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What Does It Mean To Be A Government Contractor

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What Are The Function And Responsibilities Of Waiter

What Type Of Government Contractor Should You Become
  • The role and responsibilities of a good waiter is to provide excellent service to guests.
  • A good waiter guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • The main job of a waiter is to take and serve food and drink orders from guests.
  • The duties and responsibilities of the waiter are the same as those of the waiter.

Should You Be Hiring An Employee Or A Contractor

Which employee should I hire or temporary worker? Recruitment of employees. An employee is a person who works under an express or implied tenancy agreement for another person to whom the employer is entitled. Commissioning of freelancers. When to consider hiring an employee. When should you consider hiring a freelancer?

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What Is The Job Description Of A General Contractor

General contractor job description. General contractors manage all elements of the construction project. You win the offer and sign the contract with the term and payment. General contractors hire workers and subcontractors. You select construction methods, request materials, estimate and schedule the project.

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This course is specially tailored for GovCon professionals at all levels to learn the fundamentals of SEO and see examples of how it is important, as well as dive into advanced concepts and tactics that will immediately make a difference for your company.

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Federal Contractors: Understand Which Government Regulations Apply To You


Staying on top of federal contractor regulations is complicated. Heres a basic primer on how to approach the task.

When it comes to contracting for the federal government, small businesses have big opportunities. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 25% of federal contracts went to small businesses for a total of $90.7 billion.

A lot has been written about how to score a federal contract. But once your company does, working with the government isnt as simple as signing a few papers and getting to work. There are myriad regulations your company must comply with to remain in good standing with the government and avoid being fined.

This blog post will help you understand some of your responsibilities as a company contracting with the government.

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Do I Have To Pay To Get A Cage Code

DLA does not charge for CAGE codes. To apply for and receive a CAGE code is FREE.

Companies wishing to sell products and services to the federal government can obtain a CAGE code when they register their company in the System for Award Management it happens automatically if you do not already have a CAGE code.

Bid Solicitation From Suppliers Lists

7.1 Wherever practicable and consistent with sound procurement management, contracting authorities will first solicit bids from within the Territory.

7.2 Where the Crown intends to solicit bids for government contracts in the Territory, the contracting authority will make all possible attempts to award contracts to qualified Inuit firms.

7.3 Where the Crown intends to solicit bids for government contracts in the Territory, the contracting authority shall take all reasonable measures to determine if there are Inuit firms qualified to perform government contracts.

7.4 Where it is determined that there is a single firm within the Territory qualified to perform a government contract, the contracting authority will solicit that firm to submit a bid for the government contract. The contract may be awarded upon negotiation of acceptable terms and conditions.

7.5 Where the Crown intends to solicit bids from more than one qualified firm within the Territory, the contracting authority shall take all reasonable measures to determine if there are Inuit firms qualified to perform the government contract, and shall solicit bids from those Inuit firms.

7.6 Where a contract has been awarded it is the responsibility of the contracting authority to ensure that the contract document contains appropriate terms and conditions to make certain that sub-contractors to the contractor are also subject to the intent and the specific provisions of the contract.

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Not Sure Where To Start

As you can see, you have options when it comes to working with the Federal Government. There may be some cash available, but is this the right opportunity for you and your business?

If you still have questions about the financial benefits, and potential downsides, of government contracting, we can help. We work closely with a wide variety of government contractors and are a GSA Schedule holder that specializes in government audits. Get in touch with us today.

What Are The Penalties For Fraud In Government Contracting

How Will the Biden Administration Impact Government Contractors?

All of these various offenses under the US Code are subject to federal voluntary sentencing guidelines. Often with these government contracting fraud cases, the accused is a legitimate business owner. He/she was reputable enough to attain a government contract in the first place and went through all of the hoops that are required to screen and to vet contractors. So youre talking about a person who likely has no prior criminal history. All of that will be taken into consideration in terms of what type of sentence they will receive. But you will often see sentences for shorter periods of incarceration in government contracting fraud than you will for some of the other more serious offenses under the federal code.

The maximum penalty for major fraud against the government in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1031 is 10 years incarceration and/or a fine of up to $1,000,000.00. The maximum penalty for violations of 18 U.S.C. Section 287, the false claims statute, is 5 years in prison and/or a fine. These penalties maybe imposed concurrently, meaning to be served at the same time or consecutively meaning one after the other for each count the accused is convicted by the jury.

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What Is It Like To Work As A Contract Employee

  • Independence and flexibility. Hired employees are generally more flexible in terms of working hours than permanent employees.
  • The best salary for real working hours. Temporary workers often don’t have to adhere to routine rules, such as office meetings and time-consuming events.
  • No employer contribution.

Nature Of Letters Of Credit

2.1 The UCP provides that letters of credit, by their nature, are separate transactions from the contracts on which they may be based and financial institutions are in no way concerned with or bound by such contracts, even if any reference whatsoever to such contracts is included in the letters of credit. In letters of credit operations, all parties concerned deal with documents, and not with goods, services and/or other performances to which the documents may relate.

2.2 The undertaking of a financial institution to pay, accept and pay bill of exchange or negotiate and/or to fulfil any other obligation under the letter of credit, is not subject to claims or defences by the Applicant resulting from its relationships with the financial institution or the Crown.

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What Are The Long Term Implications Of A Fraud Conviction

In the government contracting context, a person could be ordered to pay large monetary penalties for the alleged amount of loss that was taken from the government. Additionally, you can be debarred or no longer allowed to contract with the government in the future. For some companies, that can have devastating consequences. For example, if you are a military defense contractor like Lockheed Martin or Honeywell for example and you do all of or the majority of your business with the government, this could ruin your business. If such a contractor were convicted of government contracting fraud, then their entire business model would be upset by these convictions. In such a scenario, it would be almost impossible for such a company to carry out their business plan, which is developing weapons and various technologies that can be used in military services. Thus for some contractors, debarment from contracting with the government would mean financial ruin.

The Pros And Cons Of Contracting With The Government


The United States government spent $835 billion in contractual services in 2018, making it the world’s largest employer for contract work. If you or your business can meet the government’s requirements, you could end up with a healthy revenue stream. But every job has its pros and cons, and government contracting is no different.

Whether you choose to become a government contractor could involve a mixture of circumstance and personal preference. There are some who swear by this type of work and others who wouldn’t touch a government job if offered one. Still, others have more government work than they can handle and long for something else.

While government contracting can be an excellent way to start or sustain a business, it’s not without its downsides. As with any risk, you must evaluate all factors to determine if the reward is worth the effort. Here are some of the pros and cons of contracting with the government.

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Is Preliminary Notice Required From Gcs

General contractors dont always have a requirement to send a preliminary notice on their projects. In fact, GCs are more likely to be on the receiving end of a preliminary notice, since best practice is to send preliminary notice up the chain to all of the upper tier parties including the GC and the owners.

However, GCs are subjected to notice requirements in some states. This post, When Do General Contractors Need to Send Preliminary Notice?, covers GCs notice requirements on a state-by-state basis.

Gcs Have 3 Big Challenges When It Comes To Payments

GCs really have 3 big challenges when it comes to managing project payments:

1) they have to manage getting paid themselves

2) they have to make sure that all of the parties below them on the PAYMENT CHAIN get paid

3) they have to collect, track, and organize lien waivers from every single project participant

Numbers 2) and 3) go together, and it is quite a challenge for GCs. Typically, general contractors can only see the first tier of subcontractors, or the parties whom they contract with directly, and have little fear of risk. The real risk for GCs is the fear of the unknown coming from the parties they cant see. These unseen parties include sub-subs, suppliers, and others on the project that the GC does not have visibility nor a direct line of communication with. In short, GCs have to worry about the entire payment chain on the project.

Many GCs dont realize that any one of these parties can be the source of a payment problem, and a payment problem that spirals out of control may result with a mechanics lien filing. Some GCs we have spoken to dont realize that sub-tier lien waivers where you do not have direct proof of payment are really the most important ones to collect when it comes to preventing a lien filing.

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Contractual Arrangements Involving Crown Corporations

12.10.1 Subsection 41 of the Financial Administration Act states that the Government Contracts Regulations do not apply to federal or provincial Crown corporations unless the legislation of the Crown corporation specifically requires that it be subject to Subsection 41 of the Act. Consequently, the Treasury Board Contracts Directive and relevant policies do not apply to Crown corporations. Arrangements between departments and Crown corporations cannot be contracts in a strictly legal sense .

12.10.2 Reserved.

12.10.3 Agency status. When a department or agency has been designated as an “agent” of a Crown corporation, the contracting procedures and authority limits of the contracting authority continue to apply. As stated in article 4.2, Related requirements, the contracting authority cannot assume the powers of a Crown Corporation even when undertaking work on its behalf. In practice, the department or the Crown corporation will seek Treasury Board authority when a proposed contract exceeds the limits prescribed in the Contracts Directive.

Contracts With Aboriginal Peoples And Aboriginal Businesses

Subcontractor Or Contractor

4.3.1 The Government of Canada has entered into Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements with Aboriginal peoples. These agreements have the force of law and are protected in Canadas Constitution. Many agreements include provisions dealing with economic and social development benefits affecting contracting in land claim areas. Below are links to these agreements, park agreements and co-operation agreements that contain Aboriginal participation requirements or other contracting requirements.

4.3.2 All Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements except the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement can be obtained at:

Publications and Public Enquiries Kiosk

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Les Terrasses de La Chaudière, Room 1415,

Note: if any of the above links do not work, the agreements may be accessible on the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada site.

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What Is A Construction General Contractor

A general contractor is the natural or legal person who is responsible for the entire construction project, whether commercial or private. The prime contractor is responsible for submitting quotes, placing the order, providing all materials, work and equipment necessary to fulfill the order, as well as overseeing its .

Cost plus contract

Your Project Role Is Determined By Who Hired You To Work On The Project

Figuring out your role seems like it would be very easy. However, we frequently hear from folks in the industry that they have trouble determining how to classify their role on certain projects. Am I supposed to be the GC on this job, or am I considered a subcontractor? Here at levelset, we get questions like this one every single day.

Here are a few of the major project payment issues that are affected by a partys role on the project, and how these issues relate to general contractors.

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What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Contractor Due

Typically, the contractor is responsible for planning, managing, executing, monitoring and controlling the construction project. Responsibility extends from the beginning to the end of the project, regardless of its size.

What is a contractorWhat is the employer’s job description?Job description. The general contractor’s work description includes everything for the construction of a new house or other types of building or for the renovation of an existing house. The duties of the general contractor include: setting deadlines and budgets coordinating with subcontractors including electrician, job description. The general contractor’s work description includes everyth

What Kind Of Work Can A General Contractor Do


This can be earthworks, plumbing, electricity, foundations, constructions or roofs. But general contractors can’t always work on everything. There are three different categories of general contractors in the state of California. A type A general contractor can handle large projects that require technical skills.

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Keep Records And Prepare For Compliance Audits

As a federal contractor or subcontractor, you may become acquainted with the OFCCP. The OFCCP ensures that federal contractors and subcontractors are staying compliant with all the mandatory laws and regulations.

The DOL offers a fairly extensive list of records that must be maintained for OFCCP compliance, including:

  • Job offer records

What Are The Roles And Functions Of A Nurse

Roles and functions of a nurse. Communication is an integral part of all nursing duties. Nurses communicate with the client, caregivers, other healthcare professionals, and community members. In their role as communicators, nurses identify client problems and then communicate them or in writing to other members of the healthcare team.

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How Do Contractors Get Paid For Work Done

Some contractors are paid by the hour for example, a programmer may be paid for hours worked on programming tasks. For work. Another payment option is to pay for work or homework done. For example, you can pay a fixed amount for cleaning an office.

Flooring installation contractors near meDo flooring contractors need insurance? As a floor master you may need insurance, but not none. For example, your state may require work accident insurance if you have employees, but it does not require you to purchase general liability insurance.Do I need to replace flooring?Carpet. If you’ve cleaned your carpet and can’t restore it to its former glory,

What Is A Cage Code And Why Do Government Contractors Need One

Become A Government Subcontractor

A CAGE code is a five-character alpha-numeric, unique identifier assigned by the Defense Logistics Agency . CAGE codes are assigned to businesses, organizations, etc. that wish to pursue contracts or grants from the United States federal government.

In my 20 years as a government contractor, I knew enough to have my CAGE code, but never understood its purpose, especially when you consider the other unique IDs businesses use.

In researching this article, Ive realized the value and purpose of a CAGE code, where it is helpful to the government and how it ties together with the other unique identifiers used in federal government contracting.

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Additional Conditions To The General Conditions

  • The requirements of Part II “General Conditions”, section 13.1 of the Employment Standards Act of the Province of Ontario, apply to employers who, on or after October 31, 1995, begin to provide building services such as cleaning, catering or security at the premises, replacing another employer who was providing those services.
  • Where a successor employer hires an employee of the previous employer who provided these services at the premises, the employee will be deemed to have continuous service, and all employment with the previous employer shall be counted for purposes of ESA entitlements for public holidays, vacations, pregnancy and parental leave, and termination and severance pay.
  • If the successor employer does not hire an employee of the previous employer who provided services at the premises, the successor employer must comply with Part XIV of the Act , subject to the following exemption in Ontario Regulation 138/96:
  • successor employers do not have to provide termination and severance to employees who do not have a substantial connection to the site. This includes the following:
  • employees whose duties were not primarily at the premises during the 13 weeks before the new contractor arrived
  • employees who are temporarily away and whose duties were not primarily at the premises during the last 13 weeks when they worked and,
  • employees who have not worked at the premises for at least 13 of 26 weeks before the successor takes over the contract.
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