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How Do You Get On The Government Watch List

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How Tsdb Screening Works

Are you on a federal watch list?

There are multiple ways that your name could be screened against the TSDB.

  • Arriving in the US at a port of entry
  • Getting pulled over by local or state police
  • Visa applications reviewed by the Department of State

These checks are constantly happening with more than 1 billion likely being made every year.

If a screening yields a match this is known as an encounter. A screener would receive notification of the match and then contact TSC, who are of course available 24/7. The TSC has access to more information than the screeners do so they are able to dig a little bit deeper when verifying the match.

If there is a match or if the TSC cannot arrive at a conclusion, the FBIs Terrorist Screening Operations Unit coordinates how the government will respond.

For example, they could send agents to a given location to apprehend somebody right on the spot. In other cases, they may just come to interview the individual and add that intel to the records in the TSDB.

If a name is on a no-fly list I imagine the response could be denying them the ability to book a ticket or board a plane but it would probably depend on how high of a priority the person is to authorities. In some cases, they may plan to bring the subject into custody.

Use The Dhs Trip Program If You Are Repeatedly Flagged

If you have been repeatedly identified for additional screening, you can file an inquiry to have it corrected in the DHS system. The information you’ll need is at the DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program , the central gateway to address traveler mis-identification or related screening problems at US borders or transportation hubs. Once you determine that you are eligible to file a complaint, proceed to the File a Complaint page and follow Steps 1 3.

How Big Is The Terrorist Watch List Who Is On It

What is often described as a single, unified list is actually a collection of lists, or databases, created or expanded under the George W. Bush administration to avoid the breakdowns in intelligence sharing that precipitated the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Heres how it breaks down:

The FBIs Terrorist Screening Database is the U.S. governments primary watch list, and what people usually mean when they refer to the terrorist watch list. It contains about 1 million records. About 5,000 of those records 0.5 percent are about Americans.

The screening database is subdivided into other lists. The most well-known of these is the no-fly list, whose members are barred from commercial air travel that passes through the United States. The no-fly list contains about 81,000 names, up from 16 on the eve of September 11, 2001. About 1,000 are Americans.

Though members of the no-fly list are not technically barred from entering the United States by other means, that often doesnt matter, as those who attempt to cross the border via land or sea are often detained and interrogated along their journeys. The FBI shares watch list information with other countries, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection gives recommendations to ship captains about passengers who may pose risks to transportation security.

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Being Suspected Of Direct Terrorist Activity

This one may be obvious, but of course known terrorists end up on the no-fly list. The man who tried to bomb a Northwest Airlines flight in 2009 and the man convicted of planting a car bomb in Times Square in 2010 both were on the no-fly list . Last year, the Intercept obtained a secret document issued by the National Counterterrorism Center that details how the government puts people on the no-fly list as well as on terrorist databases. It lists people convicted of or arrested for acts of terrorism, bombers, hostage takers, assassins, associates of terror groups, and others. According to the document, federal agencies can nominate someone for a government blacklist if “an individual is known or suspected to be or has been knowingly engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to TERRORISM and/or TERRORIST ACTIVITIES.”

According to The Guardian, the Justice Department has also said that authorities must have a reasonable suspicion that someone poses a threat before they put them on a watch list. However, civil liberties activists have argued that “reasonable suspicion is extremely subjective.

The Bop Has Different Security Levels They Are:

How the U.S. Government Really Spends Your Tax Dollars
  • Federal Prison Camps minimum security facilities
  • Federal Correctional Institutions low or medium security facilities
  • United States Penitentiaries medium or high security facilities
  • Federal Correctional Complexes Co-locations of BOP facilities and have different security locations and genders of inmates

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How To Get Off A Government Watchlist

Of course, if youre on the watchlist for a valid reason, get used to it. Otherwise, there is one action you can take to potentially have your name removed from the list.

  • Try the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program .
  • However, be aware that removal of your name from the list can only be done by the agency that put you on the list in the first place. That means you have to find the agency that nominated you for the list and appeal to them directly. Yeah, good luck with that.

    U S National Security Agencys Watchlist

    The names of people who downloaded Tor privacy software in 2011 may have been added to the U. S. National Security Agency watchlist. It is known that the federal government monitored email of five Muslim-Americans, including a former Bush Administration official, despite these citizens vehement denials of having been involved in terrorism or espionage, or to have advocated violent jihad or . . . to have been implicated in any crime, despite years of intense scrutiny by the government and the press.

    All five of the Muslim-Americans whose email was monitored have extraordinary credentials. Faisal Gill was a Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates Asim Ghafoor, a prominent attorney whose clients were charged in terrorism-related cases Hooshang Amirahmadi, a professor at Rutgers University Agha Saeed, a professor at California State University and Nihad Awad, a Muslim civil rights organization leader.

    The NSA countered charges of digital spying by insisting that it collects information for valid foreign intelligence purposes and . . . minimizes information it collects about U. S. residents. However, the Agencys minimizing procedures vary by program, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board observed. Under Prism , for example, the NSA shares much more than minimized data with the FBI and CIA.

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    U S Marshals Services 15 Most Wanted List

    The U. S. Marshals Service provides a multitude of services to federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations, including fugitive task force support for law enforcement agencies conducting internal investigations investigating alleged sex offenders pursuing unregistered and non-compliant sex offenders removing violent gang members, weapons, and drugs, from . . . communities and providing technologically advanced electronic surveillance and investigative intelligence to the USMS and other federal agencies throughout Mexico and the United States.

    The USMS also maintains a list, similar to those of the FBIs Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and the Secret Services Most Wanted Fugitives. The USMSs own 2021 15 Most Wanted list includes the names of Derrell Brown, for whom a $25,000 reward is offered Michigan authorities want him on charges of receiving and concealing a firearm and on two counts of homicide. Other fugitives are wanted in several states on a variety of charges, including child rape, murder, double murder, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, and child molestation. All should be considered armed and dangerous.

    You DONT want to be on this list, either!

    How Does The Fbi Watch List Work And Could It Have Prevented Orlando

    A Former FBI Agent Explains the Terrorist Watch List | Explorer

    Of all the details investigators have uncovered about Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, perhaps the most infuriating is the fact that he spent 10 months on a government watch list, yet had no trouble buying an assault rifle and a handgun.

    Authorities placed Mateen on a watch list in May 2013 after coworkers at the Florida courthouse where he was a security guard told authorities he boasted of connections to al Qaeda and other terrorists organizations. He remained on the list for 10 months, and FBI Director James Comey told reporters this week that during that time the agency placed Mateen under surveillance and had confidential sources meet with him.

    But the feds removed Mateen from the list in March 2014, after concluding that he had no significant links to terrorism beyond attending the same mosque as an American suicide bomber who died in Syria. “We don’t keep people under investigation indefinitely, Comey said, adding that he doesn’t see anything that his agents should have done differently.

    Comey didnt identify the list Mateen was on, but an unnamed official told the Daily Beast that he was in two databases, the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment database and the Terrorist Screening Database, more commonly called the terrorist watch list.

    Here’s a look at what the lists are and how someone gets their name on one.

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    Us Government Watchlisting: Unfair Process And Devastating Consequences

    The U.S. government today maintains a massive watchlisting system that risks stigmatizing hundreds of thousands of people, including American citizens, as known or suspected terrorists based on secret standards and secret evidence, without a meaningful process to challenge error and clear their names. The watchlists in this system are shared widely within the federal government, with state and local law enforcement agencies, and even with foreign governments, heightening the negative consequences for listed individuals. Being placed on a U.S. government watchlist can mean an inability to travel by air or sea invasive screening at airports denial of a U.S. visa or permission to enter to the United States and detention and questioning by U.S. or foreign authoritiesto say nothing of shame, fear, uncertainty, and denigration as a terrorism suspect. Watchlisting can prevent disabled military veterans from obtaining needed benefits, separate family members for months or years, ruin employment prospects, and isolate an individual from friends and associates.

    How To Land On The Government Watch List

    Just like Santa Claus, the U.S. government has its own version of “the naughty list.” But this one doesn’t record boys and girls who fibbed or acted mean to schoolmates on the playground. Instead, the U.S. Government ‘s Consolidated Terrorist Watch List keeps track of people who are known or suspected terrorists. These are the people the U.S. government doesn’t want to board planes, enter the country or obtain a visa without a lot of hassle.

    While the government makes no secret of the list’s existence, its official contents are off-limits to the public. That’s because the federal government believes if terrorists are aware of being on a watch list, they will become more vigilant and tricky in committing heinous crimes.

    Before the Sept. 11 attacks, more than a dozen watch lists were floating around different federal agencies . Now, those records have been consolidated into one master list maintained by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center .

    The development of TSC and the master list grew out of the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 6 signed by President Bush in 2003. The directive outlined the federal government’s plan to combine all former watch lists into one master list of people “known or appropriately suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism .”

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    Check Your Credit Reports For Ofac Alerts

    Obtain a free copy of your credit report, since OFAC alerts may appear on them. Find out how to order your free credit reports from Annual Even if you don’t find an alert, you may be flagged. According to Sinnar: “Despite the fact that the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to see all the information in their credit files, at least one major credit reporting agency reportedly includes OFAC alerts only on credit reports that are sent to businesses,” but not on copies sent to you.If you are flagged, you should contact the credit reporting agency to have your name removed.

    How Does A Government Watchlist Help Businesses


    So what does a government watchlist actually do for your business? There are a lot of benefits your company might experience when you start using a government watchlist. There are a variety of benefits that you could experience with a government watchlist, which means the watchlist will help you do a variety of things more easily.

    • Do your due diligence.

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    What Is A Government Watchlist

    A government watchlist is just a watchlist thats put together by the government rather than by a private entity. There are actually many government watchliststhe U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, and Treasury all have watchlists that may include different threats. Depending on what your business is about, you may need to use certain watchlists or all of them.One of the most comprehensive government watchlists is the FBIs Terrorist Screening Center watchlist, which allows you to look through individuals who may pose a domestic threat. This list is public and the U.S. Treasury updates it on a regular basis to include the most important individuals you might need to avoid.

    Fbi Fugitive And Most Wanted Search

    CII will search the Federal Bureau of Investigation Wanted Search Center based on the applicants name and gender. The database allows for a single search that provides access to those individuals who are Fugitives, Missing Persons or are being sought for Information by the FBI in the following categories: Terrorism, Cyber Crime, Murder/Violent Crime, Bank Robbery, Kidnapping/Missing Persons, and Crimes against Children, Parental Kidnappings, Fraud/White T Collar Crime, and Criminal Enterprises/Drugs.

    Read Also:

    Fact Sheet: Federal Watch Lists

    Fact Sheet: Federal Watch Lists

    FACT SHEETDepartment of Homeland Security Inspector General Agrees

    The U.S. government has long developed and maintained various “watch lists”as part of national security and law enforcement efforts. However, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the scope and relevance of these lists has increased exponentially – and with it, serious implications for law-abiding citizens.


    The Washington Post reported on October 9, 2004 that the “federal government’s ‘no-fly’ list had 16 names on it on Sept. 11, 2001. Today, it has more than 20,000.” The numbers alone cause concern. But the way the lists are maintained and used presents grave challenges to civil liberties of all Americans.

    According to a recently issued General Accounting Office report, the government maintains more than a dozen watch lists, including:

  • Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control — Specially Designated Nationals list
  • Department of State — Terrorist Exclusion List
  • Transportation Security Administration — No Fly list and Selectee list
  • Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security – Denied Persons List and the Entities List
  • FBI — Most Wanted List and Watch List
  • “everal privacy concerns related to watch list consolidation have yet to be addressed. One concern is the lack of a privacy policy, agreed to by all participants involved in watch list consolidation.”
  • Port Of Entry Encounters

    IRS Economic Impact Payments on Your Tax Account

    From the provided data, you cant read too much into the numbers at a controlled port of entry. These might, for instance, be individuals who drive a long-haul truck back and forth from Canada to Detroit, flagging on the database multiple times a week, or an American importer who frequently moves between Nuevo Laredo and Laredo. So those numbers are way higher than the ones reflecting illegal border-crossers.

    POE totals may include multiple encounters of the same individual, the new section notes in the postscript.

    Most hits at a POE probably are not foreign nationals without legal status from beyond Canada, Mexico, or the United States. They may be Canadians or Americans or Mexicans who have legal status to travel back and forth, thus not overtly trying to run and hide as terrorists.

    Perhaps more concerning might be POE encounters with new foreign national travelers on the terror watch list who show up for the first time to claim asylum, which will raise bigger alarms . These individuals are usually denied entry.

    The new statistics page doesnt break any of this down but CBP might consider doing so later for greater clarity.

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    Federal Bureau Of Prisons

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons is a law enforcement agency subdivision of the U.S. Department of Justice. It is responsible for the administration of the federal prison system and all judicially ordered federal executions. There are over 116 institutions and 210,000 federal offenders under the supervision of the BOP.

    utilizes the Federal Bureau of Prison Inmate Locator to search for candidates that are currently or previously have been incarcerated in federal prison from 1982 to present.

    Wanted Individuals Make Poor Employees And Associates

    Gone are the days of the FBIs most wanted list and public enemies being romanticized and admirable individuals. But, even when the public enemy number one was considered a media sweetheart, not many people were offering them jobs or a place around the dinner table. That being said, the folks that make these lists nowadays are far from being Robinhood-types and are not wanted anywhere around the world. Thus, when you run a government watch list check, you arent just protecting yourself, your employees and your customers from a seedy individual, youre helping the authorities track them down.

    Build a Custom Background and Drug Screening Test Using These Additional Services:

    • Office of Foreign Assets is searched for the following red flags.
    • Specially designated nationals and blocked persons.
    • Sanctioned countries records.
  • Non-cooperative countries and territories are listed and searched to the best of our ability.
  • Search for debarred parties from the department of state trade control.
  • Reports of denied entities and persons list.
  • Unverified entries list checked.
  • FBI database is searched for seeking information, most wanted terrorists, top 10 most wanted, and more.
  • U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security is queried for potential data.
  • INTERPOLs most wanted list is checked.
  • The British, Candian, and United Nations consolidated sanctions lists are checked.
  • The E.U.s terrorism list is consulted.
  • World Banks ineligible firms will be included on the report.
  • And much more.
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