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Government Subsidy Loan For Business

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National Small Industries Corporation Subsidy

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The NSIC is a Government enterprise under the MSMEs, and it is ISO certified. One of its primary functions is to aid the growth of MSMEs by providing services including finance, technology, market and other services across the country. The NSIC has initiated two schemes in order to promote the growth of MSMEs, which are:

  • The scheme supports in development any business by devising schemes such as Consortia and Tender Marketing. Such a scheme is crucial as the MSMEs must be aided in order for them to grow in the current competitive market.
  • The NSIC provides for financial aid to procure raw materials, for activities in relation to marketing and for financing with banks through syndication to MSMEs.

The benefit of this scheme is that it offers the small-scale industries access to tenders without them having to bear any costs, and the MSMEs also do not have to pay the security deposits for availing financial aid under this scheme.

Canada Small Business Financing Program

On June 30, 2021, the coming into force of legislative changes to the Canada Small Business Financing Program removed the restriction excluding not-for-profit, charitable and religious enterprises as eligible borrowers. for more information.

The Canada Small Business Financing Program makes it easier for small businesses to get loans from financial institutions by sharing the risk with lenders. Loans can be used to finance the following costs:

  • purchase or improvement of land or buildings used for commercial purposes
  • purchase or improvement of new or used equipment
  • purchase of new or existing leasehold improvements, that is, renovations to a leased property by a tenant

Up to a maximum of $1,000,000 for any one borrower, of which no more than $350,000 can be used for purchasing leasehold improvements or improving leased property and purchasing or improving new or used equipment.

Technology And Quality Up Gradation Support For The Msmes

In an endeavor for the extent of the adoption of quality standards by the MSME sector of Republic of India, Government provides this grant. Basically, this is often for the exploit of the ISO certifications like ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and HACCP.

The initiative below the NMCP aims to extend productivity, upgrading technology and protective energy within the producing method. Also, it aims to expand domestic and world market share of Indian MSME product.

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Government Subsidy For Organic Farming

  • Individuals, a group of farmers/growers, proprietary, and partnership firms, Co-operatives, Fertilizer industries, Companies, Corporations, and NGOs are eligible to get the subsidy for biofertilizer and biopesticide manufacturing operation.
  • APMCs, Municipalities, NGOs and Private entrepreneurs are eligible to get the subsidy for fruit and vegetables waste compost unit.
  • Azotobacter, Rhizobium, PSB, Azospirillum, Acetobacter, Trichoderma, and Mycorrhiza are some of the profitable products, you can start manufacturing under this scheme.

The major objectives of the scheme are

  • To promote organic farming in the country by making available organic inputs such as biofertilizers, Biopesticides, and fruit & vegetable market waste compost.
  • To increase agricultural productivity while maintaining soil health and environmental safety.
  • To reduce the total dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides by increasing the availability and improving the quality of biofertilizers, biopesticides, and composts in the country.
  • To convert organic waste into plant nutrient resources.
  • To prevent pollution and environment degradation by proper conversion and utilization of organic waste.

For more details about this scheme

Key Functions Of Sidbi

Government Subsidy Loan for Business

Listed below are the chief functions of SIDBI:

  • Aid financial institutions lending to small-scale industries in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector to ensure their financial health.
  • Offer SIBDI direct loans to companies categorised in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector.
  • Carry out marketing initiatives for small-scale industries on a global scale.
  • Offer venture funding possibilities for industries in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector.
  • Promotion of employment and upgradation of technology in the sector.
  • Offer job opportunities for individuals who wish to work in the sector. SIDBI recruitment updates are displayed on the website –
  • Loan offers for development and maintenance of small-scale industries in the country.
  • Promotion of employment-oriented industries in the small-scale industry sector.
  • Ensure technology upgradation in the small-scale industry.
  • Ensures the financial health of cooperation banks and commercial banks’ lending to small-scale industries.
  • Promotion of venture funds.

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Government Subsidy For Small Business Dairy Farming

In an effort to further strengthen the dairy farming industry in India, the NABARD dairy farming subsidy was launched.

In addition to milk, the manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields. The gobar gas from the dung is used as fuel for domestic purposes as also for running engines for drawing water from well. The surplus fodder and agricultural by-products are gainfully utilized for feeding the animals. Read More

Government Subsidy For Small Business From Nsic

NSIC provides two basic subsidies. Such as raw material assistance and marketing assistance. Raw Material Assistance Scheme aims at helping Small Scale Industries/Enterprises by way of financing the purchase of Raw Material .

This gives an opportunity for SSI to focus better on manufacturing quality products. Under the Scheme, marketing support is provided to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises through National Small Industries Corporation to enhance the competitiveness and marketability of their products.

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Edc Business Credit Availability Program

Export Development Canadas Business Credit Availability Program offers eligible customers with credit financing.

The EDC BCAP includes:

  • An operating credit of up to CAD $80 million.
  • 75% to 80% of the loan guaranteed by the Federal Government through the EDC .

TD Business Banking customers should contact their Relationship or Account Manager to learn more.

What Is Meant By A Government Subsidy Loan For Business

Govt pledges interest free loans to small businesses

As mentioned above, government subsidy loans for business are nothing but the loan schemes that are sanctioned to the SMEs to expand their business, fund their day-to-day operations, purchase new equipment, and so on.

The Small and Medium Enterprises fall under the sector of small-scale business and they are liable to contribute about 40% of the total GDP of India. This sector acts as a main source of employment in the country but encounters tough competition from privately-funded businesses. This is the only reason why the government is providing subsidy loans to such businesses.

Let us take a look at the chief 5 government subsidy loan for business and its features.

1. Features of Stand-Up India scheme

  • The Stand-Up India Scheme has been specifically designed to fulfill the fund requirements of Scheduled Tribes /Scheduled Caste businesswomen for establishing a Greenfield organization.
  • This loan scheme is of complex nature. It simply means that the loan also includes a term loan and working capital.
  • To achieve this loan scheme, the organization should be involved in the business of trading, manufacturing, or services.
  • An ST, SC, or women entrepreneur has to hold a 51% controlling stake if the company is established as non-individual.

2. Features of PMMY Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana

3. Features of SMILE SIDBI Make in India Loan for Enterprises

4. Features of MSME Loans in 59 Minutes

5. Features of CLCSS Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme

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Things To Consider Before Applying For A Small Business Loan

Before applying for a Small Business Loan, individuals should keep the points listed below in mind:

  • Shop around for the right business loan

Since a lot of lenders now offer business loans online, make a comparative analysis between lenders keeping in mind the tenure of the loan, the loan amount, interest rates, fees and charges, etc. Choose one that suits your finances and business goals.

  • Know the loan amount you are eligible for

Financial lenders will take into consideration the eligibility of the candidate which is based on his/her business turnover, ITR certificate, experience and so on. Ensure that you are eligible for the loan amount that you are applying. You can do this using eligibility calculators.

  • Have your documents in place

Ensure that you have all the required documentation when applying for the loan and there are no discrepancies between the documents.

  • Calculate the EMI

Based on the loan amount, interest rate and processing fee, calculate the EMI using a calculator to plan your finances accordingly.

Hdfc Bank Small Busines Loan

Listed below are the key highlights of the HDFC Bank Small Business Loan:

  • Loan amount up to Rs.40 lakh generally and Rs.50 lakh in select areas.
  • Processing fee for the loan up to 2.5% of the loan amount.
  • Overdraft facility up to Rs.15 lakh.
  • No requirement for a guarantor or collateral.
  • Added bonus of a free life insurance policy.
Financial Bank
Up 2.5% of the loan amount Up to 4% of the outstanding balance 2% per month of the due amount

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Montgomery County Economic Development Grant And Loan Program

Financial assistance to private employers who retain jobs or stimulate new job creation in Montgomery County.

Priority is given to the following businesses:

  • high technology companies
  • businesses located in urban revitalization areas, and
  • other private employers providing the greatest public benefits.


The typical amount of EDF assistance ranges from $5,000 to $100,000. Higher amounts are possible for businesses involved in large projects.

Evaluation Criteria

Projected employment growth and capital investment, or other positive economic impacts that the County’s assistance will facilitate.

  • Financial history and projections, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Background of the company and its management.
  • Present and future market outlook for the business.

The applications will be further evaluated using priority criteria to arrive at a funding decision.

Priority will be given to:

  • cases where the private employer’s business will create significant employment growth by creating new jobs within 1 to 3 years of funding.
  • cases that will result in significant capital investment in the county.
  • assistance that will materially improve the County’s economy and advance the County’s economic development objectives and strategies.
  • cases where County funding complements and leverages existing state and private sector funding programs.
  • 1801 Rockville Pike, Suite 320Rockville, MD 20852

  • Applications must be received within 90 days of lease signing.

    Government Loan Subsidy For Small Business From Nsic

    government subsidy loan for business Archives
    • NSIC provides two basic subsidies. Raw material assistance and marketing assistance.

    Raw Material Assistance Scheme aims at helping Small Scale Industries/Enterprises by way of financing the purchase of Raw Material . This gives an opportunity for SSI to focus better on manufacturing quality products.

    is provided to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises through National Small Industries Corporation to enhance competitiveness and marketability of their products.

    For more details about this scheme

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    Rbl Bank Small Business Loan

    Listed below are the key details of the RBL Small Business Loan:

    • Flexible loan tenures up to 60 months.
    • Choice of secured and unsecured business loans.
    • Quick and hassle-free documentation process.
    • Attractive interest rates for loans up to Rs.10 lakh.
    • Residential or commercial properties can be used as collateral.
    Financial Bank
    As per the terms and conditions of the lender As per the terms and conditions of the lender As per the terms and conditions of the lender

    Assistance For Small Businesses

    The COVID-19 public health crisis and resulting economic crisis have created a variety of challenges for small, micro, and solo businesses in communities across the country. The Treasury Department is providing critical assistance to small businesses across the country, facilitating the urgent deployment of capital and support to help these organizations not just persevere, but recover on solid footing.

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    Capital Float Small Business Loan

    Listed below are the key details of the Capital Float Business Loan:

    • Attractive interest rate for loans up to Rs.50 lakh.
    • Flexible repayment tenures up to 36 months.
    • No hidden costs
    • Loan amount disbursal within 2-3 working days following approval.
    • Online application process.
    Up 2% of the loan amount As per the terms and conditions set by the lender As per the terms and conditions set by the lender

    Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program

    6 Government Subsidy Loan Schemes for Small Businesses in India [Updated]

    The Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program Guarantee is a business lending program for Canadian businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. The program provides a loan that is 100% guaranteed by Business Development Bank of Canada .

    Key features of HASCAP include:

    • a loan amount ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000
    • A fixed interest rate of 4%
    • A term of up to ten years
    • The ability to defer principal payments for up to 12 months at the start of the loan

    Eligibility requirements for HASCAP include but are not limited to:

    • The business must have been financially viable prior to the economic impact of COVID-19
    • The business must have received the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy or the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy by having demonstrated a minimum revenue decline of 50% for at least three months of the past eight months prior to the HASCAP application date
    • If your business is eligible for but has not received CEWS or CERS, you must first apply for CEWS or CERS
    • If your business does not qualify for CEWS or CERS, you must provide financial statements for at least three months demonstrating a monthly year-over-year revenue decrease of a minimum of 50% per month within the eight months prior to your HASCAP application date
  • The business must use the loan to continue or resume operations
  • TD Business Banking customers should contact their Relationship or Account Manager to learn more.

    The HASCAP program end date is December 31, 2021.

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    Government Subsidy For Small Business For Cold Chain

    The objective of the scheme of Cold Chain, Value Addition, and Preservation Infrastructure is to provide integrated cold chain and preservation infrastructure facilities without any break from the farm gate to the consumer. It covers pre-cooling facilities at production sites, reefer vans, mobile cooling units as well as value addition centers.

    Basically, the centers that include infrastructural facilities like Processing/Multi-line Processing/ Collection Centres, etc. for horticulture, organic produce, marine, dairy, meat, and poultry, etc. Individual, Groups of Entrepreneurs, Cooperative Societies, Self Help Groups, Farmers Producer Organizations , NGOs, Central/State PSUs, etc. with a business interest in Cold Chain solutions are eligible to set up an integrated cold chain and preservation infrastructure and avail grant under the Scheme.

    Integrated Development Of The Leather Sector Scheme For The Leather Industry

    The scheme did aim at enabling existing footwear components, tanneries, footwear, and also the leather products units so that they could upgrade leading to productivity right-sizing of capacity, gains, cost-cutting, design and also the development simultaneously and could encourage the entrepreneurs to diversify and further able to set up the new units.

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    Zambia Provides Detail Of Fuel Price Changes

    Reynolds Bowa, who heads the Energy Regulation Board, told reporters in Lusaka, the capital, that Fuel and diesel rose respectively by 20% to 21.16 kwacha per liter and by 29% to 20.15 kwacha per liter.

    According to him the hikes in the two products took into account international prices and the exchange rate.

    He added:

    “Pump prices will now be reviewed every 30 days after subsidies and tax breaks kept them artificially stable for two years”

    The national power utility owes suppliers about $1 billion, largely because it buys the electricity for more than it sells it.

    Axis Bank Small Business Loan

    6 Government Subsidy Loan Schemes for Small Businesses in ...

    Listed below are the key highlights of the Axis Bank Small Business Loan:

    • Collateral-free loans.
    • Loans up to Rs.50 lakh at attractive interest rates.
    • Option of balance transfer from another financial lender.
    • Online application process.
    Contact the bank for details Contact the bank for details Contact the bank for details

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    Direct Subsidized And Unsubsidized Loans

    Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans are two different types of low-interest education loans offered through the Department of Education to help cover the cost of college or career school.

    • Direct Subsidized loans are available for undergraduate students to attend a 4-year or 2-year college, technical school or trade school. They are only for students who demonstrate financial need. The U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while youre in school at least half-time, for the first 6 months after you leave school and during a period of deferment. Annual loan limits apply.
    • Unlike direct subsidized loans, direct unsubsidized loans are not awarded based on need, but rather the cost of your tuition and other financial aid you need. Direct unsubsidized loans begin accruing interest as soon as you take out the loan. Annual loan limits apply.

    Msme Loan In 59 Minutes


    • You can avail a loan of up to Rs5 crore where the amount will be deposited to your account in less than 60 minutes.
    • Minimum documents required. You only have to upload the scanned versions of the required documents and upload it online for you to avail the loan.
    • You can avail a loan between Rs.1 lakh and Rs.5 crore under this loan scheme. Since you have the option of availing this loan from any of the lenders, the rate of interest levied may differ. The rate of interest however starts at 8.5%.

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