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What Is The Government Grant For First Home Buyers

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First Time Home Buyers Program

government grants for first time home buyer

Exclusive to British Columbia, the First Time Home Buyers Program is intended to exempt first-time buyers from one of the major costs associated with the purchase of your first home: the property transfer tax. The program reduces or eliminates the amount owing for tax, depending on certain qualifications.

Availability: British ColumbiaValue: Up to $8,000


  • Youre a citizen or permanent resident living in British Columbia for at least 12 consecutive months immediately before the date the property is registered, or you have filed a minimum of two income tax returns as a resident of B.C. in the previous six years.
  • The property is located in British Columbia.
  • Youll use the property as your primary residence.
  • You must have never owned an interest in a principal residence anywhere in the world and have never received a tax exemption or refund as a first-time home buyer.
  • For full exemption, the property must have a fair market value of $475,000 or less or have a fair market value of $500,000 or less . A partial exemption may apply if these maximums are exceeded.
  • The total property size is 1.24 acres or less. A partial exemption may apply if this size is exceeded.
  • Foreign entities and taxable trustees are not eligible.

Things to note:

How to apply: You can apply for this program by entering the exemption code FTH on your Property Transfer Tax Return.

Resource First Time Home Buyers Program

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

This federal government Scheme allows eligible first home buyers with a small deposit to get a home loan without paying tens of thousands in .

However, there are only 10,000 Scheme places available in a financial year which are released on the 1st of July each year.

Realistically, in a given year only one in ten first home buyers will be able to use the Scheme due to the limited slots and the higher number of first home buyers.

As part of the 2020-2021 budget announcement, the federal government added 10,000 new Scheme places to the but limited these new places to first home buyers purchasing new or newly built properties. They also increased the price caps for new properties.

Tip: To ensure your place in the scheme, you need to get your tax returns done as soon as possible. Youll need the 2019-2020 Notice of Assessment from the Australian Taxation Office to be eligible this year.

Must Earn Income That’s Above

Eligible home buyers must earn an income that’s no more than 20 percent over the median income for a metropolitan area. For example, in Portland, Maine, where the median income is $60,000, home buyers must earn $72,000 per year or less to claim their cash down payment grant.

Note that income exceptions can be made in high-cost areas, such as New York, Los Angeles, and other cities where the cost of living is high. In high cost areas, eligible home buyers must earn an income that’s no more than 80 percent over the local median income. In San Francisco, eligible home buyers must earn $189,000 per year or less.

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Downpayment Plus And Downpayment Plus Advantage

These are the programs that are administrated by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. The home buyers will get the help of $6,000 to pay for the down payment and closing costs. If you take the loan for five years then it will be forgiven. Buyers who want to have the benefit from this grant program have to contribute at least $1,000 to the home purchase value.

Along with this, the buyer has to complete the homebuyer education course as well as counseling. When the buyer wants to take help from this grant program to buy the home, then they have to include a lender who is a member of FHLB Chicago, or in the case of the Advantage program, or from a non-profit organization.

All these grant programs help first-time homebuyers to buy a home with the help of financial assistance. But the home buyers fulfill all the requirements and follow the rules.

Nebraska Down Payment Assistance Programs

USDA First Time Home Buyer Grants

The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority offers several options for down payment assistance:

  • Homebuyer Assistance Program When you use $1,000 of your own money, you can get a second mortgage up to $10,000 for 10 years at 1%
  • First Home Grant Program Homebuyers who make 50% of their areas median income can get up to $5,000 that never has to be repaid. This program has limited funds each year

DownloadNIFAs Homebuyer Assistance Program brochure for more information. And take a look at HUDs list of other homeownership assistance programs in the state.

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First Home Owner Grant Act

Our nations capital currently does not offer any first home owner grants to first home buyers, but it does offer a means-tested full stamp duty concession to all first home buyers on all properties.

Compare home loans

The comparison table below displays some of the variable rate home loans on our database with links to lenders websites that are available for first home buyers in ACT. Products shown are principal and interest home loans available for a loan amount of $500k with an LVR of 80% of the property value. Please note this table has been sorted by current rate , followed by provider name .

Before committing to a particular home loan product, check upfront with your lender and read the applicable loan documentation to confirm whether the terms of the loan meet your needs and repayment capacity. Use Canstars home loan selector to view a wider range of home loan products.

*Comparison rate based on loan amount of $150,000 and a term of 25 years. Read the Comparison Rate Warning

Arizona Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Arizona Department of Housings Home Plus program provides up to 5% of the initial balance on your new mortgage. The amount you might get will depend on the type of mortgage you choose.

No help is available for those buying in Pima County, and only certain mortgages are eligible in Maricopa County. Youll need a minimum credit score of 640 to qualify for the program, and for some types of mortgage that needs to be 660.

To be eligible, your annual income must not exceed $112,785. Find out more at the Home Plus homepage. And take a look at HUDs list of alternative programs for Arizona.

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Rrsp Home Buyers Plan

Normally, any amount you withdraw from your RRSP is considered taxable income However, the government allows you to borrow up to $35,000 from your RRSP to help pay for your home as long as you qualify as a first-time buyer. In order to meet this requirement, you must not have purchased a home within the last four years or also not have lived in a home owned by your spouse during this time.

Importantly, any funds borrowed from your RRSP for your down payment must be repaid. These repayments must begin two years after your purchase and you have up to 15 years to make these payments.

What Mortgages Can Be Used With Down Payment Assistance

First Home Buyers Grant – Part 6 of Top Tips for Home Buyers

Almost all DPA programs require you to borrow from an approved lender and use an approved mortgage program. You may have to sign up for a particular mortgage product.

However, DPA-approved mortgages often include the most popular loan programs, like:

  • FHA loans
  • VA loans
  • USDA loans

Many also let you borrow conventional loans , including those backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

In other words, the mortgage products allowed by your DPA program may be very flexible.

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Arkansas Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Arkansas Development Finance Authority has a couple of helpful programs. Its ADFA Move-Up Choice can provide a grant of 4% of the new mortgages opening balance.

You can use that for your down payment and other closing costs. Expect to pay a slightly higher mortgage rate than otherwise, because thats how your grant will be recouped.

If thats not what you need, the ADFA Down Payment Assistance Program offers between $1,000 and $10,000 in the form of a second mortgage, which is repayable over 10 years. Youll get cash back to cover the closing costs of that second mortgage.

To be eligible for assistance, your income must be within limits linked to the median income for the county where youre buying.

Visit the webpages of the ADFA Move-Up Choice and AFDA Down Payment Assistance programs to discover more including income limits for your county. And take a look atHUDs list of alternative programs for Arkansas.

Is There A Transition Period For Plan

As set out in the First Homes Written Ministerial Statement of 24 May 2021, local plans and neighbourhood plans that have reached advanced stages of preparation will benefit from transitional arrangements. Local plans and neighbourhood plans submitted for examination* before 28 June 2021, or that have reached publication stage** by 28 June 2021 and subsequently submitted for examination* by 28 December 2021, will not be required to reflect the First Homes policy requirement.

For areas that do not meet the criteria for transitional arrangements, new development plans, including local plans and neighbourhood plans, should take account of the new First Homes requirements from 28 June 2021.

*submitted for examination meaning: Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 for Neighbourhood Plans, and Regulation 22 of Town and Country Planning Regulations 2012 for Local Plans.

** reached publication stage meaning: Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 for Neighbourhood Plans, and Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2012 for Local Plans.

Paragraph: 018 Reference ID: 70-018-20210524

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Exemption From Residency Requirements For Defence Force Members

Members of Australias Defence Forces may not meet the residency criteria for the First Home Owners Grant if they are deployed to other states or overseas.

From 27 June 2017 current members of the Australian Army, Air Force or Navy are exempt from the residence requirements.

The exemption applies to current members of the Australian Army, Air Force or Navy who are enrolled to vote in Victorian elections and are either on duty or leave. The exemption does not apply to Australian Army, Air Force or Navy reservists or to Australian Public Service staff.

applying for the First Home Owners Grant.

Are You A First

Government Grants First Time Home Buyers

Unless you are a person with a disability or you are helping a related person with a disability buy or build a qualifying home, you have to be a first-time home buyer to withdraw funds from your RRSP to buy or build a qualifying home.

You are considered a first-time home buyer if, in the four-year period, you did not occupy a home that you or your current spouse or common-law partner owned.

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Oregon Down Payment Assistance Programs

Oregon Housing and Community Services offers down payment assistance programs for first-time buyers. Theyre intended for low-and very low-income families and individuals, with particular focus on underserved populations. Up to $15,000 may be available.

The state agency sends money to various local agencies which provide direct assistance to home buyers.

Theres a list of those agencies on the OHCSs website, together with the county or counties each serves. Links are provided there to every agency. Also check out HUDs list of other homeownership assistance programs in the state.

Home Purchase Assistance Program

Administered by the West Palm Beach Department of Housing and Community Development, this grant program makes available up to $60,000 of down payment and closing cost assistance, depending on income. Assistance is provided in the form of a no-interest, deferred-payment loan. No repayment is required as long as the borrower owns and occupies the home for a set period of time determined by the assistance amount. In addition to other eligibility requirements, applicants must contribute at least 1.75% of the homes purchase price toward a down payment. Only properties within the city limits of West Palm Beach are allowed.

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Rhode Island Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Rhode Island Housing department offers a down payment assistance program for first-time buyers who use the programs financing to buy a home.

If youre eligible, you could get 6% of your loan size up to $15,000 in down payment assistance.

Thats a forgivable loan, meaning you should owe nothing after five years, provided you stay in your home that long and dont sell the property or refinance the mortgage during that time.

You cant borrow more than $492,201 for a one- to four-family home or eligible condominium. And your household income must be below $99,730 if youre in a 1-2 person household. If your household comprises three or more people, the income cap is $114,689.

Discover more at Rhode Island Housings website. And explore HUDs list of other homeownership assistance programs in the state.

How To Qualify For A First

First Time Home Buyer Grant Programs | First Time Home Buyer Programs

Not all first-time homebuyers are eligible for first-time homebuyer grants. These programs tend to be geared toward those who can be classified as a low- or moderate-income borrower, and that definition depends on your income and where you want to live. While eligibility requirements vary, here are a few elements common to most grant programs:

  • Income limits: Many programs designate households that earn 80 percent or less of the area median income as low-income, and limit the program to those in that range. The income limits also vary based on how many people are in the household.
  • Home price limits: You also might be restricted to a certain budget. Again, these limits vary widely based on the local housing market.
  • Your contribution to the purchase: While youll get assistance for the purchase, many grants stipulate that the homebuyer needs to also chip in. One common ask is either 1 percent of the purchase price or $1,000 .
  • Your residence status: You typically can only get a grant to help buy a home youll actually make your primary residence, not one youll rent out to someone else.
  • Additional education: Many grant programs require you to complete a homebuyer education course prior to receiving the funds.

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What Expenses Can These Grants Cover

Housing grants and personal grants for first-time homeowners can be used for:

  • Down payment and percentage of purchasing price of the home
  • Closing costs
  • Educational courses meant to make you a more knowledgeable home owner
  • Renovations and home repair
  • Purchase of new construction homes
  • Purchase of existing homes
  • Debt consolidation, to help people with financial trouble stay in their homes

Additionally, home ownership loans for first-time homebuyers almost always have a lower interest rate and less fees than traditional loans.

Help To Buy: Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Announced in the 2021 Budget, the mortgage guarantee scheme offers lenders the option to purchase a guarantee on mortgages where a borrower has a deposit of only 5%.

The guarantee compensates mortgage lenders for a portion of net losses suffered in the event of repossession. The guarantee applies to 80% of the purchase value of the guaranteed property, covering 95% of these net losses. The lender therefore retains a 5% risk in the portion of losses covered by the guarantee. This ensures that the lender retains some risk in every loan they arrange.

Find out more about the new mortgage guarantee scheme on the governments own your own home website
Find out more in our guide Help to Buy scheme everything you need to know

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First Home Grant: Buying Your First Home


Is the dream of home ownership within your grasp? It could be more possible than you think! You may be eligible for government support to buy your first home including a First Home Grant.

What is a First Home Grant?

Have you been contributing to KiwiSaver? After just three years of contributions, you may be entitled to a First Home Grant, administered by Kinga Ora. Grant values vary according to whether youre purchasing an existing home or purchasing a new home .

Note: A new home should be recently built and have had a code of compliance certificate for up to 12 months.

Am I eligible for a First Home Grant?

You may be able to apply for a First Home Grant if you, or anyone you may be buying a home with:

  • have been contributing the required minimum amount to KiwiSaver for at least three years
  • are aged 18 years or over
  • have not already received the First Home Grant or its predecessors, the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant or KiwiSaver first-home deposit subsidy
  • have a household income of up to $95,000 in the last 12 months , or up to $150,000 in the last 12 months
  • are buying an acceptable type of property or land arrangement
  • are buying a property with a purchase price within the designated house price cap for the region
  • have a deposit that is at least 5% of the purchase price, including the addition of the grant, KiwiSaver withdrawal amount, savings or family gifts supported by a gifting declaration.

See the Kinga Ora website for the full criteria.

Homepath Ready Buyer Program

Government Grants First Time Home Buyers

The HomePath Ready Buyer program is a homebuying program from Fannie Mae, one of two government-sponsored enterprises that back the mortgage market. With this program, you can get up to 3 percent of your homes purchase price to help with closing costs. However, youre limited in what you can buy you can only qualify if youre buying a HomePath property, a foreclosed home owned by Fannie Mae. Youll also need to complete a homebuyer education course.

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