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How To Get A Contract With The Federal Government

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Q: Are There Certain Industries Or Types Of Small Businesses That Are Better Suited For Government Procurement

Doing Business with GSA Roadmap Getting on Contract

A: The federal government buys virtually any type of service available, including administrative, engineering, janitorial, scientific, accounting, legal, landscaping and even construction services.

Products include anything needed to run an office, hospital, military base, airport, cemetery, or to support an education system. If your business sells to the corporate marketplace, there is a very high chance that the government customer will buy from you as well.

Learn About Key Government Programs And Initiatives

We are committed to fostering innovation and diversity, supporting aboriginal and small and medium enterprises, and encouraging green practices in all our procurement activities.

The following programs and initiatives supporting socio-economic benefits provide great opportunities for small businesses and innovators, with social and environmental benefits for all Canadians:

Authorization To Use Government Supply Sources

Before issuing an authorization to a contractor to use Government supply sources in accordance with 51.101 or , the contracting officershall place in the contract file a written finding supporting issuance of the authorization. A written finding is not required when authorizing use of Government supply sources in accordance with 51.101. Except for findings under 51.101, the determination shall be based on, but not limited to, considerations of the following factors:

The administrative cost of placing orders with Government supply sources and the program impact of delay factors, if any.

The lower cost of items available through Government supply sources.

Suitability of items available through Government supply sources.

Delivery factors such as cost and time.

Recommendations of the contractor.

Authorizations to subcontractors shall be issued through, and with the approval of, the contractor.

Upon deciding to authorize a contractor to use Government supply sources, the contracting officershall request, in writing, as applicable-

A FEDSTRIP activity address code, through the agencys central contact point for matters involving activity address codes, from the General Services Administration FXS Washington, DC 20406

A MILSTRIP activity address code from the appropriate Department of Defense service point listed in Section 1 of the Introduction to the DoD Activity Address Directory

Each request made under paragraph of this section shall contain-

The prime contract number and

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Search Government Contracts Over $10000

As part of Canadas second Action Plan on Open Government, the Government of Canada has committed to the disclosure of contracting data via a centralized, machine-readable database available to the public. Originally announced in Budget 2004, departments are required to disclose contracts and amendments valued over and under $10,000 in a manner outlined in the Guidelines on the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts. Amendments to the Access to Information Act codified the aforementioned reporting requirements with the Royal assent of Bill C-58 in June 2019.

Information on contracts issued/amended by or on behalf of federal institutions can be searched here using keyword, institution, quarter, and year.

The Treasury Board Contracting Policy outlines the rules and principles governing government contracting. The objective is to procure contracting of goods and services in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness and results in best value to Canada. For further information on federal government procurement, please visit

The Search Government Contracts over $10,000 content has recently been updated. At this time, there are a number of records that have not been migrated from the archived site. Refer to the Contracts over $10,000 Legacy Data for more information on these records.

Found 830766 records

Be A Member Of The System For Award Management

How to Get Government Contracts as a Private Investigator

Before receiving a government contract, the first step is to register a company in SAM.

System for Award Management is one of the official websites of the government. The site stores a database of businesses seeking opportunities with federal agencies.

Anyone can use SAM without any charge. Also, by registering on the federal government website, any business can:

  • Update or check company status
  • Be qualified for federal government contracting

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How Do I Sell To The Dod

Offering products or services to the Department of Defense is not easy for every business. Business owners must have patience and extensive knowledge regarding the acquisition rules to win DoD open contracts.

In 1985, the Defense Logistics Agency established a Procurement Technical Assistance Program . This assistance aims to help small businesses willing to do business with the Department of Defense.

Under the program, small businesses may get into the following support networks:

Government Contracts: How To Get Them For Your Small Business

Getting a government contract for your small business could be a huge opportunity to grow in so many industries. They offer stability, consistency and, most importantly, money for your company.

The financial risk is generally low and can be a profit increase that betters your business for years. Although the opportunity is great, actually getting a government contract for a federal project can be difficult and time-consuming. Follow some of these guidelines to get you started:

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How To Write An Effective Government Contract Bid

Drafting a proposal for a potential government contract is just the start of the bidding process. But it can have you look at a blank screen for hours, especially if you have no idea where to begin. To jumpstart your journey to writing an impressive bid proposal, here are some of the things you have to take note of:

1. Read and re-read the solicitation document

It pays to be detail-oriented in this line of work. If you miss even one detail about the governments solicitation, your bid will be deemed non-responsive. To avoid this, you should carefully review the entire solicitation, its detailed requirements, and most importantly, understand the contract regulations. If some things arent clear with you, never hesitate to contact the procurement contracting officer to ask questions.

2. Align your proposal with the governments specified needs

Although government contract bid templates may be available on the internet, you should not entirely depend on them. To write an effective bid proposal, you should write your bid around the governments specific needs and how your business can help them out. This will show that you took the necessary effort to fully understand their requirements and plan your businesss course of action.

3. Highlight how your company can deliver the best solution

Telling your businesss compelling history can be an excellent way to start your proposal, but you shouldnt dwell too much on it. A concise paragraph will suffice for that.

Minority Small Business & Capital Ownership Development 8 Program

GSA OSDBU Getting On GSA Schedule Webinar

The 8 Program is SBAâs effort to promote equal access for socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to participate in the business sector of the nationâs economy.

Socially and economically disadvantaged individuals include Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, and others designated by the SBA.

The program recognizes the historical lack of equal access that minorities and other disadvantaged individuals have had to the resources needed to develop their small businesses. The program assists 8 approved firms to participate in the business sector and to become independently competitive in the marketplace. The assistance available includes access to federal government contracts as well as management and technical assistance programs.

The Small Business Administration provides additional details on the benefits and eligibility for each certification. You can also contact them at 973-645-2531

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Is Learning How To Get Government Contracts Limited To Your State

There is a huge debate among government contracting agencies on this topic. The politically correct answer is generally NO.

Federal contracting is a federal program and not state. The facts show that government contractors from one state have been awarded government projects in totally new states. Prudent government contract lawyers should look at the constitutionality of favoring in state companies versus out-of-state contractors with no compelling reason.

Many government agencies and SBA offices create policy that you can only apply for work within your particular state. This has yet to be seriously challenged. Other government proposals will state that bidders must posses a certain state license to bid on the particular federal contract. Read about best small business ideas for getting federal government contracts.

These strategies at some point will be challenged successfully. While it is true that small businesses must use the SBA Office in their specific region, this is a far cry from saying that you must only look at contracts within that specific state.

If you need information on how to get government contracts to create more revenues for your business, call our government contract consultants at 1-866-601-5518.

Determine Your Naics Code

NAICSthe North American Industry Classification Systemclassifies businesses to collect data related to the U.S. economy. Youll need a NAICS code to register your business and to apply for certain federal contracts. For more information about NAICS codes, check out guidance from the Small Business Administration .

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Course Through The Canada School Of Public Service

If you are a federal public servant and have access to the Canada School of Public Services learning platform, we ask that you complete the course through the Canada School of Public Service. When you will have completed the course, you will be able to download the certificate of completion from the CSPS learning account. For all others who complete the course on the Women and Gender Equality Canada site, a certificate will be provided to you through this site immediately following the course.

The content of this course focuses on the basic introduction to gender-based analysis Plus. You will familiarize yourself with the key concepts of GBA Plus and recognize how various identity and social factors can influence the experience of federal government initiatives affecting different people. You will learn to identify how GBA Plus can enhance the responsiveness, effectiveness and outcomes of federal government initiatives while applying some foundational GBA Plus concepts and processes.

The course was updated April 11, 2022 notably regarding language to reflect certain conceptual changes to GBA Plus.

  • Identify key statutes and regulations that guide the procurement process when using federal grant funds
  • Discuss key points from the applicable regulations
  • Identify the different types of procurements and when to use each type
  • Navigate the procurement process and questions to ask along the way
  • Identify key characteristics of a successful procurement system

Sell To Other Canadian And Foreign Governments

Government Contracting

We have recently begun sharing our procurement tools, such as standing offers and supply arrangements, with Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities to help provide best value for Canadian taxpayers. If you are pre-qualified for one these tools, you can find opportunities to sell to other governments in Canada.

Find more information to sell to other Canadian and foreign governments.

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How To Apply For Government Contracts

Get all the required codes for your products and business, register online with the SAM, get your business on the government bidding list, and start bidding.3 min read

Are you wondering how to apply for government contracts? Get all the required codes for your products and business , register online with the System for Award Management , get your business on the government bidding list, and start bidding.

Standing Offers And Supply Arrangements

Standing offers and supply arrangements are two types of non-binding agreements between the federal government and potential suppliers of specified goods or services. These agreements outline the terms and conditions that will apply to future requirements to be ordered on an as and when required basis.

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Complete Your Sba Profile

If you are a small business owner, you should remember to fulfill your SBA profile as soon as you finish your registration. Your SBA profile is the first thing government buyers will see when looking for suitable federal contractors, so having a clear and compelling SBA profile can boost your chances of winning a contract.

For your SBA profile, use relevant keywords that best describe your business. Your profile should be clear and compelling that the government buyer can get a gist of your products and services with a glance.

Beginners Guide To Becoming A Government Contractor

Doing Business with GSA – Subcontracting

Terrifyingly complicated. These two words may probably sum up the usual experience of every small business owner who wants to take a shot at becoming a government contractor.

It is pretty expected to be intimidated, though, especially when the industrys leading players are famed conglomerates. Most of them are known for their expertise in developing cutting-edge defense and military technologies. In fact, these industry giants received the biggest share in the US governments $682 billion spending for government contracts.

Fortunately, in partnership with the US Small Business Administration , the federal government has set policies and programs in place to try to level the playing field and encourage open competition. And even though the whole process to become a government contractor sounds complicated at first, you only need to remember these four key points: evaluate your products and services, register your business, find government contracting opportunities, and submit bids!

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Increase Your Companys Value

As weve already established, securing a government contract could enable you to build connections with the right clients. However, creating stability for your business is not the only advantage of this.

Securing a government contract could also increase your companys value. If the government chooses you to deliver their project, this will have an extremely positive impact on your reputation. It shows that your business is compliant with government standards, which will impress future buyers and potential clients.

Also, when you work on a government contract, youre likely to be contributing to the growth of the local economy. This is a great benefit of federal contract bids and will improve your reputation among other businesses in the area.

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Reporting Achievements And Goals

When the mid-year data are available,SBA reports to each major federalprocurement agency on their progresstowards goals for that fiscal year.Annually, SBA prepares a report for thePresident, government-wide and byagency. That report is also published inthe Office of AdvocacysState of Small Business. Achievements and goals are posted onSBAs web site at.

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Price Your Bid Appropriately

Federal contracting officers are expected to ensure that supplies and services for government agencies are purchased at fair and reasonable prices, and they conduct a significant amount of market research to understand typical pricing before making a proposal solicitation. At the same time, most solicitations are met with a competitive number of bids, leaving you as the business owner tasked with issuing a competitive bid while still reasonably maximizing your profit potential.

As you can imagine, setting your contract pricing well will be critical to your ability to win profitable government contracts. You need to consider your costs both during bidding and the fulfillment of the contract while allowing enough room for day-to-day overhead.

Remember as you bid that contracting officers arenât necessarily seeking the lowest price, but rather the best value with all factors considered. Look for ways to add value in your bid without increasing overhead costs to maximize your companyâs appeal as the âbest valueâ offer.

Protesting A Firms Status As An Economically Disadvantaged Women

How to Get U.S. Government Contracts and Classified Work: A Contractor ...

Definition. Interested party, as used in this section, has the meaning given in 13 CFR 127.102.

For sole source acquisitions, the contracting officer or SBA may protest the offerors status as an economically disadvantaged women-owned small business concern or as a WOSB concern eligible under the WOSB Program. For all other acquisitions, an interested party may protest the apparent successful offerors EDWOSB or WOSB status.

SBAs protest regulations are found in subpart F Protests at 13 CFR 127.600 through 127.605.

Protests relating to small business size status are subject to the procedures of 19.302. An interested party seeking to protest both the small business size and WOSB or EDWOSB status of an apparent successful offerorshall file two separate protests.

All protests shall be in writing and must state all specific grounds for the protest.

SBA will consider protests challenging the status of a concern if-

The protest presents evidence that the concern is not at least 51 percent owned and controlled by one or more women who are United States citizens or

The protest presents evidence that the concern is not at least 51 percent owned and controlled by one or more economically disadvantaged women, when it is in connection with an EDWOSB contract.

SBA shall consider protests by a contracting officer when the apparent successful offeror has failed to provide all of the required documents, as set forth in 19.1503.

Protest by an interested party.

Before SBA decision.

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Government Training Boosts Workforce Performance And Personnel Engagement

As a government entity, you cant get locked into yearly subscriptions or memberships. Thats why Pryor licenses our scalable learning program for federal, state and local agencies. Pryor is P-card ready and experienced working with government contracts in accordance with OPM competency guidelines, including: the United States Army Corps. of Engineers, United States House of Representatives, as well as the states of Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas and more. Need to ensure federal requirements are met to maintain federal funding? Check. Tasked with increasing operational efficiency while reducing financial outlay? Check. Leverage our training to streamline workforce performance, while reducing liability and increasing personnel engagement and productivity.

Unlimited government training. Custom-tailored and P-card ready. Anytime, anywhere.

Or call to speak with a sales representative.

Bring private group training to your locationin-person or onlinewith more than 200 courses designed to minimize downtime, disruption and expense.
  • Onsite training begins for as little as $99.00 per person with groups of 30 or more.
  • 200+ training topics delivered to your locationin-person or onlineby dynamic thought leaders.
  • Just-in-time onsite training inspires immediate behavior change.
  • Private and confidential training boosts unity and morale.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We offer training for managers and employees throughout the federal government on:

  • Contracts and Acquisitions

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