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Pennsylvania Government Vehicle Auction! Public Works Reading, PA – Cars, Vans and Trucks!

When you are looking for ex government vehicles for sale, the first thing you should do is to check online auction catalogues and print publications. These include your local newspaper and the official government vehicle auction website. These sources contain information about upcoming local auctions. Additionally, they provide pictures and a detailed description of each car. When going through these resources, be sure to look into the condition report, history, make and the model of the vehicle your looking at purchasing. This way, you can identify the vehicle your looking to purchase.

Reasons Novices Should Avoid Government Car Auctions

Thousands of cars standing in rows at a government car auction

You may have heard that government auto auctions are one of the best places to buy a car at an affordable price. If you are an experienced buyer who has attended government car auctions, you know what to do. However, if you are a novice and if it is your first time buying a car from an auction, you might want to steer clear of them.

Thats because a lot of sites that are claiming to be government car auctions are unreliable or just straight scams. Therefore, it is best to know more about government auctions and how they work before you decide to splurge on a car through them.

In this blog, we will provide you with a short explanation of what government auctions are and what things novice car buyers need to be aware of.

Benefits Of Government Vehicle Auctions

In addition to the excitement of the fast-paced atmosphere, there are many benefits to purchasing a vehicle at a government car auction:

  • Great Price: Due to the nature of GSA auctions, vehicles are often sold at an incredibly discounted price.
  • No Registration Fee: A government auction does not usually require a registration fee. This means you are saving money before the GSA car auction even begins.
  • Newer models: Since government vehicles are phased out for newer models after just a few years, most government auction cars will be relatively new and have low mileage.
  • Vehicle History Reports: Its smart to get to know a car before you buy it. Most vehicles at a government auto auction have a vehicle history report available so you can make sure you arent getting a lemon.

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So Why Dont I Find These Police Auctions By Searching Google Or Bing

You could probably find a small number of police auction websites after a few minutes of searching IF, , you know exactly what youre looking for, you know what the auction house is called, where they are located and what they specialise in.

That said, you then need to search through each website and find the information youre looking for, if they publish it online . You would need to spend time to find the auction events, the catalogues, the times and dates and then cross-reference them and save them somehow

Now imagine trying to do that for nearly FIVE HUNDRED police auctioneers you couldnt because its just a plain old fact that over 95% of these auction houses wont come up on the first ten to twenty pages of Google.

Getting A Brand New Lexus For $50

1974 Volkswagen Thing Type 181

Contrary to myths, you will not be able to buy a Lexus or any other used or salvage car at government auctions for just $50. These impossibly low prices are just not possible. Since many of these items are seized without costing the government anything, they may have some vehicles at very nice discount prices. However, the general rule of the thumb is that the auctioneer places a minimum but reasonably low price on the vehicle and if they dont sell, they will be withdrawn from the auctions.

The starting bid on each car will vary and may rise depending on how many people bid on the vehicle. But there is a good chance you will get a nice used car for a competitive price just not $50. So if you come expecting this, you will be disappointed.

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About Gsa Auto Auctions

GSA is the business side of the U.S. Government. Established over 50 years ago, GSA provides business leadership and expertly managed services, and solutions at the best value to enable Federal employees to accomplish their missions.

Most GSA auction vehicles were purchased new and driven by government employees for official purposes. The vehicles are then sold when they reach replacement age and /or mileage limitations. Used government vehicles are some of the best values in todays marketplace. GSA auction cars are newer, well maintained, have relatively low mileage, and come equipped with desirable features such as automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes. Many government auction cars also come in attractive body styles and a variety of colors.

Remember Gauk Motors List Probably Every Car Van And Commercial Vehicle Auction House In The Country And We Specialise In No Reserve Sales Too

These sales are rarely advertised! The goods are sold for exactly what anyone is prepared to pay!


Firstly, they are not advertised because they simply dont need to. Most car auction houses have regular contracts to dispose of stock and a regular patronage by those in the know!

And second, stock sold at these venues is entered for a quick sale.The person, company or organisation that entered the vehicle will require it gone, and the motors go to the highest bidder on the day, often regardless of what it is!

So if theres only you and five others there youll be leaving with a great bargain and a huge smile!

Car and Van auctions are also used by:

  • Police for sale of proceeds of crime, police vehicles and seized vehicles
  • Custom & Excise

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How Will Gauk Police Auctions Listings Help Me Locate Police Auctions In The Uk

GAUK Police Auctions is a massive web-based database, featuring Police Auction Lots coming up for bidding, contacts, dates, times, regions, and a wealth of other information designed to help UK bargain hunters find the most fantastic deals on a huge range of goods. This is THE definitive guide to Police Auctions and government agents!

At GAUK Police Auctions you will find all the information our data input teams and proprietary software track down. You will not find much this stuff anywhere else Guaranteed

Not Every Vehicle Sold At Car Auctions Will Be Heavily Discounted

State Government Surplus Auction Online Equipment Sales Cars Trucks Tractors Daily Vlog

We could create a glitzy sales page that promises huge discounts, bargains and slashed prices on any motor. After all, we host probably the largest selection of below retail price vehicles in the country.

However, at GAUK Motors we ARE HERE TO HELP and want you to get the most from the service and be under no illusions when you register. You wont just stroll along to the nearest car auction, place a couple of bids and get a one year old motor at 50% of its value. It does depend on the auction, the day and how many people are bidding for a particular car But this matters not as you have an advantage!

With GAUK Motors you have a much greater chance of tracking down a steal. You have the facility to browse EVERY legitimate, respectable car auctioneer in the UK, see where and when their events are being held and browse a huge selection of vehicles coming up for sale online. Think of GAUK Motors as the countrys largest car auction catalogue and were is rapidly working to 100% coverage of cars, vans, commercials, plant & motorbikes thats every vehicle, at every auction, in every county of the UK.

If you know where to go and what to look for, you can pick up some unbelievable bargains at these car auctions. Like the person who got a Jaguar XJS Le Mans for a mere £4500!

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How To Get The Best Car Deals From Government Auctions

Unfortunately, there is no easy magical way that can help you get the best deals from government auctions. All you can do is use your common sense and research the market. That way you will know the market price of the vehicle you are bidding on and you can determine whether the government auction is offering you a fair deal or not.

Although it may not be possible to get the car inspected, it is very important to get the vehicle history report that can protect you when you are buying a used or salvage car from an auction.

Drive Away Stunning Bargains By Buying Cars Vans And Commercial Vehicles Through Car Auctions

Car auctions have come a long way since the dodgy traders shifted unwanted bangers from waste ground under the arches

Super Cars at Auction

Car auctions are now a MULTI-BILLION pound business. Did you know that there are hundreds of well-organised, reputable car auction houses selling absolutely any kind of vehicle you could desire, all over Britain right now? And youve probably never heard of most of them!

Take a shifty at the video below featuring one of the UKs largest car auctioneers. GAUK list the ALL the stock in a single search, save and compare database as well as thousands of cars from every car auctioneer in the UK

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How A Government Seized Car Auction Works

Law enforcement has the ability to seize or confiscate the property of criminals, or property used by criminals or their associates for the purpose of conducting illegal activity. For example, a person convicted of drug trafficking or the selling of stolen property will forfeit their vehicles and any other property that is used to perpetuate illegal activity or was obtained by the proceeds of that illegal activity. When a vehicle is seized, it’s held by the agency until the time of auction.

Bidding and BuyingBids can be made online for Internet auctions, or in person for live auctions. Accepted forms of payment typically are major credit cards and checks, and payment is due at the time of the close of the auction. Details may vary among auction houses and the state the auction is held in. As with all auctions, the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder.

Internet auctions typically last seven days, and operate like eBay auctions. Each listing links to the auction house website where bids can be placed. From that site, bidders are asked to register in order to bid on a vehicle. Live auctions are public auctions held at a specific date and location and are usually published in newspapers in addition to the online listing at GovSales.

Despite The Rise Of Online Auction Sites Government Car Auctions Still Have Many Of The Best Used Car Deals Learn How A Government Car Auction Works

Australian Government Approves Holden Race Car For Sale ...

It is important to have realistic expectations when attending a government car auction. While you can find some good bargains, you are not going to find a brand new BMW for $100.00. Government auctions sell both fleet cars and vehicles that have been impounded by government agencies. The conditions of these vehicles can range from great to not running. Set your expectations and budget realistically.

To find a government auction in your local area, there are government sites that can help you find an auction for free, and private sites that charge a fee for the information. Depending on your needs both types of sites can provide quality information. The following list contains resources and information for each type of government auction:

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Online Auction Site Carries Seized And Surplus Items Including Dented Mini

In the market for a slightly used RCMP vehicle? Or maybe your needs run more to something in the order of a 2,300 kilogram-capacity forklift?

On the other hand, perhaps an opal ring or a designer bag is something that would interest you?

These items and more are featured on the Canadian government’s surplus item auction site,

A recent scan of the site showed a number of government vehicles for sale, including a white mini-bus formerly used to ferry senators and Senate staff around Parliament Hill.

The front bumper of the bus has a generous dent in it because it had “a minor impact with a security bollard at the Wellington-Elgin entrance to Parliament Hill,” a Senate spokeswoman told CBC News.

The concrete bollards, which stand about 60 cm high but lower into the ground to let traffic pass, are relatively new additions to Parliament Hill to stop unauthorized vehicles from entering the parliamentary precinct.

Government Surplus Fleet & Police Impound Auto Auctions In The United States

Many of the vehicles bought and sold at police auto auctions are amazing values theyre often everyday drivers taken directly from the road to the auction block. Some are older cars needing a bit of work while others are nearly new and still under warranty. But before you head out to the police station looking for an auction, theres a few things you should know. If youve never been to a police auto auction, be sure to read our Police Auctions FAQ

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Why Pay Full Sticker Price When You Can Get A Quality Newer Vehicle At Us Government Auctions provides you access to 4,000+ auction listings across the US. Research and find quality cheap cars from the comfort of your own home. We have guaranteed listings in every state. Join now and see why is the most trusted and largest resource on the Internet for cheap cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Government Auction Sells Cars As Is Where Is

GOVERNMENT AUCTION – Crown Vic, Caprice and Tahoe Sale $$$

Although government options may be seem very attractive to novice buyers, they may want to avoid them if they have no experience. Thats because most government car auctions sell their vehicles on an as is, where is basis and do not allow inspections or test drives.

Although government auctions are open to public unlike many other dealership auctions the real purpose of these auctions is to get rid of the cars as soon as possible, making as much many as possible, in the process. This means buyers do not get to thoroughly inspect each vehicle which also means they do not know if the car has a defect or malfunction.

As a result, most discerning buyers avoid these auctions.

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Gsa Auctions: Come Prepared

When you locate an auction you wish to attend, you can oftentimes look at an online government auction run list so you can scope out the government auction cars before you even arrive. Additionally, many public government auctions will give attendees the opportunity to arrive at the auction site early or on a designated inspection day to pre-examine any vehicles of interest. Some websites even hold government car auctions online, which means you can buy a vehicle at an incredible price without even leaving your kitchen table or office desk.

Also, before the day of the auction make sure to familiarize yourself with the government car auction sites terms, conditions and policies all easily found on the respective government auctions website. Knowing these guidelines beforehand will ensure your time at the GSA government auction wont be stressful or confusing.

How Can I Tell If A Government Auction Is Actually A Scam

If you are novice and have difficulty knowing whether a government auction site is a fake or scam, there are a number of ways you can verify its legitimacy. You can call your local government or police office to find out if they are holding a car auction at a give date.

You can also try contacting the website, before you hand them over your money. Even if they have a working phone number, it doesnt necessarily mean they are a good website. However, not having one is a huge red flag and novice car buyers should stay away from such sites.

If you still want to reap the benefits of a government auction but do not have to deal with its risks and uncertainties, can help you bid on a car from a government auction. We have a huge inventory of used and salvage cars and many of them are straight from government auctions. Many of these vehicles do not have any damage or a history of being involved in accidents. You can bid online through us and we will guarantee you will get the car of your dreams in no time.

Find out more

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Paying For Information On Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions happen all over the countries and local, state, and federal government offer information on them for free. This is a great time for unscrupulous opportunists to rope in novice buyers and attempt to sell them information about the auctions that is already available for free.

The scam often works like this. The person sees a flashy ad promoting the government car auction and calls the number in the ad. When they call a number, they are told they will be charged a fee for getting a list of car auctions and will ask for your credit card details. The fee can be $50 to $75, and in some cases these scammers will also throw in a few extra auction books for you. You will need to pay for those as well.

Some sites also charge you money to give you a list of cars on eBay. Most of these scammers also create fake contact information which is legally required for their website domain and hence buyers were unable to contact them. A few websites have legitimate contact numbers but give you very little info for a lot of money. None of them offer free trials either.

Each of these sites is a scam. To get a list of auction, you can head on to or get the auction information directly from your local government office. These auctions occur in several different ways, online, on physical locations, or through phone calls.

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