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Magruder’s American Government Audiobook

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All The Presidents Men

As the thirty-seventh occupant of his office, Richard Nixon had settled into the White House under a new reality: Washington, D.C., had changed dramatically since World War II, as what had once been a relatively sleepy southern town conducting part-time business had morphed into the all-consuming locus of federal power, directing the worlds largest economy and driving foreign affairs the world over. With that shiftand the massive and ever-swelling bureaucracy that came with itthe presidency had changed too what for much of Americas first two centuries had been the office tasked with executing policy and spending money decided and set by Congress had seen that power dynamic reverse and instead now piloted the national agenda itself. It was a job now far too big for one man, even as the White House absorbed, stole, and agglomerated still more power and personnel. To Nixon, figuring out how to staff the oversized presidencywhom to trust, how to inspire them and manage themconsumed far too much energy. It would be god damn easy to run this office if you didnt have to deal with people, he lamented.

The three Germans LBJ referred to were chief of staff H. R. Haldeman, domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman, and, of course, Henry Kissinger. Reporters who covered the administration came to know the triumvirate by a variety of ethnic-slanted monikers: the German Shepherds, the Berlin Wall, the Fourth Reich, the Teutonic Trio, and All the Kings Krauts.I

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