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Help Getting A Government Job

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Tailor Your Resume For Each Job

Need help finding a job? Our experts answer your questions. | Part Two

Rather than submit the same resume for every federal position, craft new ones to match your experiences to the specific requirements outlined in separate job announcements. Most importantly, sprinkle keywords and phrases used in the job description into your resume to emphasize that you meet the criteria.

Hint: The same use of keywords should be also included when answering online application questions. And by all means, dont be modest! You need to give the agency representative a reason to pull your resume out of that huge pile and make you one of the top candidates.

Show You Want The Job

Are you someone with a solid resume, worked in the federal government for multiple years, and can walk-in and do the job on day one? Id like to think thats me! But dont make the mistake Ive made by assuming the job is yours and the interview as only a formality and unnecessary distraction. When the interview is over, leave the hiring panel with the impression you can do the job AND you want to be part of the organization. Arrogance and perceived importance can be heard in responses. Organizations want to find the ideal candidate to be part of a team and not the star quarterback with sights set on changing the game plan.

How To Apply For Federal Jobs

Follow these 6 steps while applying for federal jobs:

  • Create a USAJOBS account/profile
  • Complete any agency required steps
  • Check out your application status on USAJOBS
  • Some job announcements may only be posted for three or four days, the posting might receive dozens, or even hundreds, of applications. Competition for federal jobs is stiff so if there is a job you are fully qualified for, it is important to begin applying for federal jobs immediately.

    How to Apply section on USAJOBS details the exact procedure that must be followed to apply for the role? It is important to read this section very carefully and be prepared to respond to each section completely and accurately.

    Target your federal resume to the job announcement. If you want to make it past the initial brief review, your and resume must clearly match your qualifications to the ones listed in the announcement.

    Once your resume and required documents are uploaded to USAJOBS, the system will then redirect you to the agency online application system. Here, you will complete agency-specific steps, such as providing personal information and additional documentation, answering eligibility questions and completing the occupational questionnaire.

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    Most Common Government Jobs

    Government launches Green Jobs to help unemployed youth ...

    You may be wondering whether there are government jobs matching your skills, experience, and education.

    There are government jobs for almost all professional backgrounds.

    Although we wont be able to mention every possible government position, we can certainly take a sneak peek into the most common ones.

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    Types Of Government Jobs

    As you probably know, there are 3 types of government jobs.

    Government jobs include:

  • State government jobs
  • Local government jobs
  • In the US, there are around 23.7 million government jobs combining all three levels of the government, including the contract and part-time positions, military personnel, and postal service workers.

    This is definitely a huge sector for job seekers.

    Financial Incentives To Qualified Employers

    The City of Ottawa can offer financial incentives to employers who hire eligible candidates. Incentives can last for up to six months and can be used to offset training and supervision costs that employers may incur. A P4J Job Developer would welcome the opportunity to discuss financial incentives further with you.

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    Check Out Your Federal Application Status

    After the job announcement closes, the review process begins. Each application will receive a designation in one of three categories: Qualified Highly qualified Best qualified Those applications earning the best qualified, and sometimes the highly qualified, designations will have the application status changed to referred. The remaining applications will have the status changed to not referred. Referred status can take from 1 to 5 month. So its better to call/email the hiring manager within a few weeks to clarify a USAJOBS application status.There are a few reasons your application may not have advanced through the hiring process:

    • You may have been qualified for the position but someone in the preference category was equally qualified.
    • Your background may have indicated that you were not suited for the job.

    Using Usajobs As A Market Research Tool

    Hyderabad: A man working job without salary from 25 years, seeks Govt help

    Whilesooner or lateryou will want to create a USAJOBS account for searching for federal job openings, you do not need to be logged in.

    Having said that, I recommend that you

    • Create a USAJOBS account
    • Conduct some searches to become familiar with the system, and
    • Set up automated job searches based on your criteria of interest.

    At this stage, your goal is market research. You want to familiarize yourself with typical requirements for best government jobs as well as entry level government jobs and even government jobs without degree, as well as govt job salaries. You should review the occupational questionnaires and the required qualifications. You will start to get a feel for what you need to have in place to maximize your chances to get a federal job near you.

    You can also use our TargetPosition Self-Assessment Tool to help you determine how you stack up against a particular job opportunity.

    While some skills are better suited to certain agencies, almost any federal agency can be a potential employer for many occupations, such as

    • legal,

    You need to make sure the agency fulfills your other selection criteria.

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    Important Astrological Tips For Government Job

    I will now provide some tips that will help to increase your chances of getting a government job.

    1. Try fill-up the form of Government job in the Hora of the Sun

    2. Always check the transit. If your 10th house is influenced by the transit of Jupiter then it is a good sign of success.

    3. Check the running Mahadasha and Antardasha as presented in your birth chart. The Mahadasha/Antardasha of the Sun or Moon heightens the rate of success.

    Try To Be Patient Throughout The Interview Process:

    It is possible that waiting for the interview call and waiting for the interview sessions might seem really exhausting. But the truth is that if a person really wants a job in a government department then he should learn how to be patient throughout the interview sessions.

    Therefore, being patient can bring out the level of passion for the post in the government department. And finally, that person might get selected for the job offered by the government.

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    Federal Government Jobs Website

    For federal government jobs, USAJOBS.gov is the holy grail.

    It is a centralized platform for all federal agencies and departments where almost all the federal job announcements are published.

    It is maintained by the United States Office of Personnel Management , which serves as the chief human resources agency and personnel policy manager for the Federal Government.

    When searching for federal government jobs, you will:

  • Open a USAJOBS.gov account
  • Know your skills and which job titles suit your professional background
  • Use USAJOBS job search engine to find the jobs you want
  • Be aware that although almost all the federal jobs are published on USAJOBS, there are a few agencies that may not publish their job announcements there.

    These agencies are called excepted service agencies. If you are targeting these agencies, you will also need to keep an eye on the career pages of their websites.

    Dot All Of The Is And Cross All The Ts

    How Government Agencies Can Help Your Job Search

    Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Its critical that you completely fill out the online job application and questionnaires and supply transcripts, letters of recommendation, writing samples, and a resume per the job requirements.

    Most importantly, submit your application on time. Agencies will absolutely not accept late applications .

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    Electronics And Communications Engineering

    EC Engineering

    Though not as good as above mentioned branches, when it comes to helping land a Government job, EC Engineering still offers certain Government job openings though! Something is better than nothing, isnt it?

    Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, DRDO, BSNL etc are some of the prominent Government departments where EC graduates may find job easily!


    Biotechnology is a relatively new entrant, when it comes to the world of professional courses in India. Still, I felt it important to mention it in this article due to the immense potential that this course possesses!

    Research sector associated with this sector looks promising! So, Government funded research programs will be one prominent source of employment. Then comes departments like Forensic Department, DRDO etc.

    Petroleum Engineering

    Like Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering graduates too may find jobs in Government organizations such as Indian Oil Corporation, Government operated Refineries, ONGC etc.

    Agricultural Engineering

    Agricultural Engineering branch doesnt enjoys the popularity that other branches mentioned in this article does! Still, there are many job posts available for Agricultural Engineering graduates in the Government sector.

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    The Department of Agriculture has many Officer posts for which Agricultural Engineering graduates are eligible to apply for!

    Be Patient But Persistent

    The federal hiring process can be slow and full of hurdles. In short, applying for a federal job and getting an answer takes time. Some agencies are better than others, and a number have special hiring flexibilities for critical positions that allow them to go outside the normal process and make quicker decisions. But in truth, applying for a federal job requires patience and persistence, and you may be competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants.

    You can track the status of your application by logging into your USAJOBS.gov account or from within the agency system that you used to submit the application. If there is radio silence for several weeks after the job submission period has closed, email the contact person listed on the job announcement. Following up by phone is okay, too. You may not always get a response, but its worth trying to determine the state of play.

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    Getting A Job In The Us As A Foreign Worker

    Based on your skills, circumstances, and the job that you plan to do, you may be able to come to the U.S. as either a:

    • Temporary or permanent foreign worker, or a

    • Temporary visitor for business

    Under certain circumstances, you may also be able to work in the U.S. if youre a foreign student or an exchange visitor.

    Why Is It So Hard To Get A Federal Job Heres One Reason

    Government announces orphaned well clean-up to create jobs, help pollution

    Every federal agency has two groups of employees that hold the key to who gets hired: Those in the personnel office and those who carry out the agencys mission.

    For the most part, these staffs dont collaborate as they should, and their broken relationship is a big reason that government has a lot of trouble identifying and hiring the most talented people.

    Top Obama administration officials acknowledged Tuesday that the disconnect between hiring managers and human resources staff is so big, and has been for years, that experts are traveling to federal offices across the country in a campaign to get the groups to work together.

    Our priority is this: How do we compete for the top talent in the country? Beth Cobert, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, said in a meeting with reporters to discuss a campaign called Connecting with Top Talent, part of a broader effort to improve what many experience as a broken hiring process.

    OPM officials said they are traveling to federal offices in 33 cities across 19 states to bring hiring officials and the subject experts they are tasked with helping into the same room for a day.

    The problem is widely known by those inside and outside government. Federal government job seekers feel as if their résumés go into a black hole. Hiring can take months. The most talented people dont make the cut.

    Read more:

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    Role Of Government Job Prediction In Astrology:

    Planets heavily influence a persons life and hence it is

    Important to check the position of planets for deciding whether a person should move towards a government job. I have provided some details, stating the role of planets regarding predicting the probability of securing a Government Job in astrology.

    The Sun and the Moon play a very vital role while deciding whether an individual will get a Government Job or not. Sun and the Moon are the two royal planets in astrology. The Sun takes the lead in the Planetary Kingdom and represents the Government. Hence to know whether an individual will get Government Job or not, it is necessary to check the position of the Sun in ones birth chart. If Sun is the Amatyakaraka planet then it very strongly points towards Government Job.

    Saturn also plays a very important role in choosing a career. Though Saturn does not represent government Jobs specifically it is an overall significator or Karaka for a career. No matter what a persons career choice is, if Saturn is not favorable then a person cannot progress in a career.

    Moon is the third planets that play an important role while deciding whether an individual is destined to get a government job in astrology. Moon assists the sun, in the charts of Bureaucrats, Moon is very prominent. The presence of a strong Moon and Sun in horoscope increases the chances of getting a government job.

    Strong Jupiter influencing the house of career is important for getting a job in the education field.

    Simple Tips For Getting A Government Job

    Some people are very clear about their career preferences they try to be focused more about their particular job requirement in their preferred field of work.

    Similarly, some people only try to get into a government sector because they believe it is one of the career preferences which provide greater job security for a lifetime.

    Therefore, such people try to get a job in government offices, it doesnt matter what post they want to work in. But the only thing that matters is that they want to work for the government sector.

    There are several ways which can be used for the sake of getting a government job. And they are as follows:

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    Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal government program offering a tax credit to incentivize employers to hire ex-felons and applicants from other groups with work entry barriers, such as veterans and recipients of temporary assistance and food stamps . Ex-felons must be hired within one year of their release or the end of their parole or probation.

    The WOTC program provides employers with a credit up to $9,600 each year, for every employee that meets the criteria to qualify under the credit. How much credit employers can claim is based on what specific group the individual falls under within the specified target groups, the individual’s total wages received in the first year of work and how many hours they worked.

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    Astrological Combination Fo Government Job

    Ohio Government will help immigrants to gain US Jobs skills

    The position of Jupiter, Sun and Saturn should be checked while predicting whether an individual is capable of securing IAS or IPS service. The technique of calculating the probability of IAS or IPS is different from other government jobs. The technique is as follows.

    • The value of Ashtak Varga for 6th house and 11th house should exceed 25

    • Sun should be present in Dharma Trikona or Mokshak Trikona

    • The Suns Vimsopkal Bal should exceed 10.

    • In the individuals Dasamsha chart, the Sun should be present in Indra AMSA, Agni AMSA, Kubera AMSA or Anant AMSA

    For securing a position in Civil service, one needs a very strong D-10 chart.

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    Advice For Felons Searching For Employment

    Getting help from local and state organizations can make a huge difference. In many cases, these organizations will point you in the right direction. Theyre not going to do everything for you. In other words, youll still need to work hard to ensure that you can get the best job.

    With that being said, youll want to go above and beyond to get the best job for you right now. Youll need to start by researching extensively. Obtain as much information as you can about felon-friendly companies in your area, their openings, and the hiring process.

    Use any free resources you can find because theyll prove to be very helpful.

    Look Out For Any News:

    After you have decided on what field or branch of the government and IT organizations you want, start looking out for any types of notifications related to it through various employee websites or through the government job sites itself.

    So stay tuned for any type of news or notification, whether it is in the upper government sector, public sector or even the foreign service sector. Keeping an eye on the news will help you be prepared and ready for future job interviews.

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    Bookmark The Best Federal Job Search Websites

    First things first, go to USAJOBS.gov. Almost all federal job openings are listed there, along with the details about duties, minimum qualifications, basic benefits, and application instructions. Peruse agency and professional field pages on the site to find positions in your area of interest and to learn the level of experience required, the salary range, and the location.

    Remember, while USAJOBS.gov is full of information, youll still want to check individual agency websites for more information on the work and missions of federal organizations.

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