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Free Government Phones In Modesto Ca

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Does Feel Safe Wireless Offer California Lifeline Discounts To All Customers

Gov. Newsom is speaking after the omicron variant was detected in California

Feel Safe Wireless offers California LifeLine discounted services on a non-discriminatory basis to any customer residing within the service territory where the Company offers retail wireless telephone services. Feel Safe Wireless will only provide California LifeLine discounts to participants that are found eligible for California LifeLine Service by the California LifeLine Administrator.

Are Calls To 911 And Feel Safe Wireless Customer Care Free And Unlimited For California Lifeline Participants Do They Count Against My Allotted Voice Minutes Or Number Of Calls

Pursuant to D. 17-01- 032, effective January 19, 2017, The California LifeLine fund will pay for no more than two activation/conversion fees per household per year Feel Safe Wireless will be responsible for any California LifeLine participant’s activation fee that is not eligible for reimbursement from the LifeLine fund.

What Handsets Does Feel Safe Wireless Offer To California Lifeline Participants

Feel Safe Wireless provides a free handset to California LifeLine participants ,1 or customers may bring their own compatible device. Handsets are brand new, not refurbished. However, if a California LifeLine participant desires to purchase a different handset or is not entitled to a free handset, Feel Safe Wireless will offer all handsets to participants on the same basis as the Company’s retail customers.

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Are There Times When My Service May Not Work

Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by certain equipment and compatibility issues, atmospheric, topographical and other conditions, as well as proximity. Service can only be available when in range of a transmission source, which you should be aware of when leaving your home area. Service is dependent on radio towers which require electricity to operate and could become non-functional in the event of a power outage if backup power is not available or runs out. Further, service may be temporarily refused, limited, interrupted or curtailed due to system capacity limitations, technology migration or limitations imposed by the Carrier, or because of equipment modifications, upgrades, repairs or relocations or other similar activities necessary or proper for the operation or improvement of the Carrier’s radio telephone system. Neither Feel Safe Wireless, nor any Carrier, shall have any liability for service failures, outages or limitations of Service.

City Sponsored Business Incentives

Phone Repair Modesto, CA

A range of incentives are available to Modesto businesses – we look forward to discussing them with you.

  • Fee Reductions / Cost Sharing – for mandatory grease trap or interceptor installation.
  • Fee Deferral Programs to encourage development we can explore deferring payment of Capital Facilities, Water Connection and/or Wastewater Capacity Fees for a period of five years.
  • Capital Facilities Fee credits and offsets
  • Business assistance, information and advocacy
  • Streamlined Plan review – to help you move your project ahead faster
  • Downtown Incentives
  • Occupancy Incentives with up to $2500 cash and sales tax and mill tax elimination for a year for new retail businesses and extended hours for existing businesses. Submit the Occupancy Incentives application to apply.
  • Facade Improvements Incentive of matching grant up to $10,000 for Facade Improvements. Additionally, fees waived for minor encroachment permits for repair and or maintenance, beautification or outdoor dining. Submit the Facade Improvements application to apply.
  • Development Incentives with fee exemptions and free permits and reduced parking requirements for mixed use and residential development projects Exemptions from fees and requirements for pop-up shops.
  • Address1010 10th Street Modesto, CA 95354P.O. Box 642
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    Modesto Ca Cell Phone Service Comparison

    Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT& T provide wireless service in the Modesto, CA area. However, these major carriers aren’t the only options available to local cellphone users. Many lesser-known providers use the networks of these companies. A small carrier is called an MVNO. People in this city can use the top carriers as well as most MVNOs, so they have a wide range of choices to compare.

    What Happens After I Receive My Phone At A Feel Safe Wireless Event Or Location

    Even if Feel Safe Wireless provides a handset directly to you when you apply for LifeLine service, this does not mean the LifeLine application process is complete. After you receive your phone, you will have free unlimited promotional minutes and texts that you can use as normal until your LifeLine application has been approved. We will notify you via text message when the California third-party administrator has approved your LifeLine application and verified your eligibility. Once your LifeLine application has been approved and your eligibility verified, you will be placed on the LifeLine plan you chose at the time of enrollment.

    If your LifeLine application comes back with a denial requesting more information, we will reach out to you and/or direct you to Feel Safe Wireless customer service when you attempt an outgoing call, in order to gather the additional information required. If your LifeLine application comes back with a firm denial, you will be switched to the retail plan of your choice or you can choose to cancel wireless service with Feel Safe Wireless and mail back your handset to Feel Safe Wireless headquarters.

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    Rent Free Items And Emergency Financial Assistance

    The following services and programs are offered by the Central Valley Opportunity Center as well as other local agencies. This non-profit community action agency can be reached at 537-9217.

    • Education and scholarships are available in the Central Valley area. For almost the last 40 years, the Central Valley Opportunity Center has awarded educational grants and scholarships to academically deserving students who live in Stanislaus County. The agency feels that it is particularly rewarding to help these bright young people realize the dream of a good education and a higher income, and to provide them the ability to meet that goal. There are also ESL classes offered. At minimum five scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to graduating seniors who demonstrate academic achievement, the potential for success, and financial need. Click here to find .
    • Job finding assistance as well as free career counseling is offered by the Central Valley Opportunity Center. There is also help for Spanish speaking residents as well as immigrants and migrant farm workers.The CVOC community action agency also provides local residents with job placement assistance. Counselors and career development staff will help people with locating entry-level positions in the employment fields desired by the customer and available in Stanislaus County, Modesto, as well as the local service area.

    How Long Must I Wait To Submit Another Enrollment Request To Another Lifeline Provider

    Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks about port congestion in LA

    A consumer who submits an enrollment request to receive the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service must wait up to thirty days to submit another enrollment request. You CANNOT have multiple enrollment requests for the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service going at the same time. The 30-day waiting period ends when either the California LifeLine Administrator sends the final eligibility decision, the enrollment request is cancelled, or the 30 days have passed since the enrollment request, whichever occurs first. After the 30-day clock stops, you may then submit another enrollment request for the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service, as applicable. You can independently cancel an enrollment request by contacting the California LifeLine Administrator by phone at 858-7463, or by going to Check Your Status at Feel Safe Wireless or an applicable cell phone company can also cancel an enrollment request.

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    The Best Cell Phone Plan For You In Modesto Ca

    You want to find the perfect cell phone plan for your budget, that will give you all the features and connectivity you need, but sorting through the options can be a bit overwhelming. At Wirefly, we take the confusion out of picking a cell phone plan by helping you compare the features and benefits you’re looking for. By breaking down exactly what you need and what you’re willing to spend for it, you can sort through the options and find the perfect pick for you. Once you’ve discovered a plan that has what you need, you can compare it to all the other available plans on the market to make sure you’re getting those features for the best price. Our cell phone plan comparisons help you save time and money, all while finding the perfect plan at a price that works for you.

    California Free Cellphones: Program Gives Out Free Mobile Phones To Low

    SAN FRANCISCO — Starting this week, California’s poorest residents will be eligible to receive free government subsidized cellphones as part of a controversial program recently approved by the state’s Public Utilities Commission.

    All California residents who receive food stamps, Medicaid, earn less than $14,702 in annual income or are enrolled in any one of a host of federal and state programs are eligible for the Lifeline Assistance program, which offers a free cell phone along with a selection of three plans that range from free to $30 per month.

    “This is great–it is transformative for homeless and low-income people,” Bevan Dufty, San Francisco’s head of homeless initiatives, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Fundamentally, to be in the mainstream of our society you have to have a phoneAnd really, for the homeless population, you need a cell phone because they don’t have a home to hard-wire one into. We really need this plan.”

    The Sacramento Bee reports that Assurance Wireless , one of the two companies administering the program, estimates that some 4.6 million California households could be eligible to receive the free phones.

    The federal Lifeline program was started in the mid-1980s under then-President Ronald Reagan as a way to ensure all Americans had at least basic access to the country’s communications grid. In 2005, as more Americans transitioned to mobile devices and participation dropped precipitously, the program moved to also include cell phones.

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    Wireless Business Cell Phone Plans & Devices Faqs

    • What are plans and why are they important to my Verizon service?Click to expand or collapse FAQ answer

      A plan is the service used to connect your device to America’s largest and most reliable network. It’s important to have the correct plan assigned to your account to maintain consistent communication for your business and avoid overages.

      Explore our plans.

    • Which plans are available now?Click to expand or collapse FAQ answer

      We have several plans to choose from now:

    • Verizon Plan
    • Verizon Plan for Business
    • Business Unlimited
    • Flexible Business Plans
    • Machine to Machine plans

    Stanislaus County And Modesto Free Food Pantries


    Free emergency food pantries and soup kitchens in Stanislaus County California and Modesto can provide free food, groceries, meals, and other hunger prevention services to the needy in the community. If you are faced with an emergency, and need low cost or free food or other assistance, then contact one of the food banks in the county near you for help. There are resources below as well as a toll free phone number at the bottom of the page.

    Some of the Stanislaus County food pantries are operated by churches and others by additional charities or non-profit organizations in the region. If addition to distributing groceries and other items to the low income, seniors, unemployed, immigrants, and disabled, the food pantries are also great places for referrals on . Or they serve free hot meals from soup kitchens, including at Christmas as well as Thanksgiving.

    Many of the centers near you can even help people apply for programs, such as food stamps, school lunches, WIC, and other government and public aid. Or they give out free hygiene items as well as personal toileteries to the low income in Stanislaus County.

    First Southern Baptist Church Of CeresAddress: 2813 E Don Pedro RoadCeres, California 95307Phone number – 538-0833The church offers free hot or cold meals, groceries, perishable items, and emergency food boxes to needy in the community. Clothing and items like baby formula may be available too.

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    Companies That Provide Obama Phones And Free Service

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The plans of the various companies below can vary considerably. Some may give unlimited minutes, some unlimited texting, and most now include up or 500 MB of mobile internet data . And the phone models can vary greatly as well, with some providing smartphones. We urge you to compare plans of all providers who serve your state.

    Assist Wireless This Lifeline cell phone provider offers cell phone plans in Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri and Oklahoma. They have a number of different plans.

    Assurance Wireless Assurance, a rapidly-growing subsidiary of Sprint Nextel, is number two in the Obama phone business with 2.7 million customers. It offers phones in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    Cintex Wireless This regional Lifeline provider offers cell phone plans in Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island or West Virginia.

    Easy Wireless If you live in Oklahoma, Kentucky, or Missouri, you can contact Easy Wireless for your Lifeline cell phone.

    Stanislaus County Free Health Care Clinics

    Health Services Agency offers telephone service to promote greater access to information and programs about health care providers. They provide access and information on health care related programs and to provide referrals to community health clinics and social service agencies. Phone 800-834-8171.

    There are many other free community health centers in the state and region. There is free medical care for the low income, immigrants and uninsured. Children and adults can get help. Get free general medical check ups, dental cleanings, lab work, cancer screening, vaccinations and so much more. .

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    Your Business Can Stay Ready With Coverage Where It Counts

    At Verizon, were here. And were ready. Were open 24/7 online to help you stay connected. Plus, check out our Small Business Webinar Series for steps to take in these challenging times. We have coverage where it counts. When it really matters, we’re right there with you. We cover over 322 million people, which is more than 98% of the US population.

    How To Qualify For An Obama Phone

    B.C. government to provide update on flooding

    Of course, its important to remember only certain low-income Americans are eligible for Obama phones. Eligibility guidelines may vary depending on the state in which you live, but as a rule of thumb you may qualify if you participate in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income , Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance and Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit. You may also qualify based on total household gross monthly income. There are also qualifying Tribal programs such as Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance , Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Tribal Head Start and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations .

    Find out if you qualify. .

    Important Pages

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    What Happens If I Decide To Terminate My California Lifeline Service Shortly After Activation

    California LifeLine participant may terminate service within 14 days of service activation or at any other time for any reason without incurring early termination fees. If a California LifeLine participant terminates service within three days of service activation, excluding national holidays, applicable service connection charges and deposits, if there were any, would be refunded. However, Feel Safe Wireless California LifeLine Service does not require payment of a service connection charge or deposit by a customer who is found eligible for California LifeLine Service by the California LifeLine Administrator.

    Coverage Is Still King: A Few Things To Keep In Mind

    Coverage has gotten dramatically better for all carriers in the last few years, especially for Sprint and T-Mobile. While the country’s two smallest carriers often had their coverage compared to Swiss cheese in the early 2000s, their LTE networks today are fully modernized, dense, and ready to perform well even during times of peak demand. With that said, it’s a good idea to take a look at independent test results that show the strengths of each network. These tests, performed by RootMetrics, will help clarify which carrier is best for clear calls, fast data, or consistent texting.

    Best for Calls: For the third time in two years, RootMetrics testing found that all four major carriers are almost the same in Modesto, CA when it comes to ‘call performance.’ This indicates that all four carriers have crystal clear calls, and that all four carriers rarely drop a call that has been initiated. That’s great news if your main area of usage each month is wireless minutes.

    Best for Texting: During the second half of 2016, RootMetrics testing found that AT& T, Verizon, and T-Mobile were tied for first place in overall texting performance. All three carriers had a near-100-percent success rate in sending and delivering texts. Sprint’s texting performance was just a bit shy of making this metric a four-way tie.

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    Are There Standards For 911 Emergency Services Location Accuracy And Reliability

    Your handset will be able to place calls to 911 even if you have no minutes available. It is advised, by Public Safety Officials, that you should be prepared to provide information about your location when making a 911 or other emergency call. Wireless service, unlike landline phones, uses less reliable methods to place calls and to determine your phone number and location. Network coverage can be adversely affected by weather, structures, buildings, geography, etc. Because of these factors, emergency operators may not be able to determine your location or your phone number, or, you may not be able to complete a call at all. Occasionally, callers may attempt to call 911 in areas where there is no wireless coverage. If there is no wireless coverage, your call to 911 may not go though and you should dial 911 from the nearest landline phone. Enhanced 911 service, also known as E911, relies on GPS technology to obtain location information. This service is dependent on a number of factors such as the abilities of the local emergency authorities, GPS ability of your phone, whether your GPS enabled handset has GPS turned on, and your phones ability to obtain a GPS Satellite signal which can be impaired by being indoors, weather, etc. Even when available, E911 does not always provide accurate location information.

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