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Federal Government Grant Phone Number

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Top 10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies

Scam phone calls promise government grants

Many of us cannot imagine working without a mobile phone. While we might fail to appreciate that we can communicate with our loved ones and even access emergency services, its a different case for low-income families. Mobile phones and cell phone services are usually out of reach because of their high cost. But thanks to the Lifeline Assistance program, you can now get a free government cell phone along with cell phone plans, if you cannot afford them. The Federal Lifeline program supports disadvantaged individuals and households by subsidizing phone services. Both Link-UP and Lifeline are programs of the Federal Government that assist with free phones for low-income citizens.

The FCC through the government has been providing impoverished people with discount landline services for years. Today, however, cell phones are the primary means of communication. Transformations in the program mean less fortunate Americans can now sign up for free phone services, government free cell phones, or both. Even though most citizens call them Obama phones, it is a misleading term because the routine dates back to the George W. Bush administration.

Regardless, the initiative is still active, and you can apply for a government phone if you meet the eligibility criteria. There are plenty of free phone food stamps beneficiaries, for example, who qualify for a free government cell phone through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

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You Must Apply For A Federal Grant

The only way to be awarded a federal grant is to apply for one. The primary application portal is at The same is true for virtually all grants, regardless if theyre from the federal government, your local government, or an organization. If you havent applied for a grant, be wary.

The centralized place to look for federal grants is Image source: Author

If You Get Scammed Report It

If you feel you have become the victim of a grant scam, says Schiller, file a complaint with the BBB or post your experience on our Scam Tracker or report it to the Federal Trade Commission or the FBI IC3.”

According to Schiller, The BBB Scam Tracker can also be a great resource to research government grant scams:

There have been 6,056 scams reported to Scam Tracker in the last three years regarding government grants. You can do a simple search on the home page and you can even find real examples that you can use.

“If you want to try to talk to some of the consumers that submitted this type of scam simply click on ‘view’ on the individual submission and then click at the bottom ‘Law enforcement or media? Inquire about this report.'”

You can also search for scams on Weismans Scamicide blog. Meanwhile, Lavelle has more information on how to contact the right government watchdogs:

If you suspect that youve been a victim of a government grant scam, you can file an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at this link. You may also file a complaint by calling toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP.

The Health and Human Services Fraud Hotline will also accept reports of grant scams. The number to call is 1-800-447-8477.

Dont let a scammer get their hands on your hard-earned cash. Know the warning signs and then make sure to report their behavior even if you keep yourself safe, you dont want them victimizing another innocent person either.

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Government Grants For Seniors

Government HELP FOR OLDER PERSONS : All at some point in our life, we will need the support of a public institution designed to help older adults. Whether for a medical, economic issue or a place to stay. those aimed at attending to the state, situation of need or fact in which the recipient is found or supported as a result of their age, and that affect their personal, social and economic autonomy, Government Grants for Over 50 in order to achieve their normal human or social development. Therefore, it is essential to know the benefits of the various programs and their income requirements.

Types of Government grants for elder peoples

Complementary : intended to alleviate situations of first necessity, in relation to food and health expenses of the elderly.i.e

Programs That Make You Eligible For A Lifeline Phone

Home Building Government Grants

If you are enrolled in a government assistance program, you may qualify for a free cell phone from the government through the Lifeline Assistance Program.

Here is a list of government programs that will typically make you eligible for a free government phone:

  • SNAP or food stamp recipients
  • Terracom Wireless

Each company has different phone plans. The monthly minutes, text message and data limits will differ with each company, so be sure to pay attention to these benefits.

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What People Are Saying

  • I am disabled & donât get around as easily as I used to. I also have other health issues that could escalate quickly. I canât begin to tell you how much safer I feel carrying my phone with me. I have been able to get out more knowing that help is right in my pocket if I need it. And itâs wonderful for my health care workers, friends & family to be able to reach me anywhere. I feel so much more secure & in control with my wireless phone! Thank you for your help! And thank you for offering free cell phone service.

    Katherine Mâ Davenport, IA

  • Wish I would have known years ago that there was free cell phone service through the government phone program and free mins available to people like me. Was spending money on base model phones and plans and even splurged on the iPhone and spent around $1,200 before not being able to keep up with the bill. Looking back, I wish I could have just gotten one of the free phones and plans available out there including reachout wireless, safelink and others.

    Brock H.â Ashville, OH

  • My phone has made it possible for me to communicate with my many doctors and my lawyer while I am going thru the process of getting SSDI. Thank you for this free cell phone service. I also really like that I can add minutes for a small fee when I have extra things going on that month. Thanks for your service!

    Lisa S., Sturgisâ MI

  • Government Hardship Grants Covid 19

    If youve been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, find out if you qualify for unemployment benefits, paid leave, and more. Get financial assistance from the government for your small business. Learn about the CARES Act and how it can help you. It is unclear how severe or how long COVID-19 will affect California. Financial institutions have committed to providing the necessary support and will assess current conditions and the need to continue providing support. Financial institutions will not report damaging information to credit reporting agencies, but they can report deferral. Generally, by itself, this does not negatively affect your credit score. If you are taking advantage of this financial support for COVID-19, late or missed payments will not be shared with credit reporting agencies.

    That the loan installment, plus basic expenses and supplies, is greater than or equal to 35% of the net income received by all the members of the family unit.

    That, as a result of the health emergency, the family unit has suffered a significant alteration of its economic circumstances. This circumstance will be understood to have occurred, when the effort represented by the burden of the loan on family income has been multiplied by at least 1.3, or, in the case of self-employed or professionals, there has been a substantial fall in the sales, when this drop is at least 40%.

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    What Is A Grant From The Government

    A grant is one of the ways the government funds ideas and projects to provide public services and stimulate the economy. Grants support critical recovery initiatives, innovative research, and many other programs. You can find a list of projects supported by grants in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance . You can also learn about the federal grant process and search for government grants at

    Government Debt Relief Grants

    New Phone Scam with Government Grant

    anyone who needs some financial help from govt can participate in these Government Debt Grants. This is basically Comes under government Grants, Loans, and Financial Assistance programs where you can go through various cat. of government Debt grants.

    • Treasury Hunt If any of the relative hold U.S. Department of the Treasury securities, can Participate in Treasury Hunt.
    • Unclaimed Money and Assets This is the money which has been lost or has not been claimed by any of the relatives of the concern person.
    • Government Unclaimed pension money

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    Financial Assistance Grant To Local Government

    The Australian Government will have provided over $64 billion under the Financial Assistance Grant program to local government since 197475 . The grant is provided under the Local Government Act 1995 .

    The Financial Assistance Grant program consists of two components:

    • a general purpose component which is distributed between the states and territories according to population , and
    • an identified local road component which is distributed between the states and territories according to fixed historical shares.

    Both components of the grant are untied in the hands of local government, allowing councils to spend the grants according to local priorities.

    Local government grants commissions in each state and the Northern Territory recommend the distribution of the funding under the Financial Assistance Grant program to local governing bodies in accordance with the Act and the National Principles for allocating grants.

    The Australian Capital Territory does not have a local government grants commission as the territory government provides local government services in lieu of the territory having a system of local government.

    The grant is paid in quarterly instalments to state and territory governments for immediate distribution to local governing bodies.

    The quantum of the grant pool changes annually in line with changes in population and the Consumer Price Index .

    Services And Indirect Financial Transfers

    any other active and explicit government intervention but does not imply a direct financial transfer, such as those specified in Above Category Basically these are kinds of indirect benefits from government.

    It is an economic aid perceived by a person or a group of people from a public body with the aim of helping to carry out an activity that needs a high investment or that the person in question could not face alone.

    Remember Public government Grants cant be given directly to anyone. it has a authority and process which every beneficiary need to be follow Who has Apply for government Grants. Government Grants process start with the application for personal grant and further followed by various steps and paperwork. to make easy for all Federal and state government has initiated online procedure, where people who need government grants can go and apply online for government Grants. has Apply for government Grants

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    Documents Needed For Free Tablets From Government

    Before you go filling the application form for the free tablet program, you have to check for these eligibility criteria and documents which are mentioned below. Let give a look at them and these are:

    • Contact details
    • Residence proof
    • Income proof or the students information

    These are the documents that are required for the eligibility of the free laptop program. But for applying the free tablet you have to note one thing that the eligibility criteria can differ from state to state and organization to organization. Thats why it is advised to the applicants, that they first check the eligibility criteria, fulfill all the requirements and after that proceed with the application form. For this, they can visit the official websites and check all the information related to eligibility criteria.

    In any case, if you dont have any of the document which is above mentioned, then try to make them and after that apply. Many people ask, why? The answer to this, that a complete application form has more chances to qualify for the free laptop program rather than an incomplete application form.

    Not all applications need to be granted for the free laptop. And if you are one of them then do not lose hope. because there are many other organizations and charitable trusts that are always ready to help needy people and they love it to help you with the free laptop.

    Free Money From The Government

    Grant Research Dashboard

    The federal government does not offer grants or free money to individuals to start a business or cover personal expenses, contrary to what you might see online or in the media. Websites or other publications claiming to offer “free money from the government” are often scams. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

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    How They Try To Trick You

    Whether you see them in your local paper or a national magazine, or receive direct phone callscon artists generally follow a familiar script to gain access to your bank accounts or to get you to make unnecessary one-time payments to them.

    Look and listen for these tell-tale lines:

    • “This grant/scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”
    • “You can’t get this information anywhere else.”
    • “I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this grant/scholarship.”
    • “We’ll do all the work. You just pay a processing fee.”
    • “The grant/scholarship will just cost you a one-time fee.”
    • “You’ve been selected” or “you are eligible” to receive a grant/scholarship.

    People who run scams often claim to provide help and sometimes claim to be “federal government” officialsdont be fooled by these scams that request money from you. It is illegal to ask you to pay to apply for or to increase your odds of being awarded a federal grant.

    Be careful to watch for scammers that falsely use HHS symbols and language to trick you and others. Fraudsters in the past have used the words and letters of HHS programs to give the false impression that their costly seminars or pay-per-use grant application tools are approved, endorsed, or authorized by HHS. HHS never endorses or uses private companies or individuals for these purposes.

    About The Federal Government Grant Program

    The Grants program management office was established, in 2002, as a part of the President’s Management Agenda. Managed by the Department of Health and Human Services,FGG is an E-Government initiative operating under the governance of the Office of Management and Budget. Under the President’s Management Agenda, the office was chartered to deliver a system that provides a centralized location for grant seekers to find and apply for federal funding opportunities. Today, the FGG system houses information on over 1,000 grant programs and vets grant applications

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    What Happens After The Ebb Benefit Ends If I Qualified For Infiniti Mobile Unlimited Based On Lifeline Criteria

    If you qualified for EBB based on Lifeline criteria, you will be moved to the current Infiniti Mobile Lifeline plan. If you qualified based on School Lunch or Breakfast, Pell Grant, or Substantial Loss of Income since 2/29/20, you will be offered other cell plan options, which may include undiscounted rate plans and may be subject to Infiniti Mobile general terms and conditions.

    Its Eric From The Department Of Government With Your Free Money

    Beware: Fake Federal Grant Scams Exposed

    MANCHESTER, NH Maybe this has happened to you: Youre sitting at home thinking about Christmas, or bills, or work-related stuff, when your cell phone rings.

    You love to answer your cell phone because its usually someone you like, someone who has your number its one of the perks of abandoning your landline in an age of wireless technology.

    But you see No Caller ID flashing on the incoming call screen. You hesitate to answer, but then you think back to other calls that register that way often local police or other government agencies which have blocked incoming numbers.

    You think about your loved ones, and hope nobodys in trouble.

    So you answer.

    On the other end, a person with a heavy accent introduces himself as Ahc Tomxyx and you hear something about congratulations and government grant money.

    I have received many of these calls lately. Sometimes the person on the other end is from the IRS and warning me that Im going to be very sorry if I dont respond to their calls.

    But on Dec. 6, I learned that it was Eric Thomas of the U.S. Government who was congratulating me as one of only 1,500 people selected to receive a $9,000 government grant because of my good record.

    I resisted the urge to hang up on Eric.

    Oh-kaaaaay? I said.

    Eric had me at gambling and drinking.

    But I already knew he was up to no good, so I started taking notes.

    I had questions.

    What department of the government did you say was giving away this money? I asked.

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    Grant Application Guides And Resources

    It is always free to apply for government grants. However the process may be very complex depending on the funding opportunity you are applying for. Let us help you!

    ·Grant Writing Leads is an established government funding resource portal focused on providing legitimate information, resource, and help on government grants and federal funding. From year 2000 to date, has become one of the largest and legitimate go-to resources for information on government grants.

    Toll-Free: 1 682-8284 Email:

    You Have Been Awarded A Federal Grant That You Can Spend Any Way You Like

    Federal grants are usually awarded for specific programs, research or projects most often to local governments, organizations, institutions and universities. Beware of any individual who promises a government award that can be spent on paying down tuition or credit card debt, or home electronics and décor.

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