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Government And Public Administration Job Description

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Government & Public Administration

Public Administration: A Very Short Introduction | Ravi K. Roy

Jobs in the government and public administration career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing government legislative and administrative and regulatory services and related general purpose government services at the federal, state, and local levels.

This career cluster is divided into seven pathways:

  • Governance
  • Public Management and Administration

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What Does A Public Administrator Do

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Public administration jobs are challenging, rewarding, and secure, and often come with great government benefits. They also tend to be highly coveted. For those interested in a public administration career, enrolling in a Master of Public Administration program can be an excellent way to prepare to pursue these roles on a local, state, or federal level.

An MPA degree can provide in-depth knowledge of what a public administrator does and build on the essential skills required for success. Those who pursue an MPA degree can grow their leadership qualities and core competencies like communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. Equipped with this expertise, public administrators can thrive in an environment driven by coordinating complex strategies that impact the public at large. Ultimately, earning an MPA can help an individual achieve a public administrators highest goal of directing policies that can improve the quality of life of a community and its residents.

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Public Administration Career Resources

American Society for Public Administration:The ASPA is dedicated to advancing the public administration industry by providing professional development opportunities, association-wide events, and publications. In addition, the organization offers awards to recognize excellence among public administration workers.

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management:This organization promotes public policy and management through education and research.

Brookings Podcast Network:These podcasts from the Brookings Institution cover various topics in public administration.

Government & Public Administration Career Cluster:Readers can get information on various public administration careers on this O*Net page.

National Academy of Public Administration:Founded in 1967, the National Academy of Public Administration is dedicated to helping professionals in the field perform the duties of their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration:The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, or NASPAA, is a group that promotes the public administration industry by setting standards for the education students receive in this discipline.

PA Times:Published by the American Society for Public Administration, the PA Times covers news and commentary related to public administration, management, research, and service.

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Top Public Administration Organizations

Public Affairs Manager Resume Samples

Entering into a new career can be an exhilarating experience for a recent graduate. When entering into the workforce, new employees have the desire to gain knowledge and networking throughout their discipline, in order to go as far as they possibly can throughout a career. Professional organizations are a great way for professionals to get in touch with other professionals within their field, get answers to important questions regarding their specialty, and stay up to date with changes and trends that are changing their field. For public administration, the grounds for change are constant.

If you are currently in a degree program or just considering this field for your future occupation, consider joining a professional organization as part of your career plan. Our experts have years of experience in researching educational programs and outcomes for hard-working students. They have identified some of the most prominent organizations for public administration careers and listed them below for you to browse. More information is available on the website for each, as well as details and instructions on how to join.

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Government And Public Administration Career Cluster Overview

You probably spend much of every day complaining about things you do not like about school such as unfair grading practices, broken lockers, or gum under the desks. Although some students will just complain, others will try to change these troubling issues. Perhaps you are prepared to speak to the principal, write to school board members, or to just take a putty knife and scrape the gum off the desk yourself. If so, you may have the kind of leadership skills necessary for a career in politics. Though most people form opinions on political issues, some take their civic concerns even further by devoting their lives to government- related careers.

Not all important political decisions and campaigns revolve around Washington, D.C., however. Every state, county, and city has its own unique concerns and issues. And not every person involved in local politics is an elected official. Hired city managers and urban planners gauge the needs of their cities and local communities and propose changes to government officials. Among the responsibilities of managers and planners are the preservation of historic buildings and neighborhoods, the development of affordable housing and efficient public transportation, the building of civic centers and auditoriums, and the design of new parks and recreational areas.

Where Does A Public Administrator Work

People with jobs in public administration work for local and state governments, the federal government, educational institutions, the private sector, nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations . Jobs in public administration are performed both in the United States and abroad. For people who like to travel, public administration jobs in the foreign service are particularly attractive.

Among the many governmental agencies offering opportunities for public administration careers are:

  • the Environmental Protection Agency ,
  • the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ,
  • the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ,
  • the Federal Emergency Management Agency ,
  • the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ,
  • the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ,
  • the Securities and Exchange Commission ,
  • the Small Business Administration , and
  • the US Postal Service .

The Partnership for Public Service and American Universitys Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation publishes an annual ranking of the best places to find jobs in public administration. The list for 2009 includes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Government Accountability Office, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Intelligence Community, the Department of State, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, the General Services Administration, the Social Security Administration, and the Department of Commerce.

The Iraq Transition Assistance Office

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What Are Some Non

Master of Public Administration jobs are not only in the public sector: there are lots of opportunities for professionals in the private sector. Public administration careers and salaries are competitive for private organizations and wont rely on taxes for funding. For example, CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies may have a prior background in public administration, which benefits the company in dealing with, for instance, the IRS or SEC. The CEO is considered the top at the chain of command and will be responsible for overseeing the development and integration of all internal business policies and practices.

Medical center manager is another public administration job example. A medical center manager will oversee hiring, firing, budgets, and the assurance of high quality service to all patients.

Public administration job titles also include human resource manager and administrative services manager. These MPA jobs focus on making sure the business runs smoothly behind the scenes. Human resource managers oversee recruitment and payroll while administrative service managers manage the supplies required for operations and assist with policy development.

Bachelor Of Public Administration Degree Specialties

Career opportunities in the United States Courts

When learning more about public administration online degrees, youll find that many degrees offer specialties that can allow you to become an expert in a certain area of public administration. Some of the specialties youre most likely to see offered within online bachelors in public administration programs include:

  • Public finance problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Public policy formulation

When you earn your online bachelors in public administration, you can also choose to take a general course of study, without a specialty. This type of online bachelors degree in public administration will still allow you to become well suited to a job within the government, or the public or private sector. You may choose to start your online bachelors in public administration with a general course of study, and then choose a specialty as you learn more about the field. Regardless of whether you choose a specialty, earning your online bachelors degree in public administration will prepare you for a job that will positively affect your community, state, or country for years to come.

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What Do Public Administrators Do

Much of what public administrators do helps the government run on a daily basis, and they are responsible for providing needed services to the community. The scope of the services can depend on the level of government associated with the role, as public administrator positions can be found on the federal, state, and local levels.

Regardless of level, however, the framework of what a public administrator does is similar. Those in these roles coordinate select government operations and their associated policies in various stages of the policy cycle. These stages include planning, implementing, executing, and monitoring the policies to ensure that they can achieve the intended goals with maximum effectiveness.

This coordination process typically requires public administrators to take a hands-on approach to the elements that make up a plan. They must be able to work with other agency officials to ensure effective policy development, implementation, and execution. They also need the financial savvy to track budgets and coordinate project spending appropriately.

Additionally, public administrators may take on advocacy roles, developing strategies that encourage communities and their residents to utilize the services these plans provide. In some public administration roles, such as those associated with nonprofit organizations, they may be called upon to develop and execute effective fundraising strategies to help support the organizations cause.

How To Become A Public Administrator

Public administrators are involved in the public sector, overseeing federal, state and local agencies to produce public policies and coordinate public programs. They direct the efforts of public employees to manage operations for governmental agencies, public sector organizations and nonprofits. Often, administrators advise policymakers such as elected officials on how to formulate and achieve public policy objectives. They can work in government agencies and academic, healthcare and private sector settings.

Jumpstart Your Career in the Public Sector, Explore Online MPA Programs:

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Where Can A Public Administrator Work

One of the important considerations when youre working to answer the question, is a degree in public administration worth it? is to understand the various settings in which youre likely to work after you graduate. Most people who have their degree in public administration work for local, state, or federal government.

In the federal government, the answer to, where can a public administrator work? can vary. Governmental agencies where public administrators are likely to work include the US Postal Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Small Business Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and more.

While most people who get their public administration degree work for the government, some work for educational institutions, businesses in the private sector, non-government organizations, and non-profit organizations. Some people who work in public administration work abroad, and may travel frequently to learn how governments around the world implement programs to help their citizens. Jobs with public administration degree can be in many sectors.

What Is A Career In Public Administration

Sample Job Descriptions

As a public administrator, your specific duties will depend on which specialization or career path you choose. For example, city managers oversee municipal operations and personnel to make sure the city runs efficiently. Much of their time is spent assessing information and meeting with others such as heads of city departments and services. They also attend city council meetings, make reports to committees, and meet with citizens or community groups.

Although most public administrators work in government, others are employed by private organizations or businesses. They typically work in offices and collaborate with others to identify and analyze public needs and contribute to solutions or policies. In all public administration careers, you will have opportunities to work with others while you apply your management and leadership skills.

“Government is often described as a big machine with cogs and gears, and that’s pretty true,” says Joshua Holder, instructor at the University of Central Florida’s School of Public Administration. “Everyone has their own role to play, but things only move when everyone is working together.”

In this Article

  • Policy research companies

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What Degree Is Required To Become A Public Administrator

Public administration jobs generally require a masters degree in Public Administration/ A masters in Public Policy and Administration is also available. A bachelors or masters degree in public administration will prepare candidates for a leadership or managerial position in federal, state or local government, as well as in non-profit and private organizations.

Obtaining an entry-level public administration job in state or local government agencies generally requires two years of graduate study in urban and regional planning or equivalent work experience, in addition to undergraduate degree. Earning a postgraduate degree is an excellent way to get started in public administration careers.

Bachelors in Public Administration

Earning a bachelors degree in public administration helps prepare prospective candidates for entry-level jobs in public administration. In addition, successful completion of the bachelors degree will lay an excellent foundation for continued study in pursuit of public administration jobs. The BPA should be considered the minimum requirement for successful entry into a public administration job.

Masters in Public Administration

Accreditation For Public Administration And Policy Programs

When youre searching for the best public policy schools in the world, you want to be sure that you choose a school that has regional accreditation. The top schools for public administration will hold a regional accreditation, as this is considered the gold standard when it comes to college accreditation. When youre searching for the top schools for public administration, theres no need to search for schools that have been specifically accredited for a public administration program. There are no governing bodies that accredit programs at the bachelors level.

When youre searching for the best public policy schools in the world, be sure that the schools youre considering have been accredited by one of the following regional accreditation agencies:

When youre researching public administration program accreditation, youll find that schools that have been accredited by one of the above agencies are highly respected. Public administration program accreditation means that the school has been reviewed and meets the high standards of the accreditation agency. Youll be able to rest assured that your degree program is fully preparing you for a career in public administration.

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Secretarial Stenographic Typing Definition Excerpt Of Full Pa Definition

The Program and Administrative Services Group comprises positions that are primarily involved in the planning, development, delivery or management of administrative and federal government policies, programs, services or other activities directed to the public or to the Public Service.


Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, for greater certainty, it includes positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for one or more of the following activities:

  • the provision of administrative services, including adapting, modifying or devising methods and procedures, in support of Public Service policies, programs, services or other activities, such as those dealing with administrative, financial, human resources, purchasing, scientific or technical fields, including:
  • the provision of secretarial, word-processing, stenographic and verbatim-recording services and the operation of related electronic equipment and
  • the leadership of any of the above activities.
  • Exclusions

    Positions excluded from the Program and Administrative Services Group are those whose primary purpose is included in the definition of any other group.

    How Much Money Does A Public Administrator Earn

    Federal Judiciary Careers: Case Administrator

    Public Administrators earn an average of $94,000 per year. This salary varies widely based on location, degree, experience and position. Recent figures indicate Professional Services and Finance Public Administrators earn approximately $102,000, and Local Government Public Administrators, excluding healthcare and education, earn around $96,000 annually. Education Public Administrators earn on average $90,000. Healthcare Public Administrators can earn over $86,000.

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    Get A Public Administration Degree

    A Bachelor of Public Administration gives you a strong background in areas such as human services, policy, finance, management, communication and leadership. To improve your job prospects, you may also choose to get a Master of Public Administration. The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration is the primary accrediting body for MPA programs. It’s best to choose an accredited program so you know you’re getting a reliable and well-rounded education.

    A Day In The Life Of A Public Administrator

    As public communications coordinator for the government of Seminole County, Florida, Joshua Holder’s daily life was busy, exciting, and meaningful.

    “Working in public/community relations for a local government agency, it is not an exaggeration to say that every day is just a little bit different,” Holder says.

    On a typical day, he would manage and create content for the county’s social media pages, respond to questions from the media, and meet with county departments about outreach strategies.

    “You can often find yourself doing a bit of everything, from organizing a ribbon cutting in the morning to meeting about new county projects in the afternoon,” Holder says.

    It wasn’t unusual for his work to carry into the evening with such duties as attending public meetings or preparing for citizen events. He also had to be prepared for the unexpected.

    “Whether it’s a contentious issue coming up at a public meeting you need to prepare for, a local emergency that requires getting critical information to affected communities, or breaking news you have to respond to, working in government communications means always being prepared and staying flexible to whatever each day might bring,” Holder says.

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