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Government Contract Jobs For Veterans

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Defense Contractor Jobs For Veterans Youre A Perfect Fit

Federal Government Contracting for Veterans

Let us start out with a definition of defense contractor to have a better understanding as to why a veteran career path may correlate. Per the encyclopedia-based definition, A defense contractor is a business organization or individual that provides products or services to a military or intelligence department of a government. Products typically include military or civilian aircraft, ships, vehicles, weaponry and electronic systems.

Testing And Quality Control

When a new tank comes off the line, its important to know that the 60-ton, multi-million dollar vehicle actually works. Some poor soul has the unenviable task of driving that sucker at full-throttle through mud puddles and getting air over hill crests.

The need for adequate quality control for such expensive and potentially dangerous military hardware is obvious, though its likely that they probably actually take their time to check and recheck every critical system, rather than reenacting a monster truck rally with an Abrams tank, like they do in my dreams.

If after reading this youre ready to go out and start looking for a contracting job in defense, check out our job board. Youre bound to find something there!

Happy Hunting!

Nana Adae, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
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Government Contracting Q/a: Disabled Vets


I really enjoyed your article I received through my email. I am currently a Major in the Army Reserves and have been brainstorming on ways to acquire govt. contracts. My background is in logistics but I am open to source anything that is feasible to sustain and operate a small business, similar to your experience you mentioned in the article. I am waiting on my VA disability rating.

Are there set aside contracts for disabled vets and minorities. I have been told that the government has lots of contracts to award, especially for overseas work but not many small businesses are bidding on them. Where do I find this information on available govt.contracts? What would you recommend I do.


Dear Allen,

Thanks for contacting me. I appreciate that my article is reaching needy and interested military people. Actually, that article, as graciously published by, is only the first of several pieces/tranches of the Government Contracting info that their Editors are planning to publish for distribution in coming weeks. There should be more to follow shortly. Please look for it. I have also sent it out to the specific military branches at their Recommended Reading Lists agencies, so perhaps you received it there also.

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Military Contractor Jobs For Veterans

Military-Civilian Offers Military Contractor Jobs from sea to shining sea! From entry level to Top Secret Plus, we have them all. Plus we also offer International Military Contractor Jobs for US Citizens and Foreign Nationals.

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Actions Because Of Noncompliance

Two veterans of Alaska politics land contract jobs with ...

The contracting officer must take necessary action as soon as possible upon notification by the appropriate agency official to implement any sanctions imposed on a contractor by the Department of Labor for violations of the clause at 52.222-35, Equal Opportunity for Veterans. These sanctions may include-

Withholding progress payments

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You Have The Right To Be Treated Fairly As A Protected Veteran

Certain categories of veterans who are employees of or applicants to covered Federal contractors or subcontractors have specific protections under the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act . A veteran is considered a protected veteran under VEVRAA if he or she is a: disabled veteran recently separated veteran active duty wartime or campaign badge veteran or Armed Forces service medal veteran.

Under VEVRAA, certain Federal contractors and subcontractors must take proactive steps to recruit, hire, retain, and promote protected veterans. Its illegal for these employers to discriminate against you when making employment decisions related to firing, pay, benefits, job assignments, layoffs, training, and other employment-related activities.

These protections provided by VEVRAA are in addition to the broad anti-discrimination protections already provided under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act to any past, present, or future service member, and the reemployment rights provided to eligible service members. USERRA applies even if youre not a protected veteran or employed by a Federal contractor or subcontractor.

You have the right to file a complaint and participate in an employment discrimination investigation without being retaliated against by your employer.

Are Federal Contractors And Subcontractors Required To Give Preference To Veterans When Hiring

The federal government requires its contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative steps to hire and promote qualified veterans. This requirement specifically targets the following groups:

  • Disabled veterans
  • Recipients of the Armed Forces Service Medal and
  • Veterans who served on active duty during a war or in a campaign or expedition with a campaign badge.

The law also prevents certain contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against an applicant or employee because they qualify as a protected veteran.

A covered veteran may file a complaint with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance if they believe a federal contractor has violated a hiring preference requirement.

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Questions Were Here To Help

We are committed to helping you understand your responsibilities as an employer. Many questions about your responsibilities as a Federal contractor toward protected veterans may be answered by using the following elaws Advisors:

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs oversees and enforces VEVRAA, the law regarding discrimination based on protected veteran status, including disabled veterans, by Federal contractors and subcontractors.

For additional assistance, please contact:

  • OFCCP: 1-800-397-6251

Recruitment And Hiring Of Qualified Veterans

31: Veterans get paid to learn government contracting – Raffa and Renona

The American Job Center network connects businesses to individuals seeking employment through local American Job Centers. As an employer you can post jobs in the Veterans Job Bank, the central source for identifying veterancommitted employment opportunities and helping employers hire qualified Veterans, as well as connect with your local labor exchange and state job bank to reach jobseekers locally and around the country.

The CareerOneStop Business Center, created by the U.S. Department of Labor, is an employment source for hiring and training a strong workforce. The site provides employers access to tools for hiring veterans, a public job bank, job fairs, local training programs, recruiting and hiring resources, and information on training and retaining employees. The site also provides the employer with the ability to quickly locate veterans service professionals in a particular geographic area.

Hire Heroes USAs free services are available to all transitioning U.S. military members and honorablydischarged U.S. military veterans, regardless of separation date and term of service, as well as military spouses. The organization provides transition workshops, personalized career coaching and employment preparation counseling.

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Food Service Worker Na

If prior military, DD214 Member Copy. Performs tasks with several steps or sequences of tasks such as setting up food service counters and side service stands

  • National Security Agency – Fort Meade, MD 4.2

    Enjoys teamwork and collaboration in a blended work environment with civilian, military, and contractor personnel.

    $74,950 – $116,788 a year

  • Secure Your Access To Government Employment

    Government jobs can be as elusive as they are rewarding, especially in times of heightened security. From access to new employment opportunities in this restricted community, to navigating the security clearance process, to securing benefits as a government contractoryou deserve an advocate who understands the federal domain.

    Kelly is a strategic business partner to the federal government, including prime and set-aside contractors. We can provide you with flexible government employment and career opportunities at top federal agencies nationwide that you may never find through your own job searchacross a wide range of professions, including:

    • Science
    • Online application system
    • Never an applicant fee
  • Expertise from recruiters and staff with government backgrounds, who know what it takes to succeed inside federal agenciesand how to navigate them
  • Wherever you stand in your career pathfrom commencement to retirementwe present a network of opportunity and guidance to help navigate that path on your terms.

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    Does A Hiring Preference For Veterans Violate Title Vii

    Hiring preferences for veterans have created controversy over the years. The policy has spawned discrimination lawsuits arguing that a preference for veterans unfairly discriminates against women because the majority of veterans in the workforce are male. However, the courts have continued to uphold the privilege based on the argument that the statutory basis for rewarding veterans for their service to the country is necessary even though it disadvantages women.

    You Have The Responsibility To Treat Protected Veterans Fairly

    Sacrifice, service remembered during Veterans Day ceremony ...

    Veterans are a ready source of qualified, committed job candidates with transferable skills proven in real world situations. The leadership skills and work ethic associated with military service are the hallmarks of good employees. In fact, studies have shown that veterans have higher than average rates of productivity and retention. Employers who recognize the value military service brings to the workplace and take affirmative action to hire veterans can also achieve greater diversity among their employees.

    Along with rights and remedies they may have under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act , some veterans who are employees of, or applicants for jobs at, covered Federal contractors or subcontractors may be entitled to additional protections under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act . A veteran is considered a âprotected veteranâ if he or she falls into one of more of the following categories: disabled veteran recently separated veteran active duty wartime or campaign badge veteran or Armed Forces service medal veteran.

    VEVRAA also requires covered Federal contractors and subcontractors to establish hiring benchmarks and take proactive steps to recruit, hire, retain, and promote protected veterans. Itâs illegal for you to discriminate against these employees when making employment decisions related to hiring, firing, pay, benefits, job assignments, layoffs, training, and other employment-related activities.

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    If We Have Your Attention These $100k Security Contracting Jobs For Veterans Might Be For You

    Private security contracting is a booming industry, particularly given the political desire of many countries to reduce their military footprint overseas. As Kerry Patton observed in his book, Contracted: Americas Secret Warriors, 52% of the people fighting in Afghanistan in 2012 were contractors.

    Private security contractors dont just work with military and government organizations. Many for-profit companies and non-government organizations operate in war zones, piracy hot spots, and destabilized areas. Private security is a vital component of their daily operations.

    Search Government Contracts Over $10000

    As part of Canadas second Action Plan on Open Government, the Government of Canada has committed to the disclosure of contracting data via a centralized, machine-readable database available to the public. Originally announced in Budget 2004, departments are required to disclose contracts and amendments valued over and under $10,000 in a manner outlined in the Guidelines on the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts. Amendments to the Access to Information Act codified the aforementioned reporting requirements with the Royal assent of Bill C-58 in June 2019.

    Information on contracts issued/amended by or on behalf of federal institutions can be searched here using keyword, institution, quarter, and year.

    The Treasury Board Contracting Policy outlines the rules and principles governing government contracting. The objective is to procure contracting of goods and services in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness and results in best value to Canada. For further information on federal government procurement, please visit

    The Search Government Contracts over $10,000 content has recently been updated. At this time, there are a number of records that have not been migrated from the archived site. Refer to the Contracts over $10,000 Legacy Data for more information on these records.

    Found 830766 records

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    Department Of Labor Notices And Reports

    The contracting officer must furnish to the contractor appropriate notices for posting when they are prescribed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor .

    The Act requires contractors and subcontractors to submit a report at least annually to the Secretary of Labor regarding employment of protected veterans . The contractor and subcontractor must file VETS-4212, Federal Contractor Veterans Employment Report .

    Unrestricted Access To Opportunity

    Leveraging veteran-owned status to win government contracts | SupplierEdge

    Kelly is dedicated to placing security professionals in a wide variety of positions across the public and private sectors. Our opportunities cover an array of professional fieldsfrom administrative, finance, or HR to engineering, science, and IT to law, project management, and more.

    Securing a temporary or direct-placement position in government can be complicated, even with the appropriate requirements. We can guide you to the right position quickly, with flexible placement opportunities spanning the security realm, including:

    • Interim Secret

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    Government Contracting Q/a: Getting Started


    I am in the Army, I would like some information on how to get started on a government contracting business?


    Hello Jean,

    Thanks for contacting me personally.

    You are taking the most important first step on your way to getting involved in government contracting: searching out colleagues and experts to better your understanding. I know first-hand how difficult it is to struggle at the beginning without a mentor. None of us can know everything we must seek out the subject-matter experts and ask them for help. I am here for you.

    To bolster what I write here for you, I also have basic Government Contracting info posted to YouTube: see and

    I am a firm believer of collaborative networks for government contracting BizDev. That is the only way to augment investing hard-earned money. These mutual BizDev efforts frequently start out as reactive person-to-person info sharing amongst colleagues and friends , and then can later become a proactive informal and formal agreement to work together for mutual benefit. It is always easier to get started together when the entities share a similar mission, scope of work, and aspirations, since both companies are on fairly equal footing. However, this can still be accomplished when one of the organizations is much larger/broader in nature than the other, and established mentor/protege formats can help individuals and small start-up companies.

    What Things Are Considered For A Veteran To Be Eligible

    Before any consideration of eligibility for hiring preference, the veteran must meet these requirements Must have an honorable discharge Military retirees with ranks of Major, Lieutenant Commander or above do not qualify unless they have a service-related disability National Guard or Reserve active duty for training purposes does not qualify The veteran must claim the preference on their federal job application or resume.

    To be eligible for 5 extra points, the veteran must have served:

    • During a time of war or
    • During the period April 28,1952, through July 1, 1955 1 or
    • For more than 180 consecutive days, other than for training between February 1, 1955 and October 15, 1976 or
    • During the Gulf War from August 2, 1990 through January 2, 1992 or
    • For more than 180 consecutive days, other than training, any part of which occurred after September 11, 2001, and ending on a future date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or
    • In a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal or expedition badge has been authorized. Examples include El Salvador, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Southwest Asia, Somalia, and Haiti.

    To qualify for a 10-point preference, the following criteria must be met:

    For more detailed information on eligibility for hiring preferences, go to the website for the Federal Office of Personnel Management.

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    Veterans In Security Contracting

    This is one career path where you wont need to tame down that military lingo or avoid talking about your hard-core combat experience. The overwhelming majority of security contractors are ex-military personnel, but as you can imagine, they are not the people who spent the majority of their time behind a desk.

    Private security companies seek skilled commissioned and non-commissioned officers with combat arms experience, but have a strong preference for ex-Special Forces candidates. You must be ready to deploy, in peak physical condition, and ideally have expertise in jungle or urban combat, intelligence, weapons, maritime security, explosives, VIP close protection, or personnel extraction operations. Paramedic or linguistic skills are an added bonus.

    What Do Security Contractors Do

    Booz Allen Hamilton Expands Office and Staff in Dahlgren ...

    This is where it gets a bit hazy. For obvious reasons, the specific details of your position may not be advertised on the company website. As an example, the job description for a Protective Security Specialist in Afghanistan might detail convoy and facility protection duties. But not specify if you will work alongside military personnel in Kabul or in support of a non-profit organizations initiatives in a remote rural area.

    Typical jobs for security contractors include providing security for facilities, vessels, residences, and project sites, escorting convoys transporting commodities such as food, oil, water or weapons, and providing security training to foreign military and police personnel.

    The duties may sound very similar to the types of jobs you did in the military. The big thing to remember is that you wont necessarily have the might of the American military there to back you up if things go badly. The Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University estimates that over 6,900 contractors working for the U.S. have been killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones.

    Other considerations? It is not going to be a nine-to-five job. Typical contracts have you based in the Middle East or Africa. Your shift may be 12 hours. You could average six days a week for a one-year period, with a four-week vacation halfway through. Alternatively, you may work for two months but then have an unpaid break before your next contract.

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