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Amazon Prime Government Assistance Discount

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Upload Medicaid Card To Activate Discount

Amazon offers Prime discount for SNAP users

Next, you will be taken to a page where you will have to log in to your Amazon.com account or sign up for an amazon.com account if you dont already have an account.

You need a current and valid Medicaid card to sign up.

Once you have logged into your Amazon account, you will be taken to a page like the one below.

Once there, perform the following functions as shown in the image below with arrows:

  • Select Medicaid under Choose how you want to qualify
  • Upload a picture of your Medicaid ID card
  • Select your state under Issuing State
  • Check the box to confirm that your Medicaid card is current and valid.
  • Once you enter the requested information, click the Continue button. The continue button will only show once you enter all the requested information.
  • Skip Prime Membership But Still Get Free 2

    If you arent interested in the music, kindle ebooks, and other services included in Amazon Prime you can always skip the membership entirely.

    Instead, if you spend over $35 on eligible purchases you still receive free, 2-day shipping. Depending on the retailer you might have to spend $75 or even $100 to receive the free, 2-day shipping.

    Also, if your item is under the limit but you dont want or need to buy anything else try this trick. Find an item that is pre-order and not yet available on Amazon.

    Add this item to your cart to get past your threshold but you wont be charged for this item until it actually ships.

    If you dont want the item simply cancel that part of the order to make sure you arent charged.

    I wouldnt recommend doing this too frequently but its a great option if you need the 2-day shipping without spending any more money.

    Can I Use My Childs Medicaid Card For Amazon Prime

    More than 74.4 million people are enrolled in Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program.

    There are adults whose children are enrolled in Medicaid but the parents themselves are not enrolled under Medicaid so they do not have a Medicaid card.

    Thats why one of the questions we often get about the Amazon Prime Medicaid discount is whether an adult can use their childs Medicaid card to sign up for the Prime Discount.

    Unfortunately, the answer is No. Only the 35 million Adults under Medicaid qualify for the Prime Discount.

    However, you can qualify for the Amazon Prime discount if you have an EBT Card for Food stamps, WIC or TANF programs. See our post.

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    How To Get The Amazon Prime Discount For Customers Who Receive Us Government Assistance

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    Amazon offers a 45-percent discount on Prime memberships, $5.99 a month instead of $10.99 month, to U.S. residents receiving government assistance: WIC, TANF, SNAP XResearch source You must have an EBT card. The best part is, if you are already a prime member with an EBT card you can take advantage of the discount right away.XResearch source

    Discount For People On Government Assistance

    Amazon offers Prime discount to those on government ...

    Amazon recently announced a major Prime discount for people enrolled in certain programs, bringing down the monthly fee down to $5.99 for qualifying customers with an EBT card. You will need a valid EBT number to confirm your eligibility. The offer is good for up to 48 months, and you will need to re-qualify every 12 months.

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    How To Sign Up For A Medicaid Discount On Amazon

    If you have Medicaid and you want to save money on Amazon, signing up for the discounted Prime offer is a simple process that just requires proof of eligibility.

    To sign up for Amazons Medicaid discount on a Prime membership, just visit and select the get started option.

    From here, youll be asked to verify your Medicaid card or another qualifying document.

    Once you verify your Medicaid card, you will get the option of a discounted Prime membership, so you can finish signing up and start using Prime benefits right away.

    Share Amazon Prime Within Your Household

    Amazon makes it easy to share Amazon Prime using Amazon Household. This program allows you to share your prime benefits with four teens, four children and one other adult in your household.

    Prime Household also lets each person receive their own unique logins and passwords to access movies, music, and Kindle books.

    If you decide to use the service with children you can set it up so that parents must approve the order.

    While this isnt free its a great way to split the costs with roommates or a spouse.

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    Hope For A Late Arrival

    Ive personally used this method several times and cant believe it actually works. The biggest perk of Amazon Prime for most people is the 2-Day free shipping guarantee.

    Sometimes things happen, whether at the Amazon facility or with the carrier, that will make your items arrive later.

    In those rare cases when a package arrives after two days, contact support to let them know.

    In my experience, they have rewarded me with amazing customer service and several different types of refunds including:

    • An additional month of Amazon Prime for free
    • Amazon gift card. This can range from $10 $25

    The next time your package arrives late here is what you should do:

  • Contact Amazon support by phone, chat, or email
  • Explain your problem and how the item arriving late was an inconvenience. Be polite and courteous.
  • Ask what options they are willing to extend to you to keep your service as a Prime member
  • Enjoy and say thanks!
  • Ive never had a problem here, I think Im 5 for 5 in either receiving a free month to my membership or a gift card.

    Amazon normally has outstanding customer service but if you receive someone who isnt willing to offer anything dont be afraid to contact them again.

    One time that happened to me and I called back, talked to someone in a much better mood and they got me the free extension. Theres no harm in trying!

    Does this work if Im not an Amazon Prime member yet?

    Talk To Customer Service About Late Shipments

    Amazon Offers Prime Discount To Those On Government Benefits | CNBC

    Amazon takes pride in prompt shipping, but every once in a while a certain address poses problems. If you already have Prime and you have a problem with shipments arriving outside the promised delivery window, get in touch with Amazons customer service. Service representatives have been known to extend Prime memberships with an extra free month as a way to make up for late deliveries.

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    Amazon Prime Offers Discount For Low

    • Greg LaRose, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

    announced Tuesday customers who receive government assistance can now access Amazon Prime at a discounted monthly price. Its optional service that includes free expedited shipping and membership-only access to certain products is being reduced to $5.99 per month — down from the standard $10.99.

    To qualify for the reduced price, customers must hold a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card. Government assistance cannot be used to pay for Amazon Prime membership, and customers will have to qualify every year — for up to four years — to receive the discount.

    Prime membership includes access to Amazon’s video, music, e-books, podcasts and audio offerings as well as its photo storage services. A 30-day free trial is available at .

    “We designed this membership option for customers receiving government assistance to make our everyday selection and savings more accessible, including the many conveniences and entertainment benefits of Prime,” Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime, said in a statement.

    Among the government assistance programs that use EBT cards are Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , and the Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program .

    According to Amazon, the company “will add other ways to qualify in the future for customers participating in government assistance programs that do not utilize EBT.”

    Customers can opt out of Amazon Prime at any time.

    Discounted Access To Amazon Prime For Customers On Government Assistance

    – Amazon Prime offers the best of shopping and entertainment, including low prices and convenient delivery options. To make Prime even more accessible, Amazon offers a discounted monthly Prime membership for customers on government assistance, including qualifying recipients of Electronic Benefits Transfer and Medicaid. Eligible customers can join Prime for only $5.99/month, allowing them to utilize the many benefits of Prime to help ease costs of their everyday lives. From single parents working overtime or people with disabilities on a fixed income to families going through a rough time, Prime has provided convenience, time and money savings, and easy discovery of things they need.

    What customers are saying

    David, a Prime member from Northumberland, Pennsylvania, has limited mobility due to an injury from his days in the military, which makes it harder to get to stores for everyday necessities. He is also the full-time caregiver for his elderly mother. David signed up for the discounted Prime offer when he learned he could enjoy the shopping and entertainment benefits of Prime at a price that was more convenient for his budget $5.99 per month. With Prime, he can shop from home and get everything his family needs delivered fast.

    What Prime offers

    Prime members enjoy the following benefits at no additional cost:

    Learn more and sign up

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    College Students Also Get 50% Off A Prime Membership

    If youre a college student, you qualify not just for a free 6-month trial of Prime, but youre also eligible to receive 50% off a Prime membership after your trial ends.

    Plus, as a Prime Student exclusive deal, you get Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 per month. All Prime memberships already include access to ad-free music , but Amazon Music Unlimited gets you even more ad-free tunes 50 million songs to be exact. Music Unlimited is normally $7.99 per month.

    Students, sign up for your .

    Amazon Discounts Prime For Customers On Government Assistance

    Amazon offers Prime discount to those on government benefits

    Amazon will now offer Prime at a discounted price for consumers participating in a government assistance program. Consumers who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card qualify for the membership, which includes Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and Prime Photos. Plus, qualifying customers get unlimited fast and free shipping for $5.99 a month.

    We know when people try Prime they love it, because they save time and money with low prices on millions of items, unlimited access to premium videos and music, and fast, convenient delivery, Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime, told MarketWatch . We designed this membership option for customers receiving government assistance to make our everyday selection and savings more accessible, including the many conveniences and entertainment benefits of Prime.

    Customers cannot use their EBT card to pay for the membership and can qualify every 12 months for up to four times. Amazon is planning on adding additional ways to qualify for those participating in government assistance programs that do not utilize EBT.

    According to Matt Sargent, senior vice president of retail at Magid, with the announcement that Prime will offer a discount rate for low-income shoppers, Amazon is trying to make headway with Walmarts core customer.


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    Amazon Household Isnt Available For Discounted Membership Holders

    Amazon Household is a feature of Prime membership that allows you to set up separate accounts for family members within your main Prime account.

    A discounted Amazon Prime membership wont allow this and your account will be yours only. Dont worry because you can always share your Prime account the alternative way. Which is basically, sharing your Prime login with your partner or BFF so they can add their credit card information and ship items to themselves.

    Just be sure when you do this, you keep credit cards straight so nobody accidentally buys something using someone elses card!

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    Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing and changing us.

    Amazon already owns the high-income shopper segment in the U.S. Now its making a bid to court those who have less income at their disposal.

    On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it is offering a 45 percent discount on Prime memberships $5.99 a month instead of $10.99 month to U.S. residents receiving government assistance.

    Shoppers with an Electronic Benefits Transfer card used for benefits like the Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program are eligible for the lower price but they also have to re-qualify every year for up to four years.

    The move comes a little over a year after Amazon first introduced the $10.99 monthly payment option for Prime, which was previously only available for an annual fee of $99.

    The monthly option comes with the same perks like free two-day shipping on tens of millions of items and access to a large selection of online movies and TV shows for no extra charge.

    The monthly payment option was seen as a way to attract lower-income customers the type of shopper who might otherwise prefer, say, Walmart who could not cough up $99 at one time. Since then, Prime membership growth has been the strongest among households making less than $50,000 annually, an R.W. Baird study found.

    Amazons discount offering is just the latest salvo in a renewed rivalry between Walmart and Amazon since Walmart last year acquired Jet.com, started by former Amazon employee Marc Lore.

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    Signup For Subscribe And Save

    If you dont have Amazon Prime another great way to take advantage of their rates is to sign up for subscribe and save discounts.

    This allows you save up to 15% or more on tons of different items on Amazon.

    This is a good idea for items that you buy consistently like grocery, pet, personal care, home goods office supplies. The more items that you sign up for the higher the savings percentage you receive.

    Plus, you can always choose to skip deliveries or completely cancel your subscription with no early termination fee.

    Amazon Discounts Prime For Low

    Save 50% On Amazon Prime If You Have EBT/SNAP/Government Assistance STEP BY STEP HOW TO!

    Customers with a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card can get Prime for $5.99 a month.

    If you receive government assistance, you may be eligible for a discount on .

    Amazon on Tuesday announced that customers who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card can now sign up for Prime the service that offers two-day shipping on Amazon.com orders plus a number of other perks for just $5.99 a month. Prime normally costs $99 yearly or $10 monthly.

    An EBT card is commonly used to distribute funds for government assistance programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , and Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program . You cannot use the EBT card to pay for your membership.

    Amazon said customers can qualify for the discount program every 12 months up to four times. If you’re not pleased with the service, or can no longer afford it, you can cancel at any time. To learn more about the discounted monthly Prime offer or to sign up for a 30-day free trial, head here.

    “We designed this membership option for customers receiving government assistance to make our everyday selection and savings more accessible, including the many conveniences and entertainment benefits of Prime,” Amazon Prime Vice President Greg Greeley said in a statement.

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    Set Up Amazon Household

    You can split the cost of Prime with a willing family member. When two adults have a separate Amazon account, Amazon Household lets you share Prime benefits. This usually works best when you share with a family member you live with, typically your spouse. You have to link your accounts and share payment methods, but you will both be able to take advantage of free shipping and streaming of digital content. Household also lets you add profiles for up to four children, but the kids cant use your account to shop on Amazon.


    Take Advantage Of Amazon Prime Day

    Each of the last three years Amazon has what is known as Amazon Prime Day. Amazon Prime day is similar to Black Friday and has tons of great deals on a variety of products.

    These days include some pretty epic deals on TVs, tablets, laptops, and Amazon products .

    While this isnt a free way to get Amazon Prime you can use a 30-day free trial to take full advantage and get free, 2-day shipping.

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    How Much Do You Save With Medicaid Discount

    At $5.99 a month, Amazons Medicaid discount makes a Prime subscription only $71.88 per year.

    This is a pretty good deal compared to the $119 per year for regular Prime membership.

    Of course, a discounted Amazon Prime membership helps Medicaid cardholders save a good chunk of money on delivery costs too.

    Non-Prime members may need to pay $0.99-$12.99 for shipping in the U.S. and even higher rates internationally depending on the item and location.

    In comparison, Prime members can get free shipping on the vast majority of Amazon products, so Medicaid cardholders can have everything from groceries to household supplies and clothing delivered for free.

    Earn Cash Back With Amazon Card

    Amazon offers Prime discount to those on government benefits

    If you are a frequent shopper on Amazon you might want to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa credit card.

    With 5% cash back from anything purchased on Amazon you will cover your monthly fees if you spend around $250 per month.

    Sadly, at this time there is no credit card that offers free Amazon Prime membership. But Amazon does have their Prime Rewards Visa Card as well as an Amazon store card.

    With both of the cards, you receive 5% cash back when shopping on Amazon.com. Plus the cards have no annual fees and there are no caps on your points.

    The cash back programs are great for purchases outside of Amazon as well. The card offers 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores, and 1% cash back on all other purchases!

    Once enrolled you can access your rewards balance in your Amazon account and redeem whenever you want as there is no minimum balance. Use these rewards to make as many purchases on Amazon!

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