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How To Find My Representatives In Government

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A Note About Room Numbering

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The three primary House office buildingsCannon, Longworth and Rayburnshare a room numbering system for above-ground rooms that might confuse visitors at first. The system is fairly straight forward and can be used to identify most member and committee offices merely by knowing the correct room number regardless of building.

All Cannon above-ground rooms are three digits. As you would expect, the first digit indicates the floor level. For example, 303 Cannon is on the 3rd floor.

All above-ground Longworth rooms are four digits and start with the number 1. The second digit from the left indicates the floor. For example, 1309 is on the third floor of the Longworth building.

All above-ground Rayburn rooms are also four digits, but start with a 2. The second digit indicates the floor number. For example, 2125 is on the first floor of Rayburn.

U.S. House of Representatives

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You have a question about your representative’s position on a key issue, or you want to complain to your county assessor about your latest house valuation. Whether you want contact information for a specific named official or need to know who your officials are, do a quick online search or hunt through your local phone book for the right phone number to call or an email to contact your government officials directly. You can even find a snail-mail address, if that’s your preferred mode of communication.

How To Find Your Elected State And Federal Representatives

Connecticut General Assembly:Each Connecticut resident is represented at the State Legislature by both a State Senator and a House Representative. To find an alphabetical list of Connecticut State Representatives, click on the following link .

To find an alphabetical list of Connecticut State Senators, click on the following link .

To find your specific Connecticut State Senator or Representative, go to the Connecticut General Assembly website at . Click on Representation and click on Find Your Legislator. Enter your town, street name, and street number and click to see a list of names. Click on the name and you will get to their individual web page.


United States Congress:Each Connecticut resident is represented in the United States Congress by two Senators and one Representative.

To find your Connecticut United States Representatives, go to Homepage | click on Representatives and find Connecticut under the link for States.

To Find United States Senators and Representatives from Connecticut in Connecticuts Community Resources Database:

Or, search by service name: United States Senate Offices________________________________________

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Its Easy Follow These Three Simple Steps:

How to Have a Say in Government: 4. Canada
  • Enter your zip code and address. A list of the elected officials that represent your address will appear.
  • Select all of the individuals you wish to contact and enter a note to your representative.
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    More On The Michigan Legislature

    Use of a Representative Form (IMM 5476)

    The Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate comprise Michigans full-time legislature. The primary purpose of the Legislature is to represent you and your values by enacting new laws and amending or repealing existing laws.


    The House of Representatives consists of 110 members who are elected by you. Each state Representative represents a district with approximately 77,000 to 91,000 residents. Representatives are elected in even-numbered years to 2-year terms and are able to serve three terms total.


    The Senate consists of 38 members who are elected by you. Each state Senator represents a districts with approximately 212,400 to 263,500 residents. Senators are elected in even-numbered years to 4-year terms and are able to serve two terms total.

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    Who Represents You

    Use the directories below to find out who is representing you in Lansing and in Washington D.C. and how you can contact them. The more elected officials hear from constituents like you on specific environmental issues impacting your health and your community, the more likely they are to make it a priority to address. One phone call or message from you makes an impact.

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