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New York State Government Assistance Programs

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Search For Financial Assistance From The Government

New York state launches homeowner assistance program is a free website that can help you determine which types of government assistance you might qualify for. You can also find out how and where to apply.

  • Using the Benefit Finder, answer questions about yourself and your needs. Afterwards, you can find out if youre eligible for programs to help you pay for:

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Utilities, and other necessities

Check back with in the future to see if youre eligible for additional benefits. You can report major life events or see if new benefit programs have become available.

Cash Aid In New York As Well As Job Programs

Temporary Assistance in New York from myBenefits can help people pay for their basic needs and bills. There are two main components of this public resource, including Safety Net Assistance as well as Family Assistance. If you cant find a job, are unable to work due to a medical condition or emergency, or your job does not pay enough, public funds from TA may be able to help you pay for your bills and basic needs.

Families with a minor child may benefit from Family Assistance. Cash and grants can be disbursed from this component. It is a part of the federal government funded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families guidelines with applications to this public benefit at Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance offices or online at myBenefits.

Under the Family Assistance component, qualified adults are limited to receiving cash assistance and other benefits for a total of 60 months in their lifetime, so there is a defined limit to the amount of aid offered. In addition, assistance will be offered to help people find a job. For example, parents and other adult relatives receiving FA from New York State need to fully comply with federal government work requirement. They also need to be involved and adhere to all local social service programs.

Rent and Housing – Find affordable housing locate rental assistance avoid foreclosure, and more helpful tips. Social services offices as well as myBenefits in New York also have information on public housing programs.

New York Assistance Programs And Services


  • New York State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Monthly food stamp benefits to help low-income people and families buy the food they need for good health, Call: 800-342-3009
  • New York State Supplement Program Provides state-funded financial assistance to aged, blind and disabled individuals that meet the program requirements, Call: 800-772-1213
  • New York State Family Assistance Provides cash assistance to eligible needy families that include a minor child living with a parent or a caretaker relative, Call: 800-342-3009
  • New York State Telephone Assistance Program Offers discounts on basic monthly service for qualified telephone customers, Call: Local telephone company
  • New York State Safety Net Assistance Designed to provide cash assistance to persons in need, who are not eligible for other assistance programs and meet this program requirements, Call: 800-342-3009
  • New York State Medicaid A health insurance program that provides medical and health-related services to eligible New York State residents, Call: 800-843-6154
  • New York State Child Health Plus Program Offers health care coverage to eligible children under the age 19 and living in New York State, Call: 800-698-4543
  • New York State Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children Healthy foods, breastfeeding support, nutrition education, health care referrals, Call: 800-522-5006

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Important Update For Erap Applicants

Due to a lack of available federal funding, Emergency Rental Assistance Program applications submitted after September 21, 2021 are not currently able to be paid for most residents in New York State, including residents of New York City. Due to a court order, the ERAP program is accepting applications statewide. However, there is currently no federal funding available to provide assistance for new applicants in most areas of the State. Applications submitted and received after September 21, 2021 continue to be reviewed and paid in those areas of the State where the jurisdictions allocation is not fully exhausted.

Summer Food Service Program

The Official Website of New York State

The SFSP was created to reduce the likelihood of nutritional risk for low income children during the months when schools are closed for summer recess. By providing free meals at participating summer meal sites such as schools, parks, pools, recreation centers, camps, housing authorities and other neighborhood locations, children can receive the nutritious meals they need. Through SFSP, schools, governments and nonprofit organizations receive Federal and State funds to continue a child’s physical and social development with the number of meals and dates varying by site.

Because summer meal sites are selected based on community demographics and pervasiveness of need, any child 18 years of age or younger who comes to an approved open site may receive meals without the need for an eligibility determination to be conducted. Most Summer Meal Program sites are open sites, which means they are open to the community and do not require that children sign up in advance or even check-in at the site. Children and teens must simply show up at the site to get their meal. At camps, children eligible for free and reduced-price meals may receive SFSP meals. Young adults over age 18 who are enrolled in school programs for persons with disabilities may also participate.

New York Summer Meals Information

  • USDA National Hunger Hotline: 866-3-HUNGRY or 877-8-HAMBRE

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Get Help Applying For Erap

Apply for ERAP online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The functionality to continue a saved application is available for applicants who have created an account. Applicants are encouraged to needed before starting an application including income of household members and rental amounts. Applicants who previously started, but did not complete and sign an application, must create an account in order to resume an incomplete application.

Applicants who have completed and signed an application can upload required documentation at any time.

The New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program will provide significant economic relief to help low and moderate-income households at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability by providing rental arrears, temporary rental assistance and utility arrears assistance.

Government And Public Aid By County In New York

Each county also offers its own public assistance programs, whether additional emergency SNAP food stamps, disability can or other grants. Find the main ones below, including Departments of Social Services centers . Or for more details on resources, call New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance at 518-473-1090 or use the myBenefits website.

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Most Popular New York Benefits

New York Child Health Plus Healthcare

New York State offers Child Health Plus as a health insurance plan for kids. Depending on your family’s income, your child may be eligible to join either Child Health Plus A or Child Health Plus B. Both Child Heath Plus…

Head Start is a Federal program that promotes the school readiness of children from birth to age five from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Head Start programs provide a learning environment that su…

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded energy assistance program. New York’s grant is allocated among the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance for a heating benefit program, the state Division of …

Medicaid is a program for New Yorkers who can’t afford to pay for medical care. Medicaid pays for a number of services, but some may not be covered for you because of your age, financial circumstances, family situation, transfer of resource requireme…

The School Breakfast Program provides funding that makes it possible for schools to offer a nutritious breakfast to students each day. Similarly, the goal of the National School Lunch Program is to protect the health and well-being of the nati…

Public Resources For Financial Literacy Education Saving Money And Credit Needs

Gov. Kathy Hochul Announces Additional Food Assistance For People In Need

Paying for College – Learn about the private and public financial aid that can help you finance your education as well as pay for college costs. Both public and private schools can be paid for in New York using loans or grants, with OTDA staff providing more information.

Save money from tax credits Apply for and get information on the following tax credit programs: Child Tax Credits and Child and Dependent Care Tax Credits, Earned Income Tax Credits, and New York State Noncustodial Parent Earned Income Tax Credit.

Budgeting, saving money, reducing debts, and overall financial literacy is stressed in New York State. Any public assistance or cash aid will include this as well. The client needs to work as the assistance is time limited. Learn about steps such as , unit price shopping, refinancing car loans, and many other steps.

Free Tax Preparation and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites – VITA is a free, public IRS-sponsored program to help working poor and low- and middle-income workers have their federal and New York income taxes prepared. The resources will also help them file electronically at no cost to them, and find how to get free government tax help at myBenefits.

Head Start and Early Head Start – These programs are comprehensive child development programs. The Head Start program serves children ages 3 to 5 and their families. Early Head Start serves pregnant women and their families and children birth to age 3. Parents can also benefit from Head Start.

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If You Are In An Emergency

An emergency is an urgent need or situation that has to be taken care of right away.

An example of an emergency is:

  • Your water and/or sewer is shut-off or is about to be shut-off, or you have a 72-hour disconnect notice

If you are experiencing a water and/or sewer emergency, you may be eligible for . You may apply online at or fill out the and file it at your .

You may also contact your online, or by calling the toll-free OTDA Hotline at 1-800-342-3009.

You are encouraged to contact and make arrangements with your water and/or sewer provider to discuss payment options. Some options may be a repayment or deferred payment agreement. There may also be local water and/or sewer assistance funds available.

Specific Jurisdictions With Projected Available Funding

Funding and eligibility are not guaranteed, but funds are projected to be available for the following areas of the State where allocations have not been exhausted and tenants in these areas are encouraged to apply.

  • Nassau County
  • Saratoga County
  • Suffolk County

Areas are expected to be removed from the above list as funds are exhausted.

Please be aware that the State has requested additional funding from the federal government for the ERAP program. As funds become available, OTDA will process additional applications in the order they are received.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications from subsidized housing tenants whose rent is limited to a certain percentage of income are not currently able to be paid. The State law requires that these applications are only paid after all other eligible applicants have been paid. At this time, none of the subsidized housing applications can be paid regardless of the date their application was submitted.

This notification will be updated as additional funding is available to pay eligible applications submitted after September 21, 2021.

The following applications submitted to the ERAP portal will be denied:

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Other Types Of Benefits And Programs For The Unemployed

Educational Help

Federal agencies offer many unemployment education and training programs. They are generally free or low cost to the unemployed.

Self-Employment Help

Self-employment assistance programs help unemployed workers start their own small businesses. Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, and Oregon offer this program.

How Your Snap Benefits Work

NYS Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Your state will issue benefits each month on a plastic electronic benefits transfer card. Much like a credit or debit card, you can use your EBT card to buy eligible food items. You must buy them from:

What help is available through Medicaid?

Medicaid provides free or low-cost medical benefits to eligible:

  • Adults with a low income

  • Children

  • People who are age 65 or over

  • People with disabilities

Am I eligible for Medicaid?

Check with your states Medicaid office to see if you or your family members are eligible for benefits. In general, it depends on at least one or a combination of:

  • Number of people in your family

  • If you are pregnant or have a disability

How do I apply for Medicaid?

There are two ways to apply for Medicaid:

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How Do I File A Discrimination Complaint

New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance and Local Social Service Districts are prohibited from discriminating against applicants and recipients of public benefits on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, religion, political beliefs, gender identity, transgender status, gender dysphoria, sexual orientation, marital status, military status and reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity.

If you think you have been discriminated against while applying for or receiving Temporary Assistance, or that your case has been handled improperly due to some type of discrimination, you can file a complaint of discrimination, by writing to NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, SNAP Civil Rights Team , Division of Legal Affairs, 40 North Pearl Street- 16C, Albany, NY 12243, or calling 474-7693.

This page contains links to PDF documents. to view these documents.

New York State Of Health Marketplace

You and your family have many new low cost, quality health insurance options available through the Individual Marketplace. You can quickly compare health plan options and apply for assistance that could lower the cost of your health coverage. You may also qualify for health care coverage from Medicaid or Child Health Plus through the Marketplace.

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Public Government Health Care Resources From Otda

Medical and Health Insurance Programs Options include various New York State programs such as Family Health Plus and Healthy NY, Medicaid, and Child Health Plus. They help pay for medical bills or give free health insurance to immigrants, the low income and poor.

Apply for Medicaid in New York at myBenefits or a Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance office. The program will help the disabled, elderly in a nursing home, uninsured and poor get the medical care they need.

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Programs – The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs provide assistance to people with disabilities. While these two programs are different in many ways, only individuals who have a disability or severe medical and meet pre-determined medical criteria may qualify for benefits under either program.

Social Services in New York also help with medical, hospital or dental bills. Public assistance does not directly pay them, but rather classes or workshops are held on how to get assistance. Find errors on a bill, enter into payment plans, or explore options like Medicaid. Learn more on .

NYS Kinship Navigator – A statewide program specifically designed to provide financial resources and information to kinship caregivers across all of New York State. This public assistance programs is also linked to myBenefits.

Applications Are Now Being Accepted

Federal Government Acts To Help NYC, Stimulus Package Stalls

Documents you will need to apply when the program is open:

Renter Applicants

Renters will need to provide:

  • Copy of gas or electric utility bill, if applying for help paying for utility arrears at the same rental unit.
  • Applicants will be asked to attest that on or after March 13, 2020, a member of the household received unemployment benefits or experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs or experienced other financial hardship, directly or indirectly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The applicant will need to sign the application form and associated certifications agreeing that the information provided in the application is accurate.

    Landlords and property owners will need to provide:

    The property owner or an authorized property management company will be required to sign the application form and associated certifications agreeing that the information provided, including the amount of rental arrears owed, is accurate and does not duplicate a payment received from another program.

    The property owner or authorized property management company must also agree to the following terms as a condition of accepting rental arrears payments:

    Print landlords checklist – , , , , , , , , , ,

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    Learn About The Types Of Food You Can Buy With Snap Benefits

    If youre eligible, you can purchase food using benefits that are issued to you monthly. You can use your SNAP benefits to buy a variety of foods for your household, including:

    • Fruits and vegetables

    • Dairy products

    • Breads and cereals

    See the United States Department of Agriculture’s list of foods and products you can buy using SNAP benefits.

    Is There A Limit On How Long I Can Get Tanf

    There is a 60-month limit on the receipt of Family Assistance benefits funded under the federal TANF program, some Safety Net Assistance , or the Child Assistance Program . Additionally, payments made under Emergency Assistance to Families with Children after December 1, 1996 are included in the 60-month count. Participants in CAP are also restricted to the 60-month lifetime limit.

    Additionally, cash Temporary Assistance in New York State is limited to a cumulative period of 60 months for any adult. No cash assistance benefit is granted to a family that contains an adult who has received a combined total of 60-month benefits under FA or cash SNA.

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