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Government Jobs For Ex Felons

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Does The Type Of Felony Make A Difference

Job fair for ex-felons held tomorrow

Yes, the type of felony does make a difference. There are specific statutes or laws that prohibit employment depending on the crime committed.

For example, certain federal laws, like those involving treason, have a lifetime ban on federal employment. Other federal laws prohibit federal employment for a certain number of years.

There are current restrictions related to national security positions due to the seriousness of crimes that violate national trust. Not being loyal to the U.S. carries a ban on employment with the federal government.

People convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes under federal or state law are prohibited from employment in any position requiring the individual: to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition.

Other serious felonies like those involving violence or sexual offenses will prohibit you from government employment.

Government Jobs Easier For Felons To Get

When it comes to finding a government job, there are certain types of positions that will likely be easier to get.

Many lower level entry positions will be easier to find. These may be jobs that dont involve working directly with the public.

These may include jobs working in a government warehouse, being a driver transporting goods for the government, some clerk positions, etc.

Basically, these are the types of jobs that dont involve working around sensitive information or in areas that dont involve security concerns.

There are a lot of these positions that frequently become available within the government.

The government has a number of agencies that have a wide variety of work available.

Some are facilities that utilize the services of different workers to carry out clerical or secretarial jobs. Some involve basic maintenance positions, cleaning, repairing, and generally caring for daily duties.

Of course, you will have to meet the qualifications for each of these positions. You will also be required to go through a suitability check along with a background check.

All federal positions require you to complete a, suitability adjudication, which means you must be evaluated as to the likelihood that you will carry out the duties of such a position with, integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Remember The Fair Chance Business Pledge

The Obama administration attempted to help felons who couldnt find jobs. It attempted to encourage companies to hire felons more often. The concept was developed and proposed in 2016 in hopes of helping ex-felons get jobs.

Many believe that individuals need to be given a second chance once theyre released from prison. The Fair Chance Business Pledge was a good step in the right direction. It wouldve asked employers to sign a pledge to hire ex-felons based on merit.

Companies that signed the pledge would be added to a list of companies willing to follow this procedure. Roughly 70 million Americans have a criminal record and it makes it harder for them to find employment. The Fair Chance Business Pledge aims to help these individuals. Employers signing the pledge will need to meet certain requirements.

For instance, they would agree to promote fair chance business practices. They agree to delay asking questions about the applicants criminal history until the end of the pre-employment process. Theyll also agree to hold Fair Chance job fairs.

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Government Grants For Felons

Posted: Nov 25, 2021 · Now, this may be tricky and vigorous to find financial aid grants and services invested with convicted felons and ex-convicts like yourself, but you can always take a look with federal grants and government-approved loans to help you with a small business venture enough for you and your familys daily expenses since landing on a decent paying …

Second Chance Jobs For Felons


Second Chance Jobs for Felons was founded in 2016 and aims to provide free services to felons including information about the following resources:

Companies that will hire felons

Their database of companies includes over 275 employers across the country that will hire applicants with criminal records. The list is updated daily, includes information about each company and a search button to locate available jobs within the organization. Once you click on a company’s search jobs button a search bar is located on the right side of the webpage allowing you to search all jobs for felons by keywords, location, time since release and other details regarding your convictions and education.

Apprenticeship programs

Second Chance Jobs for Felons provides a searchable database for apprenticeships programs allowing felons to access on-the-job training and classroom education at no cost. These programs allow those with criminal records a pathway for career and life success.

Truck driving schools

This resource also provides information to get a Commercial Driver’s License to get hired as a truck driver, as long as you have a clean driving record.

Relief and legal assistance

A database of resources for post-conviction relief such as pardons, expungement and the sealing of your record. This database helps you locate attorneys near you to help you begin these processes.

Tattoo removal

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Helping Them Evaluate Their Abilities

Make sure that the person youre assisting is making a list of all the skills they know they possess as they look for offers.

Organizing their behavior and understanding their capabilities can help them out greatly in job interviews. And never forget to always talk in a supportive manner it can go a long way.

Showing an initiative and will to act and be productive in a specific job, makes an employer understand just how much youre willing to go to benefit their business, and that can sometimes outweigh the superior skills that other candidates can bring to the table. So make sure they remember how an employer picks the employees.

Also, remind them that showing a desire to work for an employer can help outshine someone who is just there because they are good at what they do. They should never forget that the former usually remain in employment longer than the latter.

We advise that you go through the following list of abilities and traits with the felon to know exactly where their capabilities fall in the ocean of required skills

  • Punctuality
  • Fast at doing the job
  • Ability to use computer programs
  • Skill in services
  • Expertise in management of time and finances
  • Creativity

Will Colleges Accept Felons

There is often a misconception that colleges are not going to accept felons. This isnt always true. And, you need to understand that obtaining additional education is highly important. It can open plenty of doors for you. Many colleges will ask about your criminal record on the application. Others will not.

It is estimated that roughly six out of 10 colleges in the United States will. Nevertheless, you shouldnt let this bother you. There are plenty of other factors that will be taken into consideration when approving or denying a student.

It is very rare for colleges to automatically refuse all felons. When determining whether or not youre eligible, the college is going to consider your crime and whether or not youre a threat to other students.

Theyll also look at the amount of time youve been out of prison. If youve been convicted of a sex crime, there is a good chance that youre going to be turned down. Either way, you need to make sure that youre honest and open with the college.

You made your mistakes and you have to live with them. Trying to hide them isnt going to help. Most people are willing to give people a second chance. In all likelihood, the colleges will do the same. If you do get turned down, you should not hesitate to apply elsewhere.

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Dedicated Programs To Help Ex

4. Work Opportunity Tax Credit. The WOTC is a federal government program that offers a tax credit to employers who hire ex-felons and others who may have difficulty finding work. This only

applies to employers who hire ex-felons within one year of their release or the end of their parole/probation. This program benefits you because it incentives employers to bring you onboard through reimbursement to them.

5. Second Chance Jobs for Felons. Founded in 2016, this second chance program includes more than 275 companies across the country that will hire applicants with a criminal record. They also will provide you with helpful resources to:

  • Access apprenticeship programs
  • Sign up for trucking driving schools
  • Find post-conviction pardons and legal assistance
  • Tattoo removal

6. Fair Chance Business Pledge. This is a pledge that employers sign that encourages them to give felons the consideration of hiring no matter whats on their record. By signing the pledge, the employer agrees that they will solely evaluate the applicant based on their skills. It also promotes:

  • Equal treatment of all employees, whether they have a criminal record or not
  • The offering of internships and training as non-convicts
  • Jobs for fair chance employment
  • Provision of business clothing, transportation options, and other tools to ex-offenders
  • Re-entry support facilities and programs
  • Building your resume and submitting to the employers who are part of the second chance program

List Of Jobs For Felons & Companies That Hire Felons

Jobs for Felons: Federal Bonding Program

We will not sugar coat anything here, we simply tell you the truth and give you the knowledge and tools to find a job. It is hard to find jobs for felons but not impossible. We know of many success stories and it all comes down to having a cool head and a good attitude!

Many of you are probably wondering where does a felon get a job? We are happy to tell you that there are some companies out there that do hire felons, its just a matter of finding out which companies will hire you and applying to as many as possible.

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Jobs For Felons Felon Friendly Employers

Posted: Jul 31, 2018 · Jobs for Felons, Felon Friendly Employment. Below is our list of jobs for felons. This is always being updated to add and remove employers. Employers are added and removed from our felon friendly employer list frequently. The list we have is always changing. The hope is that ex-offenders seeking jobs with a felony will be able to find something …

Oilfield Jobs Drilling Rigs Fracking And Support Services

For the foreseeable future, fossil fuels are going to continue to be utilized as the worlds major energy source. Yes, newer, cleaner technologies continue to be improved upon and exploited, but Big Oil and Gas arent going anywhere anytime soon. So it makes sense for felons to consider getting a job in the oilfields, because it is an area where oil companies will recruit you.

When you are looking for a job in the oilfields avoid the large companies like Halliburton. Look for smaller drilling companies since they are known for overlooking felony convictions.

There are several downsides to working in the oilfields. One issue many workers do not like is that drilling rigs tend to be located in remote areas, away from heavily populated areas. The other problem is that it is a very up and down business. When it is up companies hire like crazy and when it is down they lay off.

Salaries range from $33,000 to $73,000 and you can search for oilfield jobs on rigzone.

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Can A Felon Work For The Federal Government

According to the Office of Personnel Management, the government can hire felons. However, some restrictions may apply depending on the nature of the job and crime convicted.

It is important to note that a federal job offers several great perks. The first is that of job security. Even in a volatile economy, government employees are not often sacked or retrenched.

Federal jobs also tend to come with very competitive salaries with steady increments. It is why many that join rarely opt to leave for the private sector. Federal employees also enjoy generous vacation and sick pay terms.

There is also access to a wide variety of health care plans. With the most generous terms kicking in after retirement. Retirement benefits schemes are also quite lucrative with annuities, social security benefits, and 401-type investment plans.

So in answer to our earlier question, yes, a felon can work for the government. But terms do apply. Some certain statutes and laws can forbid hiring.

Lets look at the particular scenarios when this can happen.

Computer Network Support Specialist

Out on parole, and turning out to vote

The broad field of information technology has been known to provide some good jobs for convicted felons who don’t have a history of fraud, theft, violence, or computer-related crimes. So if you meet that criteria and already have some experience with computers or a strong interest in learning more about them, then this may be a path you should consider.

These days, almost every company needs a fast, secure, and reliable in-house network as well as stable connectivity to the Internet. With the proper skills and credentials, your future may involve testing, analyzing, and troubleshooting various types of computer networks and minimizing the times when they are offline.

  • Entry-level hourly wage: $19.53
  • Typical qualifications: Associate degree

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List Of Companies That Hire Felons

Before going on a job hunt, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the companies that are willing to hire felons. There are few companies that will go to great lengths to hire felons.

Nevertheless, there is plenty that is willing to do so. It is also important to remember that a companys policy could change from time to time.

A business that previously hired felons may no longer do so today. You should expect to look in the newspaper and find an ad seeking out felons. After all, this would look bad on the company.

Still, it is wise to look at the companies that have hired felons in the past. There is a good chance that theyre still hiring felons today.

Just remember that you need to be cautious and always willing to accept failure. FedEx, UPS, and Walmart will all hire convicted felons sometimes. Jobs that hire felons.

Just remember that it depends on your specific situation. These companies will always make different decisions for each individual. Many companies follow a similar procedure. Theyll research the applicant and make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

Ace Hardware, Best Western, Chilis, Comcast, Kohls, Olive Garden, and PetSmart may be willing to hire felons. Sprint, Xerox, McDonalds, and Dillards may as well. Some companies are franchises.

Being A Guide To A Felon Looking For Work

To do a proper job in mentoring a felon, its advised that you do enough research about the nature of such a unique situation in the job market. That way you can understand just how many challenges a felon faces in obtaining this goal.

You can use a variety of websites on the internet that can assist you in finding a suitable area of expertise for a felon depending on the set of skills they possess.

But you should always know that the most common domains for working convicts are the following: Customer service, manufacturing, automotive repair, construction, warehousing, retail operations, and food service.

But make sure they always remember that having a job boosts your chances of getting another job. So if a felon asks your help, tell them to be less picky and jump on the first chance they get for employment. From there on out, they can start a plan to slowly get where they really wanted to be. All it takes is patience.

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Where To Look For A Job That Will Hire A Felon

Most very large corporations have blanket policies and are filled with cookie cutter managers that will not hire felons. These are the last places that I would look for a job as a felon. There is so much red tape and policies to get through. Think outside the box for a little bit rather than like everyone else. This article on How to Find a Job as a Felon may be helpful in addition to the below article although it is a little thin .

Small Locally owned businesses

There are many advantages of applying at small businesses as a felon.

  • You can walk in the door and talk to the owner. No human recourses department to deal with or cookie cutter store managers. At the least you will get a chance to explain yourself and what happened in your past. Bring a resume with you and understand that the interview already started when you walked through the door.
  • You may be able to work out a deal working for cash or just part time to see how you work out. This may not be ideal but it is a start to allow you to build a trusting relationship with the owner. Getting your foot in the door should be your main goal.
  • Even if the owner can not give you a job be very polite and give him a resume anyway if he will take it. Remember that small local business owners are a tight group and they all know each other so ask if they know of anyone that could be hiring.
  • Local restaurants can be really easy to get into. Not pizza hut but independent free standing restaurants often times have jobs for felons..

How Federal Agencies Access Candidates

Employers Turn To Ex-Felons To Staff Business Amid Pandemic As Workers Quit Over Pay, Benefits

When hiring, federal agencies will consider multiple factors, including:

  • Personality traits and conduct since release
  • Nature and severity of the crime committed
  • Conflicts between the duties of the position and criminal conduct
  • Conflicts between crime and interests of national security
  • Duration lapsed since conviction

Focusing on these areas will be the biggest help when applying for a federal job.

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Assist In Constructing Their Resume

One of the numerous challenges that an ex-felon faces in landing a job is creating a resume. What makes this so tricky is the lack of experience for a person whos spent a recent period of time incarcerated. And that can very well be apparent through a poorly written resume.

So we advise checking out MyPerfectResume.com for guys struggling to represent their potential properly. This website is free to use in setting up beautifully constructed resumes from a variety of pre-existing templates. The site is quite easy to use, and it walks you through every step you take until you finally obtain a resume, written specifically to describe yourself.

As simple as this gesture might be, allowing your relative or friend to explore its features can really help a once-convicted man to find the passion and the drive to peruse a career, and a new life.

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