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Government Grant Money For Artists

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Virginia A Groot Foundation Grant

Governmentâs arts bailout simply not enough

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation established the Virginia A. Groot Foundation Grant in 1988 so that a ceramic sculpture or sculpture artist may have the opportunity to devote a substantial period of time to the development of his or her work. Each year the Virginia A. Groot Foundation offers three grants to artists who have exceptional talent and demonstrated ability in ceramic sculpture or sculpture. Artists may be at any stage of career development, from emerging through mature.

WHO: Ceramic or sculpture artists

AMOUNT: $50,000, $20,000, or $10,000

DEADLINE:February 1, 2021

FINE PRINT: Students enrolled in or attending, either full-time or part-time, any institution of higher learning are not eligible. Work completed as a student is not eligible. Learn more here.

The Boynes Emerging Artist Award is an online art award that occurs every three months, with a reward of cash and marketing. We are a 2D award, accepting paintings, drawings and photography of any size or support.

WHO: Emerging artists worldwide

AMOUNT: $50 – $500

DEADLINE:February 1, 2021

FINE PRINT: This award is about giving talented emerging artists around the world a platform to launch and/or grow their career. For us to help you do that we need your best, we simply require that you submit what you consider your best work to be, the work that is really the greatest representation of your portfolio. Learn more here.

Palm Beach County Artist Relief Fund

To date, the Council has awarded grants to more than 100 artists. As businesses continue to reopen, and live events start to return, the Council will continue to develop grant programs to distribute these funds to artists in need. Please to learn about future funding opportunities as they become available.

Larex L’atelier Residency 2021

How would living in France inspire you? The flexible residency at IaRex l’Atelier: International Artists Residency Exchange is for artists who are seeking a program for numerous artistic and personal reasons. One can stay, take private lessons, a workshop, or have a pause in travels, and create. The goal is expansion in all ways. All arts are welcome.

WHO: Artists worldwide

DATES: March 30, 2021 – January 1, 2022

LOCATION:Saint-Raphaël, France

DEADLINE: February 15, 2021

FINE PRINT: The program is flexible, 1 week to 3 months, with preference and price-break for longer stays. Groups are encouraged. The studio is fully equipped with 2 kilns, a slab roller, wheels, tables and tools. Other arts are accommodated, as there is space for painting, drawing, sculpture or other media. There is an area for exhibition as work develops. All artists have available assistance in any area they need. Artists are free to work at their leisure. Learn more here.

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City Heights Residence Hall

CU Denver is looking for an artist to create and install custom artworks in the Learning Commons and Residence Hall lobbies that reflect the CU Denver community and inspire students and education.

Additionally, they would like the artist to create a custom art installation at each Community Wall within the Residence Hall dorm room corridors . These pieces should be of a similar type and format but should be unique enough to be differentiated from each other. They are meant to help define each housing community . Artists are encouraged to involve students, faculty, and staff in the creation of the work. Colorado-based artists and CU alumni and current faculty, staff, students are encouraged to submit.

WHO: U.S. artists

DATES: March 2021 Artist selected and notified, Access to site for installation shall not occur prior to June 6, 2021. Artwork must be completely installed by August 6, 2021.


Open Call For Submissions: The Woven Tale Press


The Woven Tale Press, a premier fine art and literary magazine is accepting submissions in all mediums: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, fiber art, mixed-media, installation etc. We feature a large roster of well-established and emerging artists. Galleries are also welcome to submit artists they represent. Our mission is to grow the online presence of these stellar artists and galleries, as we also spotlight our contributors on thewoventalepress.net, with our flagship “Inside the Studio” series, interviews, and artist website reviews.

WHO: Artists working in all mediums

DEADLINE: December 31, 2021

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Government Grants For Artists

Government Grants for Artists serve to secure diverse and innovative arts activity by providing stipends for individual artists. The grants are awarded based on artistic quality and activity.

The following artist grants can be applied for from Arts Council Norway:

Applicants must primarily reside and work in Norway. Applicants must be active professional artists and must have published, exhibited or shown their work in a public context. Students on BA and MA level are not eligible for grants from Statens Kunstnerstipend.

  • Work grant: 1-5 years
  • Work grant for younger and newly established artists: 1-3 years
  • Miscellaneous grant: Lump sum for artistic activity
  • Miscellaneous grant for recently graduated artists: Lump sum for establishing artistic activity
  • Grant for established artists: 10 years
  • Grant for senior artists: 10 years

The closing date for applications is usually in the middle of October.

The Committee for Government Grants for Artists, 5 members appointed by the Ministry of Culture, make the final decision on allocation of grants. 24 selection committees, with 123 members appointed by artists’ organizations, evaluate the applications. Head of the committee is Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad.

Arts Council Norway received 8522 applications for artist’s grants in 2019. 861 grants were awarded.

Scholarships Bursaries Fellowships Artists Project Grants And Prizes

In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidance, the Canada Council for the Arts enters all grants in box 105 of the T4A slips. Box 105 is described as follows on the T4A: Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, artists project grants, and prizes.

Enter on line 13010:

Individualswho are not self-employed who received an art production grant should enter the amount per the T4A less eligible expenses on line 13010 of their tax return, if the amount received is neither business nor employment income. Please refer to Income Tax Folio S1-F2-C3, Scholarships, Research Grants and Other Education Assistance, and Income Tax Folio S4-F14-C1, Artists and Writers for more information .

Enter on line 13499/14300:

An artist who is self-employed is generally considered to be operating a business, provided the activity is undertaken in pursuit of profit and there is objective evidence of business-like behaviour which supports that intention. If you are self-employed, report your income and eligible expenses on the appropriate lines for self-employment income . Please refer to Income Tax Folio S4-F14-C1 for more information on self-employed income .

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Emergency Grants For Artists

When thereâs not enough time to go through a lengthy grant application process, these emergency grants can help out artists who are in urgent need of funding.

Art discipline: Painters, sculptors, and printmakers

Amount: Up to $15,000

Special notes: Helps artists facing financial problems due to unforeseen events

The Gottlieb Foundation gives emergency art grants to help artists overcome catastrophic events. Some examples include fire, flood, or medical conditions. One requirement is that applicants need to be able to show theyâve been working on their art for a minimum of 10 years.

Amount: Varies

Special notes: Applicants must make a living off their art

The Artistsâ Fellowship offers emergency financial aid to professional artists and their families in times of need. The support is meant to help artists overcome unexpected hardships including sickness, natural disasters, and bereavement. This financial assistance program is only open to professional artists who create works for sale in galleries, private commission, or reproduction in mass media.

Art discipline: Any visual or performing arts

Amount: Up to $2,500

Special notes: Grants to help artists to meet a project deadline

The FCA gives out about 12 to 15 emergency grants per month, and they range from $500 to $2,500.

Finding More Grants For Artists

Governmentâs $135 million arts funding is âtoo little, too lateâ

For this list, weâve tried to focus on grants with as few restrictions as possible so that most artists are eligible for them. But there are many grants out there that are limited to a specific location so look for grants in your area. There are also many grants that are geared toward specific cultures, age groups, subjects, and more.

Finding one of these grants with specific requirements can help improve your chances by limiting the number of applicants youâre competing with.

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How Personal Grant Programs Work

Now that you know more about them, perhaps youre saying to yourself I need a personal grant now. Thousands of grants are given to artists, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs. Applying for Personal Grants is a procedure that is very simple. These programs aim to encourage the economy by investing in people and businesses, along with taking care of your financial hardship. Even however there are a variety of organizations, private foundations, and agencies within the government that award gifts, it can be tricky to be selected. But there are methods of going about it which will improve your chances of being granted a grant. Some are merit-based, while some are need-based. Theyre often known as present aid. However, the contest is high. But there are methods of going about it which will improve your chances of being granted a grant.

Federal Pell Grant Applicants who qualify for this program receive around $6,095 based on their standing as full-time or part-time pupils, their tuition fees, and other factors. If you are considering the Pell Grant, You ought to be undergraduate students who require financial help.you may submit an application together with an award letter from your school. In certain circumstances, you may be asked to repay a portion or all the funds. The college you are attending will use the money to send it directly or pay your expenses.

Charlottesville Emergency Relief Fund For Artists

This Fund supports Charlottesville-area artists who have lost income due to the cancellation of specific, scheduled gigs or opportunities due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 precautionary measures. As of June 2020, they have allocated all the funds they have been able to raise for the Emergency Relief Fund. However, they are actively fundraising and will continue to process submitted applications and fund them as they are able.

WHO: Artists who live in the Charlottesville area, including the city of Charlottesville or the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, or Nelson

AMOUNT: Up to $300


FINE PRINT: Artists are eligible to apply for loss of income regardless of whether the income was from art or other jobs. Learn more here.

Emergency Arts Relief Grants provide financial support to creative individuals and community groups who have experienced lost income from the postponement and/or cancellation of specific, scheduled opportunities or programs due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

WHO: New York artists and community groups located in Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben counties

AMOUNT: Up to $250 per lost income opportunity


FINE PRINT: The following is an example of postponed and/or canceled opportunities or programs eligible to be funded by this grant: Workshops, commissions, readings, performances, concerts, exhibitions. Opportunities or programs could have occurred anywhere. Learn more here.

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Immigrant Artists Mentoring Program

PlatteForum is pleased to announce the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Denver, in partnership with the New York Foundation for the Arts , through the support of the Arts in Society, SCFD Denver County, Rose Community Foundation, SCFD Adams County and the Imagine 2020 Fund.

The programs goal is to foster a local community of artists sharing the immigrant experience and provide resources through entrepreneurial training, access to other artists, arts professionals, and organizations. Conducted in a supportive environment with a goal that all voices are heard, the program offers immigrant artists the opportunity to focus on their creative practice, gain support and exposure for their work, while upholding their distinct cultural identities.

WHO:Colorado artists not currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program, either the artist or parents must be born outside of the United States, refugees are welcome to apply

DATES: February 2021 to June 2021

LOCATION: Colorado

DEADLINE:January 13, 2021

FINE PRINT:Topics to be featured include strategic planning, finance, law, marketing, and fundraising. Additional material will be drawn from NYFAs popular textbook The Profitable Artist, Second Edition . Content is provided with the cohorts needs in mind. Learn more here.

WHO: Artists worldwide

DATES: Availability mid-May through September

LOCATION:Lake Clark, Alaska

DEADLINE:January 2020

Artist Innovation Fellowship Program

grants clipart transparent 20 free Cliparts

The Councils Artist Innovation Fellowship Program celebrates the artistic process and supports professional artists in all artistic disciplines with funding to pursue new avenues of creativity, expand upon current work, and other endeavors to propel his/her career forward.

The Artist Innovation Fellowship Program has expanded to now include funding for six $7,500 fellowships in 2022. Each fellow will have one year to complete his/her fellowship activities. The program culminates with an exhibition and performance showcase at the Cultural Councils headquarters in Lake Worth Beach in 2023.

Selected by a regional panel of discipline-specific arts professionals, applicants are evaluated according to: the quality of the applicants artistic work, the strength of their proposed fellowship activities and its relation to their work, and the intended impact on the applicant and his/her work. Fellowships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate a sustained level of accomplishment, commitment, and artistic excellence.

For information on the 2022 Artist Innovation Fellowship recipients, .

For information on the inaugural 2020 Artist Innovation Fellowship recipients, .

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Apply For The Music Grants For Schools

In the schools not give education give related to books, but in most of the schools, other extra-curricular activities are added. So that the kids who have an interest in other activities will come out and take part in it. So that they can learn more and get new skills in their interested activities. These activities mainly included music and dance. And lots of students like to do dance and enjoy the music. They just need a trainer who can give them proper guidelines and train them in the activities. By this, the kids get encouragement to step forward in their interested field, and also give their best to learn more.

For those children who are talented and want to make their career in music, they will meet with the music grants for schools.

In this grant, schools get the grant money so that they can hire professional music teachers who can give better training to students for music and learn how to use the new musical instruments and improve their skills, by using them. These music grants for schools are provided by various organizations so that schools provide a better music training environment for the students who are passionate about music. These organizations included The Mockingbird, The Fenders Music Foundation, and lots more organizations.

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Income Taxes And Your Grant

Receiving a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts has different tax implications for everyone. The Council cannot provide advice on the income tax implications of your grant. The Council recommends that you consult with a fiscal advisor to determine how the grant you receive will impact your personal and/or business income taxes. It is important to note that the payment terms of a grant may have an impact on the calculation of the taxes payable.

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Glacier National Park Artist

The Glacier National Park Artist-in-Residence program offers artists four weeks of focused time to creatively explore the natural and cultural resources of this inspiring landscape while pursuing their artistic goals. The program seeks artists whose work is related to the parks interpretative themes, supports the mission of the National Park Service and conservation of these public lands.

WHO: All visual artists, writers, videographers, dancers, singers, musicians, etc.

DATES: June 1 26, July 6 July 31, and August 31- September 25, 2020

LOCATION:Glacier National Park, Montana

DEADLINE: January 6, 2021

FINE PRINT: Glacier does not require donations of pieces of art, but instead asks for digital samples to be provided within six months of completing the residency. The park also requires all Artists-in-Residence to share three public presentations to be given during the artists residency. Learn more here.

How Do I Research Art Grants

Grants for Artists, i.e. Free Money (literally)

Our extensive list only scratches the surface of the grants available to artists all over the world. The catch is that many grants have very restrictive criteria. If you attempt a Google search, rather than simply searching artist grants try adding your city, region, and state in separate searches to narrow it down. You can also try these search terms to get better, more specific results:

artist grants +

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Ipf Fellowship Aaron Siskind Foundationindividual Photographer’s Fellowship

The Aaron Siskind Foundation is a 501 set up by preeminent photographer Aaron Siskins estate, which he had asked to become a resource for contemporary photographers. The award was established to support and encourage contemporary artists working in the photographic field.

WHO:Any US artist over 21 years of age.

FIELD: Work must be based on the idea of still-based photography, but can include digital imagery, installations, documentary projects and photo-generated print media

AMOUNT:Up to $10,000

DEADLINE: May deadline for the following year deadline

FINE PRINT:Varied amounts of grants gifted up to $10,000. Students not Eligible. Doctoral candidates considered on case-by-case basis. Check out the FAQ here.

Across The World Arts Organizations Continue To Adapt To The Pandemic And The Changing Regulations

While some institutions have started to release their deadline for 2021, others have paused or indefinitely delayed their programming. Still, other arts institutions have formed to provide relief funds for artists.

Each year we send our team on a mission to find the best art opportunities, artist grants, and calls-for-entry for the upcoming year. This year looked a little different.

We have added a few new categories and will be monitoring the grants and prizes that have yet to be released and will update this post throughout the year.

Regardless, there are still a lot of opportunities to be had in 2021.

New grants, such as our own Artwork Archive Art Business Accelerator Grant, have formed in response to the needs of artists affected by COVID-19. Grants remain steady as a way for artists to supplement their income to ease the financial burden that often comes as part of being a working artistespecially over the last year. These grants listed help artists pay for materials, studio space, or even their rent, allowing artists to sustain themselves and their art practices during this difficult time.

While many residencies have changed the way they will operate or are postponing their residency dates, there are still upcoming opportunities to develop your work in a COVID-safe artist residency.

We will be updating this list throughout the year, so make sure to bookmark the page, check back often and let us know if there is an opportunity that should be listed!

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