keep a copy of the filled application for further use.
  • Follow these simple steps to apply for any Jobs without any exams easily.

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    Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager

    • Median salary: $94,530

    This high paying role includes the ultimate time-management skills needed to oversee and allocate the shipping of merchandise for companies. They coordinate, plan, and manage all the transportation needed to distribute products. This position does not require any degree just experience in a related field.

    S To Land A Us Federal Government Job

    • Post author

    The federal government fills nearly 90,000 jobs each year not counting the military or US Postal Service.

    Many people believe applying for a federal job is a difficult and complicated process, but it is actually very achievable.

    The job search process in the federal government can last about 6-18 months, which can be lengthy for many people.

    But most find it is worth the effort and the wait federal jobs include healthcare, vacation and sick time, life insurance, pensions, training, and other benefits.

    To be successful, you must apply only for jobs for which you are truly qualified by using a targeted federal-style resume, and, of course, you must also be patient.

    Do not pay a third party to provide access to the hidden federal government job market. Usually these services just link you back to USAJOBS.

    For the vast majority of federal positions, you must be a US citizen. Green card holders are not typically eligible to apply for federal jobs.

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    Entry Level Security Jobs

    Security is a career field that places a high priority on military experience. A personal experience from the author of this article is a good example. Your author was hired into a corporate retail chain store loss prevention program on the strength of a 13-year Air Force career but with no degree.

    Loss prevention is basically anti-shoplifting and store security and this kind of entry-level work started at $17 an hour.

    Another type of entry level security job is the small-town entry-level patrol option. Job listings for Entry Level Patrol Officers in the college town of Bloomington, Illinois have the following requirements:

    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Be legally able to possess a firearm

    An international security firm called G4S advertises entry-level security jobs as having the following requirements:

    • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Must have a valid and current drivers license
    • Must pass any State-required training or other qualifications for licensing

    Top 5 Jobs In Canada That Don’t Require A Degree

    There is a lot of hype when it comes to skilled immigration to Canada with many healthcare professionals and other professionals making the move. However, there are also plenty of jobs in Canada that dont require you to have a degree. Whats more, is that there are also various immigration programs on offer by the federal government and different provinces/territories in Canada that make this possible.

    Weve listed a few of the top jobs available in the Canadian economy with some falling on the list of in-demand occupations for certain provinces. You can begin your Canadian visa application through one of these programs to start paving the way towards permanent residency in the country.

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    How To Prepare For The Interview

    Getting screened in for an interview is a huge accomplishment and if youre at this stage, youve no doubt experienced a whole new set of nerves and questions that have popped to mind.

    Interviews, and preparing for them properly, requires more time than we have here, thats why Ive put together a separate free resource called the Federal Government Interview Preparation Worksheet. It will help you formulate key information about who you are and why you would be a good fit for the job so youre ready for the big day!

    Federal Government Interview Worksheet

    Think About What You Want Your Day To Look Like

    How to Get a Government Job Without a Degree

    Envision what a perfect workday would look like.

    • Do you want an early start to your day?
    • How far of a commute do you want to make?
    • Is travel time away from family and home an option?
    • What time you want your workday to end?
    • Do you have employees reporting to you?
    • Do you want to work weekends or holidays?
    • Is being on call an option?
    • How do you want to dress?

    How you live each day is how you live your life.

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    Entry Level Computer Jobs

    Web developers, IT support, computer support, and more are listed across multiple job and veteran sites as being no-degree-required jobs and in many cases this can be true. If you are proficient in programming languages but dont have a degree to back you up, it IS possible to land entry-level jobs or even more advanced jobs in the industry. But in this particular case much depends on the skills and knowledge levels you bring to the job interview.

    Unlike a job in security where you will be given plenty of on-the-job training, youll be expected to bring a certain level of technical proficiency to an entry level computer gig. The more experienced you are, the better your chances.

    Bottom line, what this means is that if you seek non-degreed work in computers and you already have a good deal of experience working with them, you could easily land a gig without a degree. But if you are starting from scratch with no experience in this field whatsoever, your prospects arent just bad, they are utterly dismalyoull need experience, a degree, or both.

    Smaller towns are likely for some easier to land these entry level jobs in than a tech hub such as Austin, Texas where the competition is much highersometimes in your job search, especially without a degree, location counts.

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