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How To Live For Free Off The Government

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Government Assistance Programs For Utilities

How To Stay Online When The Government Cuts Off The Internet

One of the largest household expenses after food and housing is utilities. Keeping the lights on and heating and cooling your home can take up a huge portion of your monthly income. These programs can help offset those costs and help you save on energy bills.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

A federally-funded program designed to help low-income families with energy costs, LIHEAP provides financial assistance for paying heating and cooling bills.

#LIHEAP helps the most vulnerable American families afford their home energy bills. We urge Congress to #ProtectLIHEAP and our communities. #LIHEAPaction

National Grid US

It can also help with emergency or crisis issues, like having your heat shut off in the winter or weatherizing your home. It doesnt provide assistance for water or sewer bills.

Weatherization Assistance Program

This is a program run by the U.S. Department of Energy that provides grants to help low-income households reduce their energy costs by improving the energy efficiency and safety of their homes. Families must meet eligibility requirements to receive this type of assistance.

You can read more about the program and eligibility requirements by visiting the Weatherization Assistance Programs website.

Recycle Your Gadgets For Cash

Recycle your old and unused gadgets for cash. Its quick, free and could make you over £200.

From mobile phones to cameras, games consoles and more, by recycling your gadgets you can make money and help save the environment.

If you want to recycle a mobile phone use the Moneymagpie phone recycling tool. Just click on the make of phone you want to recycle and well show you which recycling company will give you the most for it.

Free Chores And Services

Swap your skills with other people to get jobs done for free. Local Exchange Trading Schemes have been set up all over the country to help communities swap their skills.

They work by creating a unit of currency which can be collected when you provide a service and then used to pay for someone to provide a service for you. For example, if youre a great cook you can bake someone a cake and then use those credits to get someone to do your gardening. Check out LETSLinkUK for more information and to find your nearest scheme.

Find out more about how the scheme works here.

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Trading Your Skills Or Engaging In Barter System

Doing only what you love is the best way to be content with your life off the grid. One way to engage into proper barter system is to offer your skills and talent to someone who can return something of benefit to you. Make sure you do not indulge in drudgery when you are engaging in barter system. The essence rests in sufficiency.

Have Your Financial Situation In Order Before Starting To Live Off The Land

How To Live For Free Off The Government

Before actually going to live off the land make sure you pay all your debts. This is very important as you might go live off the land and in some form, you will think the modern world will simply stop existing for you, it might for you but the debt collectors will find you no matter where you live off the land.

Living off the land isnât for everybody, you might enjoy the adventure at first but when the hard times come, and they will, you might have to go back to civilization. If you have burnt all bridges for restating your life in civilization you might end up worse than before.

Make sure you have some extra cash hidden somewhere which you can use in your time of need, not eating for a couple of days isnât dangerous but after a week of unsuccessful hunting what other options are there if you donât have any money? If you are afraid of a potential financial collapse then you should check out my recent article How to prepare for economic collapse .

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Apply For Public Housing

To apply, contact your local PHA. Heres what you can expect during the application process.

Either you or a PHA representative will fill out your written application. Your PHA usually needs to collect the following information to determine eligibility:

  • Names of all people who would be living in the unit, their sex, date of birth, and relationship to the family head

  • Your present address and telephone number

  • Conditions that might help your family’s reception into the program more quickly, including:

  • Veteran status

  • Current residency in substandard housing

  • Names and addresses of your current and previous landlords to verify your family’s suitability as a tenant

  • An estimate of your family’s income for the next 12 months and the sources of that income

  • The names and addresses of employers, banks, and others to verify your income, deductions, and family composition

  • Someone from your PHA may visit you in your home to interview you and your family members to see how you manage the upkeep of your current home.

    After collecting this information, the PHA representative should describe the public housing program. They’ll go over its requirements and answer any questions you may have.

    Free Food From Your Neighbours

    Download the Olio app. It puts you in touch with neighbours and cafes that have surplus food. You can list your unwanted items as well as request offer peoples. And its completely free.

    As a bonus, youre helping the environment by reducing food waste. The app helps us all share food that would otherwise go to landfill.

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    Free Money From The Government

    If youre about to reach State Pension age but youd like to keep working, even just on a part-time basis then you can put off claiming your pension and when you do take it, the government will give you extra! Its really worth it if you dont mind working for a bit longer.

    Find out more on the GOV.UK website.

    Get A Government Grant To Buy A Plot Of Land Where You Can Live Off The Land For Free

    Should I Keep Letting The Government Pay Off My Student Loan?

    The government offers several grants and programs to people who can not get a loan from a bank, in case you want to live off the land with no money you can apply to the USDA Farm Loan. These loans are meant for small families who want to set up a farm or a ranch. The USDA Farm Loans have a couple of requirements, you do need to set up the farm in a set amount of time, and the farm or ranch must be functional.

    Basically, if you are already planning to live in a self-sustaining manner you can actually get a loan from the government which will help set up the farm. The good news is that even if you are a new farmer or rancher you can still get these loans. In addition to this, the USDA also has a special program called Housing Assistance, which is mostly for low to medium-income families. If you want to take a look at how people survive off the land, then you should check out a couple of movies Best survival movies .

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    Free Government Money For Healthcare Needs

    Whether its just you or you have a spouse and dependent children, you need medical care. If you cant afford your employers health insurance options, or you make below a certain income level, there are still ways to have your medical needs taken care of.

    Healthcare Marketplace

    If you dont currently have health insurance, you can sign up for a plan through the federal government via The Healthcare Marketplace.

    While there is no specific option for low-income families and individuals, if you make below a certain threshold, youre eligible for a premium tax credit, which would make your medical insurance free.

    The website offers a free income screening tool to determine if youre eligible for the credit or for lower-premium plans. There are also cost-sharing reductions to help offset the costs of certain services.


    Often confused with Medicare, Medicaid is a healthcare program intended to assist low-income, pregnant, medically needy, and disabled individuals under the age of 65 so they can receive quality medical care.

    Unfortunately, theres no uniform set of eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Even though its a federal program governed by federal oversight, each state is permitted to decide for itself which populations are covered and what the eligibility criteria are.

    To participate in the Medicaid program, states must cover certain groups of people:

    • Low-income families
    • Eligible pregnant women
    • Individuals receiving Supplemental Security Insurance


    Free Money From Taxes And Unclaimed Funds

    Free government money doesnt always come in the form of need-based programs. Some are available to anyone, regardless of income.

    Unclaimed money

    While this isnt necessarily free money, it is money that is owed to you for some reason by some entity. This money can include uncashed paychecks, apartment or utility deposits, or safety deposit box contents.

    Theres no one place to check for unclaimed money, and you might have it in multiple states so make sure youre researching all the states youve ever lived in. If your employer is headquartered in a different state from where you work, check that state as well.

    The best places to start looking for your unclaimed funds are:

    Old pension plans

    In addition to unclaimed money or tax refunds, you might have money available to you in the form of old pension plans. If you or someone in your family worked for a company that provided a pension but hasnt collected those benefits, you might still be eligible for that money.

    You can find out if theres money owed to you by visiting the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation and searching for your or your family members name.

    Tax credits and deductions

    An easy way to find free money is to adjust your tax withholding and deductions. If you havent done this recently, review the W-4 you submitted when you began your job. Figure out what you chose and then, using this list, make necessary and appropriate adjustments.

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    How To Get A Free Car From The Government Instant

    Not everyones position is good to buy a new car. Without a car to travel is hard with family. Some places have a lack of Public transport system availability that time car is the best option to travel. Thats why we guide you on how to get a free car from the government.

    Most of us have a dream to own a car even my dream is the same. But due to some reason, life does not give me a chance to have it. After trying so many options, I come to know that the government gives a free car to some users who fulfill some criteria. Yes, it helps me a lot, and hence today I am here to help you too. So get a grant for low income families to buy a car today! We will answer yours how to get free money from the government and how to get a free car from the Government form the Question below here.

    During weekends or holidays, we travel with family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or relatives. There are very fewer chances that we travel alone. And with a group, it is hard to travel without a car. Yes, you can rent a car but owning a car is a completely different thing.

    We have a family of six, and for us, it was always hard to go here and there for a vacation or holidays. At that time, I thought to get a free car. The first question that arises in my mind is that are there any actual option available to get the free car as I do not have money at that time. And after searching and surfing, I got few ways to get a free car so, I sharing here how to get a free car from the government

    Off Grid Power Plumbing And Communication

    Those who live off the government, you are not truly free ...

    Remember that, even if the entire system does collapse, the primary purpose of your off-grid home is for living and having an enjoyable life with your family. So how do you make your off-grid house a home?

    FIrst, you need to remember the electrical challenges of being off the grid. The closer together everything is, the less electricity is required and the less you have to spend on heating your home. Also, a larger home costs more money to heat which is why you should keep your space compact. When it comes to off-grid living, less is more. Besides, the smaller footprint your house takes up, the more money you have for growing crops and other integral parts of living.

    Sit down and sketch out a floor plan. Even if youre not an architectural designer, youll get some sense of what your home is going to look like.

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    How To Pay Little

    Updated: by Financial Samurai

    Want to learn how to pay no taxes? Read on. Ive been studying up on tax laws since 1999. You might not be able to pay no taxes. However, this post should help you pay less taxes.

    Ever since I was 25, I paid more than $100,000 a year in taxes. You dont get a thank you card if you pay over $1 million dollars in taxes in case youre wondering. Instead, you get the government hooked on your juice with fishing letters from the IRS asking for more!

    I didnt mind paying my fair share of taxes when I was in my 20s because I was excited to progress in my career. I felt lucky to just have a job that allowed me to save like crazy and help others financially through charitable donations. As I grew older, my views on income taxes changed.

    Since the turn of the century, weve witnessed a devastating war in Iraqistan that by some estimates has taken over 1 million lives. Weve observed Congress do nothing to pass a balanced budget since 2008 while giving themselves pay raises every single year.

    During the 2009-2010 financial crisis, the government doled out massive bailouts to institutions such as AIG while allowing executives to pay themselves millions of dollars. AIG even had the audacity to contemplate suing the federal government this year for wrongful terms! What the hell.

    How Do I Get Government Help To Pay For My House

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    There are government programs available to help homeowners in financial distress make house payments or otherwise reduce some of the principal owed on their home loans. These programs review eligibility based on payment history, income verification and loan-to-value ratios. While not everyone meets the criteria to qualify for assistance, review your situation with your lender and a loan counselor to see if you do.

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    Get A Discretionary Housing Payment To Help Pay Your Rent

    If you get Housing Benefit or the housing costs part of Universal Credit and still cant afford your rent, you could apply for a discretionary housing payment .

    Your local council doesnt have to give you a DHP – it depends on your circumstances. If your local council agrees to give you a DHP theyll tell you:

    • how much you’ll get
    • when the payments will stop

    If you still need help after your DHP stops you can apply again.

    Contact your local council and ask how to apply. You can find out how to contact your local council on GOV.UK.

    Live Off The Land In A Yurt

    Legal tactics for tiny house living off grid without government regulation

    A Yurt is basically a large tent, and they have been used for thousands of years in Asia. When the Mongols were invading other kingdoms they were using Yurts as shelter, these were easy to set up and disassemble, this is what allowed the Mongols to move so fast across the land. Once a King has been notified that the Mongolians are approaching the kingdom it was already too late, and most kingdoms didnât even manage to assemble their troops before the Mongols arrived.

    Building a Yurt is fairly easy, all you need is some support which can be either metal bars or wooden sticks, and some kind of waterproof material. You can find extremely cheap waterproof material by buying a swimming pool cover, although a second hand one. On the other hand, you can use a waterproof tarp which is meant for construction workers, these are also fairly cheap. There are some survivalists that tend to prefer to live in tents, for more information check out my recent article Famous survivalists.

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    Free Money For Your Children

    If you register with online reward scheme KidStart, you get cashback whenever you shop through them, and the money can be put into an account for your kids. Plus, you can get other family members to contribute by doing their shopping that way too.

    Its completely free to join, so if youre going to be spending the money anyway, you might as well do it through them and put something away for your children.

    Renting Out A Room In Your Home

    If you have a spare room you might want to rent it out as a source of income. There are things you should check before renting out a room including:

    • if you need permission from your landlord or mortgage lender
    • how any extra income might affect the benefits you receive
    • if you’ll lose the 25% single person discount on your council tax

    If youre a taxpayer the Rent a Room Scheme allows you to earn £7,500 a year tax free by renting out a room in your home.

    Check how to join the Rent a Room Scheme on GOV.UK.

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