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What Do Government Jobs Look For In Background Checks

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The Cost Of Running A Background Check

Background Check For Employment What Do They Check?

The type of pre-employment screening you need to run will determine how much your background check will cost. Since there is no one-size-fits-all background check, you can choose a background check provider that fits your needs and your budget.

Employer myth: Background checks are too expensive.

Reality: Many business owners believe that background checks are just an additional, unnecessary cost. Although costs vary based on the screenings performed, employers can choose between basic, standard and premium screenings, costing an average of $15 to $80 per report. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s cheaper than making a bad hire a CareerBuilder report found that the average cost of a bad hire is $15,000.

If you are creating a background check process for your company, Jaye recommends conducting an audit with a trusted partner who can assess your risk, determine any gaps in any existing processes, and assist you in developing a program that fits your unique needs.

What Shows Up On A Pre

Pre-employment background checks typically include criminal-background checks, plus verification of information on past employment, education, and professional licenses.

Depending on the nature of the job under consideration, employers may specify that pre-hiring screenings search candidates driving records. Employers may also require applicants to submit to drug testing as part of the pre-employment screening process. Pre-employment drug screening is required for many jobs that involve operation of motor vehicles, hazardous or delicate equipment, and/or in any role entailing responsibility for the safety of the public, customers, or fellow employees. Learn more in the Complete Guide to Background Checks.

State and federal laws limit some of what can be reported on employment background checks:

  • If a candidate is under consideration for a job that pays less than $75,000 annually, information on civil judgments, government sanctions, and disciplinary measures related to any professional licenses will not appear in background check results.
  • However, if the salary for an open position is $75,000 or more, that information may appear in your results, even if its older than seven years.

Current & Previous Contact Details

Your background check report will also include details such as current and previous addresses, current and previous email addresses, active and inactive social media profiles, current phone number and much more!

People frequently relocate or change their contact information. While this is generally harmless behavior, it can also be an indication of criminal activity. For example, maybe a person claims to live at a certain address to avoid taxes or commit crimes in an unknown location. However, if someone tells you that they live at a certain address, CheckPeople can give you the information to help you determine if they are telling the truth.

Some people seem perfectly normal and harmless on their known social media accounts, but they may have other hidden accounts that reveal another person entirely. These hidden accounts are often invisible to free background check platforms, but our search tool is able to dig them up. Social media has become one of the easiest ways for people to assume a false identity, so finding hidden accounts can let you know if someone is leading a double life online.

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What Percentage Of Background Checks Fail

And even then, the majority of employers only disqualify 5% or fewer applicants based on past criminal convictions, according to Sterling Talent Solutions Background Screening Trends & Best Practices Reportand 67% of employers said they would proceed with a candidate evaluation after finding a conviction not

You Have A Criminal History

How Long Does a Background Check Take for a Job

A criminal record is one of the first things that employers check when screening applicants and often leads to job applicants being disqualified. However, depending on an employer’s hiring standards and the severity of the crime committed, an applicant might still be hired, as long as they make their criminal history known to the employer. That said, minor misdemeanors or incidents that occurred a long time ago may be overlooked, but serious crimes will likely put you out of the running.

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What Employers Look For In Background And Credit Checks

Surveys show that up to 95% of employers require employees to undergo some type of background check sometimes including a during the hiring process.

Why do employers want this information? It could be for several reasons. For instance, if government security clearances are required for the job you are interviewing for, an employment background check may be required. For positions involving accounting or financial responsibilities, credit reports can provide insight into how financially dependable you are.

Before you agree to allow an employer to run a background check during the hiring process, find out what kind of information they can discover and what your rights are.

Is A Police Check The Same As A Criminal History Check

One of the most common ways to obtain a police check NSW is a national criminal history check which includes any disclosable offences on an individuals criminal record. Checked is an accredited provider and can offer you a fast, convenient, online option you can complete right now for a national police check.

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Does Pepsico Require Background Check

Yes PepsiCo requires a background check to ensure potential employees do not have an extensive criminal history. The checks takes as long as it takes for potential employee to bring in an abstract. Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point. Your answer will be posted publicly.

How Federal Background Checks Are Used

The Legal Way I do Employment Background Checks – Human Resources

Federal criminal background checks often are part of comprehensive government employment screenings for law enforcement officers and other public-sector employees. However, workers such as banking professionals who will have access to highly sensitive data or financial information also may be subjected to federal background checks. Also, employers may use such screenings when hiring high-level executives and individuals who work in the medical field, with children or with older adults.

In addition to revealing federal criminal offenses such as kidnapping and robbery, a federal criminal background screening may uncover information about crimes relating to the sexual exploitation of children and illegal sales and purchases of firearms. Individuals attempting to purchase firearms in the United States are subject to background screenings processed by the FBI.

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How Far Back Are Employers Allowed To Go For Background

Nobody is going to look back more than 10 years unless it is a hi profile job like with the government or any high security job where you would have access to a lot of information or anything else of value. But your standard fast food job or a factory job is not even going to do a background check unless you are applying for a managers position.

Background Checks: Time Disclosures

Generally speaking, you should provide information on all your work experience for a background check, part time job experience included. Some employers want you to provide at least five or seven years of work history, while other companies ask for information about every job you’ve ever held during your entire career. According to the Partnership for Public Service, background investigations are mandatory for people hired into federal positions. Depending on the level of security clearance, you are required to disclose up to 10 years of work history. An investigation for Confidential clearance the lowest form of government clearance requires that you disclose five years of work history Top Secret clearance requires 10 years of work history. You are not obligated to provide more information than what’s required by the investigating agency or what’s requested on the background check form.

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What Is A Level 5 Background Check

Level 5 Due Diligence:

A due diligence search is appropriate for businesses considering a merger, acquisition, new development or investment and can be focused on an individual or entity. This search identifies outstanding litigation, judgments, liens and other legal issues that need to be identified.

About The Employment Background Check

Do Suspended Licenses Show Up on Background Checks ...

The information disclosed in an employment background check may determine whether or not you get the job offer.

There has been a steep increase in recent years in pre-employment background screening conducted by employers.

This is for a number of reasons including an increased awareness of the amount of inaccurate information provided by job candidates. Current estimates suggest that up to 40 percent of resumes include false or inflated information.

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If The Employer Finds Something Negative In Your Background

If there is something negative in your background, be prepared to explain it and why it shouldn’t affect your ability to do the job.

Also, if the problem was caused by a medical condition, you can ask for a chance to show that you still can do the job.

Sometimes it’s legal for an employer not to hire you or to fire you because of information in your background, and sometimes it is illegal. An example of when it is illegal is when the employer has different background requirements depending on your race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information , or older age . For example, it would be illegal to reject applicants of one ethnicity with criminal records for a job, but not reject other applicants with the same criminal records. This is true whether or not the information was in a background report.

Even if the employer treated you the same as everyone else, using background information still can be illegal discrimination. For example, employers shouldn’t use a policy or practice that excludes people with certain criminal records if the policy or practice significantly disadvantages individuals of a particular race, national origin, or another protected characteristic, and doesn’t accurately predict who will be a responsible, reliable, or safe employee. In legal terms, the policy or practice has a “disparate impact” and is not “job related and consistent with business necessity.”

Security Clearance Adjudicative Process

Security clearance decisions regarding eligibility for access to classified information seek to assess a candidates trustworthiness. The adjudication examines a sufficient period of the candidates life to make an affirmative determination that the person is an acceptable security risk the number of years in the candidates life covered by an investigation increases as the positions level of security increases. The assessment considers factors that could cause a conflict of interest and place a person in a position of having to choose between commitment to the United States, including commitment to protect classified information, and another compelling loyalty. The clearance process for Secret level access uses an investigation called the National Agency Check with Law and Credit that goes back five years, while the clearance process for Top Secret uses a Single Scope Background Investigation that goes back ten years.

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Background Check Red Flags

What constitutes a red flag can differ by company and position, but the most common red flags are discrepancies and derogatory marks. The information a candidate submits on an employment application should accurately reflect the candidate’s history.

CareerBuilder found that 13% of professionals have approximate employment dates on their resumes, but this inaccurate information can raise a red flag, causing hiring delays and sometimes even candidate disqualification.

Jaye listed some other common background check red flags as follows:

  • An applicant claims to have a degree that cannot be confirmed by the educational institution.
  • Information obtained from the official verifying source does not match what was claimed by the candidate
  • Sanctions, disbarment or disciplinary actions have been claimed against their professional license.
  • They have reportable criminal convictions .

Although some information, like a criminal conviction, may seem like an obvious red flag for every employer, hiring managers should be wary of automatically dismissing candidates without further investigation.

Employer myth: You can immediately disqualify a candidate with a criminal record.

Reality: If a background check reveals a criminal record, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires employers to undergo adverse action and give the candidate the opportunity to dispute the claim. Additionally, employers should only take the offense into account if it is relevant to the position they are hiring for .

You Lied On Your Resume Or There Are Inconsistencies

Employment Background Checks & Your Rights

Dishonesty is a huge red flag for employers and might cost you a job opportunity. If they discover that you lied about your education, skills, or qualifications, it will likely be detected during a background check, no matter how well-written or embellished your resume may be.

Employers almost always contact references to verify details about previous jobs, such as the time period you worked there, and to gain an idea of your duties and work ethic. Likewise, a background check can also determine when and where you obtained your degree.

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Criminal Background Screening And Employment: Exemptions

The Fair Criminal Record Screening Amendment Act of 2014 aims to prevent unlawful screening of a job applicants criminal background by employers with 11 or more employees. This law does not apply to federal government jobs.

Additional exemptions apply for some employers, including:

  • those where federal or District law or regulations require considering an applicants criminal history
  • when a position is designated by government program or obligation to encourage employment of those with criminal histories or
  • those who provide programs or services to minors or vulnerable adults.
  • OHR has determined the following positions to be exempt from FCRSA given the above criteria:

  • Positions at Children’s National Medical Center.
  • Positions at other hospitals that have direct contact with patients.
  • Positions that require the applicant to obtain a security officer or special police officer license from the DC Government.
  • Positions at banks and other financial institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • Positions at organizations whose mission includes providing services and programs to minors or vulnerable adults and where the position duties require direct contact with minors or vulnerable adults. For example, case managers for the homeless or those with mental health issues, positions at schools , day care centers, and after-school programs.
  • Federal contractor positions that require a security clearance pursuant to a federal law or regulation.
  • Get A Picture Of Your Applicants Financial Situation With A Credit Report

    Why should you consider a job candidates credit report? Bad credit isnt enough reason to dismiss a candidate, but the financial patterns and habits shown in their credit history might better indicate a candidates fitness. Getting a more complete picture of your applicants financial background can help you better determine the risk. You may decide to have stronger financial criteria for applicants who will be regularly handling money, and a credit report can be useful in determining the financial trustworthiness of your applicant.

    Employers often use credit history to gauge a job applicants level of responsibility, but good money habits can also be important to specific categories of companies and positions. Does the position in question involve the handling of money? Will your hire have access to the companys sensitive financial information? Knowing whether a candidate manages their finances responsibly can help you determine if theyll handle your companys finances responsibly as well.

    When you use ShareAble for Hires for pre-employment background checks, you receive a credit report that include:

  • Recent employment history*
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    What You Need To Know About Federal Background Checks

    A federal criminal background check provides information about certain types of criminal cases prosecuted at the federal level including robbery, fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and white-collar offenses. Employers, hiring managers, landlords and others use federal background checks for in-depth vetting of prospective executives, workers and tenants.

    Federal crimes are prosecuted through U.S. district courts, and defendants can appeal unfavorable verdicts to federal appellate courts. As a result, a federal criminal background check may yield documents from both the district and appellate levels.

    What If You Want To Do An Employment Background Check

    How long does a background check take for employment in ...

    There are certain laws to comply with when you want to use a background check for hiring employees for you or your firm. The most important of all those federal and state laws regarding employment background checks is the Fair Credit Reporting Act .

    It is highly important to use background check services that comply with FCRA. This ensures that all the information you get is reliable. Doing a background check with a random service provider can be not accurate as well as risky.

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