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What Is Fidelity Government Money Market

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How Are Investors In Fidelity Money Market Funds Protected

Money Market Funds: What You Need to Know

The U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the investments owned by Fidelity money market funds to minimize investors risks

Generally speaking, the SEC permits Fidelity money market funds to invest in debt securities issued by government entities or corporations that mature in 397 days or less.

The SEC also requires the money market funds mix of debt securities to meet specific conditions. The fund must maintain an overall weighted average maturity of 60 days or less. Additionally, it must allocate stipulated percentages of assets to specific buckets such as Weekly Liquid Assets and Daily Liquid Assets depending on the type of the fund.

The SEC regulations collectively seek to ensure the funds investors have ready access to the money they invest. The regulations also seek to minimize the odds of investors losing principal or interest in case interest rates change or the borrower defaults.

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What Is The Difference Between Fidelity Government Money Market Fund Spaxx And Fdic Insured Deposit Sweep Program Fdic

Fidelity Government Money Market Fund SP AXX is a mutual fund that invests in government securities, fixed-income investments, and corporate debt.

FDIC insurance means the bank cannot lose money because of a default on your deposit. Fidelity Government Money Market Fund is a FDIC insured bank account whereas FDIC insured deposit sweep program is a money market fund that offers limited protection under the US governmentâs deposit insurance program.

Fidelity Government Money Market Fund offers higher rates and also has no minimum balance requirement. Fidelity Government Money Market Fund is an FDIC insured deposit sweep program.

Fidelity also offers a money market fund that is not FDIC insured, but it is called the Fidelity Government Money Market Fund SP AXX. With this product, your deposits are not FDIC insured, and therefore you cannot use them as cash to cover your everyday expenses or pay bills. Fidelityâs Government Money Market Fund is an FDIC insured deposit sweep program and has a variable-rate.

The Fidelity Deposit Sweep Program has a fixed rate of . 25%. Fidelity is a multinational financial services company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1946 and acquired by Edward Lambert in 200.

The FDIC insured program FDIC is not involved with the running of the fund.

Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund

Vanguard launched the Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund in 1981. Total AUM as of May 2021 is $193.8 billion. This fund has the same investment aims of providing capital preservation and current income through investing in high-quality, short-term U.S. government securities.

Vanguard bills this fund as one of the most conservative offerings in this category, making it an ideal choice for conservative seeking risk avoidance and capital preservation.

As of May 2021, the funds top allocation was to U.S. Treasury Bills at 75.4%, followed by U.S. Government Obligations at 23.6% and Repurchase Agreements at 1.0%. The average maturity of the portfolio holdings was 55 days. The expense ratio for the Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund is 0.11% the dividend yield is 0.02%, and the one-year total return is 0.45%.

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List Of Fidelity Government Money Market Funds

The following Fidelity government money market funds are available to retail as well as institutional investors. Among them Fidelity Government Money Market Fund is popular and has no minimum investment requirement.

Fidelity Money Market Funds
Fidelity Government Money Market Fund SPAXX
Fidelity Treasury Money Market Fund FZFXX
Fidelity Treasury Only Money Market Fund FDLXX
Fidelity Government Money Market Fund Premium Class FZCXX
Fidelity Money Market Government Portfolio Class I FIGXX
Fidelity Money Market Treasury Only Class I FSIXX
Fidelity Money Market Treasury Portfolio Class I FISXX
Fidelity Money Market Government Portfolio Institutional Class FRGXX
Fidelity Money Market Treasury Only Institutional Class FRSXX
Fidelity Money Market Treasury Portfolio Institutional Class FRBXX

*Net expense ratio and 7-day yield as of December 14, 2019

The Fidelity Flex Government Money Market Fund is closed to new investors.

Money Market Funds In A Low

Fidelity Widens Its Lead in Cash Business by Adding $50 Billion ...

As the Covid-19 pandemic stretches on, interest rates and yields have continued to fall. Rates on everything from CDs to money market funds have fallen to nearly zero. Today, some money market funds earn a yield of 0.00% while the highest paying funds yield no more than about 0.10%. Low yields have presented challenges to investors looking to earn income from cash.

For those who have cash balances below FDIC insurance limits, online savings accounts and money market accounts pay the highest rates. For those with cash balances well above FDIC limits, a money market fund is a relatively safe option. While yields are at historic lows, money market funds should react quickly when they begin to rise again.

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New Mutual Fund Recommendations

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Money Market Funds With Low Costs And High Returns

We noticed a few patterns when comparing the best money market mutual funds on our list.

First, when it comes to expense ratios, many of the funds with the highest fees also require very significant minimum deposits. The one exception: Fidelity Money Market Fund , which is the only one on this listing with no minimum deposit requirement.

The reality of the current low-rate environment is that money market fund yields are minimal. When it comes to the funds on our list, few offer a seven-day yield that much above zeroall but one yield less than 0.10%.

Theres just one money market fund that stands out in terms of cost, yield and minimum investment: Invesco Premier Portfolio Fund . If you can meet the $1,000 minimum investment size, IMRXX offers a combination of relatively high returns with low expenses.

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Purchase And Sale Of Shares

You may buy or sell shares through a Fidelity brokerage or mutual fund account, through a retirement account, or through an investment professional. You may buy or sell shares in various ways:


TDD Service for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired


The price to buy one share is its net asset value per share . Shares will be bought at the NAV next calculated after your investment is received in proper form.

The price to sell one share is its NAV. Shares will be sold at the NAV next calculated after an order is received in proper form.

The fund is open for business each day the New York Stock Exchange is open. Even if the NYSE is closed, the fund will be open for business on those days on which the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is open, the primary trading markets for the funds portfolio instruments are open, and the funds management believes there is an adequate market to meet purchase and redemption requests.

Initial Purchase Minimum


For Fidelity Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, Simplified Employee-Pension IRA, Keogh, and Investment Only Retirement accounts


The fund may waive or lower purchase minimums in other circumstances.

What Is A Money Market Account

One crucial 401(k) mistake you could be making, says Fidelity’s retirement expert

Money market accounts operate in a similar manner to a savings account, and quite a few come with tools you would associate with a checking account such as a debit card and check-writing abilities. You deposit money, and its always easily accessible.

However, there are transaction limits. You are usually restricted to six withdrawals per billing statement period. If you exceed that limit, you may pay a fee, though in the pandemic, many banks have suspended those fees. As the world slowly returns to normal, be sure to keep an eye on when that fee structure also returns to avoid any unnecessary charges.

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What Is Fidelity Core

Fidelity Core is the publically traded parent company of New York Stock Exchange group. Fidelity’s core business includes trading, market data, and research. Fidelity Core is a 3-2-3-2 model for allocating your investments in a portfolio that has the best chance of keeping up with the market.

The stock allocation takes into account the current financial climate, fundamental analysis of the company’s business strategy and performance, and other relevant factors. Fidelity Core is the investment solution for your 401 account. It includes insurance, tax preparation, and retirement planning services.

For a low monthly fee, it provides benefits such as a Roth IRA, 529 college savings plan, and tax preparation service. Fidelity core is a measure of the power of your card. It’s calculated by taking the amount of watts at which your card produces and dividing it by the amount that you are paying for your electricity every month.

This ensures you will never overpay for your electricity bill. Fidelity Core is the free stock trading app designed for the individual investor. It allows the user to create an investment profile, import their current account holdings, connect through social media and leverage Fidelity’s global index.

Fidelity core is a branch of the company that focuses on improving customer experience and satisfaction through creating better service. It is part of a larger company called Fidelity Investments which has over 13,000 employees.

Money Market Fund Advantages

Money market funds invest in the short-term debt of the United States government: This means treasury bills, which mature much sooner than treasury bonds. The short-term nature of this investment allows the fund to adjust to rising interest rates. When the fund gets its money back from short-term investments, the money manager can quickly reinvest the money in T-bills that pay higher interest. Your money remains relatively safe because the investment is backed by the U.S. Treasury, and your income goes up as interest rates rise.

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Best Money Market Funds Methodology

The best money market funds offer a combination of positive yield, low risk and a low expense ratio. To make our selection, we combed through the list of money market mutual funds at and identified nine with the highest yields, lowest expenses and a minimum investment balance of $1,000,000 or lower.

Note that the seven-day yield is an industry standard for side-by-side comparisons of money market funds. It takes into account fund distributions plus appreciation, minus average fees over a seven-day period, and assumes that this average continues over an entire year.

When you are selecting a money market fund, make sure you can meet the minimum investment balance. In addition, its important to understand the investments held by each fund. Carefully research your options before making a decision.

And keep in mind that when it comes to investing, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Government And Treasury Money Funds

  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224
  • Minimum Initial Investment
  • Schwab Government Money Fund Investor Shares
  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224 0.01%
  • Schwab Government Money Fund Ultra Shares
  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224 0.01%
  • Schwab Treasury Obligations Money Fund Investor Shares
  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224 0.01%
  • Schwab Treasury Obligations Money Fund Ultra Shares
  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224 0.01%
  • Schwab U.S. Treasury Money Fund Investor Shares
  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224 0.01%
  • Schwab U.S. Treasury Money Fund Ultra Shares
  • 7-day yield as of 03/04/20224 0.01%

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Is Deposit Liabilities A Current Liability

Deposit liabilities are not a current liability, they are a fixed liability. Deposit liabilities may be classified as current or non-current by the cost to service and collect these deposits. If investors don’t trust a company, they may not buy its stock.

This could have negative consequences such as reducing the stock price and increasing the risk of bankruptcy. It is important to register the deposit liabilities of a company in order to obtain credit ratings. One of a company’s most important assets is its cash account. The company can use this money to pay for expenses that are due or for customer purchases.

If a business has a large amount of cash, it can use this money to buy stocks, bonds, and other investments. The answer is no. When the liability is disclosed, it will not be included as a current liability. Instead, it will be disclosed and considered part of the company’s long-term liabilities.

Deposits are not a current liability according to FAST ASC Topic 470-2. Liabilities are those obligations to pay money or transfer goods in a specified time frame. Current liabilities typically refer to the amount of regular, ongoing funding required over the course of one year.

Deposits are classified as concurrent liabilities because they do not require ongoing funding in order to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational objectives. The FDIC defines a bank deposit as any money deposited in the account of an individual, business, or institution.

All Spaxx Fidelity Investment Platforms In More Detail

You can compare SPAXX Fidelity Investment Platforms ratings, min deposits what the the broker offers, funding methods, platforms, spread types, customer support options,regulation and account types side by side.

We also have an indepth Top SPAXX Fidelity Investment Platforms for 2022 article further below.

We have listed top SPAXX Fidelity Investment Platforms below.

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What Are The Different Types Of Fidelity Money Market Funds

Fidelity money market funds fall into one of three major categories based on the types of investments owned by the fund:

Fidelity money market funds come in three categories. Each category has its unique strong attribute.

Fidelity government money market funds primarily invest in debt issued by the U. S. Treasury and U. S. Government sponsored-entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Fidelity prime money market funds, also known as general-purpose money market funds, invest in any eligible money market investment denominated in U. S. dollars including short-term debt issued by corporations and certificates of deposit.

Fidelity municipal money market funds primarily invest in debt issued by municipalities to earn income interest that is exempt from federal income tax.

The Fidelity prime money market funds and Fidelity municipal money market funds come in two types, Retail and Institutional, with these key differences.

Retail money market mutual funds are essentially limited individual investors . These funds often to seek to maintain a stable $1.00 net asset value . If the funds ability to convert its holdings to cash falls below required minimums because of market conditions or other factors, the funds may impose a fee when shares are sold or may suspend share sales temporarily .

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Investment Bank Participation In Financial Markets

Fidelity International talks about navigating China’s policy-driven market

Investment banks have active participation in the money, bond, mortgage stock, and derivatives markets. Many investment banks through money market mutual funds invest in money market securities. Investment banks also underwrite commercial papers. Investment banks actively participate in the bond market through underwriting bond issues in the primary market and provide advisory services for clients for bond purchases and sales. Investment banks also play a role in the bond market by facilitating the raising of funds for corporate restructuring activities such as mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and other activities. Investment or securities firms also play a role in the mortgage market by underwriting securities that are backed by mortgages for various financial institutions. In stock markets, the investment banks play the major roles of underwriters in the primary market, advisors and brokers in the secondary market. In derivatives markets of futures, options and swaps, investment banks act as financial intermediaries or brokers.

Dr.Jeffrey R. Bohn, in, 2011

In , 2019

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Investment Rationale For Government Money Market Funds

In case if you are wondering whether money market mutual funds are right for you at all, you should read this article.

The primary advantages of these funds outside of safety are that they offer daily liquidity and are free from liquidity fees imposed by the SEC. Since they invest in very short-term Treasury bills and repos, they provide easy tradability on a daily basis and you can quickly take advantage of rising rate environments. With the income from federally issued Treasury securities being state tax deductible, investors seeking to lower their tax bills may also favor government money funds.

The Bottom Line On Fidelity Money Market Funds

Fidelity money market funds are useful investment vehicles that often provide higher income than bank accounts. Since they provide ready access to cash, investors can use them to hold money that may be needed at a short notice. Investors with a low tolerance for volatility are likely to appreciate the stability they provide. Investors with long investment time horizons can also use Fidelity money market funds to diversify and stabilize their portfolios. Investors should consider after-tax income, account type, risk, and fund features to determine the best Fidelity money market fund for their particular situation.

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